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E e What the hell was that last night guys I Have no idea that was honestly just Completely interesting to watch we have Dey here walking around confused still He's I think he lost a few brain cells But guys we have a lot to break down Today we have the pce report we have Bitcoin options expiring we have our Price predictions for 2024 and most Importantly we're GNA be talking about What happened at this debate what does It mean for markets and why is the stock Market pumping while Bitcoin is dumping Guys I'm excited to be here today on the Ones and twos we of course have Dey here And we have drew behind the scenes ready To jump in here D how you guys feeling What what was that last night can you Guys I'm still discombobulated well Drew Y did a morning stream what what was the Vibe of the chat um just disillusioned There is no good options honestly bro Like I I'm I'm like cut between going For Trump or RFK I'm trying to keep an Open mind I even if they had a Reasonable Democrat came out I'm trying To leave conversation open because I'm Of the opinion once conversation starts Chaos follows we got to hear our Neighbors out and what they're thinking Really um some of the most aggravating Things that I heard were the catastro uh Ideas of the climate and a lot of things

Left unsaid about what they're actually Going to do about these huge problems With the immigration all the things just A lot left on the table a lot of arguing A lot and I couldn't stop staring at Joe Biden's butt chin it was very Distracting uh yeah you know he has a Strong dimple chin uh that's for sure a Lot of people are talking about how Rfk's debate maybe even got more views I I think that's largely you know Considering what platform you're looking At I think the vast majority of people Watch the CNN debate on television yeah And if if you look through YouTube and Add up all the channels there was a lot But RFK still did crush it but I Actually heard that uh Joe Biden keeps His notes in his buttchin so it's that's What that's for but guys put one in chat If you think Trump won put two in chat If you think Biden won that debate and Put three if you think RFK if I'm Actually curious to see who watch that Because he did bring up some really good Points about Bitcoin the economy and our Markets on Twitter Twitter he was the Only one that talked about Bitcoin yeah There was Zero crypto questions at this Year's debate and a lot of people are Asking the question you know is crypto Still a number or you know a top five Topic last night you know maybe Suggesting that it won't be so you know

Can that narrative shift I mean they Talked about like three things last Night I feel like we were trying to Really get through it but looking at This uh golf that's how it should what Was Dave port we're going to pull up the Clip here in just a second on what Dave Poro said but we got a lot of ones and Threes in the chats no twos really guys No twos at all ah that kind of makes Sense here I maybe you just forgot to Put them you know just like the the same Represent but here we have Bitcoin Sitting at $61,000 getting a little bit Of pullback in these markets we have Ethereum now at 3427 bucks salana down To 142 xrp uh is just you know stagnant Here at 47 cents Dogecoin 12 cents C Dono 38 cents really pulling back here Top 24-hour movers we have akos network Ethereum name Service uh chain link Getting a little bit of life not too Much life but chain link is I do believe Shout out to my chain link Marines out There guys I mean that is by far one of The best projects I think to be dollar Cost averaging in this downtrend also Just goes to show that you know when You're a top mover and bitcoin's Struggling it just shows a lot of Support I see some people in the chat Saying Ando I think the tokenization Effort is just really showing its Support here on these markets right now

Top losers in the last 24 hours well not Looking so hot and actually this is a Little bit wrong because I mean yes it's The top 100 projects but the top losers Actually are going to be uh Americans Yeah oh you're going to say coins you're Still feeling that aren't you still Feeling that one yeah no it's that that Was really who lost the debate was we The people but fetch AI here $143 uh Curious to get your thoughts on This yeah I think it's clear to see why Fetch AI it's not so much the merger It's coinbase dropping support for the Merger migration and so a lot of people Thought well you know I have some maybe I have some of these coins on coinbase I Could just kind of set it forget it I Don't have to worry about it Everything's going to be done on the Back end they see what's happening Coinbase not doing that bridge or not You know handling that transfer so you Know what uh it's just too much Confusion I'm just going to go ahead and Sell my token yeah and I honestly I'm Just that guy that every name one merger That's been successful in this market That didn't have a buy the rumor sell The news afterwards uh let's see you Have GameStop in that crypto token now They I was actually I was like wow did he Actually throw one at me yeah so lime

Wire remember yeah lime wire remember Yeah I wonder if coinbase shorted this Though before they did that think about That now that's an inside well coinbase Is under a lot of SEC scrutiny uh Coinbase and uh was it open SE know Because they are large American Institutions those employees have Already been slapped on the wrist I Can't imagine that Brian Armstrong isn't Watching those wallets yeah and you know Coinbase did just come out with breaking News from that might have been yesterday You guys probably did cover this they Started they actually sued the SEC back For Market manipulation or whatever was Involved with the lawsuit uh which was There anything crazy I missed this week Cuz I was out uh filming season two of Killer whales yeah yeah you're gonna Have to tell us you know how that went Uh Seth Shepard just kind of Personifying what I was saying I sold my Fetch don't want to deal with it that's Going to be a lot of people yeah you Know I sold all the AI we sold it all in March you know and we haven't really Jumped back in but I I will have to say This chat I am looking at render I am Looking at near and I do believe AI Tokens and dpin there's a lot of big Investments coming from VC's right now Into that Network so I don't know if It's Q3 or Q4 this year I still think

It's going to be a really really strong Narrative that comes out further this Year question for you Josh yeah another Thing that aggravated me is not a single Conversation about the AI development And the the uh actual parameters for how We're going to roll out AI into society Right like some of the biggest Advancements in the human race are Happening right now when we're sitting Here watching these uh you know figures Basically just create a big uh hoopla And they're not conversating about one Of the most important advancements to Human history why are they leaving it Alone you know do they think it's uh Something that people don't care about Is there a nefarious plan you know like I really worry about how AI is going to Be rolled out I wonder about the future Of my children and the allowances that They'll have in society under an Automated system of control and it's not Even talked about on that's a great Question I mean Larry Summers has got Your back so don't worry he's on the Board board of Microsoft but for anybody That's like brand new that is worried About AI what that roll out's going to Look take you know a lot of people are Saying that we're in a bubble with Nvidia it came out it's now like a top Company in the world it surpassed Apple And Google like at the snap of a finger

Over the last year they keep beating Wall Street's expectations and they keep Screaming bubble bubble bubble but you Have to realize what you just brought up Here Drew is you know how is this going To roll out and how it's rolling out is Through iOS 18 so you guys don't have You know a lot of people don't realize This they're they're thinking there Might be this peak in this AI sector in The Magnificent 7 but what happens when Everybody now has a language model on Phone and they're able to do their job Four times faster than somebody using an IPhone 13 or 12 or 11 or 10 it forces Everybody it's going to force these Companies everybody to transfer over Into those new Services into those Applications and so there's a lot of Speculation around the revenue coming Out of Q3 specifically as you get that IPhone dropping you know later this year And actually it's going to be Q4 so we Might have a very strong q1 uh and Honestly for that reason that's why I Think AI is going to come back I just Don't think it's going to be as expected As people you know they're expecting all This hype I think the really big mover For crypto specifically is going to be The decentralized infrastructure and That's going to come from Sora venture Or not Sora Venture but Sora the video Platform where you're going to be able

