Top 5 AI Crypto Coins That Will Explode After Nvidia Earnings

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Right now we are good to go we're Looking at the top five AI alt coins Because there's a major thing about to Happen thank you for joining make sure You go ahead and hit that like button Live button once you are jumping in We're going to pop out the chat we're Looking at nvidia's earnings later this Month and nvidia's earnings are going to Be the biggest Catalyst for AI coins for At least for the the at least the next Three months for the next quarter here Because this is going to be basically All eyes within the financial world are Going to be on Nvidia and what happened With their earnings so we're going to Look at the the predictions for the Earnings here what happened last Earnings because this is uh the q1 Earnings that's going to go live what Happened Q4 earnings that were reported In uh February 21st so what happened Then what can we expect in the future And is this going to blow up all our Crypto AI tokens or is this going to Send them to the danger zone everybody And so yeah we're looking at Nvidia so First thing we need to do what happened With nvidia's previous earnings call so You can see right here you know we have A Nvidia earnings May 22nd and so you go Back three months and that was the Previous earnings those a sorry leap Year leap year screwed me up here uh it

Is February 21st so you can see always Posting around day of the week 24th 23rd 21st 21st so February 21st Nvidia had an Earnings call well how did that earnings Call do did it over form did it Outperform did it underperform uh thank You everybody joining we got people We're going to look at fetch don't you Worry we're going to look at r type in The AI coins you want us to look out I Just put out a tweet everybody so get Your AI coins in early and I'll make Sure we go ahead and cover it with some Fresh ta with fresh eyes and make some Bold predictions for where these coins Are going to head and so previous Reports was February 21st well I went Ahead and I pulled up the Articles from That time you know what did happen with Nvidia well Nvidia had a very bullish Reporting last time so last time Fantastic earnings call it it was the Best earnings call no other earnings Call were as good as this earnings call And so they had earnings after the Bell Beat Wall Street expectations so they Beat Wall Street expectations not only On earnings but also on sales and even Revenue everybody and here you can Actually see the breakdown the consensus Earnings per share last quarter 420 I Don't know why 421 okay technically it Took an extra minute so 421 Nvidia came in with

491 how however however the markets were Used to it being beat here you can see Consensus 61 cents ended up being 88 $180 250 thought it was going to be $33 Ended up being 377 look at the percentage surprise this Is actually important folks 44% ended up Being 44% more bullish than we thought 38% more bullish than we thought 24% More bullish than we thought 16% more Bullish than we thought are you starting To see a trend everybody and so Nvidia Beating beating earnings beating Earnings but then these analysts said All right I just look like a freaking Idiot okay I thought for sure they were Only going to make 61 cents and then They ended up making 88 cents I Basically got fired at my job and so now Everyone's coming in a lot more bullish Than expected and so this is fantastic Right and even though it doesn't seem Nearly as good as a 44% surprise 16% Surprise to the upside very very bullish Well I pulled up the stock just to see What Happ happen then this is a Six-month chart that we're looking at Everybody and I see okay we're going to Talk render we're going to talk AIX Don't you worry about that we're going To talk about fetch get your other AI Coins in let them let me know down in The chat I'm going to go ahead and open Some uh ta everybody and so let's look

At February 22nd for NVIDIA and you can See it right here that's when they Posted those earnings so you know Leading up to it the market expected a Dump Market was bearish you know hey 44% 38% surprise you know there's no way it Can just keep smoking Wall Street with These bold projections well it did smoke Wall Street 16% to the upside fell to $674 within one day look at that massive Jump 785 this was huge this was huge for The markets everybody but you can see Was kind of just continuing a trend line So the markets tried to bet against Nvidia Nvidia said hold my beer made Them look very stupid folks if you want To get your te ta and you can also let Me know on this tweet working on a video What's your favorite AI we're going to Do the TA live some people have this on Their radar as well Crypt bully looking At some coins right here uh AI leg 2 is Pending why because of the Nvidia Earnings coming up here's a thread with His levels potential entries and Thoughts and we're going to look at These uh coins and then we're going to Check out one more tweet and chat I want To make sure we look at all right we got Near someone is looking at near I tell You what we got near we got got fetch we Got render we got AIX folks get your AI Coins and we want to look at them all Right so let's go ahead and look at near

