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Microphone fixed let me do all the Things this is uh wanting to mess with Me ah ah I'm fighting microphones here I'm fighting them for you everybody Today we're talking about near near Protocol AI is going to be the hot topic For today there's going to be a lot of People talking about it Nvidia earnings Are going to be later you just saw me Fighting with the microphone but we're Here now and uh if you're wondering why We're a couple minutes late we're more Than a couple minutes late um messing Around with the stream key stuff Everybody we're trying to get the stream Key uh so we could stream on multiple Platforms I screwed it up I will take The blame I have a great pre-production Team here they had everything set up for Me I didn't have it set up in time Though but yeah we're in a near trade Right now we're going to talk about near We're going to talk about these spikes We're going to talk about why I longed Near and why we're still in the trade Actually closed that trade completely in Profit uh with that dip right there but Then we saw the bounce we saw the Indicators and then we jumped back in And we were riding at two vol Hala and Not only that we took a little bit of Profit right there so we're in the trade We're going to go over the trade we're Going to go over the the news and I'm

Going to keep fighting this microphone That keeps trying to lower on me Everybody I might actually just Literally have to fist it the entire Time all right first thing we're looking At is near on the three-day chart Everybody you can see we got a nice Trend line forming and uh this is going To be the basis of some chart patterns We're going to be looking at not only That we're also looking at the uh the Tops of these candles it looks like you Know know this is going to be dey's First section of rejection everybody uh Average. near oh someone's got a good Near buy you know what that that reminds Me I got near pretty cheap I'll go ahead And reveal what my average buying price Is on coinbase uh I don't know what it Was at exactly but I know I got a pretty Good deal on it chat let me know open up Your apps uh open up your spreadsheets Open up whatever you got let me know When did you get in on Near oh my God almost want to show you Guys this is uh almost too good uh Average price $2 I don't know I don't Know how easy it is to see yeah I got an Average cost $247 so yeah I'm I'm feeling I'm feeling Pretty good about the near uh protocol Right there as far as my entry point all Right everybody I'm gonna fight a Microphone you're I'm gonna fight a

Microphone live you're forcing me to do This microphone I didn't want to do This all right All right I think we're good now I think We're Good all right I think we're good let's See if it keeps dipping everybody all Right thank you for the patience there All right so near Proto uh first setup Right there second setup is going to be The tops of that so this is where we're Looking to take some profit everybody I Said I'm in a trade right now I'm going To talk about it so we had a couple Trades open uh we got in I tweeted about It everybody let's just go straight to The Tweet so we can see what I was Saying then uh near trade let go to the Top here all right so I I went ahead and Posted the stoploss all right I tweeted This out to my Subs I appreciate all the People who do uh you know sub to that uh Or uh you know are sub to me on X here And so open a near Long $783 entry 774 stoploss 783 entry Wella Look at that look at that uh look at That entry we ended up wait a minute no That's not what I said I didn't get in There 783 entry 783 entry yeah you can See it right there it was 783 so yes 783 we're still in uh that closed out Like I said and then I opened a second One at 785 and that's where we're in Right now uh now it has pulled back and

We have lost a little bit of the gains Uh but you know I'm still not trying to Get aggressive with the profit taking This is my stop loss in profit I'm not Trying to really hug the bottom of these Candles or hug the bottom of these Wicks If anything I feel like coming in below This Wick might be the move now I said There's some bullish price action we got Some bullish uh targets for near wo $2.78 uh for your near first buy $545 1882 uh $150 Someone caught the bottom In November uh $222 so it looks like we All got a pretty good entry point it Looks like this microphone is still Trying to dip you can see it right now It's above the neckline it's going to Dip below the neckline and then that's When I might have to put it in a Headlock all right near uh $49 Near is what this person is talking About this crypto Patel uh they got About 65,000 followers but you know What's cool about crypto Patel crypto Patel is followed by CZ this must be Somebody all right look just like that Microphone's below the neckline I'm About I'm about to punch you I am about To punch you all right so uh CZ follows This guy this guy is saying we're going To have a $50 near essential uh Essentially here potential entry Zone a Little bit late right he wanted you to Get in at $7 well guess what still

