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Make ethereum great again so maybe we're Going to see that dominance chart really Be affected here in the short term a lot Of funny memes going around right now Guys but you know looking at the Liquidations this is what's important so Are you too late is it too early to like Should he buy should you sell what Should you be doing because obviously The headline title of this video and This live stream is you know convert Your Bitcoin for ethereum and why so Liquidations wise if I were looking this At the Delta spread okay this green you Guys know in the chat St it with me I in The red sell in the green so generally When we see a massive green brick like This we want to see it neutralized we Want to see it get wiped out and dragged To the bottom so when we see this we Have to go look in real time on the Charts and by the way there is $13 Billion in Delta spread on ethereum and Let me just put this in perspective guys That is insane because Bitcoin usually I Look for a pivot at 13 billion so Ethereum has more uh there is more Volume right now taking place

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