Okay he hasn't looked at near but I tell You you did Eugene uh Ox enas uh or enas One of the clearest layup trades on the Rebound will be the AI rotation heading Into nvidia's earnings later this month Almost every AI chart is looking Absolutely golden with multiple ex Exhibiting fierce fierce like rup Paul's Drag Race Fierce One Day trend line Bounces in isolation be a little more Suspect both memes leading the way and Key Bitcoin levels being reclaimed this Seems to be a no brander towels not bad Uh we might have to look at that one all Right so here's the the tier chart that They're here's the near chart that they Were looking at what's in our tier so Here's the near tier and have no fear We're going to keep the TA clear and so You can see bouncing off this trend line If you're wondering this is a 600100 EMA Uh looks like a little bit of a band With a line in the middle there and so Bouncing off this uh quite quite well You know touching into the Zone not Quite hitting the middle I guess that'd Be an 80 uh but you know you see used it As a clear spring board Zone back then Well let's go ahead and pull up near This is near on the daily chart Everybody and so I want you to pay a Little bit of attention right here you Can see the money flow is in the red This is not a good area where you want

The money flow to be but look what Happened with the money flow right here The money flow turned around And just at the bottom of the money flow Just as it started to turn around that's When near ended up turning bullish if we Look at the measured move here not even Trying to catch it from the bottom let's Go ahead and catch it you know right When the breakout started to happen Started getting close to these levels we Ended up seeing a a nice double up on Near is a 127% pump to the upside here But right now we're kind of looking at a Little bit of a a pin it with a very Scary Wick to the downside and money Flow to the downside but let me go ahead And uh make you feel a little bit more Bullish so you look at the daily chart Man how how bearish could this be right You know I can't I can't imagine oh wait A minute near used to be much much Higher and so when you're zoomed in Right here looks it looks scary looks Like I don't want to have any kind of Entry point here but then when you look At where near has been in the past then It looks a little bit more bullish I Wanted to point out one extra thing I Found on the TA everybody cubic I don't I don't hate cubic everybody that's a Good one too all right so right here we See this is Lux algo indicator we see a Little bit of a bearish Divergence often

Times these bearish Divergence are used To shake people out and then get Everybody to short a coin too many People short the coin and then the coin Bounces but what if we had a previous Bearish Divergence well what did it what Did near do then and can we use this as A a basis for the the future well here It almost looks exactly the same folks Look what we have right here and then Look what we have right here very very Strong oh let me uh let me make sure Okay I want to make sure my my stupid Shoulder isn't blocking you guys so very Very uh you know Telltale sign repeated Right here well look what happened if we Go up catch well chat it ended up Bouncing from those levels that ended up Being a fake out before the breakout to The downside if you just catch from the Bottom of the candle body not even Trying to catch the wick not trying to Catch the falling knife here and again This is a weekly candle catching the the Bottom of the uh you ended up getting Almost a 3X um you know one 184% to the upside what would it look Like if we had 184% to the upside from The bottom of the candle right here well Folks that is looking like a very very Strong Target of $16 really close to the $15 Psychological range and if you look that Is almost lining up perfectly with these

Candle body tops right there uh so we Got a very very strong horizontal Al Area of support that we're going to be Looking at so if you want to go long on Near folks I would uh just say you know Caution caution go ahead and you know Maybe start closing uh closing out some Of those trades around this level so This that's my near uh thesis okay so we Got other people looking at render fetch AI all right well thank you for getting These AI coins in there uh let's see I Know someone was T typing a r weave Earlier agx we're going to look at that One as well so again chat thank you for Uh jumping in Crypt bully is looking at AR and so he Didn't have a near thesis but uh we're Make sure we check back in on him for Render and check it back in on him for Fetch so let's go ahead and look at his A r AKA R weave thesis this is coin Number two coin number two so we just Looked at near now we're looking at R we He's seen a you know a little bit of Point of control right there so he is Seeing very very nice uh levels of Support coming from the 32 Range so rejected uh from value area High uh not Valhalla that is not Valhalla so rejected from value area High dips towards Trend are for buying Best to Lad bids till 35 hold for All-time high let's go ahead and uh look

