PARABOLIC Crypto Rally Coming (Are You Ready to 50x?)

Bitcoin, Crypto & Altcoins are showing strength into heavy selling from Germany. CPI numbers came in better than expected and several other global macro trends are setting things up for the greatest Bitcoin Bull run of all time!

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Does not look like it's actually going To happen now not necessarily out of the Cards but the CPI report was released Today and there is incredible bullish News coming out of these markets not Only is Germany almost out of Bitcoin Not as only only the settling pressure Almost done we are of course seeing guys You know Bitcoin potentially break out We're going be covering all the key Levels all of the news all of the macros And even talk about Donald Trump coming To of course Bitcoin Nashville July is Looking bullish more than ever guys here If you haven't already make sure you Guys subscribe to discover crypto we are 1.4 million beautiful followers and guys We can to do this without all of our Members so shout out to all of you guys That are supporting this channel we will Be live this Friday with of course Exclusive content for the members only With an episode specifically covering of Course our company funds here what does Our balance sheet look like how much Crypto do we actually hold if you want To find out guys make sure you guys Subscribe how much Cosmos does TJ still Huddle lot of Cosmos lot of how much Ada Does Dey still huddle too much too much Maybe I I will I'll come out and say That when I think but how much xrp do I Still yell about I still have a little Bit of xrp and uh wax is probably my

Most embarrassing blockchain forgot About that you go to Just you got to get A got to pull that out man yeah man I Got to get an ear candle out or Something man gross gross well what's Not gross is today's partner and of Course our always partner our forever Partner arculus here guys type one in Chat if you guys have self- custody type Two if you do not okay type one if you Don't type do or type two my type one if You do type two if you don't I got you Guys here because if you have a two you Need to turn that into a one today guys Self custody is the most important thing You need to have in these crypto markets One Tap Total Security with your arculus Hardware wallet here super clean takes 60 seconds to sign up and is literally The most crisp self- custody Hardware Wallet I think I've ever seen so make Sure you guys go check that out code Dc10 down below here market update wow Getting some life back into us now Unfortunately I do have to refresh this Page because it looks like it was at $59,000 if you actually look right Behind dey's head we're now at 57,8 so Getting a little bit of a pullback right There yeah we had a little bit of a Pullback we just got like one or two Green 5 Hour candles I pulled up the 4H Hour right here and you can see you know If you look on the 4 Hour well we still

Look pretty bullish you know we got a Nice green candle then you kind of look A little more closer and you're like Well the candle we're in right now which Is going to close in the next hour and 20 minutes very strong wick on that when You click on the 5 minutes uh you know Stretch that y AIS you can see all right Just in a brief amount of time Bitcoin Did fall 3 and a half% over an hour and Less than two hours so will this uh can We get out of this little bit of a Downtrend and maybe go back to the Upside but I will say this we're setting In some higher lows you start looking at Some of these larger time frames this Kind of looks like you know maybe some Healthy pullbacks as we head in the Right direction yeah and you know it Does look like there could be a reversal Here at hand we're going be covering That in just a second CU I did see some People on chat saying yo discover crypto I was told $35,000 Bitcoin was coming in You know again bears come out guys when Prices drop Bulls come in when prices Rise so just expect some outrageous Predictions both to the downside and the Upside you want to be conservative you Just want to know you want to hear both Cases if you guys are somebody that's New to crypto the number one piece of t Or the number one tip I can give you in Crypto guys after being here in multiple

Cycles is learn both the bear case and The bull case so you can have at least Some understanding of where everybody's Coming from but Bitcoin is now at $57,400 ran up to almost $60,000 off the CPI report today which we'll get to in Just a moment but ethereum here $ 3150 Getting some life back into ethereum and Even you know while I actually go Through this market update D if you want To pull up the ethereum to bitcoin Charge there is a high possibility Ethereum is finally about to break out It's been in a uh been kind of being Suppressed against this support level For a long time yeah yeah you know we've Talked about this support level for a While uh if I zoom out because this is On The Daily and you can see it's just You know leaving the screen here if we Go to the 3-day it's still leaving the Screen so if we go to the weekly zoom in A little bit this trend line dates all The way back to June or July 2017 so We're talking about multiple multiple Years then as we go back to the smaller Time frames you see this is uh we still Got a little room to the upside for Ethereum so as this goes up ethereum is Overperforming against Bitcoin as this Goes down Bitcoin just says hey no I am The apex predator I am the a apex Predator you know what the apex predator Is today though uh apex predator today

Is Hunter dealer I I don't know who Close it's actually Shuki it's leading The entire industry up 48% chat guys let's get some W's in the Pump today 50% today off of something Absolutely beautiful guys you guys Haven't checked out I got a shout it out Guys we listed on none other than coin W Which I do believe is going to be one of The largest tier 2 exchanges I think It's the next C coin to be exact but if You guys haven't already checked it out Guys I'm going to send this coin W link For you guys go check out coin W Uki has Been list I can't post it on there never Mind is there anything else in the cards Anything else in the cards uh well not Only are we in talk with of course Multiple exchanges but we have the Duke Trading bot uh launching within like 48 Hours and then f.o guys the best fear And greed index tool on the market of Course I already told you guys they're Going through some maintenance but right Now you can see that we are at a 29 fear Here make sure you guys go put your vote In today we have over 5,000 users on This monthly guys make sure you guys are Going ahead clicking bullish or bearish You can get an actual visual on where The market is for today but right now Retail is seeming more bearish than Bullish which what what does that tell Us usually uh I'm putting in your link

Right now uh when we're feeling more uh Bearish than bullish that means price May reverse May reverse exactly that's What a lot of people are talking about Today but before we jump into why we Have to cover the market guys $532 BMB Salana $140 xrp getting a little bit of CPR seeing almost 45 cents 3% pump today Whoa but look at that card I was about To say like whoa hey yo cardado is Ripping hold on hold on I'm getting a Phone call I'm getting a phone call but It used to be $3 you said Oh man and that is when we retired last 24-hour movers guys you guys know the Drill make sure you smash that like Button if you guys haven't already guys Zoom out just a little bit you know come Out you know scroll out of the mobile Device hit that little like thumbs up Button on the YouTube video guys it Helps us out with the algorithm it Pushes us into that already got 600 People in here only 100 likes I know More than a fifth of you or six of you Guys like us so if you could smash the Like for positive Bitcoin momentum uh Because we got to we got to get those Likes up so more people can hear about Bitcoin so more people can buy Bitcoin So we can all get rich that's what we're Going for all get W's in the chat W's in The chat guys look at this Mantra here Absolutely crushing it one of the best

