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Going to be happening soon everybody we Have one of the largest dark clouds Hanging over crypto and that's the mount Goau there's almost billions of dollars Worth the Bitcoin potentially be hitting The market this is Bitcoin that was Stolen almost a decade ago or even more And then what is going to do to the Bitcoin price is it going to send Everything crashing is this your last Opportunity to accumulate some cheap Bitcoin before Wall Street before Black Rock before the big Banks take it over This is discover crypto thank you for Joining everybody we got a special guest Today it is Kelly on the side car now I Uh I I took labor Memorial Day off uh Everybody hit that like button if you're Having a good Memorial Day did we all Have a good Memorial Day I had a great Memorial Day you know I memorialized Some things I came in and you know what Everybody check take a look I don't know If you can see it the Bitcoin pillow Behind my head no more tag so now we are Actual professionals oh wow uh we had a Tag there every time I watch it's like I Got to cut that damn tag it's like the California tag you know you can't you Take this tag off you go to jail or Whatever what about you Nick you have a Couple little did you all barbecue did You set up fireworks and scare dogs uh No we actually just pretty much chilled

Out the entire weekend and uh yeah it Was it was wonderful magical all right I Saw you in a pretty hot spaces uh last Night now let's talk about the market Getting spooked by the mount gax Transfers that's right coins are on the Move old dormant Mount gox coins I know We've said it before a lot of channels Have said it before you've seen articles Oh they're going to start selling They're going to start selling and then You're like well wait a minute I heard This years ago and it never came to Fruition Well now it looks like it's starting to Germinate into a a nice cascading event Everybody and folks please go ahead and Hit the like button everybody reading Some of these comments you guys are Hilarious now this is from Miles deutser He's always putting out really really Good uh threads he just hit a half Million followers so congrats on that Miles you're working hard Market getting Spooked by the mount goau transfers with Over 7 billion dollar that is right $7 Billion being moved to an unknown wallet And folks we're going to look at charts We got the chart data here with us this Is ahead of the Creditor repayment Deadline on Halloween this year Personally miles he is not worried the Market has known about the repayment Since January after they ask creditors

For final information although there's Still bound to be some sell pressure I Still view any associ fud as a solid Chance to accumulate now he's going to Post this later with some exact dollar Estimates we're going to give you exact Dollar estimates here but some of you at Home might not know the whole Mount go Story what's going on Mount Go's wait is That Silk Road was that different was That Ross was that who who is this you Know is this kim.com you know I kind of Remember some from years ago hackers you Know no hammock uh you know no John M Mcavey here but Mount gox uh what was Your experience when you first learned About Mount gox well you know It's were you in were you learning about Bitcoin did you hold any Bitcoin then Did you have any friends who had I came In like I mean I came in like a wck and Ball so you're a nude I I was on a swing Yes uh no I came in around that was a Weird play like I'm guessing you're on Your smartphone they're like sir get out Of here I'm just researching the white Paper but it was right after that it was About uh 2015 into 2015 I started really Paying uh getting aware and paying Attention to it and I basically put half Of everything I made 2016 on into crypto Uh Bitcoin and then as the Ico craze Came in but because the mount gox Bankruptcy and failure uh uh took place

Just before that it actually gave me a Little bit of pause in terms of Understanding that this is a risky Marketplace similar to people that came In this last cycle uh you know post the 2022 cascading failures nothing is Guaranteed it doesn't matter and it's Not just crypto think Enron think uh all The other failures we've had in the in The traditional Finance space as well But this is something that uh is a long Time coming in fact if you go to my Chart real quick I just want to point Out this is a macro view all the way Back to when the mount gox failure was Back here in February 2014 yeah 10 years Ago I don't know if you could see it on The screen There Nikki poo yeah go to my Screen we got the we got the the macro Here showing uh there we go this is uh Right where this marker is February 2014 Up into where the price currently is This is a almost 11,000 x so everybody's Wondering and we're going to get into This but you know 7 to9 billion dollar Coming uh available to potentially be Dumped on the market I think it's a Little bit more of a bud story than Actual having that7 billion doll in sell Pressure on the market what do you think Well uh we're going to talk about that I Remember uh this was about 10 years ago My buddy lost Bitcoin whether it's first

Or second time I've talked about Luke Stavy he lost one just on a hard drive Losing the seed the other one was he Lost Bitcoin on Mount goau and I'm just Like I'm going to stick to buying silver Thank you very much uh you know I always Have libertino uh libertine ideals but You know wish I was buying Bitcoin Instead all right Mount goau hasn't sold Any of the 140,000 Bitcoin but it is Planning to everybody now bankrupt uh Exchange they transferred this Bitcoin Worth roughly $9 billion this morning This is breaking as it repairs for a Creditor repayment in a secure manner in Total 16 transactions not 16 Bitcoin 16 Transactions were sent from Mount Cox Wallet and it correlated with a price Dip of almost 2% uh this morning alone Uh trans transactions ranging from 1.4 Million on the low side to 2.2 billion Can you imagine 1.4 million that's your Test send that's how you start your Sends there now that's a flex right There me I'm sending $10 I'm sending my 3.7 chain link they're like yeah I'll Just casually move 1.4 million it first Received nearly 4 million or four I'm Sorry $4 worth back in May 20 so it Started with $4 and then it just jumps To 1.4 million that's a little bit of a Leap right there uh the address uh Receiving the Bitcoin has now sent Almost a quart over a quarter billion

Dollars to further wallets asan is Preparing to repay a portion of the Rehabilitation claims either through the Sale or direct transfer of crypto Whatever the Creditor chooses now let's Ask this question they lost Bitcoin 10 Years ago they're getting say $5,000 Today do they take Bitcoin or do they Take cash Ah you know what what are you taking I'm Taking Bitcoin I'm taking Bitcoin Nick What are you taking Bitcoin chat type in Cash or Bitcoin what are you taking Let's take a little bit of a let's let's T uh test the the pulse of the nation Here I think most of these people are Going to try to receive Bitcoin that is My guess though of course we don't know Now said is uh preparing to repay a Portion uh like I said either through The sale or the direct transfer here but After a series of inquiries about its Management they clarified Rehabilitation Trustee has neither made repayment nor Sold Bitcoin to make repayment so it's Just setting up the stages uh for a Repayment here now uh what about Bitcoin Cash are you going to take Bitcoin cash Or are you going to take cash there's Because the fork coins so you you lost Coins uh there was later a fork about Three years seven months ago check my Math there three years later there's a Fork and so you get to claim the Bitcoin