To now use AI to create videos you have Marvel tarnet integrated Disney Integrating it we don't even know what The expectation of that or the amount of Consumption that's going to come from That how how fast is that going to scale A lot of these editing platforms Etc and When you have all that rendering need Come into here we're going to need that Capacity you're going to need that Storage capacity you're going to need Those services and that could spark it Into q1 so it's it's very hard to Predict these markets right now we have The presidential election we have you Know three different Forever War was Taking place we have you know supply Chain shocks with oil that people are Concerned with there's a lot of things That are taking Liquid Gold underneath Our feet As Trump was calling it there Uh you know you said Sora is going to be The Catalyst for the next AI pump let me Just kind of break that down unpackage Just in a couple sentences here I think Sora that's the text to video I think You're going to have a all of a sudden It's going to be like the gates open and You're going to wake up one morning and There's going to be 25 awesome AI videos Where Incredible Hulk is in a lightsaber Battle with Darth Vader and you know all These like really cool ideas and then They'll just kind of explode over the

Next week and then we'll get used to it But during that period I think all AI Tokens stocks and Etc are all going to Pump so it's not over if you're holding That bag that's hopefully we'll get to There but you know going to the first Articles here guys we have to address This we have to address what happened Last night we can't you know we can't Ignore giant elephant in the room here Trump ended up releasing a brutal 95c ad Of Joe Biden's debate so in case you Guys missed it here's in summary only 90 Seconds we're going to watch this Together uh pretty much all of the Reactions at least from Joe Biden and Then we're going to look at a lot of the Reactions from Trump but here's your 90 Seconds folks I making sure that we're Able to make every single solitary Person eligible for what I've been able To do with the music you know I should Be scared Co excuse me with um dealing With everything we have to do with Uh look so Jason Vorhees walking around In the studio we finally beat Medicare We find finally providing housing for Black Americans the impact of on the the Choice the idea that they're going to I'm not I proposing that everybody they Pay the millionaires pay 1% 1% so no one after I would not raise Cost of social security for anybody I Got my handicap which when I was vice

President down to a Six And they got him laughing right there Medicare to for the ability to for the US to be able to negotiate drug pric With a big farmer companies I what I'm Going to do is fix the tax system for Example we have a th000 trillionaires in America not even Billion that one k we have a thousand Trillionaires in America oh yeah I like How Biden or I'm sorry Trump like was Like hey who's who's a trillionaire I'm Only a billionaire I want to know he's Like I under estimated mar mar Lago uh Yeah you know it's only valued what 18 Million it's sad what has happened to That Florida real estate so so Petrifying I got goosebumps from second Hand embarrassment four or five times Yeah it was uh did anybody one in chat If you understood that two if you didn't You know I'm going to be under the 1.5 I Mean I heard some words so I I can't say I didn't understand it completely yeah But what was he referring to that's Another question so one in chat if you Heard him two if you did not so some of People are just saying you know it's was A little bit past their bedtime well you Know they could have drank some coffee And when I drank my coffee I do like to On the weekend sometimes add a little Sugar and I'm just going to use sugar in

The Raw I know why chat loves that one too Get one a day that's how I feel this Morning I think he's under control Maybe Maybe well that is you know we were Expecting at least some conversation Around the future of our economy there's Been a lot of talks of tokenization a Lot of talks of okay what does crypto in America look like you have Trump now Campaigning for it he might be speaking At Bitcoin Nashville next month two out Of five voters in the United States are Actually uh worried about the future of Our economy surprise surprise and all of Them are looking to position themselves Towards a pro crypto initiative they are Starting to realize wow there's actually A lot of value to this as's a store Value retired of inflation token in These markets will be way better for our Banking system and solve a lot of the Solutions here but crypto went Completely unmentioned in this debate And I don't need to go into this article Because showing you that 90c clip is why It wasn't mentioned in this debate I Mean there was pretty much three key Points they kept covering the primary One was of course immigration uh some of The Forever War talks uh and it was just Overall embarrassing to watch the only President or the presidential candidate That was talking about crypto was

Somebody that they didn't even let on Stage with Joe Biden and Trump and that Was going to be RFK I'm curious to get Your thoughts on this Drew because I Know you were watching quite a bit of it I don't know if you saw some of it too Dey what were your thoughts on rfk's Integration with the debate I think they Did a phenomenal job yeah man I mean I Liked rfk's uh moderator he was cutting Him off right at two minutes RFK tried To go over because he was his own Platform and he had like that chance to Kind of you know talk longer than the Two minutes the moderator cut him off so The moderator asked some kind of uh Loaded questions to try to tea him up as Looking like the good guy though so it Had its own design of look at me you Know let's uh why are you so awesome on The environment pretty much you know and So you know I I love RFK I've been I've Followed RFK for 15 years maybe 20 years Now on the medical side you know um and Really I have a lot of respect for him It's just seeing that uh you know the Catastroph one no one answered how They're going to fix the immigration Deal right that's like the ugly the real Elephant in the room you know the 20 Million of a military age very capable Physically uh people that we now have to Figure out what to do with put them into The workforce or whatnot um no one

Wanted to answer how we're going to Actually deal with that and you know on Top of that acknowledging the the the Climate stuff no one wants to go into The past you know we've been we've been Playing God for 20 30 years on that end And we think that we knew the results That were going to come yeah the CH Climate is changing maybe we should stop Changing the climate you know what I Would say the number one issue that Wasn't mentioned though I would say even Bigger than that is the debt they did Not talk about they will never talk About that yeah but now Biden did say Something he said uh your deficit was The worst under Trump's Administration Which I was like I don't know we hit all Time so if you look if you actually look At the numbers 2017 2018 2019 kind of Came in line with the norm and then 2020 Was such a Large so I mean he's factually correct Yeah it's just it's I think it's so Unfair but it doesn't matter because Look at the polls what's happening here Today guys breaking the odds of Donald Trump winning the 2024 election now has Surged to new highs of 63% so it is very obvious now the Trend's going to be okay Biden very Clearly if you watched even CNN Afterwards they were in distraught they Didn't know what they'd do they were

Like okay we can't even talk good about How bad this was uh they tried you know Be like oh well Trump actually didn't do So well and it's just like no they they Tried digging themselves out of this Grave so the question is are they going To actually keep Biden in the position Of the primary candidate for this Election coming up and now there's a lot Of talks of maybe Nome or Michelle Obama Or someone stepping in that would have An actual chance at being able to win This election very disrespectful to Kamla and I think she's going to be very Upset at that and I think she's saying No it should be me who is that uh she's Known for moving her shoulders like this When she laughs oh uh oh I still don't Know who that is she's also known for Locking up a lot of uh pot smokers yeah Oh yeah that's that's that's so true What how many Americans was it or Californians as Senator I don't we have Some in the chat I've been watching you Guys so they're watching from jail right Now they're like yeah I got I got I got Stuck 20 years ago for having of weed Why uh while while one is not medically Qualified the other is not morally Qualified pick your poison I guess They're talking about the first ladies There maybe they're talking about They're talking about the actual Candidates talking about it's a tough

Spot man like and RFK brought up the Deficit a big way um honestly if I was Trump and I had to deal with uh the Economy at large Fallen like it did when Co a lot of people were earnestly scared I mean we sit here we have all the dust Settled we can say oh no it didn't worry Me a lot of people were really worried About that virus when it came out and Then the dust settled we have results we Have more data to operate off of we know We made some huge mistakes it's about Owning the mistakes that was made and Digging us out of this hole that we're In right now yeah and I wish that there Was a financial path to do that that's Being laid out or at least our Presidential candidates would have Talked about that that would have been That would have been nice who would have Thought that should have been discussed Well we have breaking news as the S&P 500 features surg toward record high as Markets begin pricing in a trump 2024 Election Victory so with now a 63% Chance of trump winning that elections And the odds of President Biden winning A second term are down 15% the S&P is up 15 uh 15 points today and actually it's Up now I believe more than that as we Speak and this is going to be due to Core uh pce dropping here today so pce Inflation report came out as there this Is a headline indicator for the Federal