At oh so there's near uh one last thing I did want to point out there if we go To the three Monon remember February 22 Was in when Nvidia had stronger than Expected Reports look at that Blast Off From Fe February 22nd so you see very Bullish action uh post February 22nd if We were to uh run this out uh just one More time I just want to catch this on Near so this is near from February 22nd You're going to find it oh weekly I was Like what's going on here okay so we're On the weekly here from February 22nd is This area right here wow look at that Nice little runup so you could have Jumped in and left that moving train uh Very very nice bounce all right so now Let's look jump back to R weave well Folks I'm seeing a little bit of a trend Line here forming at the top and it Looks like we rejected off this trend Line beautifully uh abarim thank you AIT Protocol all right well uh tell you what We're going to go ahead and make sure we Look at that one as well so uh thank you For the Super Chat uh we got AIT uh Coming in AIT protocol boom boom it's in There it's locked in thank you for thank You for the support there so R weave is It going to be bullish and what did R Weave do after February 22nd uh so let's Jump back to the r weave let's go ahead And hit daily chart right here and let's See don't tell me it bounced don't tell

Me that's when the bounce start don't Tell me I need to be bullish again well Folks it looks like you need to be Bullish again because this is February 22nd right here so this end up being a Little bit of a marcet ShakeOut you know What this looks like by the way this Looks like black rocks ET it looks like The ETF launches ETFs launched January 11th bearish for like all the 48 hours And then Bitcoin was sent to the Moon Because look it can't just launch and Then just turn bullish we can't just Have Nvidia earnings and then it just Turns bullish so we're going to have the Bears and the Bulls are going to be Fighting AKA leverage Traders are going To be trying to wipe each other out Market makers are going to try to Liquidate you in your trades and so you Know it's going to be 72-hour Fight Club There's going to be a Fight Club Foreman But then after that we have had a huge Breakout and look at that we ended up Having a nice 270% pump that is almost a 4X is a 3.7x so very very uh good entry Point and good exit point right there Off the Nvidia earnings so again Nvidia Earnings seems to be a catalyst and at Least it was previous quarter however Now we're kind of looking at a scary Zone but let me point something out to You so we got a we got a earnings report We're flirting near the top of R weave

Well this seems like well I don't want To open along here it's already at the Top you idiots I'm just joking you're Not idiots you you beautiful smart People here uh look at that was the top Then this was a uh this was you know Feels bearish if you if you take out That you're like oh great I'm buying the Top you want me to buy the top off this Invidia earnings no I don't think so I'm Going to stay on the sidelines because This is an all-time high and it's going To dump there's a short-term High well Look you end up missing out on that pump There so that is our weave our weave Also feels a little bit bullish if we go Ahead and hit you know you can see the The nice little bounce out right there One thing I do want to point out though I I Notice R weave is still uh has you know A little bit of rejection areas I have a Thesis and it's going to kind to be a Theme I think if you're already in new Alltime highs you might have more upside Potential than you had a previous All-time high in 2021 if you have a Previous all-time high in 2021 early Holders of the bag are going to be Looking to take an exit so you got all These people that bought these coins Around here and they're just looking to Dump on you it reminds me of an xrp Community there's people who bought xrp