Technically below $8 it's still Technically around $7 here all right so Uh boom check we got the entry point uh Bullish long-term Outlook bullish on the Long term this isn't even a scalp long He's saying the dips equal Prime Accumulation opportunity well let's look At his Elliot wave pattern here uh this Is going to be Elliot Wave It's a five Wve Trading uh algorith I mean it just it Tends to play out in a specific trading Pattern and people see it time and time Again everybody Uh stroke it maybe it come back all Right I will I'll try to firm it up I'll Firm up the microphone someone got in at $2 uh I didn't get a near enough me Neither hit that like button if you Didn't get nearly enough near when that Thing was under three bucks looks like a Lot of us got in under three bucks Couple people got in at under $2 and Congrats uh those you had the funds on The sidelines and you spin all right so Back to the Elliot wave pattern number One is the March High let's go here uh Let me go to the Daily this is a little Bit better here number one is the March High this is going to be one two three I Believe that is his number three let's Go to his tweet here so one two is the Bottom oh that's right he's he he jumps No he is bullish

$26 for pattern number three almost feel Like I got to put on like a log chart Here that's just kind of bullish is he On log 8511 yeah he's on log all right All right so we'll go to log here uh if You don't know how to go log go right Click and then you'll see regular chart And then you'll see logarithmic chart And then that's going to give you a Little bit easier way a little bit Easier path to make that uh happen here So we got the the March High number One uh I might need to zoom this out a Little bit more all right so March High You go over here to the right he going To see the three bars you're going to See Elliot wave sorry no it's one below It right here patterns Elliot wave Impulse 1 2 3 4 5 One two $26 uh right around here and then I Think he's I can't remember if he was Coming down here or coming down here and Then boom that's when we get the $49 stop stop $49 near so let's look here so the Number three 26 number four okay so the Four uh wave is going to be around what Would you say that is chat $12 $12.50 is $12.50 look like it's important to near Uh remember folks this is a log chart so We go to regular we're going to see how Bullish near is so a lot of people feel Man near is toppy I don't want to get

Near I'm looking at the chart that looks Ugly that looks like I'm buying a wick Dey doesn't buy Wicks unless the wick is Not a wick um so 45 I believe it was What $45 right if I go to that chart one More time uh let's see here let's read The Tweet $49 and we look at $49 wow everybody now We're getting bullish now we're getting Bullish I just want to see what kind of Percentage gains we are looking at here For 49% are you are you sitting down are you Ready nice little 500% pump there Everybody so yeah that' be a very very Good 6X that we'll all be quite happy With all right so near uh managed to Reach all-time high in terms of total Value lock so we're starting to feel Bullish we're starting to play with some Uh breakout zones it looks like near Wants to break out wants to uh you know Get into the next stage of its Journey Which is going to be around the $20 Range so we got near wanting to break Out uh we got bullish action as far as Tvl I was looking at tvl on uh defi Llama seeing you know what is being used Here and folks how do you feel about This if we're looking at obviously the Two big stable coins total value locked Is going to be defi most of that is Going to be in stable coins or a high Percentage of it you could stake ether

Uh you could stake you know maybe even Wrapped Litecoin you know but a lot of The time you're going to have stable Coins as the backbone of your tvl so We're looking at near tvl we need to Look at the stable coins to get the full Picture so is this bullish or bearish Chat and I'm going to tell you my Thoughts circle is on the come up while Usdt is leaving the system so you see Circle's almost doubled over the last Three months and if you look over uh Transactions so these are daily active Addresses here so we're starting to see More and more people hold Circle but but This is just the trend more people are Making addresses for Circle versus Tether but look at the Active addresses 12,000 people moving tether while you Still have less than a thousand moveing Usdc so to me near still in control of The Deens still uh part of the crypto Punk ethos this isn't this isn't a Fedcoin uh near if it breaks out is Going to be seemingly I like this this Seems natural to me personally I don't Know how you guys feel I want more Tether than circle using a coin when I'm Thinking about upside upside potential It's the Deion that are going to pull it Up when I think about Circle I think Black Rock I think Gary giner I think The SEC and then I think about a ceiling They don't want they don't want some

Insane parabolic bump because then Things could crash down harder and so to Me tether being used more than Circle or Usdc means more bullish price action for Near all right we got another tweet here This stable uh coin Supply by chain and So now we're looking at nearu and Stellar which is AKA Xlm look at the trend for xlm this is Going all the way back to October 2022 Now you're getting a little bit of right We're heading in the right direction all Right heading in the right direction but We started up here we're kind of ending Here to me this is a trend line to the Downside only use tether for my blof fin Trades all right hey we're in the blof Fin trade right now what do you think is The potential of render render is going To move a lot today uh the 4M stream We're going to be live streaming the Nvidia report this afternoon uh 420 is The earnings release 5:00 pm is the Earnings call so we got data hitting at 4:20 and we have the CEO CFO I don't Know who's going to be on the call uh Chairman whatever they're going to come On the call and you know probably hang He's going to go up there and you know Say a bunch of bullish stuff all right Back to this so we got Stellar AKA xlm Trending in the wrong direction That leaves swe sweet kind of came up Out of nowhere sweet very bullish very