Reserve if you guys didn't know this a Lot of people talk about the CPI but When they actually make their Adjustments and their predictions on the Feature of these commies whether they're Going to ease these interest rates or Whatnot it's going to actually come from Core PC which allows them to manipulate Data just a little bit more but this Actually dropped today at the slowest Pace since 2021 so we've been seeing a Very positive impact now if you could Pull up at NASDAQ actually well S&P 500 It is an all-time high we went up past That 15 we are now up 34 points 5,57 and in that tweet it was saying uh 5498 and right now 55117 so yeah you go To go to the max chart alltime highs uh For the S&P 500 you said check out the NASDAQ as well yes and the reason why I'm having you to pull up the NASDAQ if If you guys didn't know NASDAQ is going To be highly correlated to bitcoin's Price action so if we have on trading I Think I'm usually logged into your Trading view a little bit of a pullback From I would say an hour ago or so not Even that uh from 1015 a.m so about 35 Minutes ago uh also looks like it's Flirting with these new all-time highs Yeah let me go ahead and pull this up Ndq you know something about this I I am A uh prepper right A lot of people know That I been wored he uh he basically he

Like Chuck uh like the chicken cutlets And you season them and you marinate Right you know I mean it's multifaced But like you know the big do bubble Where revenues really decoupled from the Valuation of the stock market at large Is in my opinion what helped the big Collapse of that dotcom bubble happen Right now it plays in the AI thing like The top earners are these tech companies And the revenue is behind it it's Backing it I don't think we're at risk Of this big dotc burst yet but when People look at that new all-time high is Being created all the time in the S&P 500 I continually hear that question we Have not seen a Divergence from the Revenue yet but I'm I'm watching out for It over the next few years yeah and I'm Showing what that that looks like I'm Going to show what it looks like in Terms of comparison with Bitcoin and the NASDAQ here on the charts so if you guys Didn't know just follow this Historically I I'm going all the way Back to 2022 here with the first Downside in bitcoin's markets you're Going to look at it compared to this NASDAQ it's looked at as a risk-on asset It's looked at as a tech stock and so it Trades as one so if you look at this I Mean every time you see the NASDAQ jump Bitcoin would jump every time the NASDAQ Fell Bitcoin would fall dramatically I

Mean it is in it's like an 80 90% Correlation at this point even this Entire Bull Run that we've had from $115,000 we're now at the point though Where for the first time we're getting This massive Divergence taking place on This chart and with the macroeconomic Data coming out seeing these pce reports Being released it does make me expect That we're more than likely going to see A pattern trade play out sort of like This with Bitcoin where after the the Options expire today we're going to talk About that we're talking $1 billion and In options expiries today I do believe July is looking to be like a very very Bullish month for that price action so We're going to get to that in just a Moment but look at that correlation it Is you can't even it is identical it is Tical same time we got the M2 money Supply really starting to open the Floodgates there we're really setting up A great great setup for Bitcoin so I Have a question for chat here first and Foremost make sure you guys smash that Like button guys let's hit that 300 like Mark here today appreciate you guys all For being here much love for all the Support but I have a question for youall How long until Biden is replaced now I'm Going to let chat decide you know There's a there's a deadline 40 days 39 Days because of Ohio's candidate Ohio

Ballot rules 39 or 38 I think it's 39 Today okay so we have 40 yesterday Barely over a month before they have to Decide this so you're looking pretty Much the end of July early August for This so how long we have tomorrow one Week it's on the chart right here Tomorrow one week convention he stays Okay so we have four options I'm going To let chat decide this we're going to Vote on this together but tomorrow one Week convention or he stays here let me Know what you guys thoughts are on this In the chat as you guys smash that like Button this is interesting because I Want to ask you guys Something if if he is replaced let's say If because we all know like Biden's Terrible for crypto I mean he's tried Gaslighting Americans but he's the one That's empowered Elizabeth Warren he's The one that instated of course Gary Gendler who's literally only sued and Wasted millions and millions and Millions and millions of dollars of Taxpayer money they've lost lawsuit After lawsuit against the crypto Industry they want to enforce Central Bank digital currencies I've helped Fight with Florida blockchain Business Association getting chastised by the Judges you know for Crossing Lines I Can't name one good thing about digital Currencies in the United States without

Administration so if he were to be Replaced would it be bullish or bearish For crypto oh it's going to be very very Bullish and especially for the the coins That are on the bubble like uncertainty Where you know can it get an ETF it Might get an ETF but we know it can't Get an ETF with Gary gendler if Gary Gendler's out then the ETF Greenlight is Lit so you know a salana a Avalanche you Know maybe even a polka dot and a Cardano Litecoin Bitcoin cash those Coins are really going to have a really Really good move to the upside also real Real quick sorry to cat off if they were Named in the SEC lawsuit against binance Or coinbase there's a short list of Coins there they're all going to pump as Well I do actually very much agree with That because there was how many 69 in The original lawsuit which is such a Weird number yeah then the other one had A smaller list it was like nine or 10 15 The coinbase was a a short list the Binance one was a larger list those all Those coins are going to have a really Good day what about you drew because I Mean we're talking Replacements my my Thoughts would be the only person that Has a chance at beating Trump would Probably be Nome I don't see somebody Who's completely failed California and Like has indebted them immensely like Just walk in La like we were in LA Prime

Nice areas of La we were we were like Walking two blocks to our hotel we were Like no we'll get an Uber because you Just don't feel safe right so is it Because David do driving Tesla's very Fast why why didn't you feel safe There's so much money and so much safety And they're just degenerous no it's Because uh yeah I got you're worried That some homeless man is going to just Spit on you and spray paint at you like It's just a weird it's not it's terrible It's terrible about you you that though You know that they're like hey I'm going To La I'm like please I want I Situation's give me really weird Vibes Because they're acting the dams are Acting like they've already got it Figured out it almost feels like they're Just leaving Joe out to dry committing Elder abuse over and over again and I Think that um actually you know I'm a Little bit more jaded because of 20 20 But I've seen them rolling out the Conversation and trying to set up the Stage to do it once again through a new Uh hot new item that they're releasing And you know I'm going to be really Thankful to have an election I'll just Say it that way I'm going to be really Thankful to be able to go to the polls And vote I uh am worried about it not Being an option in an emergency usage Being used to basically stop the show so

Senza goes I've always wanted pepc you Know hey look you got to spend 24 hours In La just go lick a couple walls you Got it but look at this guys we're going To click on convention chat was right so Everybody in chat wanted to put Convention it seems like 36% out of 2,000 votes are looking at that Convention the following one is going to Be actually only one week that is Actually insane to see there uh odds of Yeah there is now bets taking place on Poly Market odds of Biden dropping out Continue to SAR there's now a 34% chance Uh from 1% just 24 hours ago yeah yeah yeah the Markets are really moving and you know Follow the money if you really want to See what people are saying I wouldn't Trust you know maybe a headline or an Article yeah uh here's Newsome right now This is from David saacks he said I'm Ready to play so David saaks believes That Nome is going to be that person to Be put uh and if you were watching the Interviews last night he was immediately He immediately came out uh they needed To do damage control so they put Kamala Harris she gibbered on for like whatever She said no one watched that nobody Watches her nobody even knows what she Does but for Newsome he came out on Multiple different I think it was like CNBC C like he came on multiple