For $2 and guess what they're waiting For a dollar to dump there's people who Bought at a dollar they're waiting on a Dollar to dump and so there's people who Bought R weave at $75 and they're just looking for a dump Zone so you know R weave does have Previous all-time highs near also has Previous all-time highs some of the Coins we're looking at we're kind of Flirting with uh you know new uh price To Discovery zones and that's where you Get parabolic tops and so I am bullish On R weave but you know just look at Some of these zones uh for selling Pressure look how much it loves that $60 Area so I expect a little bit of selling Pressure around there Singularity you Know what what about Singularity says Fine Cali crypto I tell you what let's Jump to that one next everybody so we're Going to jump to Singularity AKA IG AG Iix I swear I know how to say the coin Agx I've been doing some Ta on look at At this parallel trading channel that We're in right now everybody so we're in A little bit of a trading Channel once again kind of flirting with The top you know rejected off that top Nicely but I do think it can break out From here uh if we go you know this is This is uh you know this is danger zone Area folks if we go here we go ahead and Click on Max this is in new all-time

High Zone but I said I'm more bullish on These because I do think once you get a Breakout that's when the markets love to Just overperform well let's just test That theory with igx did that happen With ag did it set a new all-time high And say oh wow I guess we're bullish now Let's send it to Valhalla it sure as Hell did folks it sure as hell did so it Launch with a very strong Fanfare you Can see here look at that rejected off The previous all-time high rejected you Know formed a trend line here rejected Off that area right there let's go ahead And uh do this on trading views so I Don't have the full price chart there But then we went you know so then the Question is is well once it passed this Zone did it turn bullish hell yeah that Thing turned bullish you can see right There a little bit of a a little bit of A hesitation and so this is uh right Under a dollar and so you know we're Kind of expecting around the 80 90 cents We go Ahad and click on one year you can See it right there boom okay it did it Got a little rejection look how fast That move was though to the upside this Was this was a rocket ship everybody I Was staking agx on men's swap with Cardano and so you know I I got a lot of Gains but because of impermanent loss my Gains ended up being a lot of cardano so I got a lot of cardano from this runup

Right here end up gaining you know tons Of cardano so I'm not complaining you Know I am bullish on cardano so AG Hitting uh you know once it hits past This new previous all-time high that's When I expect you know really really Nice movement to the upside if we go Back to the trading range here uh you Know this is on the weekly that's why it Looks looks so crappy there all right Yeah looking on this I I expect us to Bing Bong around here a little bit and Then once it turns into this uh into Support I expect it to dip below I do Expect this to dip below I think it's GNA it's going to Wick above it's going To get everybody bullish it's going to Bounce here comes the bounce and then It's going to Wick it's goingon to Wick It's going to Wick okay I'm calling it Here in fact I'm gonna leave these Drawings here and then that's when it Goes up everybody so that's kind of what I'm expecting with ag of course no one Can predict this perfectly uh but you Know me know if you would agree right There uh so Singularity uh baby hit them likes yes Everybody make sure you go and hit that Likes we only got a few hundred in here Right now uh folks I know we can get This uh these likes way way up there Let's go ahead and jump these things all Right now we got people talking about

All right everybody I guess I can look At render we got render a lot of people Looking at render uh rent AI not R not Rent AI render AI all right so uh so You're all blinded Casper no no no we Like Casper here as well all right uh All right let's go jump over to render And folks those who are just now joining In we are doing the inidia predictions Here Nvidia is going to be reporting Later this month and we're looking at What did uh Nvidia do to the coin last Quarterly report and what can it do to The coin next quarterly report everybody And then uh again just a reminder the Previous quarterly report February 21st So let's look at render and let's look At February 21st you going to tell me It's bouncing again are you going to Tell me it's bouncing again off that Point well everybody look what happened Here remember what I said it's going to Be danger zone right I'm guessing oh wow Okay I assumed it was going to be that Red candle right there it was this red Candle right here so Nvidia way way Better than expected uh report last Quarter February 22nd and then look what Happened to uh you know fetch wait I'm Sorry uh render yeah you can see it yeah Uh scared people freak them out you know Oh yeah oh you thought you could just Long from AGI uh you could long from Nvidia having bullish reports uh-uh uhuh

