Solana to $1000! (URGENT)

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Will salana hit $11,000 this bull run a Lot of analysts are saying a lot of Experts are saying it so when is salana Going to hit $1,000 and why is it going To hit $1,000 for this upcoming Bull Run Meaning within the next 12 18 months $1,000 salana it looks like we're about To have a gigantic breakout because Salana has kept up above the bullish Range which suggests the price could Soon receive a significant influx of Buying volume we're about to look at This chart right here everybody the Current trade setup suggest the Bulls Are accumulating in gains as salana is Varying within a very narrow range ever Since the tokens surpassed in secured Support at $144 and now that we've been ranging High since the start of the day it is Believed to close the month on a bullish Note as we've already confirmed the Bottoms last time we had this previous Pattern we saw a th% pump for salana and Then back then we created all-time high Of $260 1,000% pump today would result in a $1,400 Salana so let's look at these charts you Know what are we talking about here can This happen all right so we're going to Go ahead and look at this little bit of A bullish flag pinet forming and we're Going to see what kind of price range is

Going to give us here and well folks I Need to go ahead and warn you there is An aster because you'll see here we run Out the pennant that only makes a $340 Salano so so where are they getting These Moon maath targets everybody well If we look a little bit more closely You'll notice that this is a log chart I Am not the biggest fan of of using uh Pinnit formations for log charts I think It's cheating uh you know you end up With a little bit of a too bullish of a Narrative there but if we were to run That out and just kind of run out Something similar look at that over ,000 Salana so I wouldn't say you know it is In the cards for this chart formation Because this is a log chart but can it Hit $1,000 well you know who else also Thinks so Ral Paul everybody the famous Macro investor he shared his bullish Outlook for salana as well he's Disclosing Ral Paul is 90% exposed to Salana it looks like he's selling all His ethereum selling all his Bitcoin Here uh reflecting his confidence in its Long-term prospects here now he has a Little bit of a a little bit of a wedge Formation forming here which he says is Going to anticipate a significant growth Phase and there's other reasons he's Bullish on salana their nft compression Technology which will be really good if You're trying to release you know

100,000 of an nft or even 10 million of An nft like a gift card to Starbucks uh Blink fire dancer ZK compression so the Chain itself is upgrading there's more Daps on the upgrade but he's not the Only famous macro investor we also got Zusu he's the founder of the now defunk 3 arrows Capital he is saying why is no One talking about how grayscale salana Trust is implying a $1,000 salana the Numbers are very similar when eth was 200 but their ethereum product implied $1,000 so he's saying basically we're Setting up the same scenario where we Got a ,000 eth from 200 very very close To what we're seeing with salana cuz Salana was just $200 Let's talk about that grayscale trust a Little bit does the grayscale trust Imply a $1,000 salana well it's a big Resounding Yes actually it's actually Even higher than that uh years back the Eth trust traded at substantial premium When eth's market price was around 200 That implied a $1,000 ethereum a Target It later achieved today the salon trust Exhibits a similar premium which some Are going to forecast a comparable Trajectory for salana basically they're Saying the math then was looking really Bullish well what is the math today Let's do the math today one G Soul not Asking for your soul here but I would Ask for a like button why you go ahead

And hit that one grayscale salana Trust Share $421 well you would then say well what Does that mean like three salana per Trust no it is less than that it's Actually closer to a third you can see Right here we scroll down salana per Share37 if we do this MTH to see how Many trusts equal one salana so you need 2.6 to have one Salon is worth well if We multiply the price of the trust here $421 per share well folks that is Implying a $1,000 salana 1123 to be Exact so grayscale premium also implying A ,000 salana making it just a lot more Likely than other people are assuming Here we also have another analysis uh This person is talking about the salana Dominance chart noting at Peak market Cap it didn't even crack 3% well I Looked at Salon dominance it went a Little bit above that I mean we're Looking at the three-day here this is Salon of dominance and we're currently Sitting at about 3% but I want to do uh You know a little bit of a more analysis Here he's envisioning a scenario where Salana could enter a parabolic rally Phase could we see that well folks I Can't help but notice a little bit of Another bullish pattern does look like We got a little bit of a bull flag pin It forming will this play out I mean no One knows for sure but I mean it's

Really really uh dubious to do this with Dominance charts however I would like a 5 5.7% uh dominance for salana it gives Us close to a 6% dominance for salana Let's just round down and say it's 5% I'd be very happy with salana having a 5% market cap dominance if we were to Hit you know some numbers are saying you Know potential 10 trillion but if we Come in a little lower say crypto market Cap hits $5 trillion you're looking at a $250 billion market cap for salana 250 Billion pretty substantial increase from 70 billion but if I give a little bit of A warning uh I will say we do have a Little bit of uh some bearish Divergences here meaning you know it Looks like the market maybe wants to uh You know push this down uh we want to See a bullish Divergence here meaning The RSI the relative strength index is Heading up as the price went down we're Seeing the opposite of that which could Be seen as a bear sign and when you go To ethereum well you're actually seeing The opposite you know so maybe sana's Pain is ethereum strength here where the Price you know kind of headed down as The RSI headed up so you know uh when it Comes to Soul eth well looks like salana Might be giving some Headway to ethereum In the short term so I do want to just You know maybe give you a little bit of Caution right there but one last price

Prediction where we could see a $1,000 Salana is the salana Bitcoin trading Pair now last time we were in a Consolidation pattern then salana jumped Against Bitcoin you just see that that Massive massive candle right there and You saw another consolidation period Followed by another nice little jump now If we were to you know maybe just come In with a a much smaller pump that was a 500% pump what if we came in with a 200% Pump well folks I'm going to see a Little bit of Confluence that I wanted To share with you guys here look at the 10,000 Satoshi level every 10,000 Satoshi's looks like salana takes a Little bit of a pause I think there's a Lot of traders who are watching the Relative strength of salana versus Bitcoin and you can see every time we Hit 10,000 sets salana has a little bit Of action right now using 20,000 SATs as Support here and then using 30,000 SATs As resistance I have a prediction you Know if we get a 200% pump that is 60,000 SATs so one salana would be worth 60,000 SATs and if we have $150,000 Bitcoin that means one salana Would be roughly this much value giving Us a $900 salana so yeah I think salana Very easily could hit $1,000 there's a Lot of things pointing to these levels But do not wait for salana to hit ,000 Do not be afraid to take some profits on

The way up and you know what I'll see You hopefully your diamond handed salana Bags at the top

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