Different was interview and questioned Uh is he going to replace him and he Would just laugh with his hysterical Political evil smile his hand he's a Very very slick politician it is I I Don't think you're going to find many California residents especially those Have left the state in the last four Years who would say he did a good job Though the can They gas I hate the word Gaslight but Can they convince people like no what Are you talking about we did an Excellent job in California that will be The narrative some number of people will Believe that people be like housing is At alltime highs I've never made people Rich you know like what are cheap and You know knows uh can you go on Walgreens and buy toothpaste without you Know getting a door unlocked no but hey Everything's fine well sorry for the Joe Bowden holders out there for the Political fi out here polyi salana mcoin Bowden has dropped over 40% during the Presidential debates I think the V Dropped 85% I think so we have a we have another Channel Dean Alpha and I believe Taco is Going to go over the VP candidate coins That have all plummeted and you might be Able to get some of these candidate coin Coins for pennies on the dollar where The whole thesis is if you buy a v if

You buy a Scott if you buy a you know Who whomever it might be and then They're announced as the VP you get like A 10x that is true and I do think There's a lot of speculation on aake Right now especially with the the Moderations that have been going on but We have yeah political F Holi here meme Coins tanked during the Trump versus Joe Biden presidential debate the Geo Bowen Meme coin was hard as hit falling over 53% of course you saw vuk and all those Other ones yes uh for the audience watch Watching there meme coins that people Are trading consistently on these that Are just completely volatile but Maga You it did like a 100x you 100x I mean Like in the potify tokens like I have Vuk and then I've been looking at a Couple other VC type tokens I'm going to Spread out and basically just treat it As meme coin roulette on the people that I think are the most likely to get Chosen as Trump's VP pick um just to Basically position myself you know I put In a 100 maybe 200 bucks in each Different one let them cook some of of Them go in they 6X overnight then you Wake up and you're doing well then they Drop by 85% like Dey says so it's you Know please take this with a gra assault Like in the basement we're always Looking at these things we're getting Into them some of the bags turn into

Tens of thousands of dollars most of Them go to zero so yeah I pull up a vuk It's actually down 82% in the past 24 Hours so yeah there's going to be a lot Of coins like this they all pretty much Fell 80 90% I'm thinking I should Speculate you know maybe I don't know a Couple hundred bucks or nothing like That maybe 2050 Maybe maybe $100 maybe On the the stronger conviction VP Candidates so let's get some some charts Action here let's get to the options Let's get to the charts here so we got Some options expiring which we we Covered just a little bit here uh here It is this is the options article I want To pull up well Bitcoin bulls or bears Benefit from this week's 9.25 billion Bitcoin options expiry now from this They gave it quite a few you know they Said maybe maybe not or yes like it they Didn't really give an option they just Wanted to show what were the most likely Scenarios so between $57,000 and 60,000 If Bitcoin were to drop below 60k today This is all today guys this happens at I I want to say like 400 p.m. I forget the Options time if you want to look that up But overall it's sometime in the next Few hours there are 660 calls versus 14,850 puts the net result favors the Put sell options by $820 million however if Bitcoin stays at The current price which right now let me

Get a good little refresh right here We're probably at 60 60,800 so it's it's Battling these numbers market makers are Battling with these right now if it Stays above 60,000 that is what Bulls Need Bulls need to see that support is Sustained at $60,000 we're looking at 3900 so we're jumping almost 5x 7x Actually 3,910 calls versus 11,140 nine hours eight8 hours and 58 Minutes 8 hours and 58 minutes we got Nine hours here the net result guys Would be 430 million between 62,000 and 64,000 there are 5,2 220 calls uh which Would put us at 250 million essentially So it looks like you want to close the Daily above 60 but if we do see these Options expire that is where the most Amount that's the max pain the closer we Are to $55,000 that will be the max pain For all the Bulls that have been placing Massive bets over the last two months Since the Bitcoin having right Bitcoin Having ended up being a huge buy the Rumor selda news like it has been every Single cycle so this could be a time to Accumulate pretty heavily now what I Want to show you guys here as well a lot Of people are coming out they're going Oh maybe 49k Bitcoin maybe 35k Bitcoin Maybe you know once we once we fall Below we're done it's over again I Already showed you the comparison to the

NASDAQ nasdaq's performing bullish we Have great inflation numbers that are Coming out which shows us and in my Opinion guys we're gonna have higher Interest rates for longer we have you Know money that's probably stimulus That's going to be injected into this Economy Rome pal has been very very Clear on his policies he is not they Want to get down to 2% so I don't expect A pivot at all until at least Q for and You may only get one interest rate cut It seems to be favoring that result so When we pull up our liquidation Maps I Want to pull up the 30-day here and see What it looks like on the long-term time Scale so what does it look like for the Month of July well as you notice there's Actually going to be a significant Amount of short positions now on the Market retail is starting to get very Very very scared and that tends to be a Time when you want to start going okay Well while everybody's fearful you might Want to start being greedy you know Warren Buffett's famous line which is be Fearful when others are greedy and be Greedy when others are fearful what We're looking at here is nearly $9 Billion now in short positions opening Up above us with only like roughly I Don't even we 1.5 billion below us so Market makers are going to be more Inclined to push that price to the

Upside after these options expire so This is incredibly bullish I have to Shout out uh Tim from investing Bros They were talking about that max pain Point at 55k expecting a bit of a Pullback here on the charts that's Exactly what we've seen pull play out Since $72,000 so I wouldn't get too Bearish in the short term just yet Because we are having a mass amount of Liquidations open up above us and I am Going to pull up one more chart here Which is going to be the liquidation Heat map if you guys pull out you know This chart this is a great chart 24 Hours we are eating through all the Liquidations below us we we're pretty Much there at 60k we have a mass amount Opening up at 62,000 now right above us And again if we zoom out let's go to one Month let's just start looking at a Couple of these charts what does it look Like you're going to notice that all the Liquidity is now above us 64740 we have 69353 we have 72961 we are more and more likely to Push higher here and get another leg up In the near term now I am not under the You know let's get some bitcoin price Predictions in the chat guys let me know What your bitcoin price predictions are For 2024 what price do you think it's Going to hit by the end of this year in December

$95,000 on the dot suspiciously round Number yes $5,427 like that is I do like that's a Mee what about you drew what are you Looking at at the end of this year H end Of the year yeah I'd say about 85k I'm Going to go 85k 85 so going a little bit More conservative yeah I'm going to be Somewhere under the position of 80 to 90,000 um I think the honestly I think The presidential election might be like A buy the rumor sell the news and we Might get a bit of a dip afterwards but I honestly have no idea how these Markets going to react because Especially if we have a new candidate we Don't even know what will H if they Decide to replace like oh Joe Biden's Not going to run new candidate that can Completely restructure what we believe Will happen on the future of the the Trump's VP could you know make a big Difference there as well V you know it's Going to be more Pro Bitcoin versus Maybe someone more traditional uh you Know you did say something about Bitcoin You know what are the markets thinking Well there is a metric called the RSI Relative strength deck and this is the Most oversold Bitcoin has been in over 300 days I wanted to go into the charts I wanted to double check myself I wasn't Just going to take that for granted so We went to uh trading view here this