Performers this entire bull market up Over 50 60x at this point I think it Bought around about a penny and a half Uh crushing it up 10% in the last 24 Hours up 31% the last seven days Stacks Okay this I want to point out Stacks has Been leading the market over the last Couple of days here uh and this not only Tells me that there could be a signal Shift in bitcoin's ecosystem and Bitcoin's price but again there's a lot Of interest into these Bitcoin layer Twos and I think people yes guys we had A bit of a pullback from the Bitcoin Having right welcome to your first cycle Right but with like or Swap and all These def5 products and stacks and Alex Labs or whatever the borrowing lending Protocols are on that ecosystem just Know companies like Marathon digital Your largest Bitcoin miners out there That are backed by Black Rock they're Building their own Bitcoin layer twos And side chains because this is where a Lot of profit is made well Josh uh Bitcoin retraced 25% shouldn't I just Sell all my crypto and leave uh crypto Forever yes because uh you know what it Goes up shouldn't come down I guess okay Yeah what there's Jim Kramer said uh you Know maybe I should sell and buy I don't Know overbought stock instead so I was Going to do that you're G to do exactly That don't I want to do that I would I'd

Be cautious I would be cautious Personally guys you know we're people That have been buying since 15K 30k 45k You guys got to understand when we cover The news we might be a little bit biased Because we've been in these markets for Multiple Cycles TJ here is uh he's Actually you know 47 now in uh in crypto Years he has been through not only two Cycles he's been through I think three He literally had to wear a neck brace Yesterday he's aging right in front of Our eyes he can't even turn right now Because bitcoin's pumping so much I'm Definitely Aging in crypto years that is For sure well we got a here guys up 16.2% R weave 7% near protocol man I Love seeing that 5.7 and Bitcoin trash Sorry like there was a smudge on my Glasses Bitcoin cash 5.4% here top Losers in the last 24 hours are none Other than the bit tensor tow Bonk we Got some meme coins you know pulling Back here render an ethereum name Service here uh Jupiter as well a c Falling shortly behind that but why are These markets moving this way guys okay Markets pumped this morning because of One thing and one thing o only it was The June DPI inflation rate which Falls To 3.0% below expectations of 3.1% now cor CPI inflation fell to 3.3 Below expectations of 3.4 and this marks

The 39th consecutive month wow 39th Consecutive month with inflation at or Above 3% that is that just sounds crazy Yeah also though you know we are heading In the right direction also third Straight month with declining CPI Inflation but yeah 39 months I mean 48 Months that's going to be 4 years uh you Know it doesn't sound that crazy 2% to 3% but that's a 50% jump yeah it's a 50% Jump and it's also caused a massive jump On the FED watch tool here which now Guys in 20 days we have the fomc meeting But check this probability out uh there Was a jump in July's ratings that was This used to be like 96 to like 4% or 3% There's now 8% of the market saying you Know what we might get a rate cut in July this month now of course I'm going To be with a 91% of the audience out There and be like no no no there's not One coming in July what does September Look like there is now less than a 10% Chance that markets believe there is not Going to be an interest rate or less Than 11% not going to be an interest Rate cut uh in this September meeting And so this is a huge takeaway right I've been telling you guys for what is It weeks now days now with you know as We've been covering the story I needed The CPI data to come out and make sure Okay yeah that is declining inflation is Falling off because fed chair Powell if

You guys listen to the house meeting or The senate committee hearing uh he is he Is straight about it he's like we need More data that shows us that of course The job market is weakening and Inflation's coming down before they cut Those interest rates so you know we do Probably want one more month but by next Month if we have positive readings job Numbers come in you know a little bit Weaker than expected we could be finally Seeing that rate cut here in September And what this means and I want to get Both TJ's thoughts and Dey thoughts here Okay I want us to be prepared for both Cases so the be case right people like Let's say Mount goau and Germany which Is really almost out of Bitcoin so we Can't really be futing that anymore but Let's say we somehow have a Black Swan That breaks us the 46k right you guys Are prepared for that you guys are Prepared for that what happens if we get A runup to the September ofc meeting What does that tell you about Market Condition uh it will tell you that maybe The the powers that be the big whales They're seeing what's going to happen to The money supply they probably are going To predict you know we we talked about The M2 money chart you know we we went Up we went up all through covid you know Uh quantitative easing was just up and Up and up but then over the past I would

Say 36 months a little bit of a dip but Then the M2 money supply started to do This and then that is what's going to Create this I would say asset uh this Just asset explosion uh for prices there Bitcoin is just going to have that's Where we start talking about $200,000 Bitco I know wow I know this cycle That's that the first time they have Seen that one TJ what do you got on it No I agree I think there was actually a Couple interest interesting things that I noticed when you were looking at the Market watch uh going over the things Obviously Bitcoin had a pump and it Pulled back down to about even and then We also had a lot of altcoins that had Significant moves you know outperforming Bitcoin I'm starting to see eth tick up A little bit more than Bitcoin I think People are prepared for that ETF rally So smells like the beginning of alt Season we do know Bitcoin has to lead The charge for a while uh so I think I Mean everything that we talked about Yesterday is proving to look pretty much True like the the number came in strong The the FED is starting to have language And start to talk about positioning a Pivot towards Cuts obviously the market Is pricing that in September is the Perfect time for us so yeah I think I Still think we're pushing well beyond All-time highs this cycle I I've held

From the beginning I do think in the at The top we will break a $200,000 Bitcoin Uh I think we could be potentially Looking at 990,000 in change you know Pushing up towards 100 by the end of This year I mean a lot there's still a Long time it's still not technically in The best uh ta structure but if we can Finish above 60k this week that' make me Feel a lot better um but I actually see The fact that we've absorbed the German Selloff so well that's that's pretty Dang bullish and I know you guys will Get into it a little bit later in the Show but who buying to me has been Fascinating these whale wallets Accumulating smart institutional Long-term money has accumulated heavily In this dip uh so we're going to cover That more but to me and I was thinking About this last night you have to kind Of look beneath the surface obviously We've been doing this a while we've got A probably a much more inside view of How crypto and money and Global Economics Works than somebody who's new To doing this that being said there's People that have been in this space 10 12 15 years if you look at you know Who's getting messed with right now like Why did Roger ver get messed with re Randomly a few months ago why did CZ Have to step down and Jesse Pal had to Get out of the way and Eric Vorhees they

