ONDO: What You MUST Know

Crypto is a huge space and ONDO is making a huge impact. You must understand ONDO and what it can do for your altcoin investing portfolio.

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Tech enthusiasts are now gearing up for What could be the next phase of the Internet what is web 3 this might be the Biggest opportunity of our entire lies Web 3 is the next Evolution next Evolution evolution of the internet web 3 real world assets are not only going To revolutionize what you know about Money the technology has changed the way We think about Finance it will Increasingly become a part of the Infrastructure of our everyday lives Reshaping the future of Finance the Right rwa projects are going to make Thousands of millionaires this bull run Could you be a millionaire from buying Ando we now have a digital Representation of ownership that does Not live on somebody else's platform the Market size of tokenized assets can Reach 16 trillion by 2030 in this video I'm going to show you an rwa project That could change your life forever had You bought $169,000 of Ando 2 months ago you would Be a millionaire today Uno is a great Project it's stronger than Bitcoin it's Called Ando and here's what you need to Know do we believe that $10 trillion of Real world assets will be tokenized by 2030 as you know one of the biggest Narratives nowadays is real world assets People love real world assets how does Real World assets Bridge together

Between crypto and real world real world Assets are assets that exist in the World and are represented through a Digital token on the blockchain I think The core function in terms of reward Assets of blockchains is really to Separate ownership from possession you Don't necessarily need to own something In order to reap the benefits of trading Or you know reselling it big money needs Their assets on the blockchain and this Bull run is proving just that it's been A Mad Dash to the blockchain for Commodities all over the world Black Rock joins the tokenization race We Believe The Next Step going forward will Be the tokenization of financial assets Stable coin Market could grow to nearly Three trillion in the next 5 years do we Believe that $10 trillion of real world Assets would tokenized by 2030 yes Absolutely we do this brings us to Ono Which is set out to create institutional Great products that connect the Best of Both Worlds seamlessly bringing rw's Onchain and democratizing access to Institutional products Hondo Hondo Hondo Finance they are one of the big players In the field a new era of financial Inclusivity on chain funded by a lot of Large Venture capitalists they've got a Lot of Partners Black Rock Aur in Stanley mantle polygon coinbase curve Injection urine Anchorage digital

Currently Ando has three products Available to institutional investors and Retail and they have a product called Usdy a stable coin that pays you yield When you hold it but unlike the risky Ones that are backed by Thin Air this One is backed by Uncle Sam himself then There's o USG token backed by none other Than black Rock's USD institutional Digital liquidity fund also known as Bidd as well as Bank deposits and usdc For liquidity these two assets have Billions of inflow potential both Domestically and internationally and Here's why they have a product also Known as flux Finance flux Finance which Is a landing platform that supports Tokenized Securities on the Ono Bridge Which allows for cross chain transfers Of the Ono token now this provides 4.5% API for lenders Ono also has a new fund Called Omf Op that is coming soon and will be a Tokenized version of black Rock's money Market fund the products are a trafi Dream scenario to onboard a bunch of old Money that is sitting on the sidelines Bullish together usdy and O USG have Almost $400 million in total value lock A huge percentage of the $1.2 billion Eyes tokenized Securities market cap so Why does all of this matter well Ando Could change the stable coin game by

Bringing transparency and value to Holders which is something that trafi Wants to hear they don't like moving Money around unless they can meet Requirements of of course the mafia I Mean sorry Regulators like the SEC with Ando holders get the yield from Underlying Securities versus a company Like tether usdt that of course rakes in Billions and isn't upfront about any of The assets backing their token now the Only problem here is that Gary guzzler I Mean gendler and his Department of Crypto hating lackes the hates its own Citizens and the funny thing here is That if you are a US citizen you cannot Actually in is so unfortunately even Though us taxpayers pay his salary o USG And usdy are not available to US Citizens you want to have exposure to This Rising Star you got to hold the Ando token because despite even if you Were an accredited investor you're not Allowed to access black Rock's bid Product not only do you have to have $5 Million you have to be approved by their System to even be able to use it now Currently Ando is trading around 80 Cents with a market cap of $1.1 billion There are 1.4 billion tokens in Circulation out of the total 10 billion And I told you this is a new project but What makes me excited is all future Token unlocks must be approved through

Its governance and the charts on Ono Look very bullish the price barely Corrected during the last crypto crash Which means the majority of holders are Thinking longterm very rare in crypto It's been consolidating in the 75 to 80 Cent range for weeks getting ready for The next pump right now it's testing the Yellow line before another leg up now I Think in the short term ando's price Could easily get to $1 to $2 and long Term it's anyone's guess but the Important thing to keep in mind with Projects like this are the token unlocks While other projects like pip have seen Massive unlocks recently Ando is slowly Dripping theirs out over the course of 2024 with an increase in 2025 and this Is a very healthy thing to do as for the Project it makes trading the token a lot Easier if you want to trade Ono you can Do that on blof fin with no kyc so make Sure you guys click that in the Description below today if of course You're interested are you bullish on Ando yet is Ando worth the hype well in My opinion yes it is tell me what you Think Ando could do during this bow run Or if you even have a more optimistic Price Target let us know in the comments Below either way hit that like button And I'll see you guys at the top [Music]

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