Bottom chart is the RSI and I'll be hey What do you know this is the lows it has Been in 300 days last time it was this Low it was August of last year and then What happened then well we kind of Traded sideways folks but after we Traded sideways you can see here traded Sideways about 23 days and then you can See see a little bit of an uptrend start And then 55 56 days later that's when we Ended up getting the insane Mega Run for Bitcoin where we ended up jumping 175% So right now seeing this RSI oversold Means the markets are too fearful and It's oversold it looks like hey this Could be a good Catalyst for Bitcoin to Bounce Alex goes I was not I was I was Just kidding now Alex green I know you Were he goes if you scroll up he's like $900,000 uh but we got a lot of great Price 99999 so maybe not hit it but 85k 94k from cth Shepard uh Kelly Kellum we Got the TA expert down here saying 97k Ra Daniel 106 107 from Drew some m 85k bearish one we got a bearish one Black Swan coming soon saying 35k which Brings us up to a follow-up question Here from Bob U from accounting here our Accountant is coming out saying Josh What if a Black Swan were to take place And this is going to be kind of a this Is a controversial statement but I think If a Black Swan were to occur yes you Would have an immediate pullback but

It's going to be incredibly bullish for Bitcoin because what is your Black Swan Um obviously you can't predict a Black Swan that is the purpose of a Black Swan If you can't can't predict that at all But that would more than likely be a World War III uh so that would be maybe You know Russia invading Poland or Something like that that would incite More fear into the markets and get a Massive pullback but no matter what guys If you look throughout what happens in War why do we have War if you go back to 1971 ever since we came off the gold Standard you had the military industrial Complex kind of embedded in the 1950s The 1963 a lot of you know conversations Around of course the U you know CU Cuba Missile Crisis with JFK you guys know The whole story right what happens in War it's an excessive amount of money Printing it's actually incredibly Bullish you get that first pullback at This point in the world where we have This Global capitalistic Society we've Embedded all these economic Hitman Policies you see what happens when the World Bank the IMF steps in and gives This loone shark kind of play with these Markets it causes hyperinflation in Every other country so if we do get a Black Swan I think we are only one Black Swan left away from people being forced Now have to adopt a decentralized

Platform that is Bitcoin you've seen it In El Salvador you see it in Honduras You see it in even Central African Republic you're starting to see a lot of Second and third world countries Starting to embed it that's that's by no Fault that's that the reason for that is Because they are so indebted to either China or the United States they have no Way out so the fact that they can take Geothermal energy from their volcanoes Or solar panels or hydroelectricity and Take that excess energy and convert it Into a net value it's their only option Out so if we get a Black Swan I'd be More worried about the dollar in our Banking system that I would be about Bitcoin and our I mean obviously Altcoins would get de decimated alt Coins are done so you're saying invest In a Bitcoin uh mining chip manufacturer Chip Manufacturers semiconductors I think are Going to become a digital commodity as Well I think like that is I've been Saying that for a long time same al man Says too yeah it's they're starting to Jump on that that that needs is going to Just increase more and more so dude I Don't know you guys are talking about Important stuff like this is financially Focused like I prepare and it taught me A great lesson when Co happened I Already had thousands of dollars of

Toilet paper and food I did not need to Go spend a dime at the grocery store Getting ready I instead used all that Money to buy $4,000 Bitcoin and $180 Ethereum and sat on it into the markets And change my family's life while Everything was going down the drain you Can sit in the wings and be prepared for These things and then take advantage of The market when it does really miss Opportunity was not reselling the toilet Paper at inflated prices that's what you Should have done we have nate77 the $2 Super Chat could you give me your Opinion on Quant I'm guessing that's Like a cheeky spelling or is that like Just a meme coin or version of Quant uh K they want they want K you got you got Hookups do you want you got any hookups I don't they watched the debate last Night and they're like man I want Whatever that guy's having that's what They wanted there I don't know if he met Quant as in Quant the SAS model platform With Gilbert Verdian or if he meant like A meme coin if you want to pull that up We can take a look into it uh but yeah Moving on here guys very bullish things Looking in the market here so we have Jelly here on Twitter which is a great Ta Trader if you guys don't follow him Go check them out looks like Bitcoin is Finally starting to break free from its Downtrend stronger higher low locked in

And price is flipping the immediate Trend back to bullish with a macd in Bullish territory as well so we have Seen the verse higher low potentially Created it we would love to see us Overtake at 63 $3,400 if we can close on That markets are going to be looking Like a very strong Trend reversal here Moving into July Johnny Woo here we Shouldn't ignore one important indicator Bitcoin monthly RSI to be honest it Looks scary this is coming from uh this We're looking at 2020 this is 2014 20 Two different stories we look at the Daily RSI oh my God it's so bullish we Look at the monthly RSI that's a little Bit of lagging indicator so I wouldn't Even say you could judge what the Monthly RSI is going to do now until Like two weeks later and then it's Already a lagging indic So but and what I would point out is Like look at this like 202 like 2017 Right we broke out above it we came back Below like we did break through this you Know the massive SMA there but I mean Again if you're Looking I don't know this one's Interesting because if you're looking at 2020 right the dip we broke below it and Then we ended up rebounding above it Again we broke below it a little bit Here in 2020 this is what I would pay Attention to is right here like you know

We there was a massive bear trap in 2023 When we're at $30,000 Bitcoin we came Back down to 25k yeah they're smoking Crack I'm look they're smoking crack I Would this is so inac it's like 50-50 It's hey 5050 chance out there guys all Right so there are some pullback there's One pullback essentially right you know Going above the 70 Line so the 70 and The 30 are kind of like important zones For the RSI going above the 70 Line yeah That's when all the fun starts go above The 70 Line yeah that's when all the fun Starts there was one pullback after we Went above the the Fun Zone and yeah we Had one red month and then it was just a Bunch of green what about like yeah it's Like every single B we've had this in Crazy bullish like it goes to 80 85 90 And uh we haven't even bro so does that Mean we're halfway into the bll Run uh I mean there's some charts They're saying like for alt coins and Stuff we still got like 400 Days of fun Fun activity to be honest it looks scary Next month's candle must be Green wow Johnny Woo you're very Insightful thank you we're good sh we Just trashed on that for noas Johnny You're a good guy Johnny Be bullish Bitcoin minor sell pressure weakening is Bitcoin withdrawals dropped 85% Bitcoin Withdrawals from minor affiliate wallets Have gone from above 50,000 to a day to

Under 10,000 since the having data shows Bitcoin minor withdrawals have decreased By nearly 90% since the time of the Block subsidary having uh of course in April we have after the Bitcoin having Mining rewards were cut in half so older Model mining machines were no longer Used and they were no longer cost Effective uh also what happens when the AI is integrated into uh these miners as Well it's going to be a you know Stronger need for this but the current Market can be seen as they've been in The process of digesting the selloff and Fortunately the quantity and number of Bitcoin miners are setting out their Wallets have rapidly decreased recently So according to crypto Quant data this Peak number of withdrawals of known Minor wallets at more than 50 it puts it At more than $53,000 on April 10th since Then that figure has slashed to around 8,000 as of June 27th in 85% decrease what are your thoughts on Minor selling uh because of course this Is hisor every time we have a Bitcoin Having miners upgrade right you usually See a wash out you usually see mergers And Acquisitions takes place we've seen Probably five or six of those actually Happen on a smaller scale and I think You have is it Marathon opening up a Bunch now in Georgia yeah Marathon uh Just recently made some moves also