All have to keep their distance because What we're experiencing right now is Government you know Nation this is Global economic Warfare of positioning Of the highest kind and the the real wh Whales and uh string pullers are Swimming deep deep deep beneath the Surface and we can feel the Reverberations of their moves and we've Learned to interpret that and that's Part of our experience here but I was Just really thinking about it last night I mean this is totally a changing of the Guard of who's pulling the strings and Making decisions around the world and Yeah it's going to be a uh explosive Move when it happens yeah the German Selling being absorbed is one of the Most bullish things I've seen in the Last 12 months absolutely I will say I Would say even in the last two cycles Well the ETF black I mean that's pretty Bullish I would say you know at least The second most bullish thing I've seen In the last year definitely I would have To agree with that I'm gonna give my Thoughts on that because I want to give A you know if we do get this run up this Is kind of something and guys this is Complete speculation on all three of our Prods right this is wow holy smokes doob Tube whoa hey Rose sketch if you know What I'm saying but either way guys you Know if we do get this runup and we do

Get this bullish reversal a lot of Analysts is now talking about this is What I would be cautious with okay this Is what I would see maybe you know might Take cap let's say we break up come back Down you know whatever retest this know Trend line that we've seen with Bitcoin And it finally does break out to the Upside you start getting all this Bullish narrative bullish sentiment Whatever you go to 80 90,000 toward September and obviously this is this is Going to look like this by the way guys It's going to be way Clos This is where I would expect that retest Of this breakout of this massive trend Line that we setting so I don't know if We go up to you know 80 95 100K whatever It is but if we do break out I would Expect a retest after that uh and that Would be by the way if we were to break Out to 90k this is just where Historically you know it like it's Almost always the same say you go to 90k And we break down to that retest line Let's actually go a little bit closer Here right let's go to uh where are we Monday go to now October so September Is Right here right say we get that 30% Retracement down to that line 25 24 yeah It'd be 68,000 it' be a 20 another 25% Dip on the market and think of all the Buy orders at $1,000 above 68 just Because crypto is full of Deens I I

Could definitely see that yeah that that Actually looks like a a story that could Quite plausibly play out there I want to Show one quick thing on the rate Cuts Hly Market is still saying two cuts are Going to happen this year in fact slight But uh you know maybe agree with Josh Here more than uh more people think it's Going to be one versus three but the Majority coming in for two I'm also just Kind of coming in for two yeah I'd Probably be around the same right I Think it's what September November Probably be my guess yeah well you might I think you have the December one too is Six even possible I'd have to look uh They could do it but like whatever they Jump by 50% yeah like they would just I don't Think we're g to have that big of a like The the economy is too strong and people Don't want to admit that but the job Market's not like as like it's not the Strongest but it's not the weakest so I Don't I think they have some playroom But here let's get some uh let's get Some professional perspective here from Of course Kevin Swenson Bitcoin recovery Towards alltime High could Fenson sorry Yeah takes mon actually fun fact uh if You guys he's going to be staying with Us in h Nashville at the Bitcoin we're Doing a streaming house if anybody's Going to be out in Bitcoin Nashville

Wants to make some content we've uh We've got a streaming house with a lot Of content creators that are going to be There uh so if you guys are going to be Out there let us know and want to come Through for an interview but Kevin is One of the ones staying in the house so Shout out to him and he's a fantastic Technical analyst if you guys you know Wonder anything to learn ta definitely Recommend you go check him out but he Goes out here right now and says so I Think that we probably found the low and We're likely going to bounce from here And start some kind of sideways recovery And then eventually break into a new All-time high the reason for this is He's just showing some basic technicals Here we got a lot of very bullish Divergence taking places so you know Just like the RSI bottomed out what was This two months ago you know kind of Feels like it was forever ago but it did This not too long ago the market did the Same thing higher you know uh a lower High or lower low lower low uh higher Low higher low Etc and same thing where We're at today now as well and then when You're looking at the volume or the macd He's got the macd out right here with Again that RSI we have now set the exact Same Trend we're getting a very bullish Divergence in these markets so this is What I've been talking about with the

RSI and the macd uh which you know some For some reason we've maybe faced a Little bit of backlash talking about That but you know history tends to Repeat itself it doesn't necessarily or It doesn't repeat itself but it sh as Rhyme and looking at the data back over The last year every time and actually Over the entire history of Bitcoin every Time we see these bullish divergences Guys take place on the RSI and the macd You tend to get that bullish reversal Here so whether we go to 70k next 68k Next no matter what the technicals are Screaming bullish Bitcoin is trading at $ 58,216 or $520 at time of writing According to senson bitcoin is showing Bullish divergences on The Daily time Frame on two momentum oscillator Indicators the RSI of course and that Macd a bullish Divergence which suggests A potential versal to the upside occurs When the price of an asset records lower Lows while the indicator is witnessing Higher highs and then again there it is Mapped out for you now he also has this Pulled out right here every time the RSI Reaches that oversold level on The Daily We don't spend too much time there so This is just confirming everything I Actually just said with you guys and he Pulls up it's beautiful I should have Scrolled down a little bit further shout Out to Kevin here but look at this

Historically right uh when we bottomed Out Friday 18th August 23 or sorry this Is what is this am I reading that chart Right yeah I am I glad glasses are Broken here the 18th of August 2023 uh 23rd of January 2024 the 8th of March 2023 every time we bottom out on the RSI It was anywhere from eight the longest Day was 65 days before a ultimate Breakout uh for bitcoin's Price action So yeah not too far away from that I Would say yeah and I just went into the Charts to confirm for myself and yeah it Has been a long time and it brought up That August uh date right there you can See we went massively oversold but yeah We have a great bull div forming right Now and one other thing I wanted to add The monthly RSI he's talking about RSI This is an interesting chart as well This is monthly RSI going back years and Years you can see all the Cycles right There last cycle I'm I'm making a Prediction here last cycle we went Extremely overs sold in April not so Much in November even though we had the Higher high in November I think this Cycle is going to be the inverse of this I think we're going to have the the Short Peak above the RSI oversold area Here and then we'll have the big green Banana Zone where it's like oh my God Bitcoin's just going to the insane areas There so I think we're going to have

