Kelly explains the reasons for dips and why we are still bullish!

Think it's important to note that Hong Kong also bought the dip yesterday but This is phenomenal you know I think Somebody asked earlier when do you think It's going to be too late we all have to Remember we're now at the early adopter Stage of Institutions and I think uh What we're going to disproportionately See going into the next 10 to 15 years Is the majority of holders that have Exposure to bitcoin and crypto are going To be people that more likely than not Are buying through ETFs and etps but I I Think right now it's nowhere near too Late right now we're about to go into The most bullish phase of the crypto Markets for the next two years and I Think if you still gotten you have never Bought before even getting in now you Are I mean you're you're still so far Ahead of the Curve

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