Too many people were long on this coin And the market makers ended up wrecking Them ended up uh taking them for 20% Over the next 11 days a lot of people Trading these AI coins 20x leverage 10x Leverage getting liquidated in fact if You had a 5x not even from this Wick High if you had a 5x from the candle Body in the middle you ended up getting Liquidated and everybody so I don't Expect Nvidia reports 2 p.m. every II Coin is pumping at 2011 p.m. no there's Going to be uh basically the market has To choose a direction and then you can See the market did choose a direction Everybody the market chose bullish the Market shows up let's go to February 22nd here uh you can see oh wow yeah That was actually a good candle and then Just as everybody got bullish that's When it kind of wrecked them there so uh Even if you launched it from there you Ended up getting a nice 17 % pump but if You're waiting for the gigap pump you End up losing everything you lost Everything and then the gigap pump came What do we end up look at that wow that Almost seems a uh what Dey likes to call The suspiciously round number and so Render ended up doubling rendering your Profits into double so you ended up Rendering up a 2X and so folks I like Render as one of the choices if you end Up want to you know jump into AI coin

Not only that you know we're not looking At the top of a range kind of like we Are with r weave R weave you know we're Kind of looking at the top of a range With render yeah you got a little bit of A trend line but this one is down uh Considerably so our weave from the top Right now okay we're down 177% okay and If you're bullish on both these projects This will apply to you if you're bullish On one more than the other well then go With the one you're more bullish on so That was a very very small percent to The downside now we're 30% to the Downside and so because they're 30% to The downside I see a little bit more More upside as well and if we go to the Max here now oh yeah this is the one uh This is going to scare some people oh no It's fetched but uh yeah the market cap You know we we're alltime highs and so I I think we can once we get past Lucky 13 Once we get past lucky $13 right here uh That's when uh render is going to go on A tear you can see it went to $138 uh 81 82 so render needs a breakout But I do think render can break out also One other thing if we end up getting a Little bit of a dump look at this trend Line This is Where I will be longing as Long as I'm near as long as it doesn't Happen like 3:00 a.m. because of a China Dump but this is the area I'd be looking To Long render at here you know I do I

Can see it doing a little bit of a you Know it seems to be a little bit more Bearish but it's always darkest before The storm folks this is around if it Happens a few days from now you're Looking at $750 I really like a $7.50 would be surpris if it bounces off $8 though so uh you know this is the Longing range I'm looking for render I a Ioz we do like that one as well Nvidia I Mean hey man some there's nothing wrong With just buying a boring ston you know All right now let's look at fetch I know A lot of you folks were typing in Fetch Earlier uh bass willigan wants to look At fetch uh a couple other uh yeah uh we Got a oh tons of people all right yeah We're looking at all the coins so make Sure you get your coins in folks we got Time for a few more all right all right So fetch let's go to the charts here Again February 22nd that is when we're Looking at that's when uh Nvidia had its Report there so let's look at fetch well This is on the daily and yet again we Have a trading Channel and near the top Of the channel I'm not a big fan of Being at the top of the channel don't Tell me that's February 22nd yep that's February 22nd right there boy oh boy was This a nice runup so last Nvidia report Again they it tried to chop you out Again I'm not again I'm not saying it's

Going to pump I it's starting to look Like Nvidia reports going to come out And everything's going to dump for 5 to 11 days depending on how bullish uh the Whales are in that group so this one was Another close to a 15% dump it doesn't Really look like it but yeah that that Dump 15% not from the candle uh Wick There from the candle body from day Open boy oh boy you end up seeing a 3X There uh you actually saw a very very Short 2x um yeah no uh sorry 2.7x there And that was in 18 days so in less than Three weeks fetch was a fantastic Bull Run ride and if you cut it from there That's that's about two weeks the two we Uh run ended up being a very very uh Bullish uh period so watch this range Would be surprised if we hit the middle Of the range here uh and again kind of Like how I drew I think it was for uh Near uh where we're going to kind of go Above it and then chop below it Everybody I I kind of expect the same Thing uh you know I expect us to go Above this Trading Channel and then uh You know maybe test below it get Everybody freaked out and then knock on It one more time and then it'll go to The upside uh fetch if you look at their Market cap giant Spike this is what I Was looking at Earlier what is going on with that and So now don't worry about it anymore it's

