URGENT 🚨 Market Crash Germany Sells Bitcoin (Bull Run Over)

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Bitcoin is crashing it is looking ugly Out there in those markets right now Guys happy 4th of July I'm on my way to Actually go to our company event right Now on the lake uh but I just want to Give you guys a quick update cuz Mount Gaau is dumping or sorry not Mount gaau But Germany is selling off Bitcoin like No other you even have Justin sun coming Out today and saying that he is offering To buy the Bitcoin from Germany because It's causing markets to bleed quite a Bit this honestly could be in comparison To when China banned Bitcoin in 2021 We've been dealing with tons and tons of Outlow tons and tons of selling pressure And it's just been really really bloody Out there so I want to talk about what Is actually really positive in these Markets okay we're down to $57,000 or so I think everybody woke up stressed out Looking at their phone kind of thankful That it's Fourth of July and they can Actually just go drink um and maybe Forget about the markets for a day but When you look at liquidations guys when You look at all of the models I pulled For you on high block the Delta spread Is A20 billion right now now for you guys That don't know what that means that Essentially means we are seeing an Excessive amount of short positions put Onto the market right now so we're very

Very very likely to see a short squeeze To the upside now on top of that when You just look at the the regular Liquidation map we're seeing over $1 13 Billion now in potential liquidations Being built up at around $70,000 so everything from like an Onchain perspective even a lot of Technicals cool maybe we set a lower low I we have it just yet I don't believe on The charts here maybe we actually create A bull flag who knows what we do on the Pattern side of this but from a macro Perspective and a fundamental Perspective the charts are extremely Bullish so I went ahead and bought Another $10,000 worth of Anda today I Want to pick up as well salana I have Over 6,000 in the wallet uh but I do Think I'm going to pick up another four On top of that I do expect a push back Up to 64 $63,000 so while that's not to 70k you Got to realize Guys these liquidations How they work as you jump back up Towards that level other positions open Up and it can balance those out they can Balance the Delta spread out so Bitcoin Crashing yes we have all of the mount Goau fud we have of course Germany Selling Bitcoin but that is actually one Of the most bullish reasons why I'm so Excited for this Market because name one Time in history Germany's done anything

Right uh for the last 70 years they Continuously fail and fail and fail Since World War II it's just been Nothing but strong failures and of Course you know when you're looking at What they're doing now after the last Eight years of shutting down all of Their nuclear uh their nuclear energy And completely ruining their economy Becoming completely reliant on a certain Pipeline my dog's here saying hi in the In the car with you guys but uh you know Relying on a certain pipeline that was Being developed that may or may not Exist anymore yeah they don't tend to do The you know the best things for their Economy so seeing them sell Bitcoin I Think this is in comparison to when the United States sold $18 million worth of Bitcoin to Tim Draper uh over a decade Ago and that 10 million or that $18 Million worth of bitcoin now being worth Roughly $1.8 billion yeah I am Incredibly bullish on this so it is Looking ugly out there but my point is This video is guys do not panic all Right now is the time to start really Looking out and researching and looking For the products that you wanted to pick Up you remember that euphoria that you Had that fomo that sense of fomo you had At $72,000 $73,000 all coins are getting Obliterated they're down 70 80 90% in

Some cases your AI tokens they have I've Seen probably a lot of them actually Dropped by 90 95% so there's opportunity Out there that exists in these markets And for me I'm looking at the projects That are really really strong so that is Projects like Caspa kaspa's chart is one Of the most bullish charts on the market Ando has done nothing but crush it chain Link partnering with ch you know of Course securitized and helping a lot of Development behind the Biddle project uh Which is Black Rock and then of course The base ecosystem it's not slowing down You just have the Department of Justice Partner for self- custody with coinbase I'm incredibly bullish on that ecosystem That's things like aerody drone right a Massive liquidity provider of course I Built Duke on top of coinbase because I'm so bullish on the institutional Investments on that side so if you guys Are somebody that is really looking to Dollar cost average in these markets now Is when you want to do so buy when There's blood in the streets be fearful When others are greedy and of course be Greedy when others are fearful and I do Believe we're at that phase go look on X Go look at the YouTubers you're seeing Retail capitulate can we go to 52k Great Of course but these are the times you Want to DCA because when we do go back Up to 75k when we do launch back up to

$80,000 That is when people are going to be Coming back out of the woodwork saying Oh we're finally in the B no we've been In a ball run this entire time I think This is our first meaningful correction That we've seen this entire cycle and Now when we do get back up to those Levels people are going to be missing Out on the three four five 10 X's that Were easily obtained if they were simply Able to dollar cost average when times Were rough guys that is the fear you Want to pick up on you got to remove Remove those emotions from the market so That's what I got for you today I am not Concerned with Mount Cox I'm not Concerned with Germany I think we're Going to see some selling pressure yes We've been stealing that non-stop but Even Justin sun's coming out and Offering to really uh kind of stop that Pressure that is coming from that side Of the market so let me know in the Comments what altcoins you guys are Buying what you're concerned with but Again I'm looking at the liquidations And as always I'm going to be dollar Cost averaging when these markets get Tough see you soon

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