And the Bitcoin cash in equal amounts of Not dollars but in uh Coins uh yeah you know what I don't know I might just keep it both in crypto and Then trade it into stable coin and move It when I wanted to okay okay so keep Custody there Nick are you taking Bitcoin cash or you taking cash um if They if I it depends on how I'm getting The cash right like how okay if it's a Check or if it's like a stable coin how Kyc is this cash I'm saying okay Probably pretty kyc all right uh so we Have Bitcoin Bitcoin cash Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Why take Fiat says music tags right There I think uh I think we're all Pretty much agreeing here now if you Didn't know the history of Mount go one Of the first exchanges to be established But then collapsed in 2014 roughly a Quarter million creditors were affected And 850,000 Bitcoin was lost uh if you Look here wait a minute but they're only Transferring 140k all right so yeah 850k Was lost an account claiming to monitor Outgoings on all known addresses held by The trustee reported that uh this uh is This is what is left in the wallet $792 is that their nerdy accountant guy At the end is like Oh I thought I did The math thought I carried the one you Know I sent all these wallets I don't Know how this 0.1 Bitcoin was left over

Oh it ended up in my coinbase I I don't Know how that happened but you know There's an actual pretty bullish story That came out of all this go to my go to My screen real quick there's a one of These transactions was a $3 billion Transfer and look at this remember right Around the having when everybody said oh My God the fees are out of control on Bitcoin well a $280 fee transaction fee on a$3 billion Transaction you telling me that's a high Fee no this Market just works Differently than vent MasterCard got to Know how to navigate it you got to know How to navigate well let's uh navigate To the charts right here reciting just Shy of the all-time high we're Continuing to consolidate with the Long-term investors starting to Reaccumulate they haven't done this in Folks this is six months ago I know this Year has been flying by alongside this Uh historical uh tranch of spot ETFs Have been approved in the us seing a 20% Surge in the eth price here all right so This is Bitcoin quarterly monthly and Weekly performance uh historical Analysis so we were a little bit away From the Peaks and the Peaks then lead You to a sell-off you get these little Mini Peaks consolidate you get another Move to the upside consolidate another Move to the upside and now we're in

Consolidate and now potentially U moving Back to the upside here uh now we have Bull market correction draw Downs Max draw down 63% 71% and here we Haven't even hit 50% so this is also Looking bullish here Supply and profit Quarterly draw Downs let's skip past This one long-term holder and grayscale ETF position uh change here so also Talking about ETF outflows now speaking Of uh you know historic action where We're at a few months ago this really is Telling folks and I know you've seen the Memes you know oh this is how you feel At 53k today then it's like 3 months Earlier so today you're sad but in the Past you're happy Let's uh look at this Here this kind of sums that up 70k in March is different than 70k now there Should be much lower selling pressures Now as unrealized profits are now at 3% In March when we hit 70k unrealized Profits 69% heavy selling has been exhausted According to this indicator now Kelly I Know you got some charts uh you are the Crypto Quant Savant I'm I'm going call You that the Quant Savant does that does That sound good it's a little better Than chart daddy so would you say you Want for the Quant Savant but anyways uh What do you have in the Bitcoin charts You know is this kind of matching you Know what you were seeing here are the

Sellers exhausted are the Bulls about to Take charge well I mean we saw you know On the charts we shared yesterday that Exponential increase in the whales Buying at this level that to me gives me A lot of confidence regardless of any Draw down if we go to my charts here This is a chart from the uh MV RV Extremes from onchain college market Value to realize value what does that Mean I'm just hearing letters mvrv Acronym for days right the mvrv is a Market value what you're seeing on Exchange what people are trading uh that Value the realized value is the average Of every Bitcoin that's in circulation The last time it moved now remember some Coins have been held since 2010 some Since 2020 and so on and so forth so the Next time they're moved it will change The you know that average up and so when You get a a lot of older coins moving it It tends to also move that realized Value up it's a great metric to really Gauge where we're at in the market what We can see on this chart is when these Areas are really hot it's showing that The market value is very high there's a Huge separation from the market value to This average price and in the last two Cycles we can see how overheated this Get how much basically uh these hot Levels you're seeing this huge Separation from the market value coin is

Lava at this yeah it's it's just very Overheated and we can see where we're at Right now it's nothing like what we saw In the previous Market cycle tops and This is also echoed with this chart Right here I still think absolutely this Chart is very accurate this from Vivic For real we can see this hot phase this Is what we're getting it's getting hot In here right now and this is the time That you are likely going to change your Life or wreck the possibilities for your Life if you get chopped out at these Levels because we are going into this Phase in the market of going further we Shared this yesterday although Market Was pumping up a little bit I was Talking about a potential move to the Downside and we're going to be looking At that right now but before we get into The price I just want to point something Out the mark uh Bitcoin dominance this Is a a two- we chart on bitcoin Dominance this is where it's coming up And getting rejected getting rejected I Want I just want you all to notice this Green line in this Red Line This is a Price action higher highs along the way The RSI is trending down we have bearish Divergence all the way since June of 20 Uh June of 2023 to now on the Bitcoin Dominance and for those who don't know What that means when that chart goes Down your altcoins pump and so when you

