Three Reasons Why Solana’s (SOL) Price Soared Past $160 (What Happens Next?)

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We're live we're live we're talking About salana and why did salana reach Such catastrophic Heights why is salana Hitting $160 is it going to continue From here in salana are we just in the Midst of salana season we're going to be Looking at the charts we're going to be Looking at tradeing View and we're going To be doing some deep Dives so first Thing we're looking at is three reasons Why salana sword passed $160 if we were to look at it right now You can see it good bounce uh is in the Works but then just like that it looks Like it started to take a little bit of A dump everybody salana is now down to 15735 uh up uh was $163 earlier so right now failing to Hold the $160 level but why did it even Hit $160 you can see it tapped $165 with a massive trading volume of Almost $4 billion as a increase about 50% and so looking at our current market Cap 73 billion that's right we just hit 70 billion folks if you're just now Joining hit that like button tell me Some salana altcoins and maybe at the End of the video we're going to look at Some salana meme coins salana altcoin so Tell me what projects on salana has you Excited first reason we're looking at Salana got a good pump everybody so we Got a announcement here announcement There and uh we got another uh project

Coming out so we got a big announcement With Europe Europe is the first reason We're seeing salana just had a good pump There this is uh Vlad tenv spearheaded Firm it's AKA Robin Hood but when you Say yeah the the project spearheaded by Vlad tenv you're like what are we Talking about a vampire killing spree no No we're talking about Robin Hood and Robin Hood announced uh they will launch A salon of staking feature in Europe uh This is the Tweet here now Robin Hood Excited announc a series of new features Specifically for Europeans including Staking uh through the app you can now Stake salana granting them to the chance To earn rewards uh and they also got a New bonus thing with a 10% pump uh that You get paid in usdc so I I pulled it up Here uh tweet's getting some decent Views we're just now hit 100K views uh Over a thousand likes uh Watcher Guru is Tweeting about this now if you don't Know Watcher Guru 2.3 million followers So now this guy's also tweeting about it Uh NOA gme uh time for another 2,000% Jupe I do like Jupe Jupiter uh Exchange Here and Robin Hood's official Announcement actually doesn't even say Anything about salana you got to go to Like Solana's official account to uh see It or watch a guru um what I found Telling about the watch a guru tweet he Only listed salana they did other things

Here folks and so this is their press Release you can see updated learn and Earn aim to increase accessibility incre Improve user experience and you know Help out the European Traders here are Europeans have told us they W an app in Local language support and they had a List of the languages they're going to Add let's see if I can scroll to it it's Going to be Italian polish uh here we go Italian polish and Lithuanian that was The one I forgot there and so big big Announcement from Robin Hood so reason Number one reason number one we're Seeing is going to be the Robin Hood so We're getting a little bit of a Robin Hood pump now let me go to trading view Uh I want to see you know are we seeing A pump right now are we seeing a dump Right now now it looks like we're seeing A little bit of a dump everybody uh Right now it is Fallen uh we're seeing a Little bit of a decline I wonder how far Have we fallen in the last few hours now Down about 5% so salon's taking a little Bit of a tumble uh if we look at that Same amount of time frame though so this Is from about here to here so we go to About here to here I mean it we we Basically you know we've lost everything That we gained uh from let's see this is 7:30 p.m. last night and I'm in Eastern Standard Time time zone so we've peeled Back all the gains of the past not quite

24 hours more than 12 past 18 hours or So we we've lost all the gains of the Last 18 hours reason number two for the Salana pump that's turning into a salana Dump this is actually going to fit in That narrative uh it finex uh is now Giving salana support uh this just a Platform uh tvls a little defi uh Situation here they already got uh 71 Million of the 71 million we got roughly 6% of the 70 million is in salano so We're seeing you know a little bit of Salano support I did a little bit of a Deep dive in this I'd never heard of Them infinex like okay what the you Know I actually went to the tweet at First found it I was like I'm not seeing Much engagement you know I'm seeing 85k There but then I went to their account 14,000 followers I felt bearish I was Like oh my God only 14,000 followers I Don't know about this one then I looked At the list of followers that I follow That are looking at this one virtual Bacon that guy can uh he he has some Good calls uh defi investor uh also has Some pretty good calls they're over 100k Franklin Franklin is bored right now He's posting on fantasy top he's Just like posting every five minutes or He was a couple days ago so Franklin if You didn't know the world's most famous Bard ape holder or at least he was in The past uh Alden says I wish I would

