How To See Crypto DUMPS Coming (Every Crypto Unlock In July)

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Token unlocks can destroy your favorite Crypt price and this month is going to Be no different folks we got a billion Dollars in token unlocks hitting this Week that is going to absolutely destroy Potentially three altcoins and we're Going to be covering these three Altcoins and first one we're looking at Is going to be arbitrum everybody Arbitrum on July 16th is set to unlock $64 million you didn't know arbitrum was The first layer two to hit $150 billion Total volume on Unis swap I've always Said the whale love arbitrum the devs Love op and they're going to unlock Almost 3% of its circulating Supply this Month it says June but it's actually July 16th they've done it in the last Couple months on the state the 92 Million tokens have a current value of About $64 million if we go to arbs Max Chart here you can see ARB has basically Never been lower in price this token has Just been getting beat down by the Markets by the whales and these token Unlocks is definitely going to be a Major contributing factor to the token Price getting dropped down now if we go To token unlocks website you can find This at token. Ended up uh being the beginning of the Cascading prices you can see now right Here price just declined from above $2 To our current area of around 65 Cent 68

C now it's hard to tell if it fell Because of the unlock or just Bitcoin Started crashing at that moment all the Altcoins started to bleed against Bitcoin so it's really hard to tell with Arbitrum so I went into defi llama to Peak under the hood of what's happening With arbitrum and I found a couple of Good good metrics if I'm just going to Be honest here first one total value Locked on arbitrum has just been Steadily increasing you see it's just You know nice nice up and to the right It spiked out of the gate and bottomed Out around the summer of 22 now couple Interesting things I found if we look at The stable coins this is stable coins on The ARB chain stable coins just on the Rise in fact at the moment we actually Have more value in stable coins on the ARB evm then we actually have the value Of the ARB chain itself but then this is What's really important the market cap Of R once we look at that on top of this Well folks the market cap the green line Right here is actually been on the Decline as a total value lock kind of Trending upward and as the stable coins Are skyrocketing so ARB behind the Scenes you peek under the hood starting To look a little bit bullish let's talk About where I am a buyer I'm going to Tell you all three tokens where I'm a Buyer and R we're just going to use the

Good old Fibonacci here we got it from The swing low to the swing high and We've been kind of trading around in a Range for a while but then we just Recently broke down this is going to be The 618 and the 786 and you can see here Bo we love bouncing around this we Wicked to the top you know after testing The bottom and then when we came back Down you know we Wicked a little bit Below came back Wicked against the top Perfectly almost Wicked against the Bottom perfectly Wicked against the top Perfectly and then came back down and Then after that well we started falling Uh you know pretty pretty hard there but If we look at the bottom of this range It's going to be the same entry point of Where it launched and so to me I think We might end up testing the bottom of This range this is going to be the 4956 So this would be where I would be Looking to make an entry point which is Going to be you know right around 51 Cent so 67 cents you know maybe not the Best time to uh be ar buying your Arbitrum I would wait till we get about A 25% correction so if we fall down to 51 cents 25% correction on the dot now The next token we're looking at here is Going to be Aptos Aptos with another big Unlock 68 million now this is one of the Two projects staffed by former members Of Facebook if you didn't know that the

Other one was being sweet and then They're going to unlock 2 and a half% of A circulating Supply it's going to be 11 Million tokens worth about $68 million So what are my thoughts on Aptos well Looking at the Aptos chart kind of looks Like a good area to buy I I check this Trend line at the bottom see you know Does this trend line hit this point or Does it hit this point actually hits the Top and that means we are breaking uh You know our former former support on Aptos here but if we go back here you Can see Aptos will pump out of nowhere And it will dump out of nowhere last Time we had a really good pump we went From basically $3 to $18 a nice little 6X and our recent touch at $18 saw us Falling below $6 just basically in the Matter of a few weeks now if we go into The token unlocks here Aptos well two days from now we got Those tokens hitting but we also had Events in the past and you know looking At the price the price kind of just does Its own thing it doesn't really worry About the unlocks too much but this is Just going to be a linear drip and so a Lot more Aptos tokens are going to be Hitting the markets now the max Supply Technically Infinity similar to ethereum But you know how much is burnt how much Is uh created just depends on how many People use the chain now if we go to