See that chart go down your doge is Pumping your eth is pumping your cardano Is pumping your salon is pumping your Memecoins could potentially be pumping When that chart is going up they're all Losing value to bitcoin so say Bitcoin Jumps 20% your altcoin might jump 12% That's still kind of good but you know Bitcoin is kind of sucking the oxygen Out of the room right and so with this Dropping also to that point this doesn't Mean as the Bitcoin dominance is Dropping that Bitcoin can't go up as Well it just means uh broadly the Altcoins may be out out running or Outpacing the speed it's taking all the Attention it's like a lizo on stage There more Capital going into uh to the Alts than Bitcoin but when we're looking Here let's kind of zoom in here I'm Going to minimize this I got the Something on my mouse there there we go Uh when we're zooming in on what's going On right now on this uh this chart we do Have this sort of uh Head and Shoulders Pattern here which is almost invalidated By this move up yeah it was not but this This does give me worry that we did drop Through it and we kind of look like this Almost looks like a confirm like a an Attempt at a confirmation for further Downside what I would say to this is if We lose if we lose where is the edge of That Fibonacci if we lose this golden

Pocket from this move the from the Market cycle uh this range top at 74 Down to this uh dip that we had we are Hovering right at this golden pocket Which is this 67 to $68,000 region we Lose that I'm looking for a price action A potential dip is far down uh here to 63,000 but we do have one saving gra 63k Okay so that's that's the level to the Downside you know if everything turns Perish it looks like 63k be kind of its First level of support3 hey DZ DZ and Kelly people are asking about the fear And green in index to and I know it's a Little Beneath You Kelly but nor do you Have access to fom mode I don't let me Just see if it's signed in though yeah Wait let's see if it autop populates it Doesn't autop populate uh not signed in Yeah so you'll never know big big shout Out though but this is why you know we Got different people on the team all Sharing different tools and that's what We bring you here at Discover crypto but Let's get through this because we got a Lot more stories to share I just want to Show this uh semi-transparent line here I didn't make it bold this would be uh The setup for if we have a bit of a be Trap to the downside and this would be a Little bit of a wick down here or a move Down to 66,000 I can see this is the Most bullish form of a bearish pullback Yes I said that you can have a bullish

Form of a bearish pullback this would be A setup to trap Bears to then launch to The upside if we lose 66 I am looking at Price coming down to 63 now I do want to Say though also on the ethereum oh baby We got some great news about that but I Just want to point out from into the Block shout out to end of the block if You guys haven't checked them out make Sure you do they got great tools over There the uh the amount of ether Basically net flows onto exchange from Ethereum is the highest since January uh Only a couple days ago with the net flow Of 140,000 ethereum on Saturday moving Onto exchange this could potentially set Up a little bit of a sell pressure but As it stands right now I I'm not Necessarily worried about this I think a Lot of this is the fud speculation sell From the movement of these wallets I'm Not I'm not worried about it uh so we Haven't invalidated the shoulder but we Got a little bit close try to do the uh The Michael Jackson Thriller right it Tried to invalidate that right shoulder But you know we might still uh stick in It now I I want to just double click on The mvrv I love when you said hot coin That just mvrv if you really want to Know what mvrv means mvrv is basically Hot Potato you're holding a Bitcoin and The hotter it is the cheaper you got it You know you got the coin at a penny and

Right now it's worth $70,000 that is Hotter than the sun yeah so they're not Going to hold on to the potato but when You've only gained 1,000 I'll hold that Potato all day 10,000 starts to get a Little lukewarm 20,000 all right I Microwaved it too hot and then at a Certain point it's it's basically lava Everybody now uh I want to show the Bitcoin Supply on exchanges just hit a Multi-year low uh look at this chart Right here this is just beautiful I love This thing uh so multi-year low this is Going back to 20 21 like how many Bitcoin were on exchanges and I've I've Talked about it in the past I you know Just briefly mention it bare markets are Typically when exchanges grab more Bitcoin you can see it right there you Know as the Market's heading down the White line bitcoin price as bitcoin's Price goes down exchanges started Accumulating oh yeah baby we love it Then exchanges started to collapse Everybody started pulling their coins Off exchanges and we love it uh big Shout out to arculus I do want to give a Shout out to arculus if you want to hold Your coins just be safe out there the Number one way you could ruin your Financial freedom is to lose all your Crypto so you know safely secure store And uh just send your crypto with Arculus we have a link down below and we

Should have a code is it dc10 dc10 baby DC DZ says save with Dc1 all right Bitcoin ready to Outperform Gold by at least double for The rest of the market cycle uh I would Say that's probably in L uh large line I I I would agree with that so the Bitcoin Gold ratio could more than double in the Months I think gold kind of had its Moment in the Heyday all these central Banks buying basically buying gold Instead of US treasuries Gold pump is Largely happen I don't know how much Higher it can go from here but Bitcoin I I still think we can I think we can Double from this price what what would You say 140k Bitcoin that's doable I Yeah I think 140k Bitcoin is kind of Middle it's a it's a somewhat Conservative uh level I would say I see Some people even Dr Jeff Ross who's who Manages a hedge fund he's calling for 480 yeah famous insult comic right he Loves Bitcoin and uh insults uh that's a Different Jeff Ross but uh I think 140 140 is a good middle of the road you Know at least at minimum you should Start uh be looking at what your Strategy is to sort of deleverage start Moving uh some some profits out uh even If it goes higher from there remember Ladder in ladder out yeah and I'm trying To look at the gold price right now gold Currently

$2,366 per ounce uh how about Costco Selling gold like is Hot Cakes man I Love it I remember was it a month ago we Were we were streaming uh this show Together and it was like the story was2 200 million dollars worth of gold mon They can't accumulate enough as they Can't actually keep up with demand but I'm surprised they don't have the Costco Stamp on the gold uh I'm surprised it Doesn't give you lifetime supply free Hot dogs in Coca-Cola all right uh can The surge in Bitcoin prices rescue Mining companies from bankruptcy public Miners they're struggling with the high Cost post having if you didn't know Let's just say on average you get 20 Bitcoin a week you're spending thousands Of dollars electricity next week you get $10 per Bitcoin sure maybe your Electricity is a little bit cheaper but You're still not keeping up uh with the Cost right there and so they're facing Financial challenges their liquid assets Are insufficient to cover the debt what It's no longer an easy game for miners Now this is the same story we hear every Four years they say the same thing oh You know the daily issuance cut in half How will miners ever recover they said In 2020 they said in 2016 I bet they Said it in 2012 and guess what they're Going to say it in 2028 as well uh a lot Of people will cut off their mining