Just a reverse of this it'll be instead Of the big one then the small one it'll Be the small one we're probably going to Get just a really really nice uh green Oversold I can see is maybe you know Getting up to about this high if you Also look at that that moving average There the yellow line for the chat there You could see that you know when that Monthly comes down and touches it it Generally like 90% of the time it Bounces yeah so this could also indicate That we're about to get that first Bounce you can even see actually maybe What is that 6 months ago uh we bounced Off it extremely that's when we had the First parabolic rise in this market I Would say that was when we first just be Like a little healthy reset like we did Right here you know and you can see last Cycle we also had another uh healthy Reset uh some might say there's Something that maybe kind of messed that Up give us your guys' bitcoin price Predictions in the chat right now I want To see what you guys we got a lot of new Faces guys so make sure you guys hit That subscribe button guys say what's up To all the new faces Welcome to our Channel appreciate all the support hit That like button but I want to know what Are your guys' bitcoin price predictions For 2024 what's going to happen $95,000 this year 95 yeah and I'm a

Cranky old granny I'm like 80k I think I I'm a cranky Grandma I Think that's a pretty good pick D it's Hard to you know like 90s is probably Where I would fall to but I'll just Round it I'll take the high and go 100K Just for the fun I I say we touch 100k This year and pull I mean I think we Pull back pretty hard off it and I I Like the chart Josh just did to show Like if we're up in the '90s we pulled Back to retest 70k like something like That I could see a go up to 100 pull Back 25 30% reset going into q1 of next Year and then try to make that run from 100 to 200 we got uhuh out here 115k Alexander 84k Mike Bennett $ 33,333 by The end of the year uh 100K retail comes In and goes to wow 200,000 from a here Nana 8 Nana sha Army 86k Lind a lot of lot of 80 plusk out 240 ,000 coming from Walker I mean yeah He's uh he's got Mo shot for sure's got To be thinking for the end of the cycle Million doll I think he's high off Propal like Michael Jackson let me ask You guys this this is another random Thought you know my TJ random thoughts Of the day that I had last night do Either of you ever Question uh you know there's a lot of People that they're new to this they're Buying they're investing and there they Literally they ask themselves like what

If it goes you know what if it goes down To zero what if it goes to 20K what if It goes to third like what if we don't Get like what if 69k was the top for the Cycle people do ask themselves that do Either of you does that thought enter Your mind at all or do you struggle with That at all do you have any fear of like Like 69k was the top either one of you Uh I'd say it's impossible to have that Thought process if you see how well we Bought up and absorbed Germany selloff I Would also say the adoption we've seen At this rate with the ETFs the inflows We're talking billions upon billions of Dollars in inflows and we're seeing Billions upon ions leave exchanges now For Bitcoin so and like you don't see This when we tend to see this throughout History in these markets guys we've been Through multiple cycles that happens at The bottom that happens at 15K that Happened at you know 10K or whatever it Was the cycle before or 3K 4K right That's when you see that transition but Now we have institutional interest you Have Sovereign wealth funds entering This you have now advisers for asset Management companies talking about a 2 To 5% portfolio allocation it used to be 0.5% only Bitcoin now they're talking About 2 to five and they're talking About allocating to ethereum and get Salana ETFs and other trusts and start

Really becoming exposed to this market So for me 100k isn't a matter of you Know if it's a matter of when uh and I Don't know if that's you know again this Year or next year or 2026 but I think It's coming and but you know to say that There's not going to be Road bumps ahead To say that you know 100,000 is not a Psychological number let's be real I Think once we break 80k I don't think Anybody can like precisely predict what That price will be because I think once We break 80k retail is going to start Thinking wow 100K is coming is coming They start stacking in and that's when You get that euphoric merge into this And I want to be just ready for what's The you know what's the what's the Pressure against that the pressure to me Is a weakening economy it might be the Rate cuts off what we've seen Historically and I want to be prepared For that $100,000 pullback that goes Back 30% again right because you're Going to see this rinse and repeat alt Coins Get Wrecked and then we're going To just do what we always do right we Sold the top of the AI rally we sold Bitcoin spot ETF I want us to again sell Out a right time and accumulate when we Go back into another be you know bearish Condition I would say there's two Reasons why I don't think Bitcoin go to Zero anymore if you asked me 18 months

Ago I'd say you know there's there's a Slight probability of that the reason That's most important the dollar seems Like it's well on its way to losing the Status as a reserve currency there's a Lot of signs pointing to that I think That Bitcoin is the likely Contender uh To maybe take its place more so than the Chinese Yan reason number two black Rocks uh you know just basically able to Buy that buying billions of dollars Worth black Rock's just too well Connected to the financial Elite for Them to ban at this point and off that Note that is like the most probably Important notes that I think that you Can make against this argument because Like they're coming in Goldman Sachs now They're all tokenizing blockchain right So that means all regulation is going to Be very very Pro Bitcoin ethereum Because they want the technology to make It of well then they know uh they're Printing the dollar into Oblivion at This Oblivion and it this is going to Save them a ton so it's just like it's The obvious choice here while you're Being scared well one thing I want to Say there's also a point I heard it's a Psychological number 100K retail will See that and enter the market I heard Something most the world won't care About Bitcoin till it hits a million Dollars that could be true too I agree

It's a psychological number but like to TJ's point like I think it's like as Psychological number that's where retail Is going to expect to sell out and so You get a pullback before then and then Once you do break through it again you Get another that's when it starts piling In because what's crazy is now you're in The six figure category so when Bitcoin Goes from $18,000 to $100,000 no one's Going to care right versus 7 2,000 to 64,000 everybody [ __ ] cares uh Josh You want to speak on the comment that You look more like a Boston Red Sox fan Than a Yankees fan is that a good thing Yeah I don't know I don't know I think He's just trying to shout out to manok Five months being a member Dream Team You're the Dream Team very thankful to Know each of you personally that's right He's came to the Bitcoin uh bit boy Meetups U sorry back all the way back in The day discover all the way maybe he'll Be in Nashville so many many years he's Been yeah he's come hung out here Several times been on the basement a lot Yeah he's he's he's a basement side he's Almost like part of the team here I mean He's part of the family so huge shout Out to manok member for 5 months Ally Really appreciate him awesome dude uh Yeah thanks thanks for being a supporter Thanks for being here uh we love all you Guys so also nobody got it I'm a Padre's

