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I know what layer 1 crypto is going to Pop next we're looking at the best Performing asset of the past 7 Days in The top 25 and then not only that all of The major investors and all of the Charts are looking very very bullish for This competing L1 crypto what are we Talking about everybody well let's first Look what is the best performing asset In the top 25 over the last uh seven Days here now you see 42 75 we're Looking at the top 15 here and then top 25 if you go all the way out uh this is Polka dot now Tron and polka dot they're Kind of battling right now with the the Recent price action uh of today but Polka dot I am turning bullish on polka Dot one all right it's pretty cool they Updated the logo on coin gecko I haven't Seen other uh coins do that so lets me Show that they are interested in Marketing at this moment and then if you Can get marketing coinciding with good Tech developments and you get that Coinciding with Bitcoin price action to The upside that's when you see an explo Explosive rally in an altcoin so let's Talk about polka dot for a little bit First you know I said all the major Accounts are talking about it well this Is a tweet from Crypt banter that's Right one of the biggest channels in all Of crypto right here and this is a chart From Kyle dupes this one of his top ta

Experts I highly recommend you check out His live streams and he is saying this Is a great time to jump into a polka dot Trade they just tweeted this out earlier Today we're going to look at this Horizontal level of Support also that's Not all polka dot has tons of upgrades That are going to be happening core Jam Is going to be huge but if we look here RSI is looking super oversold polka dot Is oversold according to the RSI and Last time we had RSI this low September 2023 well this was actually under $4 it Was around $3.60 bounced all the way up to like $111.99 basically went right to $12 so We saw massive gains with polka dots Let's go ahead and look at the charts You know what what are they talking About with this RSI in September well That's this uh yellow line right here You can see RSI coming down pretty scary Dangerous levels and look how look how Large the bounce was for polka dot after That so the first pump you end up with a Very nice 160% pump over 74 days then if You held on you had that diamond hand Conviction you end up seeing a a 3X in 150 days nice 200% print there all right But then the draw Down happen that is Right and then polka dot started getting Sold we've lost about 50% of the value If you didn't take any profits but look At this RSI now we are hitting some of

The danger zone areas you see last time Literally the last time it was that low Was right when uh you know the blastoff Happened for polka dot so what is going On why is Dey bullish on polka dot That's not the only reason you know look At this strong level of support it's not Just the RSI we got very strong Horizontal level support pointed out by Kyle dupes here then this is looking Just perfectly uh you know just playing Out perfectly with the bounces you know You can see kind of acted as a little Bit of resistance then boom flip to Support very quickly thereafter acted as Resistance again we had a test against It we had a test against it turned into Support as we tested against it here and So now the main story is going to be can Bitcoin hold its positive momentum if Bitcoin can hold its positive momentum Polka dot is going to outperform this is The polka dot Bitcoin trading pair polka Dot is in neverbe seen danger zones so At a certain point it looks like a Reversal is imminent uh what is the draw Down you see well folks this is about a 90% 85% draw down for uh your satosi so If you turn your Bitcoin and polka dot On this very very high candle wick You're now down 88% uh on your Bitcoin so even if Bitcoin goes up you know you're you're Losing Satoshi the name of the game is

Stack satoshis not lose Satoshi and Folks it looks like we are bouncing off Hard off this 1,000 Satoshi level so We're actually seeing a psychological Support level and so this is making me Feel this is uh looking pretty good as a As a bounce for polka dot now there's Other uh coins in the ecosystem we go to Polka dot right here you want to see What is in the polka dot ecosystem you Can click this tab and what do we have We have a lot of hot altcoins Asar is Pretty hot the one I want to look look At is one that polka dot is talking About this is one that polka dot has Been tweeting about polka dot has been Making videos about and we're going to Look at a couple more as well so this is Polka Dot's official YouTube have uh you Know not that many subscribers only About 50,000 subscribers but they just Released this 14 hours ago unleashing uh The potential of AI with fatha all right That looks pretty bullish as well and What we've seen with polka dot YouTube And the polka dot uh Twitter account is They'll typically tweet about something And then shortly thereafter that's when They end up making a video about it so They're tweeting about fatha uh in the Past and then we end up seeing a video Come out well right now you know they're Also tweeting about aala you find this Tweet right here this from the tail end