Equipment other people will step up and Then as the cost of mining Bitcoin goes Up typically the cost to cure or I'm Sorry obtain Bitcoin also goes up looks Like uh leading bit digital they're Paying $73,000 per Bitcoin during this period Really really high Riot 66k uh marathon Coming in at 54 bit Deer uh 41,000 and Clean spark just crushing it down there As well how about that getting that $41,000 Bitcoin all right uh Justin this Is breaking news everybody hit that like Button if you like the breaking news Breaking news breaking news we just got Another public company buying Bitcoin Everybody so get ready the rocket ship Could be taken off healthc care company Simler scientific buying 581 Bitcoin Sure it doesn't sound like that much try $40 million okay that is $40 million They've also adopted Bitcoin as its Primary treasury Reserve asset have we Started knocking down more dominoes the First Domino of course knocked over by Elon is it continuing Kelly well I mean You know go back to quarter one of this Year just after the Bitcoin spot ETFs Launched what do we see a little bit of Hesitation initially and then we now we Look back at the uh q1 uh earnings Reports and also the what's on these Treasuries and who aped into the Bitcoin Spot ETF over a thousand institutions

Now at this point have been buying and Stacking into Bitcoin but this is that Next Domino micro strategy is already You know they went through the mud Everybody thought they they basically Dragged him through the proverbial this Guy doesn't know what he's doing as a CEO now everybody's like how do we get Bitcoin on our balance sheet how do we Uh ensure our future so yes not only is This a domino but it is starting to fall Because we also see with meta planet in Japan yeah yeah so now we're starting to Get these corporate treasuries adding Bitcoin why because they see inflation a Lot of these companies have billions of Dollars in cash and just imagine for a Second you have a billion dollars in 20124 you don't gain you don't lose you Just have that billion dollars in 2025 Your purchasing power is now down to Like $930 million so by doing nothing You could potentially lose $70 million And these companies they got smart People on there they got accounts on There they may be adverse to the risk But they see it's more risky just Holding Fiat soak that in for a bit can I I just want to share something really Quick it's this image right here you Tell me is this more understandable and Difficult or is this more understandable Or difficult this is the US dollar when People say they they're not sure about

Buying Bitcoin they don't understand how It works if they can draw this schematic From memory then they understand the US Dollar this is a Simplicity of Bitcoin Right here this is a simplicity so not Only is it agnostic to all this Government overreach and mismanagement Of the monetary policy that's basically Driving your value into the ground so You work harder for longer and get paid Less for it over time Bitcoin is right Go back to your original screen this the US dollar explained so no wrong one oh You gave away the punch line I was going To say I found the simplification I Found the simplification of go back to Kelly's chart real quick sorry uh I I Have summed up that entire picture in in One photo pictures worth a thousand Words is this the backing of the dollar Here's the photo there you go there you Go all right uh H the gag oh man get Work early bro let's just give up uh I Did uh I I wanted to point out this Tweet here so this is breaking news this By Watcher Guru sometimes he's a little Bit ahead of you know whether or not It's verified but this seems uh you know Like a pretty official PR newswire is What they typically do for public Relations releases so I believe this is The real deal here so here he is Tweeting out an article cracking they're Bullish you know you got a random ad

Then you got another uh Bitcoin bull Here effing higher he's got a bull but Then a eth maxi weighs in uh keep Scrolling keep scrolling ethereum Maximus 40 million what is this a Reserve asset for ants oh man can't we Just have good things you eth Maxis out There all right uh now everybody I want To give a a shout out to this tweet oh I Just got a 16th like uh we're going to Do a video on chain link and consensus And it's going out at 130 it's going to Be on our live stream help me out with The likes on this it's only 16 likes I Just do right now yeah I I put a little Bit of work in there you know I got some Uh hey man I mean I I go a little Conspiratorial here talking about Swift Talking about Russian oh that might be Why I may I may have shared a graphic That I'm not supposed to share talking About certain Banks being cut off from Swift and you know and so uh you know Let's help fight the algo uh fight the Sensors and uh you know help me with the There but speaking of consensus if Anybody's there I will be there come say Hi I'm going to be popping by the archus Booth uh doing some content I'll be Running around with Gary we're doing a Giveaway oh we are doing a giveaway it's A was it 470 Bitcoin no no no not that But we're going to teach you how to Secure your Bitcoin we got be giving

Away a what is it all right so folks Anybody who's going to consensus uh if You're going to go there take a picture At the arculus booth uh and then we're Going to give away an arculus to just The wackiest photo you know what I mean So maybe you got a funny shirt uh maybe You're I don't know holding a doge po I Don't know whatever you got to do maybe Just get a photo out there we just Choose a winner at random but yeah we're Going to be giving away a $100 wallet All you got to do is take a photo at Their booth and just tag discover crypto And tag AR yeah say hi to the guys there You know let them know discover Cent you Uh Adam low is awesome guy their whole Team is wonderful so and I look forward To seeing youall Crimson caran is going To be there as well all right and uh now We do have more ETF news I thought while Street was closed yesterday it was the Futures were open Futures were open well That always open that explains because The the go uh Bitcoin ETFs uh surpass a Million uh under management but this is What I was talking about May 27th update This is the update from yesterday nine ETFs added 3,000 Bitcoin $211 million Including Black Rock black rock added Almost $100 million to their ibit uh uh Bitcoin ETF meanwhile grayscale had Another little bit of losses there but Only $15 million that they added them

