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Polka dot and cardano holders you must Watch this video because the change that Is happening to these two coins are Going to change them forever let's just Dive right into it the polka dot and Cardano Bridge development is sparking Community excitement but what is Happening with the coins prices well These things are moving up in a major Way if we check Bitcoin it has only Moved .1% in the past hour but look at Cardano 1.1% look at pokka dot 1.5% and Nearly a 10% pump for the past 24 hours Polka dot Community is is just loving This news and you can just tell by that Price action polka dot is going Parabolic but what are the next levels Where are we going to be heading from Here and what the heck is this cardono And polka dot situation well let's look Here we're going to dive into it so the Community members of polka dot debating The feasibility of a bridge that would Link the network to cardano and now that The two coins are merging forces it Looks like both communities are loving The situation here Felix an agent from UniFi ecosystem shared on the pokka dot Forum that efforts are underway right Now to develop a cardano polka dot light Client for a nft swap Bridge both Networks actually founded by ethereum Co-founders if you didn't know Gavin Wood Charles hoskinson they are both on

The ethereum founding team and since Then both launched their own token Gavin Woods released polka dot and Charles Hoskinson released cardono now they've Seen substantial technical development And user growth since their Inception But that's not the only news that's Happening on cardano and polka dot Juan Chain debuts a new bridge to connect Polka dot and cardano blockchains here's The longest running decentralized Interoperability solution they Introduced the new bridge for the polka Dot relay chain and cardano this is a First allowing two prominent non Ethereum virtual machines non evm chains To communicate with each other it's Super easy for Avalanche to talk to Optimism or arbitrum to talk to Bass Those are all evm compatible coins Ethereum virtual machine and now this is Huge because these are two prominent non Evm chains now if we look here polka dot Has recently announced it has surpassed 600,000 active wallet addresses within Its ecosystem while cardano experiencing A 40% increase in activity during the Same period so both of these coins in a Bullish Trend right now we're going to Dive into the charts in just a second Now we have an article on some price Action then I have an analyst that's Very very well respected in the crypto Space has some very bullish targets now

Polka dot pricing analysis here where is Dot heading next after losing the $6 Level well we're going to look at the Daily chart here close look on the daily Reveals a slight reversal in price Followed by a minor bullish retracement Towards the previously breached lower Trend line of a multi-month triangle Well let's go into the dot chart right Here and I pulled up a Fibonacci Extension here and we can see we go from The swing low to the swing high and you See the recent dip we went directly to The 786 almost to the penny everybody And so I have a prediction the next Level obviously 618 but I think we're Going to blast through the 618 and Really get a lot closer to the 0.5 or Maybe even potentially the 382 now those Numbers that we're looking at there it's Going to be around $7.75 and then for the 382 we're looking At a $8.75 but if we just stop at the 618 That is a $680 polka dot so you get about a 50 Cent pump right there not 50% 50 CS now If we go back into the analysis here Let's check out the sentiment analysis Well polka dot recently seen an uptick In demand and is nearing the previously Broken $6 level assessing supply near The pival Mark is crucial for making a Trading decision and you can see the

Liquidation heat map we got a lot of People trying to short polka dot and They will get liquidated AKA their Trades will get wrecked if we go up to These bright yellow zones and often Times when the markets have overly Bearish or overly bullish the Liquidations will tend to occur and so a Lot of times you'll see that price get Pulled up as these people bet against Dot and right now there's a lot of Concentration right near the $6 level so I can easily see dot doing a very very Nice pump and it looks like hey it's Kind of happening right now we're seeing Some of these people get liquidated as We speak now if we go to like a three Minute chart yeah you can see a nice Nice uptrend uh just in the past couple Hours as this news is being released About this cardano uh upgrade now also Said there's a top well-respected Analyst is saying you know they are also Bullish on polka dot well the person I'm Talking about is wed fencer and a lot of You people have probably seen him Especially if you're into hotter newer Ecosystems or even meme coin plays here He labels himself professional Rector so Hey you know just uh be careful out There because you don't want to get Wrecked in the rectum now Markus Sentiment according to him when it comes To polka dot has hit rock bottom this

Year so the market cinamon on dot has Really never been lower While others are Dumping he's actually doubling down on His high conviction picks uh he was just Tweeting out the global support level is Prime for long-term accumulation this is One of his top L1 plus AI plays uh they Got into the AI race you can see he Tweeted this a quote tweeting a tweet From about a week ago where projects Like Oregon Trail and fathala network Already leveraging the tech for AI I Keep calling it Oregan I know it's Origin I'm just old school and I played The video game now if we look here look At that Target looks like we want to Maybe flirt with the previous all-time Highs with a nice little stop maybe Around the $16 to $18 range which is a Pre point of control on the way down and As well as the way up so if we go back To the charts kind of look at polka dot That is looking very very bullish and When you go to the weekly oh you can See you zoom out and you see oh wow There is actually a whole lot more room To the upside here uh now if we look at Market cap well polka dot has had some Uh par chain auctions and yeah uh There's more tokens today but look how Many are out as of of now 1.3 billion Out of 1.46 so you don't have a lot of VC's dumping on you and say that next 6 Months next 12 months let's go back to

Wck fencer though uh you know some I Wanted to point out reck fencer some of His threads some of his tweets these Things go super viral uh I was just kind Of scrolling had to go back about five Days and I found one that hit a million Impressions so if he can get these Tweets you know he's one dot thread away With a million impressions that Literally could move the dot Market this Guy can really move some coins Uh he just has a really really wide Reach so w fencer getting bullish on dot You know can't help but get a little bit Bullish as well but when you zoom out You can just see how much movement is Potentially on the upside here and if Well we go to cardono you can see well On the FIB extension we're seeing a lot Of the same stuff with the cardano fibs Here we go to dot uh let's go ahead and Stretch that zoom in a little bit you Can see went from the swing High to the Swing low and then back down to the 786 And we're currently bouncing well what Do you know to the SW uh from the swing Low to the swing high and then almost Perfectly bouncing off the 786 cardono I think more likely to take A pause at the 618 I really feel like Dot wants to blast through the 618 and Maybe just go straight to the 0.5 or the 382 there so actually in a weird way Shortterm a little bit more bullish on

Polka dot than I am cardano at the Moment and you know how much I love Cardano and cardano and polka dot their Partnership goes back all the way to Last year uh you can see here cardano Using polka dot substack straight Substack straight substrate stack uh all The way back in 2023 so uh this Partnership goes back years I wanted to Show you this for a reason November 3rd I IO HK you know tweeting about this the Partner chains uh SDK stack well what Happened to polka dots price on October 3rd I think it's pretty clear to say Cardano has a larger Community than Polka dot and so when polka dot and Cardano have news I would say it's Probably better for polka dot than it is For cardano because you're going to have Cardano natives buying some polka dot You have some polka dot natives buying Some cardano but there's just more of Those cardano people with some funds and If we look that circle is November 3rd So last time polka dot got a nice little Oh that's on the weekly last time polka Dot got a nice cardano narative it ended Up igniting a very very strong bull Rally for polka dot there uh did not Mean to move let's go get that back There so we can measure this November 3rd candle right here uh let's go from The top we're not trying to skew this Data and you can see a very very nice uh

150% pump over about 4 months I would Love to have 150% pump over four months I'm saying this is uh maybe if not Likely uh certainly in consideration Folks so I wouldn't sleep on polka dot If you've been sitting on your polka dot Forever you just you want to poke it With the stick and say come on man do Something I would say now is not the Time to get out of your bags I'm holding On to dot I might even have to DCA this Week that's all I got this is dy4 Discover crypto

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