Bullish but to me this is a suspicious Jump jump starting at 300 million Essentially I mean this is kind of Almost like a test net phase starting at 300 million for your stable coin Supply You know what that smells like chat you Know you know what I'm smelling Here smells like insiders smells like Insiders to me now when I look at near You know see uh real bullish action to Me that that smells like an Insider That's an Insider pump and then The Insider's dumped and so to me this is Like a VC wash out so near protocol nice VC wash out a VC flush out we flushed The VCS like the freaking turds that They are so we flush the diarrhea out of The near system the near system has no More Kaka and now we're starting to see A nice natural growth how much of this Belongs to AI being bullish how much of This belongs to near leaning into AI Leaning into Nvidia you know being Invited at all these conferences I would Say it's a high percentage but ask Yourself is AI going away or is AI going To become more and more of a narrative To me it seems pretty clear it's going To become more and more of a narrative And so near another just a second reason Why it seems uh pretty bullish here uh We looked at uh we have another Announcement fra announced an expansion To near protocol uh that's going to be

Pretty big it's going to be through the Rainbow Bridge that's more a good news For Rainbow Bridge usdc doesn't like Losing to tether and so now cires Integrated usdc liquidity into the near Protocol system now this was a Q3 last Year so you can see you know just seeing More and more availability there all Right now Ilia AKA black dragon AKA Co-founder of near this guy surprisingly Not followed that much for being a Founder of a multi-billion dollar Protocol this guy is only 82,000 Followers we just check some of the People I also follow Sin City following Virtual bacon book iio all right ad Whale wow all right now we're seeing Some good people all right Franklin of Course Mario naal F IMX immutable X is H Foll them we got shill and villain Tony Coin buau Joe Joe peris uh Jess Walker Ryan selus whoa I'm seeing some seeing Some he Eric Wall we're seeing Heavy Hitters Martinelli more Heavy Hitters uh John Cena John Cena follows me everybody As one of my biggest flexes I I just Can't ever see him uh John Cena C founder of polygon so we got the Founder of polygon madic also ran okay Marty party all right so we got a lot of Uh he's well connected still only 880,000 Followers and uh he was posting uh let's Go back to the Tweet here today we

Announc this is today this is breaking Breaking news he tweeted out this Morning okay so breaking news hit that Like button if you like the breaking News chat we uh I need help with this Algorithm today I started late I didn't Tweet it out we're supposed to Multistream today none of that happened So just throw me a bone and hit the like Button please all right so uh today we Will uh Focus making near the home of User owned AI user owned AI I think Everyone's going to have autonomous Agents in their phone eventually I don't Think we're all going to pull up chat GPT and get the same experience you type In a question I type in a question th000 Miles away we get the same response That's not what's going to happen we're All going to have a tuned AI maybe with The Scarlet Johansson voice uh so near Found we need uh AI the optimizes for Privacy and sovereignty of users this is Why I'm bullish on this this is the Right thing to say at the right time the Main talk about AI is is it going to Kill us all all right that's what are we Going to do about it right are we going To make a bunch of t1000s I don't know What we're going to do about that not to Dismiss that the second main issue Though is privacy the second main issue Is you know digital Freedom the second Main issue is AI being used against you

Of some sort of surveillance Tool uh When there's autonomous drones with Facial recognition technology you know If they want to fly that at your face at A high speed what can you do about it And so owning things like you know your Digital likeness having some sort of Privacy you know I'm not talking about The person who makes a million Snapchats A day and loves Instagram and just Scrolls on Tik Tok all day but there's People who care about privacy and then So they're leaning into the Privacy Narrative very very uh very bullish on That uh do I have a new uh Target for New alltime high $49 was their target That's not mine I I'll share mine in a Little bit uh about the literal bottom At a dollar one great job getting your Near in cheap uh you're the most Realistic uh in the crypto uh love your Streams thank you DJ Screw box and then You know what I'm even going to do the Next part Chopped and Screwed we we we Have have established uh the near oh Wait skipping a uh paragraph here near Commits to incubate and invas in AI Infrastructure projects clud comp uh Compute inference data curation Basically you're a homegrown AI guy You're not o chat GPT maybe you use chat GPT but you're trying to build something New you can use near for the best user Owned AI infrastructure and access