Yesterday yeah this is the the 27th Update so this might be you know how It's t+1 uh meaning like when they have To when they settle they do it that Evening or by the next day maybe this is The uh fulfillment of the Friday orders Oh I like that I like that and uh Because remember the Bitcoin Market is Always open and imagine you had to buy Some Bitcoin now this is a conspiracy That I have no proof for and probably Not even accurate but I I like to have a Little fun here imagine you were black Rock and you do have to settle hundred Million dollars worth a Bitcoin here What and maybe you could compel a mount Gaau trustee to send a transfer because Remember they didn't pay anybody today They just moved billions of dollars how Hard is it to move from one wallet to Another not hard at all so imagine if You're black rock and you're like hm we Can materially saved millions of dollars If you just move your funds from wallet A to wallet B you'd really do as a solid Here's a little Kickback I'm probably Not right probably not that's too crazy Yeah you know there's no there's no Telling but I just want to remind Everybody sometimes I see people spewing This this this victim mentality the the Market makers are manipulating us the Whales are you know what every single Person in this market every single

Institution in this market is in this Market to make money when you buy you're Effectively manipulating the market can They do it and actually cause a lot more Havoc yes however if you understand and You're not just looking at price if you Have a strategy and you are practicing Your risk management in a meaningful way Then you actually welcome the volatility Because you can either trade it or you Can sit on your hands and not be Affected by it everybody in this market Is here to make money all right uh People talking about the uh Terrence Howard podcast uh It's Hard Out Here for A Pimp great song it got 36 mafia and Oscar wow that's right yeah 36 mafia Oscar yeah they got it for a Hustle and Flow soundtrack original soundtrack uh Breaking news binance is saying there's Going to be a temporary halt on deposits And withdrawals on the ethereum network Okay if you want to pull that tweet up Pull that tweet up while he pulls those Tweet up I see a lot of people tweeting About Maga magga hit 1 billion I don't Know if that's true or not someone else Saying I the memes I got aren't great I Got Maga and Maga hat but not the ones That are pumping well speaking of Maga Here Trump is inquiring if Bitcoin could Aid in solving the $35 trillion US National debt problem uh David Bailey He's a CEO of Bitcoin magazine and

Cryptocurrency Aid or consultant for the Trump campaign and he said Donald J Trump asked him if Bitcoin could be Leveraged to solve the US national debt Problem uh he revealed this on a spaces Over the weekend and he revealed the First time he met Donald he has a Bitcoin could do anything about the $35 Trillion debt uh pretty interesting Right there that Donald Trump who is the Front runner potentially exploring to me The signals Market buying of Bitcoin by The US government or maybe they just Rely on the confiscations I mean it's Pretty it's pretty incredible it's Incredible to me because I've been in This for three Cycles now it's Incredible to me to see these Conversations being hap you know Happening with the presidential Contenders and a former president but Then not only that let's let's not Forget all the digital asset Bitcoin Crypto all the discussions over this Last year that have been entrenched in Almost every policy decision and all This legislation that's being talked About if you are not bullish right now Then you are blind and you have not Looked at a macro chart will we have Some dips sure but remember those are Opportunities when we're having these Conversations uh here's uh Trump's Conversation uh when he was on Discover

Crypto I looked at the chat and I said You have the smartest chat I looked at Kelly and I said that's a very smart Chat and so hit that like button Everybody because we do have the Smartest chat all right uh Global now This is uh a little bit uh this is going Off that wallet thing global Global Crypto ownership climbs 33% in 2024 562 Million hodlers uh 6.8% of the global Population that's actually active Wallets I think we all know that a lot Of people have multiple wallets here uh One-third of Voters prioritizing Political candidates stance on crypto What one out of three voters care about Crypto when they go to vote that doesn't Sound right uh who is this uh who who Brought this study about this poll Funded by grayscale oh 1700 participants Pointed questions much but you know What's interesting that doesn't Necessarily even uh capture whether or Not they're interested in uh the cases Being made positively or negatively some People might be watching that going I Don't want digital assets all this Should be regulated out and other might Want the support and empowerment of it All right I'm about to put uh chat and You and Nick everybody on a little Journey so when you got types of people Are saying I don't want that asset is This going to be the younger people or

The older people who's more likely to Embrace crypto young people or old People uh yeah I would say middle-aged On down progressiv so the younger people Which is interesting because older People understand inflation probably Better but it's still the younger people That are more drawn to crypto well uh Looking at crypto I looked at a stat Here South Korea the future is already Here South Korea living in the future They prefer crypto over stocks this is a Go Google Trends looking by keyword but What's uh what is South Korea almost Lead the world in Nick do you know you Might know this one Nick falling birth Rate you're goddamn right man look at That they're number two now we're not Going to say why Taiwan is number one That's obvious reasons you know you know Why we're not going to say that yeah we Don't want to get taken down here uh is It a country ask the un uh South don't Ask me South Korea though is the number Two in the lowest birth rates they have The lowest fertility rates and so when You don't have kids what do you have Time for Starcraft Starcraft 2 uh Zergling Rush strategies Zergling Rush Rush baby uh no uh it's all about that Uh tan micromanagement no South Korea They're rejecting kids they are a Younger country and they're adopting Crypto at no other rates what trend are

We going with fertility well we are de Are we having more babies or less we're Not only declining we're declining but We also have we're right in the middle It's already started to happen but it's Going to progressively get exponential Over the next 10 years there's an Estimated $7 trillion is going to be a Wealth transfer from the baby boomer Generation our parents our grandparents To the you know the people of today the Younger and who do you think when they Get that 770 trillion even if it's cut In half by taxes do you think they're Going to put that $35 trillion into Primarily traditional assets or do you Think they're going to start having a Larger scoop up of digital assets Bitcoin crypto oh they're going to have A lot of uh well actually you know the The main asset transfer is I don't know If you looked into that the main trans Is real estate it is the Boomer homes That they bought in 1962 why how they Buy it they bought it for five cucumbers And a pack of tomato seeds and now that House is worth $1.2 million and so They're going to be giving these homes To their younger children not every Child is going to be able to afford Upkeep property taxes who are they going To sell those homes to Black Rock hey D Here's the counter to that though you Know what's really interesting is the