Marathon uh you know signal that they're Going to start mining caspo so we might Actually there might be a whole new Ecosystem a whole new uh paradigm shift That we're not talking about back in the Back in the day I always I try to stop Saying that Bitcoin miners all right it Doesn't really do anything you know you Maybe you try to sell on eBay to some Sucker right you sell like a hundred of Them to some other sucker well now this Old Bitcoin mining equipment might just Start mining Caspa or start mining some Of these other proof of work coins and Now that's when uh maybe the selling Pressure decreases because now you can Actually do something after the Bitcoin Having with your old rigs I yeah that's Actually gonna help Bitcoin sell you Know reduce Bitcoin sell pressure every Having we have my bat I'm an idiot Quenta is what he quenta says nate7 okay Quent with an hey you Haven an Integrated but yeah I would I would Agree and guys you got minor sell offs Are just normal and you're going to see It every single Bitcoin that's why we Get that first pullback every single Time it's it's like been known but you Want to look at hut8 you want to look at Marathon you want to look at Riot right There's been a lot of top performers I Honestly think those are going to Continue to crush it moving into 202 25

Uh 2025 specifically we have Bitcoin Futures leverage ratio sharp June Fluctuation hints at Market D leverage Phase this is happening today with the Options expiring right we have Bitcoin Futures estimated leverage ratio in Indicate shifts in Market sentiment Since January of 2024 so this this this Year guys the ratio exhibited volatility Initially fluctuating around .17 before Rising to 0. 216 in early June this Increase coincided with bitcoin's price Moving back towards $60,000 however a Sharp decline in the ratio in price was Observed just after suggesting a Potential deleveraging phase among Traders as Bitcoin continued downward so This actually very healthy for these Markets we had an overall High Anticipation to the upside we broke to Alltime Highs at $72,000 this happens Every single time why aren't people Buying at 15K at 30k at 45k at 65k why Were they all jumping in at $72,000 at Alltime high greed at all-time high Prices at alltime high leverage right we Are everybody is greedy now we've been Consolidating for over a 100 days at Previous alltime highs which is Incredibly healthy for markets you have Institutions establishing spot ETFs you Have an ethereum ETF being released Right around the corner regulations are Incredibly bullish incent iing Builders

Now to come back to the States here and Now we have even presidential candidates Fighting for that regulation fighting For that regulatory Clarity so we can Actually incentivize entrepreneurs to Build because this is a massive Tech Sector right so seeing this D leveraging Is overall incredibly bullish in my Perspective because it was it's wiping Out all the weekends that refused to Admit that this was not over you know You had like you even have Dave PNE now Finally coming back in right this is Someone that bought the top sold the Bottom like three different times right Continues to buy the top sell the bottom We be like ah Bitcoin is dead it's Historically been sell my Bitcoin buy of Safe Moon instead God you had to bring That one up oh that is some pain there Uh quenta I let me just say this Nate I Want it to have more engagement on its Socials and hakos coin uh I'm guessing That's also a proof of work what the Heck is try that's the currency uh try $22 like turkeys turkey has a ler though That a $22 Super Chat no no it's it's 22 Tries prys I'll look it up I have no Idea I'm trying to understand is what You're trying to say here well we got What you got back there Drew you had Something um I mean I think I'm sitting Here just uh kind of stewing on the Combination of what you guys just said

You're talking about proof of work Making a comeback yes AI taking over Really a lot of what we're going to be Seeing on the upside for the S&P 500 What's holding up the S&P 500 and the Revenues there I've always had this Thought that proof of work would be the More preferable currency to be able to Pay out AI systems it's a proof of Computational power that's been proven And I think AI is smart enough to Understand Fiat is useless so I think That in you know 10 20 years time we Could be forced to pay out proof of work Type systems to AI to keep it working For us I honestly think that the Government should give carbon credits to These platform providers because this is Something and chat may not know this but I immediately related to Drew one of the First times we came out here because we Were talking about marginal cost of Production and the development of how Bitcoin mining is actually sustainable For markets it can sustain power grids You can convert landfill like methane Emissions flare gas you could take Negative energy and waste out there and Convert it into a net value you can also Do the same thing with AI computational Mind so like if you are you you need These massive data facilities um you Know and it's like actually my dad who's Even watching us here live today he's

Been in these data facilities they like They manage this see all these data Servers it consumes a disgusting amount Of energy if you can use what is wasted Energy you have OPEC one of like the Dirtiest corrupted organizations out There that overproduce oil at a Magnitude consistently every single day Each and every single year and you're Never going to change that right they Have a certain value certain thresholds They have to admit if you can convert All this waste of energy into net values In all these second third world Countries it can bring an insane amount Of GDP growth to both tech companies to Local states to local communities Incentivize job development there's a Lot of value literally save lives by Reducing rolling blackouts rolling Blackouts kills people and so you know It's literally it sounds weird and Tra But Bitcoin literally saves lives and It's and now you're starting to see that Right we now have the world economic Forum going oh we were wrong you have gr Sturg who like literally decimated Germany and was like we don't need Nuclear and then they're like oh oh Shoot that was all of our energy what do We do we got to rely on like Russia With A nordstream No like China's building One a week or something like that like God did you see the The Bu The the

Bridge China just built oh yeah oh my God world's tallest they did this just Cause they they were just like you know What like it's insane I I want to see a Picture of this because uh no that it That's probably another one no that's a Different one that's just super another One they have just another look up World's tallest bridge China uh it's Actually you can have semi- trucks drive Over it it's thousands of feet in the Air and it like goes across two Different I really don't know why they Think they built it just because they Wanted to show they could build [ __ ] It's the the tweet I saw was you know How Newsome we've spent 18 yeah so Here's another one for Newsome guys We've spent $18 billion on the super Rail in the uh in California to get done We've built like maybe less than I don't Even it's less than a square mile that We've built out it's cost us already Billions of dollars and China did this In a year yeah pretty good now of course They're Communists and there's probably Slaves that Fall look at that that is Insane that like imagine I've never Driving over that by the way never not Not after I watched the uh well maybe I Don't know there's not a ship that's Going to crash into 565 meters from the Ground about 1,600 feet more closer to

1,700 feet I wonder if it does like this While you're on it I'd feel so sketchy Well speaking of sketchy let's look at The fear and greed index here which We've all been observing uh it is so Obvious uh you know that you wanted to Buy in the bottom right you want to buy In the red sell in the green Buy in the Red sell in the green we're looking for 2019 to 2024 here of course guys you Want to be focusing when we're in the Red you guys we use this all the time Right I have phom mode we released this This is one of our other companies uh Which is a fear and greed enx tool Version two actually might be launching Today so get excited we're integrating Duke there's a lot of really cool things That are coming to this platform guys You want to buy when it's in the red you Want to se dollar cost average in the Orange you want to take or hoddle in the Light green and sell or take profits in The dark green and of course it's not Financial advice but historically guys That is what works every single time if You use the historical data and you run Through this and you look throughout History every time it's in the red check This out on the chart we embedded this On the website for you guys every time You look at red in the chart that was a Time to buy when it hits dark green That's when you want to take profits and