Everyone in web 3 uh we established the R&D lab made by Skid uh he's uh he's in A row um with uh a different protocol um But skid uh he leaves his Mark he really Leaves his mark on the industry um you Know skid uh you can't wipe him away you Know this guy is just going to stay man You know you could try your best to Cleanse the space of Bad actors but skid Skid sticks around man so skid like I Said uh so skid and him uh skid and uh Black dragon here Ilia focus on building Developer kits here uh for end to end Applications without code I don't know If the next Facebook's going to be made By someone who can't code I don't think The next Airbnb is going to be made by Someone who can't code but I think in The future everyone's going to want to Have ai do cool stuff and so when you're Seeing like yeah man web 3 applications Without code maybe in the future that Just means your AI agent you can tell Her what to do without having to know How to code so near could be the the Bridge for that best place to build Incubate nextg projects uh well Resourced not for profit with expertise Uh well positioned here so they're Leaning into uh privacy I'm all for it All right what else do we got all right So this is from today as well this is Three hours ago breaking news hit that Like button everybody Elon building the

AI robot to protect us LOL or maybe not That's a good question will Optimus turn Against us will their eyes turn red like They did against Will Smith and ioot you Know are we going to be Uh Shia laof you know are we just going To be the the the happy sidekick or are We going to be robot slaves I don't know Folks all right SpongeBob sucks never Seen it uh should we get a position in The big three if you don't have some eth I mean B&B I don't know how much it's Going to pump because it didn't dump That much uh but yeah you should Definitely have some eth and Bitcoin I Don't know what you consider number Three but you know I'm assuming you're You're talking maybe you mean salana It's actually B&B is the third largest Coin U but I'm guessing you probably Mean salana so yeah yeah you should Definitely have all those all right so Uh the three hour ago breaking news he Says there's a need for user owned AIS Optimizing well-being economic uh Success so I was just kind of sharing You know what he was talking about uh in That tweet and also he gave a interview Uh sharing their Vision to become the Project Founders even if they do not Have coding skills we want everybody to Build build AI cool things with near so Very very uh bullish that's a little a Little bit different than the academic

Approach we've seen from other coins Like AG I guess you know agx has a Marketplace of different ones they they Don't advertise themselves as hey build Something cool even if you don't know How to code it's a little bit almost the Opposite of that and then you got other AI projects that just use AI when it's Like could just be a compute you know Maybe you're using compute for AI maybe You're just trying to play an expensive Video game on a crappy gaming rig and You don't mind if there's a half second Delay you know render render could you Know use that business fill that Business need I would not call that Ai And so you know this is uh really really Just talking about true blue AI nothing Else all right now someone said what is Your target what's your target to the Upside someone has $49 Target I am not Going that bullish my first Target honestly let's check on our long Right now all right the Long's back up All right lung's back up we are uh you Know I've closed a lot of it um it was Close to a th Clos about 25% maybe so We're we're still in it we're uh you Know nice expensive steak dinner nothing Crazy here so my first Target is the top of this trend line Right here so let's go to a smaller time Frame let's go to the one hour Chart you see we last touched it 14th of

May so that was eight days ago uh do we Have a no we don't have a parallel Channel I just seeing it really looks Like it's uh just kind of hovering in The middle of this range right here so My first Target would be on the lower End you know maybe 2% lower than the top Of this so it looks like about $935 and then I 38 cents and then I just Come in a little bit lower to not be Greedy I think a lot of people are going To be looking at this trend line some Are going to be having their sell order Right here some right there some right There some right there some right there Some right there and the less greedy you Are the less greedy you are with your Profit taking and so I would I would Come in a little bit below this trend Line if you're wondering how this trend Line came to be uh goes back to its First pump Sorry no its first pump after its first Dump now I guess oh yeah when you're on The daily it does actually look a little Bit better uh the first pump before the Run up and so you bring it to that Candle right There and then you can see you know used It as rejected off of it in June of 2021 uh wow uh and then uh you know Acted as a little bit of support in May Of 2022 and then the nice scam Wick to The upside this is uh what we call

