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Let's learned a little bit more about Flaky so I'm pulling up the website here On their white paper so the white paper Has got a you know a lot of interesting Things that they're building here you Can see it uh they had a Valhalla nft Metaverse game they got a defi ecosystem They got an educational platform and They have some nfts and merchandise Marketplaces here so really really Bullish we're going to get into all of These so first let's look at the Valhalla Valhalla mobile app to be Released later this year this is kind of Breaking news this has just happened uh You know very very recently so Valla Mobile I think a lot of people are going To be you know playing mobile and I Think the new emergent of crypto Investors I think nine out of 10 of the Games are going to be played on phone I Think a lot of us older ones were're Trying to link up you know our metamask And you know it's using our PC and I Think uh the next wave everyone's going To want to play mobile so flaky is going To be used in this uh gaming ecosystem It's a

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