Trading view back to trading view you I Pulled up the FIB extensions one more Time and folks I think we can test the Bottom of the 786 you see you know we Like trading in this range before Wicking against the top as it used it as Resistance wicking against the bottom as Then it'll turn into support and then You know we finally broke through when We broke through we broke through in a Pretty major way I think we can still Test the bottom of this which is going To be a hair below $5 now one thing I do Want to say with these psychological Areas sometimes you know you got to Expect support at $5 so I wouldn't wait All the way until $485 if we look right here I would Actually probably be a buyer at $491 so That's a hair below $5 that's going to Be about a 17% trim off the Aptos price And right now as we speak the Aptos Founder is on stage with Sergey the Founder or co-founder of chain link There so you know a lot of uh activity Behind the scenes I mean you see you Know working with these other chains and If we just get some percentage of the Link Marine army or I guess I should say The link Marines to end up you know kind Of embracing aptose uh that would be Very very bullish for aptose but now Let's look at the third and final token Here that's going to be immutable x a

Mutable X is one of my stories where I Wish I knew more about token unlocks When I was given this token I played a Game called gods and Chained and I Actually got my IMX for free via an Airdrop but I didn't really know much About token unlocks back then this was About 3 years ago three and a half years Ago but I'll say this I definitely wish I knew then what I know now when it Comes to token unlocks you know IMX kind Of like ape coin I end up just writing It down because hey you know it's free It hit my wallet didn't really have to Do much for it so why do I need to take Profit but if I would have been paying More attention you know I maybe would Have been able to walk away with some More Bitcoin or ethereum well it's a Gaming firm web 3 gaming firm IMX will Unlock 2% of its circulating Supply About 32 million tokens and that's going To be worth about $43 million and that's Going to be on July 12th so just a Couple days from now uh vanx said last December that the release of web 3 games Like eluvium could catabol IMX into a Top 25 token by market cap this year Which would be huge it is a top 50 is Ranked 49 right now so jumping in the Top 25 would be massive we look at the Max chart man I I did great I actually Uh I sold I think Christmas Christmas Eve so you know hey you got a little bit

Of a pump there I ended up exiting uh You know did pretty good uh getting out At a little bit better price than we're At right now one good thing about IMX we Are at about 75% of the tokens release You can see 1.5 billion out of the 2 Billion tokens now we go to the Token Unlocks you can see there was a massive Event in the past and that was around The beginning of November 22 that's when We got the biggest spike in tokens you See the blue line right there this is Going to be Private Sales so we got a Massive massive private sale jumped up That circulating Supply so what happened To IMX during its last large unlock well We go here November 22 well that was Kind of the local bottom right there so Ended up being a great entry point for IMX even at the suppress prices right Now you could have got it around 40 Cents and you could have got an exit you Know around $3.50 so it would have been A really good uh 8X for you now if we go Into trading view what is dz's entry Point for IMX well using the good old FIB tool yet again this is the closest One to my entry point and that's going To be tested in the bottom of the 786 you see folks that might have been The wick that might have been the Opportunity we might not actually get That low it's going to be around a1101 111 but you can see we already Wicked to

A13 so that might have been the retest To the bottom of the fibit level but if We come back down I'm definitely going To be a buyer around these ranges now IMX great great stuff once we start Digging into the uh under the hood here The blue line is going to be the total Value lock now it is a small amount but It's going in the right direction now This is just uh you know something That's been happening recently but if we Look at the price the price is heading Down so as the price goes down the value Is going up and I said it was going to Be the closest to my entry point if we Look right here folks it is only 11% Away so right now $127 I think you can Get in 111 1111 12 so you know about a 10% decline so if you're really really Bullish on web 3 gaming I would say just Go ahead and pull the trigger you're Probably not going to regret it in the Next 12 to 18 months so these are the Three tokens I'm looking at these are my Entry points for ARB for Aptos for IM I Do think there's going to be some Cheaper opportunities especially with These massive unlocks on the horizon in The month of July so that's all I got For you and I'll see you and your

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