Top 5 Altcoins for 2024 Bull Run

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Top five altcoins I'm going to be Watching this all season guys we got to Talk about this I've been up to a lot I Was unfortunately sick the last few days So that's why I'm not live streaming We're doing an upload right now because I have to get into a car and drive down To Florida here tonight uh but I wanted To get this information for you guys out These altcoins guys we are in the most Bullish moment of these markets we're Talking ETF inflows ethereum spot ETF is Being approved Hong Kong opening up China opening up to things like uh buy Bit here these are huge advancements in Terms of liquidity events that could Spark the next leg up in this bull run Trump is going to be debating Biden if You guys don't think Trump is bullish For crypto guys if Trump wins we're Talking 100K Bitcoin minimum this guy Has 80 million followers he has four Times the audience if not even more than His competitor and him talking Pro Crypto is going to be incredibly bullish For the sector so crypto number one guys Crypto number one has to be Ono Finance You guys already know this right I I've Been talking about it forever at this Point it's in. 70 cents uh we actually The first time we made a video on on This channel it was at 30 cents but Ando Finance hit just $1.5 billion in the Tokenization market in terms of

Tokenized treasuries now Ando doesn't Control all of that but they did just Reach a 500 million tvl that is Incredibly bullish we're talking a $2 Billion project with 1/4 of the Liquidity locked up I can even be more Excited about this project tokenization I think isn't just the next narrative It's not just a trend it is the future Everything is transitioning over into Tokenized systems okay token number two AOW drum on top of base base chain is Probably by far the most bullish chain On the markets right now their new Coinbase smart wallet with of course the Onchain summer which is going to be mem Coins shout out Duke guys yeah that is Going to be a massive narve that's going To spark not only just meme coins but Nfts and everything to ramp up over on The base chain which is incredibly cheap If not faster than ba uh salana in the First place but it doesn't close down It's backed by coin base it's backed by Black Rock This has more money than any Other ecosystem and it's making billions Of dollars for the companies that are on Top of it every single month it's by far The most profitable chain so aerody Drome guys amm liquidity provider for of Course coinbase token number three okay Token number three I'm going to have to Say I'm going to Burge two near or Render okay getting exposure again to

The AI markets Nvidia continuously Breaks Market expectations these Projects guys I'm not even exposed to Render yet I need to jump back into it Uh because I've been way overly exposed To rwa which is completely okay right I'm just giving you guys the heads up Here The AI sector is only going to continue To get stronger in my opinion it finally Had that retracement we called the Peak At the GTC Summit on the 17th I expect That pullback to be absolutely done at This point it is now testing not only All-time highs for NVIDIA as they beat Wall Street expectations and earnings Reports but they are going to be in my Opinion the top company in the world I Think they can reach A5 trillion doll Market cap and AI is going to follow That so having exposure to that I would Watch out for this is a little bit of a Bonus ASI but it's not out yet I want The merger to happen and I want to see Hopefully a buy the rumor sell the news Event before we jump in on that but ASI Token would be number uh that would be Four four in that case uh I would say Really watch out for Asi token now I'd Group those kind of together right I'm Diversifying into AI uh so I'm going to Have to go with the token crew number For Stacks right you guys keep getting Confused you guys keep going Josh the

Stacks over it went down to a $180 do9 Guys it is the largest layer two on top Of Bitcoin opcat is a new update that They're trying to increase smart Contract protocols and the adoption of Defy on top of Bitcoin right now now Defi is coming to bitcoin whether you Like it or not now I've talked about Other micro caps such as or swap Etc in The past that have been facing a little Bit of selling pressure since the Bitcoin having but I am incredibly Bullish on the runes initiative I'm Incredibly bullish on bitcoin defi which Is why dog is going to be in the same Category okay dog token we've been Talking about since $200 million market Cap it was launched by leonidas's Platform from his runestones it is now Worth over a billion dollars it is the First meme coin on top of Bitcoin the Largest ecosystem on the planet I expect That to continue to crush it and yes Guys we're in memec coins now this is Memec coins are shaping the industry Massively which is why we launch Shuki For fom mode and the brands 100% Renounce it's Community owned yes that Is project that I launched on omnis Swap You guys know the deployer I co-founded Uh incredibly excited for the future of That now token number five though okay The last token here now perhaps the one I'm obviously most bullish on and you

Guys might shake your heads but I have To say it it's chain link okay chain Link is the rwa player they're partner With securitized they're the ones at Consensus they're working with swift They are the reason why every single Blockchain essentially in existence is Able to run and operate with offchain And onchain data they are that Intermediary for you guys so chain link By far my favorite project my one of my Largest bags it will probably end up Being one of my largest bags unless Ando Continues to do a 12x after this chain Link is that product guys and I would be Paying attention to its ecosystem the The the amm's on top of it the Dex is Building on top of it we have things Like X swap chain swap Etc right that Ecosystem is incredibly bullish to Summarize this okay okay so we have Number one Ando number two Arrow okay Number three is going to be both it's Going to be render really with the AI Products we had mentioned I think ASI Can kind of creep into that as well with Near number four is going to be stacks And number five is chain link for you Guys those are my top altcoin picks for This cycle uh I think honestly a lot of Other products guys those are going to Be larger market caps if you want a Higher risk video for top high you know Top five high-risk altcoins that I'm

Watching right now let me know in the Comments below because I'm happy to give You guys that information as well uh Duke is obviously going to be one of Those but I want to start making more of These series with you guys because the The the large cap those are our Blue Chips guys we're not expecting these to Do 50 20 100 X's right these are the Positions in our portfolio that I think Are going to not only sustain themselves But continue to grow over time and Establish themselves as really large Players in this industry and just Because I'm talking about these Five Guys doesn't mean I'm not watching all The rest on my watch list I'm just Telling you guys where my head's at Right now you guys have access to my Watch list if you guys are in the Telegram uh and of course in the disc You guys go check out all the products I'm consistently watching there tons of Dexes layer 2os Etc within there these Are just my top five favorite Holdings Now let me know in the comments guys What are your favorite altcoins what am I missing cuz personally I think bass is The most bullish ecosystem on the planet Right now I think it can honestly Compete with salana and of course bass Doesn't have a token so that's why we're Getting into things like Aerodrome and Watching other products on top of bass

Grow more and more guys thank you for Watching let me know what you guys think In the comments below we'll see you in The next video

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