Most Significant Milestone In Cardano History!

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Charles hoskinson the founder of ADA Said we're about to witness the most Significant milestone in the history of Cardano and for the industry as a whole Of course we're talking about the Cardano Chang hard Fork that is about to Launch and we're going to cover what Exactly is the changen hard Fork a Gigantic cell wall that we must overcome Before cardano can have a bullish period And then I got three things in the Charts that I got to show you and the Last thing is the most bullish of them All but yeah Charles hoskinson tweeting About this and cardano is about to be a Decent centralized civilization spanning The entire world with millions of Residents the Chang hard Fork is Launching next week everybody and so far It is set to launch on the 16th of July And we're going to see the co-founder Step down from a lot of the governance When it comes to cardano so after weeks Of speculation he has officially Announced the launch of the hard Fork Here according to the cardano team the Chang hard Fork will be critical in Transforming cardano's governance Through a constitutional order Comprising onchain voting and Democratic Rights everybody so what exactly do they Mean by this you mean cardano's going Democratic I mean is is it have like a a Booth that I can you know vote in well

Kind of the Chang hard Fork's main goal Is to introduce Community centered Governance the use of community-run Governments hopes to achieve complete Decentralization for the cardano Blockchain therefore the approach will Be to incorporate onchain voting Ensuring a transparent and verifiable Decisionmaking process if just to Basically simply put this is where the Community will vote for the budget and Other activities so the cardano power is Going from these Elite institutions Amergo iog cardano foundation and now Going to the people it's now going to You so you can vote with your cardano Through your spos on what direction Cardano is going to be heading this is Massive massive news for people that Care about decentralization and if you Recall last time cardano got a major Upgrade it was the introduction of smart Contracts in September of 2021 and That's the last time we saw the massive Pump for cardano where cardano basically Went from 20 cents all the way up to $3 With including a very very quick run From $1 to $3 but the next thing I said I said there's a massive cell wall that We got to overcome we're going to say The exact levels this thing begins cuz This is going to be a lot of pressure Against cardano's pump now ideally the Price could jump to 40 cents and if we

Look right now cardano you know really Really close to that 38 and about Basically and a half here we look at the Max a lot of movement to the upside we Got a lot of room to the upside here but Back to the cell wall here the if the Mild positive cinnamon is sustained That's how we can jump to 40 cents However growing Beyond this level is Where you got to start worried after 40 Cents is where it starts to get very Very scary everybody into the block data Is shown 4.8 billion Ada that's a lot of ADA right there might trigger a massive Resistance around the price range 41 .97 C to 47.9 2 so Where the cell wall is going to begin You can kind of see you know we traded Around in a little bit of a a sideways Channel here for a good number of days Uh you can see you know kind of going All the way back to uh around April then Just kind of traded around up and down In this range uh then eventually broke To the downside sticking to this Parallel channel that we see heading to The downside so interestingly enough you Can see exactly where that cell wall Begins just coinciding exactly where That Wick is on the daily now I said There's three things I wanted to show You because it's not all doom and gloom Everybody we're going to cover the three Things in the charts but first we have

432,000 addresses that might have sell Orders within this range so there going To be a huge huge intense strain on Cardano's rally uh in the push to regain Its 52 we High there's going to be other Resistance levels that we got to look Out for we're going to start looking at These now now first some good news all Right you deserve some good news we got The Chang hard Fork you know we are in This downtrend but it looks like we Poten potentially are going to be Breaking out of this trend here last Time we were in a just a sustained Downward Trend finally broke out after a While and we had a massive pump to the Upside you see from the breakout you Know we had a 85% pump over 100 days but A very very quick 65% pump in just one Month so cardano can melt a face just Out of nowhere if we were to get a 65% Pump from the breakout in just one month You're looking at a very very uh healthy 60 C cardano so you know I would expect You know maybe some resistance before That though around 50 Cent so bullish News here is we are in a bull div and if You're wondering what the bull div is a Bullish Divergence is when the price is Heading down as the RSI is heading up so Last time we saw this we had a pretty Good rally now this one not as sharp but It was drawn out over a longer period of Time we had a massive pump that time as

Well unless if we just measure that one It took a little bit longer but over 56 Days we had 182% pump so last time we had a good RSI Bull div we had a really good pump we're Seeing a massive RSI bull div as we Speak number two thing I want to show You in the charts and I want to give a Big shout out to Chris o for pointing This out to me is we are not oversold on The large time frames if you look at the Large time frames and you focus on the RSI here you can see last cycle Extremely oversold on the twoe chart in Fact we see the same thing on the Monthly chart as as well so we go to the One month we are nowhere near the levels Of oversold on the larger time frames so To me this is a giant signal that Cardano is not overcooked if we go to The twoe you can see that we briefly uh Touched it shortly after the having well You know we are a little bit ahead of Schedule we briefly touched it slightly Before the having after that is when Cardano had its massive move there it Went all the way from 6 cents everybody To three that's a 4,700 per pump okay we're talking about Almost 5,000% pumps I don't think we're Going to have a 50x with cardano but I Do think a 10x is definitely in the Cards there now the other thing I want To show you is going to also be related

To the Bitcoin having you're going to See two vertical lines here now the First vertical line is going to be the Having of 2020 and then the Blue Line You're seeing right here is just the Recent having we had April 19th the last Having and I want to give a big shout Out to Dan crypto Capital Venture the Last having cardano was boring for Hundreds of days if we measure right Here was around 220 so uh you can see 220 days and then cardano experiened its Breakout so after the having cardano was Boring forever 7 eight months if we look Right now we are nowhere near that Period this is uh April 19th we're only 86 not even days uh past the having 200 Days is still a ways away we're talking About an October November pump for Cardano there so plenty of time be Patient if you're expecting a pump in July you're expecting a pump just a Couple months after the having history Is shown us that is not when it happens It happens you know uh several several Months after the fact there so we are Not quite at the point where cardano is Ready for a rally and in fact if we look At cardano Bitcoin we're also seeing you Know bullish stuff with some bull divs Right there also you could kind of see It with the having as well if we go Ahead and light up the having the having Created a nice little pump that we saw

Then went back down and then we had the Real good pump after the Bitcoin having That one was again about 200 some odd Days about 238 days now our having was On April 19th and if we move this to April 19th we still got plenty of time You know looking at the cardano Bitcoin Chart the pump might start happening in December uh of this year so you know Just be patient now is not the time to You know exit because you're feeling Bearish right now if you look at the Charts if you look at the bull Divergences happening on bitcoin on usdt Looking at the RSI that's not even Overbought and realizing it took 200 Plus days for us to break out now is a Good time to just remain calm in fact Maybe even add to your portfolio because I do think cardano is going to have a Massive breakout this year if not q1 2025 that's when we start seeing really Really bullish action for cardano so I'm Predicting we're not going to start Pumping till October November Potentially December so Q4 q1 next year That's when cardano's look looking to Melt some faces and hopefully I'll see You in your diamond handed cardano bags At the top

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