Roaring Kitty Is BACK! (What This Means For CRYPTO)

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We're live we had a little bit of a Sound issue but now we're back we're Going to be talking about roaring Kitty We got a lot of things to cover we got Some pretty awesome stuff I got a really Really cool video from Ian Carroll also We're going to look I actually pulled up His Reddit account and we're looking at Everything he's actually posting We got The insights we got Jim Kramer's uh Insight of course we got to have the Kramer effect I describe what is going To be a a put a call what the heck do Those things mean we're looking at the Intricacies of his wallet and then last But not least folks we got something Really really good I want to show you And that's going to be a funny video From there uh and not only that you know We got some Jim Kramer and we're in a Trade right now so thank you for joining Everybody but let's go ahead and just Get right into the show uh I apologize For any issues we may have had uh with The first stream but we're good to go Now let me go ahead and get the chat out Uh since we had to redo it so appreciate Everyone coming in uh Ono going to $5 This year I do think it's going to go to $5 this year but uh you know I digress Let's talk about GameStop roaring Kitty Uh yeah we should be good sound should Be good all right uh Ian Carroll if You're not following this guy this guy

Probably has the best short form content On GameStop and he also has really good Short form content just on politicians Trades and kind of exposing Nancy Pelosi You know and stuff like that his name is I Ian Carroll also goes by cancel Loco This is only a couple minutes long uh so We're going to watch this this is him Breaking down the GameStop position he's Got $15 million Shar dude holy [ __ ] know The other week when roaring Kitty de [ __ ] value posted all those memes all Over Twitter and all the shills were Like oh see he's just a pump and Dumper uh no he's not because he just Posted on Reddit for the first time in Three years yes he hasn't posted in Three years and he posted a position Update and holy [ __ ] the last position Update he had two 200,000 shares worth $19 million of GameStop now he has 5 Million shares bro didn't just hold he Doubled down again and again and again What is that five times over that's 25 Times the position he is 25x the amount Of shares that he is holding 25x I Presume the screenshot was taken on Friday where it's showing a gain on the Day of $10 million so not only does Gil Now have $115 Million worth of GameStop Shares which he has been holding like a [ __ ] silver back language language Remember dude could have just sailed off Into the night with millions of dollars

Of profit and never gone online again But instead not only did he 20x his Position he also bought $65 Million Worth of call options now we're going to Describe the exactly what these call Options mean that expire in 3 weeks on The 21st if you don't know what a call Option is it means betting the price is Going to go boom boom so to be clear I I Might add a little bit more detail than Your bet on price go boom boom I am not Telling you to buy GameStop I'm just Saying that we're all holding and we've Been holding all along and we already Knew that deep [ __ ] value was holding With us just all the [ __ ] shills on The internet were trying to pretend like It wasn't true again make your own Financial decisions don't listen to People on the internet telling you they Know what's going to happen if you want A breakdown of what's going on with GameStop pinned to the top of my Twitter Feed is a full breakdown of like the big Picture and if your brain does start Telling you to buy all right there he Has a good breakdown now uh Street Styles has a good uh take here people Are going to be unable to pile into GameStop because they don't have the Funds whereas last time we had stemy Checks it's actually a very very fair Point all right let's go to his actual Reddit uh this is the actual Reddit you

Can see he posted 17 hours ago after not Posting for 3 years that's what he was Showing there and then if you go to Comments he actually hasn't commented Since 2021 in January and so yeah about Three and a half years is the last time He had any kind of comment and so you Know him posting this very very huge This is uh where you can see the the Dollar amounts where he has the 115 Million in the stock and 65 in call Options call options all right and so Here he is revealing that bed I'm not Going to go into the the article there He uh he did a really good job but Jim Kramer of course you know before we get Into calls and puts Jim Kramer even has A take here nothing illegal if you buy Calls and shows them uh chat the people If you go if you just want to good Chuckle uh read the rest of his Thread people just making fun of him Here you have uh you know the fall Of the fall of the Roman Empire I'm Bullish on Rome uh here he is a bear Stern meme uh here we have uh coinbase $475 meme so people are really really Just kind of dunking in on this guy uh Funny funny stuff uh considering how Many people become bag holders by Listening to you I suppose you'd know uh Ke the same thing you Tweeting about Companies except the stock goes up I I Didn't know that was more than just