Flight to secondary cities there are Many many gen Z's and younger Millennials that are like you know what These coastal cities I can't afford to Live here so I'm going to go live in Outer Indiana yeah because you can get a Really nice house in Indiana for and it Not break the bank so uh yeah I was a Twitch streamer for years before I ever Came here and worked that was over three Years ago and I always admired the Streamers who the the streamers who Lived in LA and New York they were Miami They were idiots uh Ninja like lived in Iowa in the middle of nowhere Jeff hland My favorite magic a lot of these people They they lived nowhere where the median Income is like $36,000 and they still have like the Dollar menu at their McDonald's and Stuff it's like they still live in about 17 years in the past so I've got an Image of exactly what our parents went Through and what we're what we're going Through now and it's uh my parents at Age 29 let's put 10% of our paychecks Into government bonds yes us at age 29 Time to overthrow the banking industry And it's a position that they forced us Into uh you know I saw the thing with The minimum wage back in the day was A125 when quarters had silver in them Those silver quarters today those same Five that same do25 and the quarters

With silver it's like 22 bucks 22 bucks Is a lot closer to probably what a Minimum wage is required to feed Yourself I'm not talking about let's Raise it or whatever but you know this That is a lot closer to What minimum Wage was in the 70s as far as I work an Hour and this is what I can buy you're Going to be rich by accumulating dollars You failed uh yeah you cannot get rich Your time out you can't R you cannot run The money printing nope you can't yeah The hidden tax uh I see a lot okay turbo There you go I know you you dying for me To mention it so uh there you go Johnny And all the others uh out there not your Poppy uh Gary the lizard pork belly Consumption I guess is going up I don't Know I love bacon uh I love I love some Bacon too Bacon's good it's my favorite Uh meat probably just made bacon tallow Yesterday yeah congratulations did you Bathe in it oh sorry uh I'm moistened up With it now in the nether region all Right 40% of Americans now claim it is Much harder to retire why is this not 100% that's not a claim that's a fact Yeah it is a fact yeah you look at what How much gallons of milk you can buy With a $100 bill any anything like that You know it's it's heading in the wrong Direction uh there's percentage jump From 30% and 31% 2019 2020 and so now Jumping to 40% seems pretty high

Furthermore 30% said it is a little Harder to retire from 26 and 27 all Right so this makes a lot more sense 40% Much harder 30% little harder so only 70% are saying it is harder uh that that Seems interesting so what's going on With that 30% uh I don't get it all Right so here here we have don't know Okay so some people are just going to Say I don't know uh and then we have Much easier and a little easier and no Difference now coming in at 30% uh I Think these people are smoking crack Well Dey did you know fun fact here I'm Going to paraphrase the numbers aren't Going to be exact but during the Great Depression That was supposed to be some Terrible economic time so hard if you Adjust for inflation G the Great Depression to now the average person was Making about $70,000 a year 70 75,000 Adjusted for inflation the average house Was about 80 $82,000 a year think about That Gap the amount that you made a year Was slightly not exponentially slightly Less than what a house an average house Would cost now the average income is What somewhere in the 60s something like That the average house is $470,000 so yes things may seem nicer Because the government has allowed us to Build an incredibly beautiful facade but Life absolutely is getting harder life Is actually absolutely becoming more

Expensive and they're just keeping us Entertained with the incredible TV shows Have you watched Dark Matter on Apple TV I haven't I haven't $10 I believe Super Chat asking about spell token yeah I was Looking that up too uh you know I look At the max it like yeah it looks like a Lot of coins but thre Monon chart well Looks like maybe we got a little bit of A rounding bottom and some higher low so On a three-month chart I would say it Looks pretty decent uh when I look at That though I just see ah it's just like A defi thing it is on layer zero now Okay well that's bullish that's bullish I'd say tentatively bull I give it a six Out of 10 yeah yeah I'm leaning a little Bit more bullish and bearish and I do Just for a second because I did see About 727 turbo call outs so I'm I I'm Just going to show it to you guys Because yes this chart has been pumping Ridiculously to the upside uh you're Going to want to watch for potential Downside the golden pocket from this Move here would be right about uh 0. Half a cent essentially and the next Level down would be right here about uh Uh 04 uh if we get a larger pullback then Any anything down into this region would Be excellent but I do expect as this is Starting to show a little bit of Weakening that we may get a a little bit

Of a pullback there soon all right and Uh speaking of pullback probably Happening soon we gave this one to the Around the blockchain uh audience flying Avocado cat why talking about this coin The first ever grock meme coin so you Know when Gro first launched these People like the first person to get it To deploy a smart contract uh that thing Is skyrocketed today so uh everybody's In profit the AI picked the name did the Graphics did the whole thing yeah they Did the whole thing they like even Choosing the name and all that all right Now we do have this meme 1770s Americans After being taxed 2% by the British uh Today after being taxed 37% uh by the Government this is just go ahead stick Your hand call a mailbox I actually just Checked with chat GPT and it said no Lies detected hey there you go all right Uh ethereum on exchanges this kind of Similar to the Bitcoin on exchanges now Hitting not only I think for Bitcoin It's about 3 or four year low this is a Six-year low and once we go below that Then we're talking about uh whoa going On about 78 years ago so after that 2015 Is the new load folks we are right there So we're about to uh Eclipse uh the 5e Low or so it is right there so really Really bullish bullish for ethereum hey Did we skip that gold story no I just Covered it real briefly oh okay all

Right so we're moving on to ethereum Price action okay yeah I want to I want To just share something humorous here For a second from because we were just Talking about AI uh this is I did this Post the other day it said AI is going To change the world yeah I agree but Also maybe not yet this is from Google AI oh yeah all the bad is this the glue Pizza cheese can slide off a pizza for a Number of reasons including too much Sauce too much cheese or thicken sauce Here are some things you can try you can Also add about a/4 cup of non-toxic glue To the sauce to give it more tackiness We got some ways to go on AI but uh it Is incredible what it's been I mean I Remember when you brought chat GPT you Told everybody about it in the office And for the next three days all we were Doing like it was incredible yeah the The best explanation I heard about why It's degrading why it's getting worse Over time as there's more and more AI Some of them suck and then these sucky Ones are putting out bad ideas like the Glue and then a decent one sees that and Then piggybacks that it kind of works Its way up and the next thing you know It's like the movie Her they're all Talking amongst themselves so they're Just spewing bull crap though uh you're Like yeah next you know you got some Idiot putting Elmer's Glue on their