Of April then you see him tweeting about A calla Network you know it's basically It's a defi protocol uh We've made Videos in the past I highly recommend You go check that out uh if you want to End up getting some you just go to uh Their website folks make sure you use The official links from polka Dot's Website so if you go to polka dot. Network uh this will bring you to their Main page and then if you go to Ecosystem and click daps you have to hit Browse daps and then you can find uh all All the cool uh daps through this and You know you're not trying to Google it Or you know find it from a a random Link In a Discord so click on use the app Here and folks very very easy to get you Just Bridge it over to a calla then boom You just swap your uh dot into aala I'm Staking some now you know full Disclosure I was a buyer uh in the the Past still holding on to it Hydra DX Hydrax I think is also a very very Strong play it has a great number Psychologically people I don't know why But people love buying tokens that are Literally one penny it's just a Psychological thing you know I think It's just easy to sell the newer Entrance the new wave of retail it's a Penny now but it could be a dollar in The future it it's really just that Simple take out market cap people are

Rather going to buy a penny uh value for A token rather than a $17 token and so I I really do like Hydra DX for some of These metrics now looking at some of This price chart folks it it we Eventually have to be hitting a bottom And if you look this kind of is close to That psychological level of support if We go to aala we see the same thing we Are at the psychological level of Support of around 10 cents uh it likes Hanging around this level you know uh Boom kind of acted as support there Acted as support here you know is it Going to continue to act as support to Me I feel like 10 cents is a pretty Strong level so know I I really think uh Buying a call at 10 cents is pretty good But if we look at polka dot folks I Can't help but feel like polka dot is Also a pretty good buy at these levels $7 you see this horizontal support and To me looking at this uh area as a Buying opportunity seems pretty strong You know it's a little late to get it Under uh $4 under $5 but you know it's Not too late to get it under $10 and Folks if you want one more pair chain That you know DZ is a little bit bullish On right now I would say this is one I I Don't have you know full disclosures are Something I'm kind of doing the research Phase of that is going to be fathala Network this is going to be a AI play

Using AI agents uh I don't think anyone Knows what's going to be the popular dap Using AI agents I do think AI agents is Going to be incorporated into the Blockchain into the web 3 space I think Everyone's phone is going to be Chu full Of AI agents AI agents talking to each Other basically Mr Smith is going to Live in your phone and so this is going To get Mr Smiths to talk amongst Themselves to me that seems like a Pretty bullish uh BISD play right there So I I I like what they're doing there But what is the traditional media what Is the crypto media saying about polka Dot because we see people are getting Bullish a lot of people getting bullish In the charts here what about uh the Articles where the Articles well I'm Starting to see a little bit of a shift We're going from bearish to neutral to Bullish uh this was uh this is motly fo Does polka dot have a future now I'm not A big fan of mle fuel here just kind of Wanted to highlight what what you know What do they say does it have a future I See the price Cuts it's a wide openen Buying window uh you know they're They're bullish on web 3 generally it Looks like polka dots a great buy so we Got mle full they're bullish uh here's Critical liquidation points you know People saying hey you know expect Bounces from these levels also a little

Bit bullish right there uh dot tumble 7% Weekly but now the Bulls staging a Comeback okay now we're starting to get A little bit bullish are we full bullish And now looks like you know we're going Full bullish here uh great great upsides Uh with the Sinai upgrade more and more Publications talk about you know just Activity on the blockchain people are Going to get bullish and one last thing I do want to show you is going to be the Dev activity and when you get Dev Activity occurring with the the Marketing that is happening because Polka dot remember I don't know if a lot Of people have forgotten this but in April they basically announced that They're going to be working with the Largest soccer club in America this is The inter Miami yeah this is the the one With Messi that's right this is the one With Messi and also co-owned by David Beckham so this is a $8.8 million Sponsorship deal this is going to put Polka dot on a lot of people's radar and As this happens you got the development Activity and I follow santiment very Very heavily I'm always uh you know Keeping up with these metrics and I Don't know if I've ever seen polka dot Outside of the top five in like the last 12 24 months so polka dot steadily Building kusama that is a pair chain you Can almost combine those and you really

Really end up with a very very high Score for all development metric so this Is uh people basically adding code on GitHub and then just polka dot is always At the top so I mean between the Development between the marketing Between the charts just RSI support Levels I can't help but feel this might Be one of the biggest gainers out of all The l1s over the next few months folks So that's all I got for you stay bullish And I'll see you in your dot bags at the Top

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