Broke through with conviction everybody Open your Longs we have flipped this Into support and then look how strong it Wicked up and then Came Crashing Down uh These are daily candles and uh we end up Falling over about two Weeks Jesus that's 50% everybody that is 52% over two weeks I didn't realize it Was that strong uh I didn't stretch that Y axis enough and then boom you can see We bounced off it August 22 and we bounced off it one more time Almost perfectly March 20 15th of March This year and so yeah this is uh this is The topend target what happened last Time we ran against it well got pushed Down uh last time it took I don't think This is going to play out but I'm just Curious folks although if it did play Out that'd be pretty Cool took wow 22 days 21 days took three Weeks so it tapped it three weeks later It's support so uh I think we're well Past three weeks that was March we have All of April yeah so we're uh we're well Past that oh there I go just moving a Trend line there all right so yeah we're Uh we're coiling up we're coiling up the Longer it coils Chad I don't know if You're aware the longer it coils the Stronger the move whether it's up or Down we can't predict that uh think of a Spring you got a big spring you move it You know you tighten it a little bit

Boing it goes a little bit but you like You get blue Forno strength and you Squeeze it down and you let go that Thing could shoot off 30 ft in the air And so the tighter this spring becomes The more drastic a move we're going to Have to the upside move to the downside All right well uh folks that is the near I'm sorry we started late today um you Know again if you're not following me on X you know for uh for the subs I I just Feel like I got to do something for Value for these people I've been posting All the trades here posting uh take Where I'm taking profit I'm not trying To get greedy $785 you know nothing C Crazy uh you know we already opened and Closed a near trade in profit took plent Of your profit have reopened another one Um you know so we're going to keep you Guys up to date with this also let's see Did the Tweet go out I tried to schedule It to go out during the live stream uh Those who saw my earlier tweet in the Day I just wanted to share yep it went Out cool 12 minutes ago what's the most Exciting project building a cardano I'll Buy a bag live on stream I realized oh I Actually don't have a Nami wallet hooked Up here I don't have my seed phrase with Me I didn't feel like you know linking It right now uh but yeah as promised Thousand thousand and snake just did it It got me

374,000 so I I got a little meme coin Today do not fade the snake Community They came out so strong if you when you Think about meme coins on Cardon you Just better think of snack because That's the only thing people are talking About is a snack meme coin people love That thing all right someone else got Near at a134 congrats good job on that One High Target $20 another Target $25 $30 average price a dollar and one cent That is just so good all right uh strong Selling pressure on bitcoin right now All right breaking breaking let's go to BTC I like to stick to the BTC usdt on Binance I know it's not the best one Everybody it's just I I keep it that way So I can just end up uh seeing it very Easily all right we go to 4 Hour h i mean money flow is still in the Green Actually I kind of like long here almost Uh short short long yeah we're we're Flipping rsis flipping a little uh we Did get that bearish Divergence that did End up uh doing the scam pump well maybe I take that back now yeah the market Doesn't really have a uh direction that I can see that is clear um although it Did have bullish Divergence on The Daily But that was a long time ago those was Weeks ago and usually we get one more Dip and then a nice pump looks like we Got the little bit of a dip didn't go

Down below uh money flow moving heavy Into the green there ah cell pressure Yeah maybe in the short term so let's Look at the short term let's look at Some five minute candles oh yeah oh yeah Yeah money flow is uh flooding out on The short term um yeah we're setting in Some pretty deep red candles we're Getting some strong Wicks to the Downside uh But let's see what happens uh towards The tail end you know when we get some Strong Wicks to the downside looks like That's when things start to reverse Strong Wix strong Wix rever strong Wix Reversal we're getting long Wix now long Wicks Reversal uh long Wicks reversal couple Long Wicks a little mini Reversal uh well Wix downside Wix Downside Wix downside so maybe I won't Uh try to lean on that too hard all Right well yeah we'll be monitoring this I hope you got those near Longs in with Me we're still in profit make sure you Move that stop loss into profit uh you Know we're still in the trade right now Uh you know maybe I'll go ahead and Close I'll close 20% for the folks here You know just lock in some more uh lock In some more profits just keep doing it Keep doing it you know it's just we're Not not lock knocking off a whole lot Here but uh you know you peel off $20

Five different times then you close the Rest for another 100 200 bucks you end Up doing pretty good folks that's all I Got hit that like button on the way out I appreciate we went a little long so We're going to go and uh hopefully see You guys in the basement chat

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