Pizza and they're like it's like an Alfredo sauce I guess all right uh here Blunt speaking of eth now blunts Capital Posted this right before the weekend Started only eight days to go before eth Bitcoin prints the first two week bull Div ever uh 10% is the obvious Target But we either undershoot or overshoot The F out of that I I brought up the E Bitcoin chart you know we're kind of Hovering what is it around 5% right now We went as low as around uh you know 2% Back there I said we'll probably only go To eight or 9% he's saying 10% uh so Pretty bullish right there but yeah you Can see a bull div forming on the eth Bitcoin trading pair it's really good For alt season everybody and uh we're Also seeing accumulation addresses surge As Bulls Eye this $4,000 uh price Target And if you want eth to pump the easiest Way to make that happen is one become a Member for the fifth month uh or go Ahead and hit the like button appreciate That Nicole woohoo y'all are awesome Keep of the great work much love see you At the basement uh pizza party right There I want to throw it back to this on The on the note of ethereum and shout Out to Nicole she's uh you know always In here she's also on the bit lab Basement shout out to all you that uh That tune in to all the different hit Network uh the uh communities I almost

Said Brands but we're communities but This chart right here from Tech uh Techdev also shows bullish Bitcoin Consolidation great uh that's we we've Been seeing that but the ethereum twoe Gauen channel which is very small chart Did flip green which uh basically Signifies a lot of underlying Bullishness Doge also marking up and the Alt Market twomon expansion this is Looking very good and in fact the entire Crypto Market has just begun its first Macro bullish expansion in 3.5 years Based on these key metrics on these Two-month charts things are looking good So when you're feeling a little bit of a Pullback like today it's not over it's Just trying to put its socks on and Tighten its belt so it can run up to the Top like we all know it's going to all Right Bitcoin 4 Hour Head and Shoulders Uh uhhuh yeah Kelly was talking about That and we almost had the invalidation By the Thriller shoulder bump all right Now before there was a Gary guinsler There was Jay Clayton Jay Clayton is the Former SEC Chief he's the former head of The Big Industry or I'm sorry the big Corporate conglomerate just masquerading His government that controls Bitcoin Controls the ETFs uh we're not going to Listen to the whole thing here just About a half Minute oh you caught me flat but hang on

Here we go in terms of what's really Being approved and what's not really Being approved and how this could even Work he's talking about do we get an eth ETF approval he's going to break down uh Hey what is what do Jay Clayton the Previous Gary gendler say yeah so let's Just there's two pieces out there's two Pieces of approval for one of these Types of products there's the listing Approval which is what happened Yesterday and that's how we got all the Names and everything you saw the little Tickers yes he looks like he was at Kavanaugh's frat party and then there's The approval of the product itself which Is still pending the what what thatat is Called the the registration statement That that we need to find out let let me Say this this product will is eligible For listing but it will not actually be Trading until that registration Statement is approved so it's it's a Step it's a step in the direction but Does it mean it's inevitable does it Mean that's that's the million-dollar Question all right we got the first of The two steps is it inevitable is it a Guarantee is it actually going to happen Or you just blowing smoke up our Kermit Hole I think it means it's inevitable Just we went through this same process With the Bitcoin product right where Almost all or all of the questions were

Decided the question that was decided Yesterday to speak technically is that The market is efficacious enough for This product to be listed on the ex let Me ask you a question that was what was But there are other questions out there Oh let's we'll just end it right there Yeah it looks like it is inevitable he's Given his two stamps uh of approval here And it looks like e ETF is an Inevitability at this point Uh we do have Unis swap news revealing Assets and fund usage ahead of the fees Switch vote and basically they disclose They have a little bit of a war chest Y'all $40 million in Fiat and stable Coins on hand and they have enough Runway to not even uh not only finish This year but also finish next year and Uh so they're going to disperse 25 Million with 3 million reserved for Grants previously committed and they're Going to fund uh operations with the Remaining 12 million here this is mostly Going to developer and governance here It's uh worth noting the fee switch will Mean that uni holders are better off at The expense of the liquidity providers Who have earned fees levied on token Swap so far so the holders win uh the LPS lose I would say this is a little Bit good for crypto democracy here uh Now this is a a project of mine I I love I didn't ask I didn't ask Johnny to

Throw this up men swap looks like it Might be getting a binance listing uh Men has a very very small market cap Everybody uh let's just look here I'm I'm Interested uh typical news you get good News on a binance listing it actually Dumps I'm guessing there's going to be a Run up in like the five days ahead of Time n not really just that little one Right there okay normally you see this News front ran a little bit harder maybe That's saying something good about Cardano and the ethics here uh now this Coin used to be a lot higher uh was as High as a nickel and right now coming in About half of that so it looks like a Nice little but here's here's the thing I want to talk about market cap is only $31 million and only that probably going To be uh low liquidity here or I mean For binance at least and so I would Wouldn't be surprised to see a nice Little pump right there because it is a Little bit difficult to buy some cardano Assets sometimes uh here we have uh we Have that let's see here boom chain link Next move could change everything for Altcoins you're going to have to watch The 130 stream for uh me to talk about Chain link also Chain Link versus salana And so stick around 13 if you're a link Marine you have to be at the 130 stream Hit that like button where are we on