Not as bad anymore everybody it's not as Bad every more uh here you can see the Circulating Supply so now the tokens are Out the tokens are out but yeah this is Uh this is brutal that's a huge token Unlock everybody and so fetch look for Some of these I don't know what's locked Up I haven't I didn't have time to do The research I found this 10 minutes Before I was going to go live I was even On token unlocks trying to do a little Bit more investigative work here and now The the dumps are done and now it's Linear and now we just got a little bit Of a linear unlock a 0.03% circulating Supply is going to be Hitting uh daily here uh I believe here And so that is 1.8 million do so now now It's mostly out there we still got a lot Unlocked 1.1 billion so you know there's Still still a lot untracked so you know Uh be Careful careful of this right here Careful of a giant token issuance there Um you know that is very very scary all Right now it is time for channel Favorite and I'm going look at AIT I'm Going to look at Dez's sleeper pick After this I should have teased it in The beginning that's right I got a Sleeper pick everybody now it's time to Look at agx that's the that's what I was Looking at AG uh looking very bullish as Well God dang it drawing tool got the

Drawing tool on there uh so agx yeah we Already covered that one looks great Love Singularity do not sleep on that One you ready for the sleeper pick you Ready for the sleeper pick it's actually One of the best performing coins today And it's actually well it was two hours Ago I'm about to find out if I'm still Right the best performing crypto of the Past week the best performing crypto in The top World coin yeah it is still even beating World or sorry dog with hat even beating Render even beating R weave and folks You know these are coming off very Bullish periods it looks like people are Maybe trying to front run that AI Nvidia Earnings report so maybe look for some Dips there but worldcoin I'm not a fan Of worldcoin I'm not endorsing buying Worldcoin I'm just saying worldcoin Looks like it has some great trading Opportunities folks you could have got This for a dollar you could have got out At $12 in a pretty short amount of time This only launched August of last year Looking at Worldcoin I'm seeing I'm seeing the Money let me go and move this so you can See I'm seeing maybe a bottom for the Money flow maybe a bottom for the money Flow and so I kind of want to stretch This out so we could really really look At these levels for the money flow again

This is the Lux algo indicator and if we Look look at this little horizontal line You can see we went a little bit below Back here a little bit below but not not By a whole lot and then uh kind of went To the upside one more test with bearish Activity and then boom nice uh nice nice Positive money flow here well it looks Like we're getting a little bit of a Switch with the RSI here you can see the RSI you know kind of back to the Downside back to the upside back to the Downside now maybe going back to the Upside what you want to see is this kind Of still correlate with the three-day And the weekly trading Charts looks like uh you know maybe We're going to be heading into uh you Know more bullish territories this guy Sam Altman he is the founder of Worldcoin he is uh you know the founder Of chat GPT ah keep doing it if I do That one more time I swear take away my Trading tools uh I'm I'm feeling pretty Bullish on worldcoin they say sam Altman Has a reality Distortion field around Him says he can uh get teams to do Things you never thought possible I just Don't want to have identity tied with Crypto I think there's billions of People who don't care uh but if you Scanned your eyeball uh you're looking You know looks like hey you know maybe You got life changing money depending on

What kind of a country you're growing up In and so I I do think worldcoin has a Pretty good uh potential here what's Interesting about worldcoin is it kind Of front ran the Nvidia News I'm not going to try to get Conspiratorial here chat now this is why You watch uh now imagine let's just say Is hypothetical there I have no Allegation there's no allegations here I Have no proof of anything I'm just going To lay out a game theory lay out a Scenario here if there were people who Had Insight info on nvidia's earnings or Who might have Insight on how nvidia's Earnings might do due to proximity to Supplies and board members and you know Large holders of the stock Who would Know better than the worldcoin team who Would know better than Sam Altman and Team who would be able to front run that Information better than chat GPT team And so I know this's a little bit of a Separate this is a different Sam Alman Uh coin here but the fact that I see Worldcoin front running all the bullish News on those uh on the AI coins and Then still had a little bit of a bullish Period and now I see it kind of front Running some bullish momentum right now I can't help but say I'm feeling a Little bit bullish for this Nvidia Report later on in the month uh folks All right now AIT we have the Super Chat