Fan by the way I'm from San Diego I used To like the Astros then they kept Cheating oh our just keep losing I was a Back fan back in the day well hey guys Well everybody is scared out there smart Money is doubling down and that's Because this dip is nothing new yeah Have you heard that before as you see Bitcoin goes to New all-time highs every Four years 2012 2016 2020 2024 question Mark notice how every in every single Consecutive cycle the Bitcoin returns Get smaller by about 60% that would Imply look at this guys 9000% increase In 2012 3,000% increase in 2016 1,00% Increase in 2020 what would that mean For 2024 well it put us at 450% putting Bitcoin at around $330,000 coins and this is talking about Specifically from the alltime high now Thoughts on this I think there's Something known as uh diminishing Returns and I think that as you get to a Larger market Cap man I would love like I just like I Want to be so freaking wrong and just be You know my expectations blown out of The water because at the end of the day We're all going to retire you guys can All come on the show we'll have the show Hosted on a private well not no Islands Have a bad name now we'll go to like Italy or something and like all as a Company collectively as a community but

My point is 800 days here this is what He drew out you have $800 of a rally $800 of a bll run and again we're now Entering that $800 days or not $800 but 800 days of another bull run here this Thing also works for Bare markets it's Like from the top to I think the bottom Is uh maybe like a there's something That's like around 1150 days and I used It to almost perfectly predict the Bottom I said the bottom was 16,200 ended up being 15,900 I was off By like might have actually been 36 Hours now I'm thinking about it well I Mean I give Up now of course that time I had Expended too much of my dry powder and Didn't buy as much as I wanted at the Very Pico bottom well at least you did Buy the bottom right you know because This is why I've been s such a large Advocate for you know a lot of you that Are coming in are brand new right a lot This is your first cycle like at 15K at 30k this cycle at 3K at 10K last cycle At 15 you know every time we've seen These you know we get to these close to These bottoms when you get down to like You know that low all of a sudden even Though you're down this like massive Percentage start going oh no we're going To go to 3K we're going to go to 6K We're going to see $800 Bitcoin and You're like okay you know cuz at the top

When you're at $80,000 Bitcoin guys Again or when we're at 75k you're going To start seeing it $250,000 price Predictions $500,000 price predictions That's kind of your indication that You're starting to really fall into that Greed category and another pullback is Going to be pretty close but bitmex se's Historic $2 billion Bitcoin outflows is Analyst project imminent Bitcoin rebound Here on July 5th and 6 a staggering 23 3,000 Bitcoin as many Bitcoin by the way As many Bitcoin wait how is this fifth And then on the sixth is an additional 12,000 so almost as many Bitcoin as Germany sold has been taken off Exchanges and all of the Bitcoin being Sold has been purchase so that is Incredibly bullish showing that people Want to hold on to those assets the Month of July has an average of $1.75 Billion in Bitcoin ETF volume per day Among the seven largest ETFs yeah Bitcoin ETFs are one of the largest ETFs In the world However things have picked up after a Slow start average volume July 1st 1.2 Billion average volume July 4th 2.1 Billion a 72% r which is surprising Because uh you know it's the day off Holiday well actually you know what I Lied I'm looking at it it they're Looking at three days versus six three Days come on S we fell for it Bitcoin

Whale and shark wallets are increasing In number while small Traders sell off Their bags during this dip period yes Whales are buying shrimp are selling uh July is seen a net increase of 261 Wallets that now hold at least 10 Bitcoin which should give Traders Comfort in long-term bullish future this Was something this was something that Was really interesting to me look at That chart right there you can see as The price is falling that purple line There is the number of large wallet Holders just Rising rapidly as the price Fell and then again as we went sideways It continued to D drive up dramatically And remember we call this an Accumulation Zone that's you can Literally see it right there on the Chart that that is Wales accumulating on A falling price and accumulating while It was going sideways I mean and what Did they say x marks the spot that's the Bottom there 261 W new wallets in a Couple day period of 10 Bitcoin is a lot And so this is why I keep saying like This is Big Money accumulating building Positions battling back and forth like People ask all the time like oh why why Can't Germany you know like announce That they're going to sell and then Short they can and they probably are and So what you have I know they're not the Smartest country though well I mean I'm

Just kid this just kiding what's Fascinating about this is It's we're Actually experiencing a true free market Which we haven't done in a long time and If you remember the last time the Markets were free that's when the Families like the Vanderbilts and the Rockefeller and you know some of the Other R named families were uh put Together because of the way they were Able to manipulate the markets that's Able to happen right now and is Happening at a major scale and so this Is a battle of big money so yes Germany Announces a sell they might be shorting And then on the other side you've got Massive billion positioned countries and Entities and individuals buying this Stuff up battling back and forth Defending certain levels you know this Is the czs and the Justin Suns and the Arthur Hayes and the people that have Been doing this stuff for a long time They understand the Cycles very well They understand the nuances of a free Open crypto Market a lot better than People that are used to playing in Regulated markets and so I think that's What we're experiencing right now is People that are used to having Regulations and rules rigged in their Favor trying to battle against free Market participants who have actually Learned to read and understand this

Market and it it's to me I I think we Have had diminished Returns the last Cycle or two I think it will end this Cycle because we're actually seeing big Money get into this free market so well And I I agree with a lot of that and you Made a very valid point with like uh With CZ you know I used to be someone That was a huge advocate against CZ I I Got blocked by him because I would be Like dude you're doing all these illegal Things when you first started that was One of the things we mostly disagreed About and I ended up being completely Right on all the the guilty issues but What I was wrong about was CZ was inan Dude he's one of the smartest people on The planet you know what he just did he Just beat the game he four months in White CER prison and this guy made more Than generational wealth he made like Multi-generational wealth and he's going To come right back Now completely free here do whatever he Wants and approach it in a new way and Regulations are going to shift in his PO Like that is where money is flowing in Institutions are moving in that's Something I didn't conceptualize you Know early on I thought like if he was Going to get like a two threee prison Sentence you know people may have been Like you know what okay we're going to Pop and P the PA and pump the breaks now

