Massive Bitcoin Update Sparks Reversal

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Really happy with all emergency market Update we have Bitcoin of course Crashing ethereum down Bitcoin just went Below $60,000 I'm here behind the scenes At killer whales season 2 I have action Here with me as well we've been just Watching kind of all of the contestants I can't speak on anything but of course We've been watching narratives just be Spoken and pitched all day long every Single day all week here out in La so You know the current status Market I Wanted to talk to you guys really quick On this we have pulled back now from Like $72 $73,000 We're seeing altcoins bleed by 70 80 90% And people feel like I don't know we're At alltime highs like not alltime Highs But previous alltime highs and it feels Like we're in the middle of the bare Market Blues people are packing their Bags walking away the fear and greed Index is like yeah it's at a 27 today Down even further and so you know my Perspective on these markets I just Wanted to share it with you guys when And out always zoom out when we're Looking at consolidating around 100 days Guys we may or may not be at the tip of This born maybe it is reversing I don't Know we can't predict the future but When we look at all of the analytics the Onchain metrics historical data when we Consolidate at ranges like this we're

Generally preparing for what would be Known as the next leg up and I don't Know if that's going to be 80k I don't Know that's going to be 90k but I want To get your thoughts here action and Then of course I'll share mine as well With my top three picks that I'm dollar Cost averaging into I actually just Bought $10,000 with another token Honestly in the comments below I'm sure The audience will be able to guess what It is uh because I'm like a maxi when it Comes to this project but I want to get Your thoughts on this how are you Feeling about Bitcoin down below $60,000 Are you buying are you paused are you Worried we're going to go to 45k I'm Actually excited man cuz I'm getting Miners at a really cheap rate right now Like that's where it's at for me like I Love mining because it doesn't matter What the price of Bitcoin is I'm still Mining Bitcoin I still get that same Amount regardless of what the market is Saying Bitcoin doesn't know how much it Costs it just knows that it's Bitcoin Right that's the way to look at it That's how you grow in the space make Sure that you don't take a look at the Exact price at any given And like you know you just said zoom out Zoom out and again alts are my thing I Love alts I do bring everything back to Bitcoin whenever possible but that's

That that's just my play and if I'm Going to say anything to anybody else Out there to like to take a look at alt I never go into that micro market caps Cuz it's too dangerous I don't want Nobody losing their shirts out there so I mean focus on the big things like uh Near is a great one um link is another Great one shout out Kade by the way um Just focus on those top ones because I I Can tell you without shadow of it out It's not over that's that's that's one Thing that I will always say it's not Over um I mean bitcoin's dead for like The 100th time this season alone maybe Thousandth but we we have ethereum spot ETFs about to release Gary gz is talking Very positively we have of course the Presidential debate there's rumors that The ramaswami is going to be announced The VP that is incredibly for bullish For Bitcoin just in general onchain Metrics RSI if you guys look at the Technicals all extremely bullish so Right now I am personally dollar cost a Again the last time my dollar cost Average was when eth was at 3,000 and Bitcoin dropped to 57k for the first Time we bought $50,000 worth of ethereum With you guys on stream you guys have All the data points you can go back and Look at this now I am dollar cost Averaging into Ando that was another Purchase I just made as well you guys

Know I think tokenization is the future Of these markets especially with black Rock the Biddle program everything uh But of course chain link as well with Their ccip and then honestly I'm Starting to dip back into Ai and that is Going to be render I don't know if you Have any favorite project I mean I I Like render they're large my biggest Thing with render I don't think it's Going to go as far as other tokens that Haven't really PE I mean you have really Good competition for for Renda right now Between aosh um flux there there's Plenty of people out there that have That have not yet reached that kind of Market cap and I mean they're primed for It like AI is a narrative that Everybody's into right now so definitely Watch out you know for it in the space Um shout out hash AI those guys are Awesome and that was Adam and that was Adam and then we have Adam the fighter But yes guys make sure you guys are just Looking at these charts it is you know Maybe it is bloody out there yes I mean Of course it is it does not feel good But when everybody is fear fearful That's when you tend to want to be Greedy and again if you can't be dollar Cost a to these projects right now the Idea may be to actually start just Researching create that watch list I got To make sure I don't have uh you know

Certain people in the framework here I Have to wait for season 2 to release From killer Wales here uh but seriously Guys I don't believe this bull runs Anywhere close to over we've been Hovering around alltime highs for a long Time yes the United States Germany They're selling off but if you look Historically we tend to hover around Previous alltime highs cycle after cycle And the next leg up is always the Biggest and my biggest concern is the People that were too scared to buy it 15K 30k 45 50 60 Etc are going to be now Fing into the top of these markets when We finally go back up to 7075 $80,000 And miss out on the majority of the Bull Run let me know guys in the comments Below what are your favorite altcoins do You believe this crypto bow run is over I can tell you right now guys being at Season 2 on set behind the scenes Talking with altcoin daily talking with Crypto RS this is just getting started And it thens to feel like there is a ton Of money about to flly back into this Industry

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