Shoulder but no just shoulder all right So what the heck is a stock call call Option what does that mean contract Between the buyer and seller gives you The right to Pur purchase at a specific Price within a set time frame his time Frame is the 21st so roaring Kitty can Buy GameStop for $20 on the 21st uh and if we look right Now it is $31 so that's a very very good Upside uh for his BET right there the Buyer you're not obligated to purchase But the seller is usually obligated to Deliver it if you exercise the call uh And there's a fee Associated so even if You don't buy it the contract seller Makes a profit anyway anyways cuz they Were going to dump it and then they get To make a little percentage off you this Were only going to play about 15 uh Maybe 45 seconds I can't can buy and Sell options which are contracts that Give the purchaser the right to buy or Sell an asset at a specified price in The future the two basic types of Options are calls and puts calls and Puts investors buy call options on an Asset if they believe the Stock's price Could rise that's why he's buying on the Contrary investors buy put options if They believe the stocks price could fall That's Wall Street these are attractive Contracts because you can profit from Movement in the stocks price without

Actually owning the stock a call option Is a contract there we go so he is Levered up to the tune of $65 million in Call options and if uh we could just Maintain this price he's going to be Walking away with I've heard some Numbers I've heard above 200 I've heard Close to a quarter billion dollar okay He's come a long way from uh hanging out With his potm smoking brother in the Basement to now you know with say sweaty Headband and now he's looking at Potential quarter billion uh Tech Bros Appreciate the Ally there all right holy S I've been reporting on the whale so Unusual whales which is a great account By the way he's the one ex you know he's One of the accounts exposing Pelosi Trades Congress versus spy uh the S&P 500 there uh tweeting about birkshire Out the way really really good just uh Follow 1.7 million so he tweeted about This he's been or posted about it Reporting on GameStop just a mystery Whale he reported the mystery whale a Week ago uh just buying these $20 calls Well it was revealed of course that it Was roaring Kitty this is insane his Position value over $200 million uh and Here he had another tweet broken it down 65 million he revealed yesterday so he Tweeted this out last night uh unusual Wales tweeted this out this morning this Morning at Peak it was worth $250

Million uh you can see you know they They dove in he hasn't sold a penny Everybody this man is Diamond hands he's Actually having the real diamond hands Uh roaring Kitty uh here we have just a Quick Article it looked like even past 250 $386 million now we have seen a pullback Uh let's go ahead and look Here okay there we go yeah there we go Yeah we're looking at a five minute oh No that's The yeah yeah okay okay yeah that is That is the right one the formatting on Stocks throws me off when it said June Right there you know stock market stops 9:00 a.m. and then you can see it there Like 4:45 uh 3:45 all right so here we Go uh yeah insane rally on the open this Is the opening for GameStop U but still Below where we were when we peaked last Time so last time he created a nice Little fomo this is just the first tweet You know he kept tweeting kept tweeting Got a little bit of a short squeeze now We got a little bit so so you ask Yourself are we repeating is this just Going to be a repeat where we got a very Very strong day little bit of Consolidation and then boom we got Another little parabolic rally you know Is that in the cards here so uh yeah at One point 386 million that is massive U so that

Position was worth almost 400 mil he Shared the screenshot of his portfolio On Reddit we were just looking at that And including uh wow he has 30 million In dry powder so his net worth at one Point $400 million not bad from eating Chicken tendies in the basement to being In a movie to maybe bringing Wall Street To their knees uh let's just see here Check it out uh just wrote a long tweet To an O to the top 100 web3 me uh feel Free I don't know if you can share a Link share a link uh if I got enough Time at the end I'll go ahead and look At that all right now we got this guy Jonah Jonah Li in half a million Followers here he was trying to figure Out how the hell did he end up with the $200 million like how did this happen so You know we we remember what happened to Him at the end of the movie he wrote off In the sunset and he had tens of Millions but he didn't have a quarter Billion dollars so what happened well Late April early may you know because They found out you know they were able To track this just from him revealing Himself he sold most of his GameStop Stock uh let's just say about a month Ago so about a month ago he actually Dumped now if we go to back to to this Tweet I'm sorry back to the price action Here so he dumped uh early May the June Area here we can see oh man look at that