They're like look get a slap on the Wrist and you can go make billions of About CZ he maybe technically broke laws But I don't think he did anything wrong Uh you know you brought up there's Families you know the Rockefellers the Red shields there's all these other Families there's one whale entity that We're not talking about and we're Talking about you know whales catching Dips and you know buying on the way down And all this other stuff there's these Giant wallets that have never sold and They're accumulating and they're Accumulating they have billions of Dollars worth of bitcoin when I think of These giant wallets that never sold I'm Thinking of the Rockefellers and names Like that well speaking of these giant Wallets we almost got ahead of ourselves Here guys but bitcoin price decline on Germany mount gaau in minor cell Pressure So for anybody in chat that was War you know are we going to go lower is Bitcoin going to go further down should You sell now and buy at 51 or 46k right This AR is for you uh all of that Pressure that selling pressure may be Overblown now H who would have thought That when everybody used fearmonger to Get views that usually it doesn't end we Stopped the dump I pulled up the five Minute chart you can almost see exactly When the show started everybody open we

Were the support it was you it was the Disco fam everybody make sure you go Ahead and hit that like button if you're Part of the fam that's Germany's daily Sell off and they've only got a couple Left so I love seeing that yeah it's Like it's so we're almost out of this And it's now over again people are like Oh we're going to go to 36k we're going To go to 25k we're going to go to like All these crazy numbers and all of a Sudden everybody's like oh no there was Actually demand for Bitcoin at these Levels interesting take there from of Course that article Marty party here German government while now at 99.9k Bitcoin so for you guys that if you Didn't know this they only have 9,000 Bitcoin left they started with like 50k So they are almost out of their Bitcoin Now have less than roughly half a Billion dollars only 500 million new Bitcoin mining report from Bernstein who Expects $200,000 in Bitcoin here uh Reiterating the predictions of of $200,000 for Bitcoin by the end of 2025 Berstein comes out and analyst stated That their predictions that Bitcoin will Reach 500,000 by the end of 2029 and 1 Million by the end of 2023 now I'm not Someone that's under the million Category but I am someone that believes In if you took a if you look at the Marginal cost of production and compare

It to gold and you put that over like a 15-year time scale guys it's like $653,000 bit it's it's actually insane If you actually connect it with how much Energy can reduce or uh how much uh how Much energy consumes by mitigating Carbon emissions and you know actually Increasing GDP and building all this Growth for economies it's actually a Really really cool nerdy thing to look At but there's a 90% chance Bitcoin will Reach a new all-time high before March Of 2025 I would agree with this read Estimating a network adoption C breaking News breaking news breaking news Breaking news uh we do have fresh data From Arkham intelligence uh regarding The German government cuz you know I saw That that Marty party tweet was 3 hours Old I was like well let me go to Arkham And I found Arkham tweet they haven't Tweeted about it yet uh so we have a 40 Yeah yeah I'll accept your stupid Cookies 44 minutes ago 56 minutes ago They are now down to 500 million they Are under 10,000 Bitcoin they have sold Four out of every five Bitcoin actually A little bit more almost done almost Almost done almost done us lawmakers are Also almost done as they meet with Crypto advocates in DC round table and Anetta Dunn a senior advisor to Joe Biden attended the Round Table in her Personal capacity amid reports US

President president was considered Changing his position on crypto how About that Clooney yeah can we uh okay We're not talk about George Clowny George Clowny did you see the viral post Where they use all his movie titles yeah That was actually hilarious did you see That TJ no I didn't see I was like uh You know uh you're probably bellowing O Brother Where Art Thou and as it didn't Go uh and it just then it's like you're Going to need the ER at it was really Really well put together look I I want To get this is where chat needs let's Let's let's get everybody excited guys We have over 900 people watching guys One smash that like button let let's get Those fire emojis I want to see fire Fire or lightning let's do lightning Tonight lightning emojis are the coolest I like lightning emojis guys spam those Emojis in chat I want everybody to wake Up okay we have like the entire Duke Army in here who stoked there by like 100% today we have insane new products Launching Bitcoin is pumping CPI report Was bullish the current Administration Is now changing right I want you guys to Get excited for the first time because I Feel like everybody's not been so Excited for crypto over the last three Months Now's the Time to get excited so Smash that like button subscribe to this Channel if you guys haven't already and

If you guys are brand new make sure you Guys turn on those notifications we give You guys crypto news Monday through Friday every single morning and keep you Guys up to date with everything that's Happening in these markets guys so thank You for all the support shout out to Again all of our members and again if You're not a member already make sure You guys do so because this Friday Myself TJ and Dy are going to be Exposing our multi-million dollar Portfolio and how much we are down in The last three months okay because look Guys we got skin in the game got a lot Of skin in the game and sometimes it Feels like we're almost out of skin uh Because it's just leading so much look I Maybe had a coin that fell 30% but I got 2% in staking rewards hey let's go dude Yeah but you guys got remember we have Been in for a long time guys there's the Emojis I absolutely love it thank you Guys uh what we got from let's close This one right here I went backwards too Far can't go backward we do have the Biden Trump Vis his backing Biden yet to Confirm his participation in Bitcoin 24 What are the odds uh Biden would show up Yeah what are the odds Joe Biden shows Up say less than 10% I would say less Than 5% I would say 0% I would say less Than 1% I'd say like 0.1% uh there's there's a very limited

Probably standing room only at the Trump Uh it's actually a z% chance because They can't close down and lock in and Monitor all the they can't create their Own artificial stage they can't mute Trump they can't mute the audience they Can't mute like nobody likes Joe Biden The only people that like Joe Biden are Paid DNC Shields but either way moving On invite out real quick real quick Before we hit that next Story Just sh Huge shout out to Alexander G one of our Members just gifted a discover crypto Membership so huge shout out to her Laser face uh yeah laser face Congratulations you got that gifted Membership so uh awesome thank you so Much for that that's pretty sweet to Mrs Obama yeah no shout out to guys thank You for the gifted Subs Alexandra Seriously much love to you guys our top Uh mods always in here does a great job So appreciate it I feel like it's just Isn't that weird like we like know like Like Alexander we know like it's we Spend so much time together Yeah the first one in the chat like when I open up the room she today she wasn't The first one in there but almost always Every day she's the first one to pop in And first one but even for like like Jay Mis Z there's a lot of faces in here That are all like you know I mean Alexander in here like day in day out