Have bought that phone me too the phone Has been paying for itself I had the Opportunity to buy cuz before they sold Out two people uh within 10 ft away from Me said hey I'm buying it this morning Hey I'm buying it this morning I was I Thought about I was like nah I don't Need to buy it didn't buy it ended up Regretting it so we got uh was formerly The world's most famous board ape then We got John Cena and then I you know John Cena follows me it's probably my Coolest follow but then you look you do A little dive you're like oh John Cena's Following almost a million people like Literally literally uh he's following 78 88,000 people so you know I'm not too Excited about John Cena following them The next one got me excited some of you Probably already saw you know I'm Covering up now look who else is Following this protocol sand deep from Polygon this is the founder of polygon This guy isn't following three4 of a Million people only you know relatively High amount I guess 4,000 though but Really not that many if you think about It here and so sand deep the CEO and Founder of polygon sorry he's not the CEO but the the founder of poon also Following this protocol then we got a Couple other people Hesh is pretty good And Marty party he always putting out Smart stuff as well so we got uh a defi

Project followed by The Who's Who and Now they just added salana support So This 6% uh of the tvl being in salana Expect that to hit 10 20 30% probably Capping out around 20 30% too uh moon Base uh many drops to come okay oh yeah The phone man is just going to keep Making money right in a May 15th Announcement we had a a a a Decentralized portfolio margining Protocol what does that mean a defi we Had a defi project with a liquidity Layer liquidity layers are going to be For defi it's not going to be for you And me it's going to be for like defi Protocols you know use this layer to Help equalize the ecosystem you don't Want to Arbitrage and stuff like that so Liquidity layer helps prevent Arbitrage Where I go to defi website over here I Make 2% but if I go to defi website over Here I make 2.7% and then you like you Do some sort of crazy stuff where you Get a whale in and they scoop it all There and they get it from here and they Take it there uh basically it's going to Help prevent all that so the surge is Coinciding with this uh so yeah we got a Defi protocol announcing some salana uh News once again go to the Tweet what did We first see we don't see that much Right 188 views now we're about double The previous one margin F you know what The heck you know not even 100K here

This one looks sketch well I Look to who Follows this one followed by Bon Followed by Martin scy also followed by Defi investor uh step Finance I found Fubar once again followed by uh Franklin His board followed by liquid Labs uh Followed by a whole lot of uh thought Leaders and just whales in the space uh You know Friends of the channel we got Fedini in here we got uh D's this is uh Remember my first n my first not my First one of my first crypto conferences I went to nft NYC this is three years Ago and I was like yeah you know who I Was like oh I'm Dey they're like oh wow You're Dey and uh they're like yeah yeah Let me make sure I follow you and then I Showed them my I think I had a board ape At the time and they're like they I Remember they looked to me they said oh You're not Dey and I was like okay so Yeah uh followed by some pretty smart People Mobi media once again Marty party So these are uh you know the reasons We're seeing that nice pump in salana uh Is basically defi then they try to Pump It Up uh also coinciding with the Broader gains but Salon has been out Pumping the rest of the markets now Let's go let's see you know we just Recently started tumbling in price here I want to go ahead and hit refresh make Sure yeah now we are red we had a lot of Coins in the green and not only were

They in the green they're in the green 5% 6% 3% and now it looks like the Market's taken a little bit of a tumble If we look at the 1 hour oh no uh render Which I said was a buy this morning Rinder doing pretty good is now up 1% Pepe is now up 2% uh ton coin though Down a whole lot there Jupiter down a Whole lot there uh Bonk Bonk down a Whole lot there so let's go back to Market cap let's look at salana here Salana is still green for the day uh Let's fast forward a little bit probably I mean if we maintain a flat level looks Like it's going to get into the red Fairly soon though as once this is once These prices are around 24 hours ago sorry Rocky RADS I read Your comment made me chuckle there a Little bit folks all right now I had uh Before we dive into some other stuff I Did say I want to I want to look at your Coins folks you know this is uh this is The stream for me to get a little bit Closer to the Disco fam here so we're Going to go to deck screener uh first One I saw I know everyone's talking About gme on salana everyone's oh gme is It done is it going to keep pumping is The 2,000% gone probably folks probably And so let me make sure I have the right One yeah this is the right one look at That liquidity pull 2.8 million I don't Know this for sure I I'm assuming here