Likes by the way Nick um you know it's Not even 300 which is we have 1,200 People watching right now let's get that Free content and uh yeah we only we Don't have 300 likes we yeah hit that Hit that like button everybody uh let's See here JP Morgan uh doubting SEC will Approve salana or other crypto ETFs JP Morgan uh is the head of uh the head Chair of Swift I don't know if you knew That Swift is like 1100 financial Institutions chair the chair is JP Morgan I just thought they were Jeffrey Up's Banker they do many things they wear Many hats here uh and so yeah JP Morgan Is also uh you know Swift is going to be Talking to chain link so guys you got to Stick around 130 I'm dropping chain link Alpha later but they're doubting SEC Will approve salana or other crypto ETFs We asked Eric balunis this or um I'm Sorry uh no it was uh the other one What's the other Bloomberg bro safer Safer yeah we asked James James said no It does not look likely we're going to See a salana ETF uh not likely we're Going to see a xrp ETF but me and Nick We think Bitcoin cash or Doge could be On the list right you still think that Uh for ETFs yes absolutely I think Litecoin is next I actually have a I Have a uh outstanding wager with a Bitcoin developer that it will be

Litecoin okay you know be outstanding if We get the 300 I don't know how close we Are 349 we literally just got 100 likes Wo I like that everybody all right now Rapper Iggy aelia kind of leaning into This uh I was going to delete this but Uh who salana I don't know that be uh You know I just like Playboy card though I do like Playboy cardi uh salana Validators this is bad um salana Validators approve 100% allocation of Priority fees previously the validators Got 50% the other 50% was burned this Was deflationary for salana uh this was You know was really good but 77% of the Validators said you know what let's go Ahead and uh capture the rest of that Value so it's going to be good for Validators but I would say this is bad For salana overall this is going to Increase selling pressure if if you Think the validators aren't going to Some of those validators aren't going to Sell some of that 50% you're smoking uh You're smoking salana pubes there so Yeah this is uh not great but really we Need to know what what do they have Coming in with these validator fees Because if we don't know that we don't Know the story here yeah and so it's It's really we're kind of looking it's Hard to find you know the actual numbers Because it it does it matter uh is there A mecoin pumping that day well then

There's going to be more fees is it a Dead chain that day is it a holiday Weekend all these things are going to uh Affect it so it's hard to find like day Over day month over month right here if They remove a burn then they need to Adjust the inflation rate because now It's going to inflate like crazy yeah They're saying the current system uh Requires users to pay double the Priority fee to outbid tips which go Entirely to validators and not burn he Described the priority fee burn as a bug In the system uh basically this is Supply and demand economics so he he Doesn't want a payto playay system like Ethereum uh you know we just did that Big salana Feature his fee based or I'm sorry uh Auction based blocks he doesn't like That at all he wants it to just kind of Be like a flat rate so this is kind of a Way they're kind of looking a little bit Like ethereum with this where you could Up the fees to out bid people and so Just kind of make it in they're going to Say oh no no it's good for you it's good For the User who cares about a salana fee being A little bit more it's a fraction of a Penny yeah I just want salana to not I Don't want extra salana hitting the Thing I'm not worried about a fraction Of a penny when I move salana a handful

Of times but I am worried about extra Salana hitting the market and you know Reducing uh you know its price pump uh Pumpability it's messing up the Pumpamentals there uh now we do have Pepe 96 % of holders in profit looks Like a 77% pump so all the pzy to see That was crazy over the weekend uh let's Look at it let's look what did Pepe do Here a lot Pepe did a Lot God I saw Pepe so early and I didn't Buy it man I know God look at that God I Remember thinking like oh no point Buying it now oh man look at that dude That is such a insane pump right there That's a double that's a yeah good job Pepe holders there let's just go to the Last three months yeah still coming in Really really good there uh prices four And a five yeah look nice little 3x There all right so Pepe holders uh go Ahead and take that little Victory lap There you deserve it uh we also have Meme coins outperform meme Stocks by a Mile not even close uh this is past five Years so I would not say this is Accurate we we can't really do that I I Would say you need to look at GameStop And AMC from what 12 months ago yep yeah So this should be a SN shot from 12 one Year ago not 5 years ago so that'd be a Good graphic to make uh Zack xbt linking Meme coin team to a hack of a crypto Influencer's account here uh looks like

A soul cat meme coin is connected to the GCR classic now GCR is the best Trader On FTX a few years ago they say he Became a billionaire looks like he had The receipts too so this guy like really Really is a rag to Rich of story there Someone hacked it but then they really Uh left a lot of money on the floor they Ended up doing like somewhat larger Market cap coins they could have done a Micro cap and you know made some serious Funds there uh but they used it to Promote Ori and Luna 2.0 tokens Resulting in brief price hikes uh GCR Later confirmed the breach urging his Followers disregard any promotional Content from his channels and it looks Like it was the team behind the cat meme Coin orchestrated the hack it looked Like it started with the coin launch on The 24th and then they gained control 63% of the supply and then they end up Selling $5 million worth there so uh Probably going to have some uh law Enforcement agencies after them now if You see a celebrity like a Caitlyn Jenner you know try to promote a token Here it does not go well folks Uh Kevin Harts uh has done the best what is your Explanation for Kevin Hart's token still Isn't like dumped to Nothing the explanation yeah why do you Think it's only dumped 76% uh I don't know I I don't know

Anything about it so it's it's tough to Say but that is unusual because most of Them rug yeah most of them fall 100% 99% 99.8 so Kim K's 99.98% little Uzi vert Aussie Osborne Shaq what the hell Shaq What were you thinking there 69ine yeah We expect it uh Rich the kids Mila cunis Uh DJ khed Steve Harvey oh he had a Miss University uh Miss Universe nft uh mint Price $227 current price $0 Snoop Dog he Launched baby eth some of these people I Expect better uh Sheffield professor Says AI could be the cure for crippling Loneliness Nope yeah oxytocin you can't get it Can't get oxytocin from robots you get Dopamine you get serotonin but the Oxytocin oxytocin is the chemical you Get from touch you get Trace Amounts From dogs and cats I wonder if you can Get Trace Amounts from robots got it you Make a robot look like Chewbacca I don't know if you can tell the Difference folks all right folks that's All we got time for uh thank you for Joining uh check me out 1:30 we're Talking chain link and I want to see Every single link Marine there that's All we got see you there [Music] [Music]

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