This I'm excited for Nashville guys I Hope some of you guys are going coming Us I want I want to meet a lot of you Guys and put a you know put a put a face To the name you know because we spend This is crazy we spend more time Together than with our entire families And probably even the entire time we Spent with our friends in our school Educational system so it's true we we Have that right our internet friends are The truest friends you the Disco Inferno Baby how many times we've traveled to Another country to meet people we've Never met but only know by name on Internet and then just spend like three Weeks with them or just their Cartoon Avatar it is insane absolutely love Tinder Unis swap no I'm just kidding Site Supreme Court ruling to push back Against sec's defi oversight uh yeah We're going to see more supreme Supreme Court rulings to push back against the All off the Chevron Doctrine um so yeah There good good news for UNIS swap Holders very bullish news judge Mary Roland said that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin and ethereum are Commodities more judges are coming out And looking at the crypto Market in a Very positive direction and of course a Cftc chair we covered this but he came Out and also announced this instead I Believe over 75% of crypto assets if not

80 or Commodities uh roughly by Definition yeah I would say by value uh But not by number of tokens by value not Number of tokens yeah because you know Like 8,000 meme tokens created every day They're all Securities so you know by Value though Bitcoin not all of right I mean I mean Like there's a difference between a scam Like you know are they actually Securities I don't know because they're Not promising investment contract some Are some are some are prom this exactly Right there this confusion is why the Secc is done you know if that why that Chevron hearing was really really Important I know I mentioned it a little We didn't talk about it a ton on this Channel it's kind of abstract because it Doesn't directly relate to crypto but The fact that that ruling came down the Way it did is basic basically for those Of you who don't know about a case where The regulatory bodies and the rules were Unclear the industry asked for clarity From the bodies that were supposed to Provide it none happened years went by Industry came up businesses were running The SEC later came back and tried to Apply um you know regulation by Enforcement and so basically what they Started to do is say look uh federal Agencies can't apply laws outside of What would have would have been voted on

By Congress in this kind of framework Which is exactly what the sec's done it Will pretty much seal the fate of the SEC in any case against xrp or Ripple Against coinbase against consensus Against many of these industry leaders That are getting pressured by the SEC Now it's pretty much cut the legs out of What they could do from a power Standpoint which is why the cftc is Happy to step in and they've actually Been uh easier to work with I would say But even they've they haven't really Done a whole lot they've kind of let the SEC step in it on their own and now they Sec's done the cftc's like hey we'll Come in and uh do this we'll call it all Commodities I I saw one Chevron Doan Example this morning uh it's bad for Tesla stockholders uh California forcing All cars sold in that state to be Electric by 2032 citing the Chevron Doctr is like you are definitely Overstepping your bounds forcing us to Not be able to buy a gasoline Combustible engine right you can't do That you can't do that to I want to Answer someone in chat they've been Asking about obsi yeah guys obs's like An amazing trade that we made way back Back in like March I think they got Hacked over the last like 24 hours or Something like that and they've dropped By like 90% but I have no idea anything

Else that's like we covered a little bit In the last night's live uh but if you Guys are affected by that I am that's Unfortunate guys that's unfortunate we Haven't been in op six since March of uh This year at this point are we reaching 59k today we'll look behind Dez's head Another $ 58,183 Because we have some bullish news for Xrp holders here today so one in chat if You like xrp too if you do not because The opportunity and payments according To Goldman Sachs is within Ripple Banks Join Ripple net to process crossb Payments in real time with end to end Tracking and certainty uh and this is of Course what I believe is actually Coinciding the price action today and Giving it a 3% pum nice little pump one Of the bigger Pumpers in the top 15 so Got got some value to that man who was Quick on the Discover crypto chat to Really really quick uh how token toiz Real world assets we got a lot of well We got about mixed singles guys hey Bullish I really want you guys to win With xrp the cycle how tokenized real World assets are outperforming crypto You know what they're not outperforming Ono either way whether to hedge against A crypto volatility and utility and Efficiencies or streamline AIS Alternatives wow now we're getting a Bunch of ones balls deep in here de on

That one Button real world assets tokenized have Been growing in popularity uh and now we Don't really need to dive into these Articles you know super deep because you Guys know we cover this literally every Single day x rwa XYZ that dashboard we Are we up another 10 Million let hope so 10 million 01 b b is Up it's plus 1.1% from SE oh I think it Updates weekly now um but either way Still it's up to 1.81 billion yes pay For those chain link oracles burn my Chain link investors uh institutional Investors IDI DWF Labs partners with in This picture yeah it kind of looks like It that does look like crypto Network Here guys uh but trui so yeah Institutional La DWF Labs partners with Trui trui is another tokenization Product if you guys go to rwa doxyz you Can actually see it's number 10 in the World and is up 73% in terms of market Cap here over the last 30 days we got Tim not uh ta Tim I know you guys hate Xrp but if they win their case what has A higher potential to the upside xrp Ando or Salo Ando far uh I will say the Day of the victory xrp is going to like Be the best performing asset in the top 100 except maybe flare uh but then if You go out like a month you're probably Going to wish you had the other two Assets yeah I would say what they both

Ando or Soul both have dramatically more Upside win win or loss I mean both on Market cap room to the upside and on Narrative and on Tech the xrp Ripple is A going to be a viable company within This space Ripple is massive xrp the Token they haven't really been able to Generate a ton of demand for it beyond What they had in 2017 uh Ando no man People in South Korea using those Remittent payments like there's no Tomorrow yeah Ando and soul have huge New upside huge new narrative big people Behind it so I mean still again and There smaller market cap already still And the tokenomics are better still so It's something about investing you want To invest in speculation not like where It's at today yeah I love you guys I Hope you can get out of salana or I'm Sorry get out of xrp without taking a Loss Uh I know most of you guys that are Holding it are probably deep in the red On it it's a tough decision to know when To cut your losses and move on um but You know sometime I would I I we did That with xrp a while ago I would Recommend it you know just had you taken A 50% hit and moved it into like I think What I did with the xrp is moved it in Salon a long time ago and then it's Salon has doubled since then and xrp's Gone down you know so I'm very very