This is a big assumption I believe this Is the same type of liquidity pull as Pepe and Flaky in which funds are locked Up forever and so they have it in their Contract address the liquidity poll Grows it it makes it a little bit safer Lets you know the devs can't rug pull All the liquidity uh makes you feel a Little bit safer trading this token but In the contract you know I've explained This in the past I'll keep it brief you Know you got $1,000 trading for this Token the liquidity pool will absorb say $1 of that and that dollar is locked in That pool forever it's locked in there Forever and so when you get 50 million Doll in trading volume well that 2.8 Fast forward a couple days now it's 2.9 Then it's 3 million and then it's 10 Million and then it's 20 million then It's 100 million and so these liquidity Pools are essentially the same thing as A Bitcoin wallet that is lost forever There's Bitcoin that was mined in 2010 2011 people will never ever get it back I had some friends that they were buying Uh supplies off Silk Road they lost some Bitcoin they lost several Bitcoin we'll Never get that back the salana in this Li liquidity pool is gone forever and so You know once again I I have to really I Have I haven't audited their contract I'm not you know I'm speaking a little Out of turn here but it's my

Understanding I haven't checked it some Contracts at least the liquidity is Locked forever no one can ever access it It is gone forever and so now we're Having increasing amounts of salana gone For Forever This salana is locked up so It's almost like this gme it's almost Like a Bitcoin whale wallet uh liquidity Pulls 3.8 million uh pulled gme or 2.8 Sorry so that you can see it right there Pulled salana 1.4 million as salana Price goes up and down this will Fluctuate but the amount of salana the 9,211 that number can only grow so a Very very bullish metric right there now Gme let's go to the 4 Hour this is a Meme coin Ono Ouch hold on can I get out of here can I Grow it yeah it looks like we got a Classic head formation forming there uh You can see it's Dez's duns cap um but More seriously folks uh this is this is A ugly chart that potentially has found Support everybody now I'm not going to Say we're oh yeah the bounce is in the Bounce is in but uh let me go to the one Hour chart because I I see a little bit Of point of control right here can this Bounce Back folks this don't look terrible this Doesn't look terrible I'm not saying This isn't going to dump another 40% in A day but if I were to be a buyer you Know if if I wanted it if I wanted it I

Wouldn't mind jumping in here jumping in Around here I probably would have said The same thing actually no because look How far these are wicking down below This little area of support so this is Like a little area of support giant Wicks to the downside this is a little Area of support little bit of a wick to The downside we're not seeing you know Like massive Wicks to the downside but That being said you know if you want to Be more conservative you can definitely Wait to get uh closer to around where This Wick is hitting uh potentially I I Like the top of this Wick uh as a little Entry point there so you know if you Want to be safer jump in later don't Jump in now but yeah I I don't hate what I'm seeing right here all right so uh What else do we had I had another one um Uh no we are going to look at I see Salana Bitcoin still up we're going to Look at salana ethereum in a little bit So no sauna this one seems Sketch this is like salana with a No Salana No Sa down okay liquidity 2.5 Million 24-hour volume less than a Million not what you want to see right There uh uh I mean we are setting in Higher highs and we got a steady stream Of higher lows uh where are we at right Now actually seems like it's fairly Strong support here everybody I mean you Can see right now we're kind of at this

Area uh you know boom was support boom Was support acted as resistance acted as Resistance yeah I don't hate no um this Looks like a good find here I'm not Recommending getting this this isn't Saying go YOLO in a whole bunch um but This one you know from a TA perspective I know what little ta we can do uh it Doesn't seem terrible but you always got To remember there's a whole lot of People who bought around here maybe not A whole lot but there's holders who have Some dirt cheap tokens and so they don't Mind dumping off on you so just be Careful of uh a lot of sell pressure There uh Sheba Inu Omi kamami I mean It's a okay saying it's a legit product All right this seems pretty good is this Dy Financial advice uh the only thing I Would say don't play on train tracks Trying to catch some pennies here folks Uh you know we all know about nonlinear Upside you got to be careful about that Nonlinear downside don't lose all your Funds chasing 7% yield on stable coin All right let's uh move forward here in The Stream all right so we got the Watcher gur we got the Robin Hood At we We're looking at all the people that Follow uh these defi protocols launching These salana projects we like what we're Seeing here now I said I also want to Look at salana eth chart this is salana Eth and this is going back all the way