Exit the market now we've entered dark Red for the first first time in a long Time and of course we have institutions Now we have a lot more money in the game We have trillions of dollars flooding in Through this we have billions and Billions pouring into spot ETFs we have More and more opening up each and every Single day but it does go to show that When you're in that that very extreme Fear category that is when you want to 10 to start entering these markets we Have three Bitcoin metrics and by the Way if you want to put For the first 30 days it's free to use For Bitcoin ethereum if you want to see It on xrp cardono Ando chain link polka Dot even Bitcoin trash I mean cash uh You can go ahead and sign up for that Addition and you'll notice that we use Actually different indicators so it's Not like all these other websites where It's the same exact metric on every Single altcoin we're using different Volatility metrics Duke when Duke when Duke might be today might be tomorrow Might be never I can't tell you I can't Tell you but get excited here uh and I Got to re-update and sign back in so it Won't log in and show the actual update But make sure you guys log in check out The fear and greex store uh store for You guys score for you guys today three Bitcoin metrics are flashing bullish

Signals for Bitcoin coming out from Vanic executive uh Matthew here in a new Interview with Scott melker shout out to Scott mker vanic head of digital assets Matthew seagull says recent indicators Are making him more bullish on bitcoin This is an institution guys this is an Institution this isn't some random crazy Guy under the bridge right this is an Institution according to Signal the Metrics that he sees flashing bullish For Bitcoin are realized losses Volatility and draw down so uh yeah this Is this is coming from again that Pullback Max fear the volatility is Decreasing volume is uh well actually he Does talk about volume but I think Volume is going to start building back In especially with the ethereum launch Of the ETF these are things that are Right around the corner Gary G Gary Gendler was very very bullish on he said It's going very well we should get that Maybe estimation or estimations around The first week of July I don't know if You guys covered that this week but if There actual date you can let me know Yeah a little bit uh and uh that July 2nd ETF eth news there's going to be a Lot of movement in the markets and only 30 days in June folks less than a week Away right now 30 days in June Stop Scaring me what happened to this year What happened to this year yeah we are

Two days away from 20124 being halfway Done starting next month I'm going to Say I'm getting married next month that Is weird that is we the good news is We're almost you know I think we're Getting closer to the real juicy part of The bulll market man we've been huddling And fighting the time and going through All the fud here we are and then Parabolic monthly candles that's what I'm really waiting for yeah I I'm just Ready for just up only you know it's Been a minute it's been a minute but I Believe it's coming right around the Corner again and we've we've been Crushing this entire cycle here and when We're up only there's going to be people Buying Bitcoin at $100,000 I think this Uh you know what movie is this from I Can't remember but uh Bitcoin when Bitcoin is 100k and everyone comes back For advice Patrick baitman this is the Price you deserve michor quote I think It's American Psycho it is American Psycho I was just joking it's honestly My favorite show uh ever yeah yeah it's Uh what kind of business cards do you Have though Drew well well well well I do have a Giveaway announcement for everybody the Chat guys $500 to one lucky winner and If you can actually go to my Twitter and And share this in the chat for everybody But guys guess what shout out to

Everybody holding Duke out there you Guys have built this in community it's Been awesome coin W is going to be Listing the token and in Partnership We're doing a partnership with coin W I've launched a brand new free telegram We're going to be doing live trading we Do signals updates all my up like my buy My sell orders all that stuff is Happening in this telegram right now but We're doing a $500 giveaway and a Duke Giveaway on coin W itself so if you want To go attend that guys everybody is Going the first 250 people to sign up For coin W about4 have already done it We're already halfway there so make sure You do so they're going to qualify for a Duke airdrop so make sure you're one of Those first 250 people to do it but if You guys go like retweet comment and Join that telegram you have your Opportunity to win $500 uh by the end I think it's Thursday Or Friday next week and this airdrop is Different than like seagulls taking a Dooo on your head this is a different Duke airdrop yes exactly exactly and It's going to be more of a giveaway for Those holders we're going to be doing Cash incentives and stuff like that Through coin W so very exciting lots of Volume come to Duke holders and we also Have breaking news I'm going to announce This guys the trading bot should be

Ready by next week oh you're getting a Duke trading bot yes sir that's a next Level for meme Coins and it's really cool and I can't I'm I'm I'm I'm going to save the Announcement there's something really Cool part of this tool but I'm going to Be showing you guys how to actually Trade meme coins the right way because Guess what if you're using metamask or Phantom to trade meme coins uh and or Just trading the market overall you're Getting front Rand by 99% of the Industry because the majority of Successful Traders guys I'm talking the Hedge funds I'm talking the traders that Are making all the money they're using Telegram trading Bots and I'm going to Show you how to do that in this telegram So you have to join that telegram go Check it out go apply go get excited uh And I'll see you in there later today But the whale who earned more than 1 Billion in Bitcoin returned to the Market he made $2 million transactions In one week here's the profit loss Situation the smart giant whale a blue Whale is what we call These Guys these Are billionaires trading Bitcoin guys we Track these wallets because when you see Billionaires selling that usually gives You a signal of okay something might There might be some headwinds ahead of Us here but the giant the smart giant

Whale which earned more than $1 billion Do by selling its Bitcoins during the Rise of 20123 and 2024 has finally Returned the whale who bought 6,000 Bitcoins worth $400 million during the Last market decline after 1.5 years Deposited $1,200 worth of bitcoin to Binance a few hours ago yikes the whale Also holds 10.14 n Bitcoin worth Approximately 622 million so there was a Bit of they they added it to an exchange Are they going to buy alt coins with it What are they going to do with this are They ready maybe eth for maybe for the ETF that's coming I don't know but I Would say that alt season is about to Take place I think the ethereum spot ETF Is going to bring billions it's already Estimated by institutions guys billions Of dollars are going to pour into Etherum ETFs and of course what happens Guys is the flow of the money chart let Me pull it up flow of money crypto I Love these charts so if you guys are Brand new to crypto if you didn't know This is how it tends to work in these Markets uh because it's you got to think Of blockchain as kind of like like real Estate it's a layer and there's there's A bunch of different companies and stuff Built on top of that land and so when You look at this chart right here uh When you have money flow into Bitcoin it Tends to then fall into large caps right

Now I do believe we're about to enter The large cap category so say ethereum Does a you know 100% gain well now all Those profits that are made within that Ecosystem generally you're going to have Like ethereum payouts from staking Etc All that Revenue starts to get embedded More into the defi you start to see that Flow of capital move from eth especially As trading pairs that's how trading Pairs work you see that move of capital Move into the altcoins a part of the ERC Ecosystem so we could be seeing either One maybe the well selling is taking Profit or two getting ready for the next Wave as the ethereum ETFs are released In the next 10 to 14 business days all Right uh we have another uh Hey much Love nasty uh reading a couple uh made a Lot of people talking about the altcoins Out there Supreme Court out there and uh Just a lot of people feeling bullish Like Talon is right now bullish yeah I'm Very bullish on altcoins you know we did Cover uh you know a lot of these altcoin Trading pairs are going to blow up kind Of covered that two days ago we got a Video coming out this week weekend where I talk about two strong top 15 altcoins Looking at these Bitcoin trading pairs These two coins are about to explode Well before I cover my favorite all Coins right now there is something that We need to cover and we have to ask chat