Happy with my choice it's always hard to Do it when you do but you need to do Another Super Super Chat From bacon or 505 Beacon or bacon when Will the total value increase ease lead To process increases for Ando and chain Link I would argue that already has uh The difference is over the last uh few Months bitcoin's been pulling back but If you look at ando's chart I mean guys Like go to coin gecko right Ando is by Far like actually one of if not the best Performer in terms of large cap Cryptocurrencies in the last 6 months I Mean that the max Chard is like up and To the right so see here in June June 5th it stopped pumping uh and it just Started following the market condition Right June 5th was the top of that Bitcoin rally at 70k pulled back right So we look at this high or low high or Low high or low it looks good from a Chart perspective ta perspective does Look good in a TJ I don't think it's a 505 bkin I think it's a 505 baac con so He's out there that's why he's asking About I'm just well you have Nate gasi Tweeting out here Matt hugan or Hogan From uh bitwise Investments the CIO and Co-founder future proof and previous CEO Of uh says if you want to invest In tokenization for growth uh ethereum Is like the picks and shovels I would Argue that ethereum and of course chain

Link is the pick in shovels and that's Because securitized is partnered with Chain link to provide a lot of that Onchain data and it's pulled by pretty Much everything else as well with their Ccip so and their Oracle so I would say Chain link guys chain Link's already a Massive market cap like if you're Looking out of those big this is the Things market cap matters there's very Few people out there that try to argue That it doesn't does the value of the Current that's what people are paying For it in terms of tokens so even if it Does get at Price action it takes a lot More volume to move something like chain Link or salana than it does for Something like andos so if you're Looking for performance but you have to Realize guys when you go for performance Higher performance means higher risk Yeah so you have to take that into Accountability uh what do we got here Duke now on coin W and trending on Dex Trending on J good job there while he Looks that up we do have you know Speaking of Commodities Securities we do Have cftc they are happy to step in and Take the helm from Gary ginzler very Important note about chair Benham I Think his name is Roston bham roson bham Voted most likely in his high school to Be secretly controlled by an alien Inside of his body an alien inside of

His body tell me I'm wrong no yeah most Most likely to be uh a super villain Like sidekick that takes over you know What I mean like he's the right-hand man To the super villain that when the super Villain goes down he's going to try to Take yeah he's like the villain that's Like uh either like really smart and Cold and calcul or the one who like Can't string together sentences like Yeah he just has that look oh well it is We actually are fans of cftc to control Crypto versus sec I'm kidding sorry Rost Rost I'm a fan guys we're fans we're Fans yeah just uh be safe there stop Letting them come out at us we're going To get an email soon we're gonna get Email step up to Gary Gins in a real way That's all I'm asking but yeah we are Trending here I got to try to find it Here trending on Deck screener we have The fire Emoji next to it but I can't See it so I'm either my glasses are need To be wiped but guys we have pump like Literally 50% in the last 24 hours so That's huge for you guys there uh next Up we have of course ethereum rainbow Chart predicts ethereum price for end of 2024 they're looking at a very high Surpassing briefly $4,000 but the rain The rainbow chart would be where is the Rainbow chart here rainbow chart wow What would it be it would be steady Zone They not give us a price no they do

Right there conversely trading above $8,900 okay wow 8,900 you maybe I'll do A big breakdown 12,791 I I might do a Big uh 24 eth prediction video tomorrow Sck around for that make sure you have Notifications on disc if you guys aren't Watching those 7 P.M videos we just Started doing a lot of really good Information in there whether you've been In crypto a long time or new a lot of We're putting a lot of tools and rech Research things so uh yeah that'd be a Great one for 7:00 p.m. well we have Some bullish news for another altcoin Guys again yeah make sure you guys Subscribe go check out those live Streams we also do you know a 4 P p.m. And a 7: p.m. guys get that crypto news For you guys coinbase allegedly Collected this altcoin this is what chat Okay Victory we this is a victory this is W's In the chat everybody that has this Token that I'm about to show you needs The smash wck up and you better be Hitting that like button because we've Been we've been warning them this is What we've been saying is going to Happen to this project yes it's been Pulling back it's been pulling back but We're like there is no token for one Ecosystem specifically and that is base Yeah and so what we we're going to see Is accumulation of the largest liquidity

Providers maybe the dexes and in this Case coinbase is accumulating none other Than aerod Drome Finance aerod Drome Finance according to data from crypto Analyst platform nanson coinbase Ventures secretly secretly on anymore Purchased Arrow after Arrow drone which Had previously announced it had Purchased its own altcoin Arrow from the Market in total coinbase purchased at Least more than 4.7 million so $2.7 Million worth according to coinbase Ventures so now coinbase just bought Arrow at these lows uh that tells me That if they're entering this Market Secretly at this range uh this is a Great are to DCA into Aerodrome here Wonder when was the last time they Bought the last batch of buys about a Week ago everybody so this isn't Something like hey we found a purchase In February and we're talking about it No they're they're actively purchasing Yeah I found it right is that what you Pulled up here uh this tweet right here From nanson from that okay got you I Couldn't see that far so yeah you could See that this is recently so this means They bought at the bottom which is very Interesting very interesting take there Cardono though we have a story for Dey Here cardano ENT there's a Gaming Arena Do you know a lot about this uh yeah It's a called Kronos shot it's a Sci-Fi

Shooter game and it was added to the Wish list on epic game store so a pretty Big step for the Ada ecosystem cardano He says cardano games on Epic makes me Happy so cardano based gaming is coming Folks and our video yesterday all about The most significant milestone in Cardano's history make sure you check That out let me slide a little to the Right so you just see that awesome Thumbnail that Aaron worked hard on Beautiful beautiful thumbnail guys That's what we got for you guys today Make sure you guys hit that like button Subscri subscribe to this channel stop Missing out on all the amazing content Guys here every single guys thank for Watching real quick hit that like button Or we're going to force you to stash Your Bitcoin under your skin folks so uh Yeah we'll just end with that scary Picture right there if you can TJ hit The like button or that's happening Stash your Bitcoin under your skin and That is disgusting that is gross powered By B that right out of You Today's Show is powered by arculus The best cold story wallet on the market For you guys one tap Total Security self Custody is the most important trait and Characteristic and attribute that you Have to have and utiliz in crypto or Else you're going to get wrecked you got To get yourself that metal hardware wall

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