Insane rally so you know he's loading up Let's go to the three-day here he's Loading up all during this cheap period And then when you started tweeting well Folks it looks like uh you know maybe All right that's the first run up you Know maybe before this runup he was Dumping a little bit folks you know you Can see April right there early May so Boom late April early may he starts Getting rid of it where did he buy I Don't I don't know but you know would he Buy the day before he tweet I sure as Heck would if I had that much Powers I'm Not saying he bought the day before he Pumped it which really was a really good Local Low maybe he got tired of setting new Low lows you know he's like God dang it I got a new lower low all right it's Time for me to tweet I don't know if That's true or not but you know he Loaded up and then boom so uh he started Selling he started selling late April Early May so he sold most of what he Bought and then he loaded up on call so He got cash for dumping the stock and Then he put that cash towards call calls Then he came back to social media and Pumped the stock which basically Quadrupled in three days and then Dropped 75% over the next three days After that probably now here's we're Getting into a speculation dubia

Speculation probably sold his calls near The top and started buying back the Equity which is the stock so he loaded Up on stocks while it's cheap sold and Then you know bought a bunch of call Options tweets about it makes Buu bucks Off the call options dumps the call Options well what do you know GameStop Uh drops 75% and then loads back up on The cheap stock so he basically leverage Traded the bottom you know he he sold His position took his funds did a Leverage trade on the bottom and then Turned that giant position into even More of the underlying asset and so uh You can see his cost bases is in the 20s Then he decid to play the game again so Over the next couple weeks he's been Selling the equity and so while GameStop Was just bleeding uh here let's do the Early April May let's do 4 Hour candle Here so he just started selling he was Selling selling selling selling and then Boom started loading up call options you Know maybe he uh triggered that little Event right there you know again we Don't know and then with it's up uh he's Up nearly 100 million just on the equity Some speculation have them up a half a Billion at one point on the calls so Maybe he could be even worth close to Three4 of a billion dollars no one seen Anything like this before uh Tech Bros How do you join the Discord uh should be

Through bitlab Academy you should find All relevant links on that channel uh Boring Kitty needs a bump on base you Know what find me his wallet I'll send Him a bump uh base Daddy all right uh And now we want to get $37 stock That's All folks that's all all right uh here Unusual whales uh here's remember folks We always try to find that small tweet I Try to do it every single stream this Time I found a guy with 500 Followers not legal at Financial advice And so he found this order flow of Gamestock within a uh within a Discord Here with unusual whales and posted About it in the Yeet Discord and to Watch this option go from 30 cents to $44 is the craziest trade they've ever Seen uh average cost of that contract is Up $6 today and trying to find some of The the numbers there Uh it's hard to find with the my Boomer I yeah I can't see it right there but Gme flow bad news e each contract cost 83k so huge huge basically just look Right there 30 cents to $44 uh every dollar that's about a Triple you figured three times 50 you're Looking at 150x massive Eric balchunis one of the Quote unquote Bloomberg Bros uh he Basically brought this up too gme up There with the Almighty in Nvidia in Trading volume AMC distant third

Impressive but it's starting to feel Like the boy who cried wolf he said he Can see this pump lasting less time than The last one uh next one even shorter Till no one cares anymore this reminds Me of Elon tweets when Elon tweets about Doge um what do you think uh can we hit $60 it depends on Roaring Kitty it is in Roaring Kitty's court if roaring Kitty Were to make a video I do think we can Hit 60 if he stops tweeting and stops Posting on Reddit we will not hit $60 so He has to he has to come through and uh Add some more stuff here we have a 18 Second clip uh this is the size of Roaring kitdiy GameStop portfolio right Now Worth wait for it I'm waiting wait Waiting wait Wait ah that much that is such a big Number couldn't fit it that way that in English 34.6 million billion worth all right Well you heard it right there FKS that's That's a big Number it didn't even fit on the paper Sideways folks that's how big it is all Right now GameStop of course broke the Stock market today you saw multiple Companies worth over hundred billion do Went down in 9 99% in seconds likely du To a glitch uh New York Stock Exchange Says it investigating it I don't know How true it is but on Reddit uh I did oh