To a very very good high in November 2021 if you recall this is a bitcoin's Top this was uh salana also uh doing Pretty well this is all before FTX this Is all before s bankman freed killed the Token um but now we're flirting with a Very very dangerous Zone but bullish Zone if something can happen what is he Talking about one it's dangerous because Folks this is resistance man I mean we Got some you know you can see here it is Trying to keep it below this level this Is a salana does not want to hit 6% of An ethereum and so what you're seeing Right here this is one one salana makes Up this much percentage of one ethereum Does not it doesn't seem like it wants To hit 6% it seems like it just it it Hates that area and wants to you know Reject from that zone but what what's The bullish case what's the bullish case The bullish case is after it's price Discovery Zone I feel like this is where We're going to enter some Uncharted Territories where you know it seems like Oh man there's no way we can get past 6% That's where it'll hit 7% 8% 9% like It's nothing um you know you can see how Salana can gain against ethereum kind of Out of nowhere uh so this is a very very Strong resistance but I could see it Turn into strong support here uh check About chain link o some new chain link Yeah we uh we'll try to get to that at

The end now it's time for a little meme We do like the memes here I don't know Johnny found this I I try not to watch Them ahead of time because it's funny Sometimes uh there would be a cuss word Or two like it happened yesterday uh but Let's just see what this one is that's Destiny that's will that's striving That's being a Trailblazer an Explorer Going into space mathematics quantum Mechanics the secrets of the universe It's all there life is fiery with its Beauty it's incredible detail tuning Into it they want to Shad Your talking about Justin Bieber oh the Justin Bieber clip I've Heard that clip before yeah that's a Funny clip there uh yeah salana back Above 160 but hey you know just like That then we ended up dumping everybody Uh here we have another one salana apes On the way to lose other money on pump Fun pump. fun Uh just a cute little monkey I hear a Cute little music sounds like a Nintendo Wii game sounds like Nintendo Switch all right that's funny that's Funny good stuff there all right uh now We got some more salana stuff so what's The next Target right uh $200 it's not It isn't $200 $200 isn't the next level We need to pay attention to folks uh I Think it's in this article if not I'll Go ahead and uh share okay I think they

Have it I think they have it oh wait no Yeah yeah they they do they have it uh Yeah this is this is where it's at all Right I want to read this one first Sosur 133% in a day amid the Robin Hood Staking report we gave you the three Reasons why uh salana had that nice Price action reason number one was the Uh Robin Hood staking there but let's Talk about the TA where does it go from Here what is the next level that we're Looking at you know is it a smooth Smooth rocket ship ride to $200 the Answer is no no it's not it's going to It's going to be a little bit of Resistance where 170 6 I end up looking At this on my own kind of came to the Same conclusion so on the 4our chart we Passed the key resistance at 160 we have Since Fallen below it uh should the Bullish momentum continue could see a Rally potentially to 176 possibility of going higher Conversely if we go down then it's Looking like we go to 142 right now I Don't think we have fallen far enough Below to say oh yeah you know we have Definitely capitulated oh no I think we We can uh still go a little bit lower Before uh we are too worried now we are Kind of getting out of that range so it Isn't um isn't the most bullish thing There all right on the technical front Macd position 3.08 above the zero Line

