Urgent Bitcoin Update (Why Markets Are About To PUMP!)

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Emergency Bitcoin update because nobody Is talking about what is about to happen In the crypto markets right now because Something's happening with the two Biggest players and nobody is talking About it but I got some facts and Figures to expose and let you know Things are about to happen and things Are brewing and just you wait till we Dive into it now first we're talking About the two biggest players who are The two biggest players I'm talking About the US government and the Chinese Government let's start with China First China just signaled that their W is Collapsing there's not many ways to exit The Chinese system if you're a Chinese Citizen it's not really easy to buy Stocks on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ it's not easy to get meta stock But it is easy to exit the system with Precious metals and look at this graph That I want to show you look at Chinese Gold Investments recently you can see a Massive massive Spike like they have Never seen before and to me this is a Clear signal what is happening with the Chinese currency it is being devalued And the Chinese government is starting The money printer the smart money is Leaving the ecosystem in any type of way That they can and that's why we're Seeing a massive Spike with gold that Massive Spike with gold is going to

Carry over to bitcoin and be very good For the Bitcoin Market as well now let's Talk about the other biggest player here The biggest player and that's the US Government US government is not without Its own wos just look at this inflation Chart I want to throw you out this is True inflation this is the true Inflation that we're experiencing as Americans and you can see right there That is a 25% Spike since January 2020 And that we're only about 3 and 1/2 Years uh from them and then that is just Way way too much for the American Citizens to not take notice and we're Seeing that inflation has become the Number one issue for 18 to 29 year olds And they are starting to wake up that Hey my milk is expensive I am priced out Of homes I can't get rich with the stock Market I'm too I'm too poor to get rich With real estate and so every body that Is in that cohort is going to be looking At crypto as its Escape system now There's one more thing about the Government I want to talk about that's The TGA this is the treasury general Account and this is basically signaling How much money is coming into the Ecosystem you can see year-over-year we Get a spike every Q2 and that is uh the Tax season coming and that's the Government getting a bunch of money from Its citizens and so then you get a nice

Liquidity injection into the markets and You can see we're to have another Spike And this is going to allow Janet Yellen To inject a trillion dollars into the System once this is injected that's Where we're going to see a lot of Markets start moving up I think we're Going to see the stock market moving up I think we're going to see gold moving Up but most importantly we're going to See Bitcoin moving up but what does this Mean for the other coins as well well This is going to be really good for the Other coins I think we just saw what Happened with harar as a good example For what the altcoin market is going to Do the reason I want to bring up har bar Here look at this headline you can see That har bar essentially did a 2X Overnight off of this black rock news And everybody got real excited off the Black Rock news but wait a minute oh up Hit that screeching break noise look at This headline you can see oh wait a Minute black rock is denouncing any kind Of official involvement and now we're Just seeing H bar take a little bit of a Tumble but why is that bad news good News Well the reason is good news is how Massively we saw that Spike on harar That is letting me know that the markets Are ready for coins to pump there's a Lot of money on the sidelines and There's a lot of people ready for coins

To jump and then you know not even take A bunch of profits if you're in a large Market cap coin like harbar and harar Pumped 40% you should be dumping that Token you should be dumping any token That pumps 40% with that large market Cap but people were ready for more gains And so they ended up holding holding Holding and let that market cap double Which is massive for something that is In the billions of dollars and so we saw The same thing with xrp and now we're Seeing the same thing with harar so That's just letting me know there's a Lot of liquidity on the sidelines ready To deploy but on the government level There's even more liquidity on the Sidelines ready to deploy so I just want To give you that alert no one is talking About the TGA you're hearing about it Here first the money machines are about To print so get ready it's going to be a Lot more bullish than you expect I'm Dey For discover crypto we'll see you at the Top

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