Geez I did see someone say that they got In uh really really cheap I don't know If it's true or not there's someone who Said their Burkshire actually filled at $185 $184 I think they tweeted I don't Know if that's true or not folks that Would be uh I feel like they'd claw that Back I'm not sure all right if we look At GameStop let's look at a short-term Trading frame here this is pre-market uh Folks we are buyer around $20 so I mean I'm I'm up 50% I only bought it for the Culture I don't know if I really want to Sell um all right well still way down From its peak uh you know this is Basically a lot of people Market buying For 40 and then you know getting dumped On by Wall Street there uh you know Basically losing $10 immediately uh give Her definitely uh Rodney definitely know Rodney YouTuber M okay talking yeah Check out Rodney he's always putting out Good stuff uh never bought on Bas yeah Bas is super super Easy uh roaring Kitty on Bas Network Good luck with that one good luck with That I actually mean that for real now Uh I'm in a trade and this trade has Just been trading sideways it doesn't Want to make a move strongly in either Direction but we are in a chain link Trade right now uh did post to my Subs Uh now I'll go over that real quick too Now we did put out the cardano video on

Oh look at that X we 8K views uh fixing To pass YouTube in just a matter of Hours right there now folks if you do SUB to me here I'm going to send Everybody some free meme coins uh and Also in my uh on my premium x i i post My trades here uh you know where I talk About my entries uh this one I I Definitely mistyped entry 769 1769 Stoploss 1770 wait a minute how you Doing that no I meant 1760 so I do Apologize for that but yeah we're still In this link trade uh right now now so Yeah if you want to uh follow that I Also just did that really good uh 5050 Cent uh thing now if we hit refresh I Don't think he's tweeted yet or I'm Sorry posted on Reddit still just 18 hours ago still Three years ago yeah still three years Ago so uh yeah he still hasn't posted Anything he did post here if we go to The Super ston everyone's just kind of Freaking out about it still this is the Uh super ston subreddit because Wall Street and the big players shut down Wall Street bets or I'm sorry they a mod Takeover where it was no longer ran by The people it was ran by mods that could Shut down talks in case the big hedge Funds we going to lose a bunch of money So you know if you look into that it was Very very uh suspicious that whole Wall Street bets takeover thing all right

Bought my one share $50 woo uh if you do Hold some gme some GameStop let me know What your cost basis is uh type in let's Just you know kind of compare and Contrast do we have any Maniacs that Actually got in you know under $5 uh did You get in at $50 did you buy in at 20 Are you buying today at 30 and I'm going To share my uh cost right here I think I Can may be able to show it well it's Green so I don't know what it can show Um okay I said 20 I'm actually a lot Higher than that ah 28 and so I only Bought three shares 28 bucks nothing Crazy I'm up I'm up I mean but yeah We're not uh we're not taking it to the Farm uh anytime soon I'm not going to be Retiring off that no $400 million all Right so if we go to their page gy OTC Conspiracy people are like really Monitoring the trades over the counter Uh looks like a lot of people uh what's A few shares between friends overnight Trading 300,000 all so $20 $30 a share uh so $3 That' be $900,000 plus $9 Million okay and 100 on ask at 27 all Right so people making major major moves Here Uh in 100 on ass so a lot of people Buying uh the sentiment is high and so Uh people are saying this is a warning Shot uh deep FN value yellow update is This you was this Europe now folks so

Yeah uh Reddit is excited the meme coins Now Josh later on is going to talk Specifically about the meme coins uh so Make sure you stick around with that uh We got the basement about to go live in A little bit so folks I do appreciate You coming back we had sound issues out The ying-yang uh but I think we got Everything fixed now so I appreciate it Oh uh fun fact Chad I met Young Jock I Met Young Jock today so that was pretty Cool um so pretty excited about that uh He's here we're talking memes I will Share it with you folks if uh we help Young Jock launch a meme because we see What's happening with Iggy these other Uh artists Rich the kids told your boy And so he Young Jock wants to create Value he wants to give value and uh he's He's got some pretty cool ideas so we We'll see if he can actually make a real Coin a room for him I think he is so He's pretty smart guy all right that's All we got I will see you folks in the Future Maybe

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