This is a bullish upti uptick uh moving Sharply in a vertical Direction uh Saying Bish sentiment May persist in the Short term uh and we got some support uh You know to this uh Trend here Simultaneously RSI steep climb Reflecting uh bullish tendency however Placement with overbought territory Implies potential short-term Corrections Here let's go to Soul chart 176 176 we're going to go to the 4our Chart here I don't want to draw any Lines because I knew we're going to look At it ahead of time 176 this is a trend Line that we drew out in the past I Thought it was going to come a little Bit lower when it tested it before it Went higher ended up not doing it so 176 Is this horizontal line we're seeing Right here is right here And folks look at that yeah you can see Very very uh strong resistance right There boom it did not want I mean it Spent a day and a half a day and a half Trying to get past this range I mean Look at that folks it's just like uh uh Uh uh uh uh we're going bearish we're Going bearish no we're bullish open Those Longs rejected rejected rejected Uh let's just see how many 4H hour bars Are we looking at here uh two days 12 Hours yeah so uh technically 2 days 8 Hours so yeah a lot of battling at this Area I expect we're going to return to

The scene of the crime as they say and This is uh the first area of rejection That I'm going to be looking at what was That downside now I didn't look at the Downside why because Dez's always Bullish the downside Target there Looking at was 146 142 14207 let's go Ahead and see why is 14207 important is It important oh sure as hell is Everybody look at this look at this 142 Boom yeah there we go yeah yeah this is Definitely acting as support here you Can see on the 4 Hour you know the most Recent basically got every candle close Above it only Wicked below it and the Bulls were in charge and said no no We're going to be bullish today folks so Uh yeah 142 to the downside 176 to the Upside this is a little bit of the range Uh and if I do the channel are we Actually in the channel now this is Going to be a uh what do they call this Here let me make sure I got the right Thing here is it AR Ray horizontal line Horizontal Ray trend line make sure I Have the maybe it's this one right here Trying to find the right chart here it's Not the trend oh parallel Channel sorry About that folks here parallel Channel Kind of in this parallel channel here I Want to see where is that on the 50 wow Look at that so the dotted line we're Looking at here this played out Beautifully everybody the dotted line

We're looking at here is directly in the Middle of the two ranges and right now Right now looks like we might be able to Bounce off this area folks I almost now This is a uh a scalp long this isn't you Know bet the farm on it long here but I Do not hate opening along with a very Tight stop loss because I think if we go Down yeah we're going to test the bottom Of this range but right now we are still Close enough to the Middle where I can See the Bulls getting control or the Bears taking control here so I think This can go either Direction all right Uh when $1,000 salana you know what I'll Give you a real answer on that one can Salana hit $1,000 this cycle no I don't Think it's going to hit uh $2,000 this Cycle or $1,000 this cycle we're already At all-time highs for market cap or we Were previously we at all-time highs for Market cap here oh man I don't think it Happens this cycle I think it have to be Next cycle and I think we're going to Have diminishing return so I honestly Don't think we hit $1,000 This decade I think it would be the First part of the cycle next decade so 2021 top 2025 top 2029 top and then that We give us a 2032 2033 uh because the Cycle is three years and 10 months not Four years so I would be looking next Decade I I do think you're going hit $1,000 uh someone saying is going to 15x

15 time 15 is 2,225 right two 15 time 15 no 225 right Yeah so uh 2,250 bucks 15x I would be Very very happy about a 15x there uh Someone said uh chain link dtcc report Might check that out s okay salana Centralized exchange I'm guessing that's What that stood for there all right we Have that other article all right so $200 now remember we're seeing rejection At the 176 was it 176 where are we at on this Uh 176 trading view uh boom boom yeah 17 Did I really get rid of oh man I didn't Mean to get rid of it oh yeah because We're zoomed in 4 hour yeah uh 176 177 Yeah 176 176 looks like the first Rejection zone so I'm not uh as bullish As this article is and so salana Price Forecast bullish breakout and market Trends here has gained 133% uh range of 130 to 163 indicating buying pressure in The market uh you know they're talking About uh eth and Bitcoin uh they talk About the robin hoods situation here and So if we can pass the one okay okay okay So there there's an aster here they They're you know they got a little bit Of a bullish headline they are saying There is going to be resistance at the 170 level uh then could hit it to 180 I Mean I feel like they're just throwing Numbers up 170 180 200 are they really Doing the TA there uh they do talk about