Type one in chat if you have yourself an Arculus wallet type two if you don't Because guys today's video in stream is Always partnered and sponsored by of Course our partner over at arculus one Tap Total Security which is going to be The Best Hardware wallet in one tap Total Security for you your family your Friends Etc all on the market guys if You do not have self- custody you do not Own your own crypto not your keys not Your crypto if you have it on an Exchange you see what happens in every Single bare Market I know so many people That lost thousands if not millions of Dollars on FTX right get your crypto off Exchanges and the best way to do so is By buying on coin W but more importantly Moving it over to your arculus here for You guys so if you haven't checked this Out let's turn those twos into ones you Can use code dc10 to get 10% off your Hardware wallet today and if you guys Aren't already going to be in Bitcoin Nashville next month come check us out We're going to be with arculus in Bitcoin Nashville uh show showing you Guys things and so if you want meet meet Me or Dey or anybody at the team we're Going to be there flashing our cards Around showing everybody our seed Phrases yeah yeah definitely we're going Be Shar yeah I might even try to ride The Bitcoin bull oo that might be fun

That might be fun have you have you guys Attempted that yet uh never no did did It with h Oculus goggles and said I'm Riding the bull in the metaverse or Something like that like screamed it Brian did he last long was the whole Thing no not at all he fell immediately It was immedi well hey let's jump over To Black Rock news here today guys Black Rock has said Bitcoin is a hedge against Geopolitical uncertainty and monetary Risk check out this two-minute clip from Black Rock uh because this this is this Is interesting Mar so great to catch up It feels like every time we're talking These days it's a conversation about Digital assets I'm not complaining Though it's an exciting time I totally Agree because so much has been happening Whether it's developments in liquidity Provision or infrastructure in the Ecosystem or public policy there has Been huge amount happening in digital Assets of course leading to the launch Of Bitcoin ETFs so Jay since we launched Ibit this year what are you and the team Hearing from investors we've been having Great dialogues with investors from Everyone who's new to the digital asset Space and before he says this let me Just remind everybody this is the World's largest financial institution We're talking trillions of dollars and They're talking about Bitcoin being a

Hedge against geopolitical uncertainty Like can we get some W's in the chat for Do that deserve some W's I mean black Rock is a global company how's that Crypto thing going pretty [ __ ] well I Almost feel like black rock is signaling To their International investors stop Putting money in the US I know like why Why hold it all is to those who have Been investing in it for a long time I Think the commonality in these Conversations is just how convenient Bitcoin ETFs are in bringing access uh What a weak man voice says Bob from County okay um yeah someone goes but God This is bad acting hey they're guys They're trying they're trying okay space I'm interested to hear your view of the Markets how is investor participation Changing in the space so to your point Jay probably a very nice gentleman okay He loves oat milk oh come on oat milk Yeah I said it raw like raw oat milk or Yeah uh I want to with all the seed oils Injected you think he eats eggs raw uh Is there another way to eat eggs he has Raisin brand Wonderbread uh he dips his tell me that When everybody was trashing me the other Day they're like Josh probably dips his Wonderbread in water I stomach yeah yeah Yeah I got roasted for that thank you For that one that's my dad's back here He uh that's That's genetics there yes

Uh or you be like Tesla towards the end Of his life he subsided on warm milk and Crackers I can't go to bed if I don't Have warm milk and crackers War milk Animal crackers though I like the uh the Elephants are the best cracker no Saltines with the salt off all right We're going to stop trashing this poor Man he is very bullish on bitcoin and Crypto like we got to guys give the you Can't see this but his parents are Cracking up right now talking about his Weak stomach Like I know we gave it to you well you Know what's not weak ey shares damn it Okay we have Bitcoin pumping because of This let's listen danger with ETFs Coming into the Bitcoin space because Now investors can access Bitcoin same Way they could buy stocks and bonds Through a conversation with their Advisers or in their online brokerage Platform and so now they can buy Bitcoin In that I can't get out of this guys let Me go let me I I don't have a we I'm Strong okay I can eat a henion know yeah Someone said don't blame your dad take Responsibility for your life ta all Right he'll eat a fist full of thumb TX If you challenge Him Wait wait that's Josh's brother from Okay we're not even watching this Anymore you know what you guys go look

It up on Twitter okay you don't get to Hear the bullish news newly proposed Stacked ETF wants to give investor Lage Josh's bully in middle school yeah it's Actually that is my Brother that's that was that was that Was that was me and another life live it Just unbanned Bitcoin another country Realize that you can't ban Bitcoin W Makes sense here guys Chinese government Urged to reconsider crypto mining ban uh What are they coming back out again Influential influential Voices with AC I like it it really what Do I always say I always say follow the Money China missed out on $4 billion in Tax revenue from crypto mining so that's Really the end of that's the story right There so well there're actually so There's wait one more time China misses Out on tax revenue by kicking out bit Bitcoin mining 4 billion in tax revenue To the United States economy I wanted That tax revenue give me that money yeah Which but they've already seen what Happens when they uh you know they try Banning it which they're one of the Largest miners again so this is is this Confirmation that they unbanned it so They're trying to ban it again even Though it's I'm pretty sure crypto Mining is banned isn't what what is Happening over in China we don't know What's happening in those Market it does

Seem like there's a couple provinces Where the ban isn't quite a ban it's not They're and you know high energy rich Areas too makes Complet and a lot of hydroelectric power Where you get really cheap electricity And maybe it's uh world's cheapest Bitcoin mining and maybe CCP is just Self- custody it and huddling yeah They're likey that's that's insane to Watch here Asian currencies hit 19mon Low D Lage group CEO guys another reason Why to pick up Bitcoin here uh you know What else we got up in here today Because I wanted to get into altcoins Here coinbase Su we already talked about This with the SEC set up for high Quality altcoins looking increasing Favorable AS Global liquidity gears up Um I mean I'm going to pull up one of my Favorite altcoins here guys I think one Of the best picks right now in this Market condition is going to be yes Ando Cuz if guys check this out I haven't Been here it's on sale today down about 5 and a half% I don't know what it's Down right now it's up it's down 2.9 It's at a11 14 it's been hovering around Here for like the last seven days or so Uh but if we go to RW XYZ I want to Click on us trees because I haven't done This in a week and usually we check this Every single day so I'm gonna I'm GNA Hope we're over are we over two billion

Yet 1.77 billion so not quite yet there But we are still moving up into the Right here uh and of course if you're Looking at holders almost 4,000 hold wow We saw this break 3,000 like a week ago So 4,000 holders now for ando's US Dollar yield we're seeing more and more Adoption over $500 million in total Value locked on that Network and they're Allowing you to fractionalize and pretty Much take advantage of us treasuries and Being bidd arst partner which is of Course Black Rock guys I expect some Announcement in the next year or so when They actually go join one of these maybe C maybe it's at CME groups convention I Expect AO to be in those key uh key Events maybe maybe we'll see a public Panel speak sometimes in 2024 I I just Don't see a world where they don't Actually talk to their largest partner It makes no sense to it would or client I guess you would say so that would Suggest you know if they are talking They're just keeping it under wraps and Imagine if that news gets out uh you Know the wallet creation what if it's Just Larry Fink's uh stepson like just Opening a bunch of wallet for an air Drop that he has inside make us look Good make us look good well guys that is What we got for you guys today so make Sure you guys smash that like button we Are I'm going to do a member stream Drew

Do you have time 1015 um yeah TJ is Going to be here there oh I like that We're going to give our takes on the Debate maybe some of the stuff we can't Say on this channel can't say it it's Got to be here uh afterwards on the Members only guys thank you for watching Make sure you guys go subscribe get that Membership and we'll see you in a few Moments by

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