Looking for AIT uh uh oh someone's saying Bitcoin is Bitcoin dumping right now are we in a Bitcoin dump I know this a AI this a AI Uh stream here but uh let's let's go Ahead and look uh 25 minute Char what I Want to look at I got closed out of my Long and profit I do know that uh we we Did uh you you guys saw on the morning Stream we moved that stop loss into Profit so yeah I have been closed out Not ready to jump into trade just yet Here but yeah a little bit of a tumble So we might get some of these AI coins On sale now back to AI I I told the Community member I'd take a look Here well you know this is the first Area of support that I see 36 Cents and Well we kind of fell below it if we look What did it dip to 32 cents we're kind Of below that point of uh support there Kind of crashing down it is down 9% Today that is not what you want to see There uh only 88.3% of the token out There is that right yeah billion and There's 83 million uh if we just go to Their Twitter please don't tell me they Got a crazy Twitter here uh they're Paying the was it 1K a month there all Right Anoka oh yeah they got strategic Investor and Anoka Brands probably going To do good probably going to do good I I'm just going literally by the the VC Team and then it's followed by 27 other

People that I Follow uh okay okay I mean action CEO all right Alin Daly uh Martini guy Miles um Ivan Ivan I'm seeing people That I I like their call Brian Brian Evans Hodge Okay yeah I don't hate this one I do not Hate this one is there a good entry Let's go ahead and pull this up on the Ta man I'm I might find my DCA AI coin For the day here uh looks like there's Not too much for the trading pairs coinx I don't know what's going to have not Ai And the Turkish l no not that I don't Know what's going to have the longest Amount of Data all right so not going to have too Much Ta on this one more than likely how Old is this coin I know that didn't January okay so launch at the the end of The year launch at the end of the year There uh oh we got beish bullish Divergence here we got money flow moon In the green all right so folks you're Watching live and you're seeing what I'm Seeing and you want to get in on this Coin and you don't know how to buy it Like I don't these are the steps that You take to know how to buy it you go Back to coin gecko make sure you always Don't Google this just be careful with Your links you go ahead and you click uh Link uh markets there and it looks like You can get this on Unis Swap and if uh

You know say this link doesn't work for You like I don't have a wallet connected To this uh I understand uh yeah we don't Have any kind of wallet if you're on Like a different type you can do this as Well you can go ahead and copy copy the Contract address and if there's multiple Chains there'll be a drop down copy the Address and then you type in uh the Address let's just say I had it on this I would uh then paste the address and Then that'll give you the uh protocol Right there I'm not saying go buy this Folks I don't know anything about this Project that was a team member who gave Me that five bucks they like yes yes He's pumping us but folks thank you for Joining the live stream today uh let me You know I hope you enjoyed this AI Thesis I really do think there's going To be an Nvidia pump oh let me wrap it Up with this let me wrap it up with this And so it beat Wall Street expectations Last time folks 44% 38% 24% 16% the Percentage to the downside is shrinking The percentage surprise is shrinking Every single time I think if we come in Above expectations but below 16% I don't Think we get bullish action I literally Think we got to beat this 16% uh Percentage to the upside if we don't Beat earnings to the share honestly you You saw what happened with the last time It like some of these coins dumped over

The next 5 to 11 days and so if Nvidia Has a very poor performing uh quarterly Report there might be so many people Longing the token that the market makers End up wrecking them I'm sorry shorting The token that ends up going to the Upside so just be very careful the Volatility of the first 5 Days Seven Days of the trading period there but uh I do think we got to beat this 16% if we Can beat 16% it's going to be taken as a AI Bull Run 2.0 has initiated you heard It here first from Dey thank you for Joining everybody make sure you go ahead And hit that like button on the way out Uh and folks that's all I got for you Thank you I'll see you folks tomorrow Morning and uh don't forget

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