The tvl is looking good I was looking at The tvl on defi llama before the stream Didn't see anything super crazy here uh So they're saying if we fall down They're also looking at 150 and 120 150 And 120 150 where are they getting 150 from 150 I'm not I don't know I mean I know 150 is a psychological support Level did it care about 150 here no did It care about 150 here no did it care About 150 here no did it care about 150 A little bit and so I'm not going to say Well 150 is going to be a bounce get Your long in I'm not going to be bullish Like that I I think it's going to be 142 And then the next number they threw out Was 120 let's look at the 120 range here That looks about like the bottom of that Channel right there so yeah that that is About right yeah wow 120 oh yeah wait Hey now what have I got dots on here oh I got on pencil oh I got on Parallel Channel I swear to God I've used I've Used this app before I know how to do a Trading view line back in my day it just Drew Dots uh we draw this out let's go a Little bit Further okay okay yeah it rejected Beforehand um but it did reject off There I mean look at that crazy scam Wick though uh just be careful this is a 4 hour I kind of want to go back to the

1 hour just to kind of get a little bit Better uh indication of what was Happening is that it wow look at that Look at that so uh do not expect careful With your Longs careful with your trades Careful uh trading with any kind of Leverage that 1 hour is uh just quite Ridiculous there uh let's See yeah oh man that's a 20 that is a 20% move in one hour 20% move in an hour There so that was uh that was a big Crash well salana can take a massive Massive dump so you know uh just be Careful if you are going to be trading This is the channel we're going to be Looking at here I kind of do like uh Well looks like we might be uh going Whoa whoa okay okay this is starting to Look not terrible folks I wish I would Have got a long in there um all right We'll have to wait until 2029 so some People are saying it can hit a th000 in 2029 let me know down below type it in What year does salana hit $1,000 I think We all think it's going to hit $1,000 Eventually I'm gonna go ahead and Lead The Way 2032 I'm being What oh my God I literally typed in 2021 Uh wait a minute no 2032 I got my number In so that's that's the year along salon At 78 got liquidated for 3 minutes woo That stings that stings the nostrils Maybe a little bit High leverage there

You might want to change that leverage Next time then after five minutes it Went to 90 that is what the market Makers will do they will shake you out They will scam Wick you out and they Will get you to close that trade before They you know keep all the pumping for Themselves there uh 15 X yeah a lot of People thinking 15x is going to be Possible look at ICP I got a quick second we can look at ICP ICP yeah you know me Oh oh that thing is taking a dump folks That thing is taking a dump now why did It potentially Bounce from this area Let's go to the 25 minute chart here I'm Not seeing a whole lot on oh that's a Sloppy sloppy trend line I wouldn't even Say it's real uh is it safe to stake Salon on The Ledger Nano wallet is Paying 7% on official Ledger validator I Would feel safe uh I would feel safe Staking via Ledger uh through ledgers But that being said you know do do you Give up custody I I'm not sure you know We like arculus around here uh if you do Lose custody to have it in the staking Platform you know that's what I call Nonlinear downside that being said I Would trust them there there's a handful Of companies I'm maybe willing to take That little bit of a risk coin wants to Give me 5% on polka dot okay that seems Fine you know what I mean uh cardano you

Know staking that's that's a little bit Different cuz that's you know staking on Chain but staking off chain like with a Ledger Ledger Coinbase they're they're in the elite Few you know I wouldn't mind a staking Platform I wouldn't mind that you know Robin Hood I'm in Europe I wouldn't mind Staking that uh but when you're like Crazy defi only 20 million locked in This protocol you're getting some liquid Derivative and you take that liquid Derivative and you take it someplace Else and you don't know where the yield Comes from that's nonlinear downside and So what do I mean by nonlinear downside You put in a dollar hoping after a year You get seven cents right and so you're Like hey I got seven cents to my upside Well what if it collapses then you lose 100% And so that's nonlinear downside Your downside is like 14x your upside at 7% and so you know that's the opposite Of nonlinear upside you buy a mem coin For a dollar what can I lose I can lose A dollar but what could I gain I can get A 15x 100x a THX and so that would be a Nonlinear upside so staking nonlinear Downside just be careful out there folks So that's all I got for you um now we're Going to go ahead and wrap it up here It's been a tight tight 30 minutes I Appreciate you hanging out we're going To go uh hopefully I will see you folks

Chatting in the basement I going to go Film a couple more things man so let me Know what do you think salana is going To do when is it going to hit $1,000 uh Re a couple years here uh 25 woo that Would be crazy bullish I would love it Tik Tock Vibes hit the 100x that's

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