Fed Ready To Cut Rates (MASSIVE Bitcoin Pump Ahead)

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has made statements indicating rate cuts will be coming soon. This on top on other macro economic conditions has Bitcoin ready to pump to fresh new all time highs.

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Thank you for joining disco fam it's Discover crypto we're powered by arculus And Jerome pow is speaking right now We're going to decipher what is he Saying what are we going to do with the Fed rate Cuts is this going to be good For Bitcoin is this going to be bad for Bitcoin what's going to happen if we get A rate cut in September to break all That down but first we just ask you hit That like button everybody we got Josh With us and we got TJ on the ones and Twos how are you two doing today doing Fantastic guys as you guys come in you Know let us know are you bullish on Federal interest rate Cuts or are you be Is it bullish or is it bearish for Bitcoin let us know in the chat here but I'm feeling good you got Bitcoin right Behind us almost 58,000 German Germany looks like you Know they're losing World War Bitcoin Here and they're almost out of their Bitcoin Supply yeah the biggest mistake In ages uh many are saying here Bitcoin Uh it says down 0.5% but I just Refreshed here and it says we are Actually up. 3% so I need to wonder What's going on over there maybe that Updates but Bitcoin is up 3% folks don't Worry we're about to talk about Jerome Pal we have the high lights we're going To talk about that right after we cover These prices eth is up 1.1% BNB is also

Up a little bit see a couple coins flat Like salana flat ton coin flat cardano Getting a little bit of a pump after the Red day yesterday it's not looking too Terrible but what is the biggest gainer In the world everybody it is optimism That is interesting TJ did you happen to Watch my video last night uh I did see Some of it yeah yeah we talk about Optimism we talk about the levels and You know maybe some bullish opport Unities there folks if you're not Watching those 7 p.m. uploads you are Missing out so make sure you have on Those notifications floky is moving to The upside Ando is now really close to a dollar Josh let's just say I didn't have the Funds I couldn't DCA in the 80s I see Ono it's near a dollar is Ando still a Buy at 98 cents well it's a great Question uh there's some breaking news Here that I don't know if we actually Have talking about 500 million uh close Here that's even better but guess who is Joining the uh tokenization world with Three new projects is going to be none Other than Goldman Sachs so my point to This is um everything with Ono seems to Be bullish if you go to rwa XYZ let's Just take a guess is it going to be up Or is it going to be down our token I Treasury is going to be up or man it's Going to be up and just like our like

Count maybe maybe go ahead hit that it Didn't cost you anything just click that Little button right there well us Treasuries these yep of course up to $1 1.81 billion this is just up into the Right we have more institutions coming Into the game and Ando is that biggest Competitor right on par with secure Tiz Which is black Rock's bid project with $500 million in tvl so I am incredibly Bullish on this I think it's one of the Most bullish projects on the market and Yes you guys are like ah Josh is just Always talking about Hondo I think I Have every right to at this point so Yeah uh all right let's talk about some Of the other winners and losers a is Looking good arbitron's looking good uh Phantom also moving to the upside but It's not all green in the candles today There are some red candles and the Biggest red candle of all is zck Protocol and then flare and then Tia Tia Is now down 2.9% after having a very Very strong week pumped about 20% uh Quant down Brett down not coin chain Link chain link let's look at chain link Let's double click on that one I know we Got a lot of Link Marines in the chat Right now chain link just over the last Three months kind of on the downtrend Here if we go back let's just look for About a year here uh chain Link DJ are we back to trading in Long

Channels for chain link just like we did For I think 500 Days right here yeah I mean it sure Feels like it's definitely in that range Uh I'm not complaining about it because It's a pretty good accumulation range it Seems like a decent as far as the top uh Coins go a really strong pick as far as Market cap to relative upside compared To what's being actually used in the Space so I like chain link a lot it's Outside of Bitcoin ethereum it might be One of you know it's probably my top Five favorite projects maybe even top Three so yeah if it ranges for a little While before this big melt up I'm here For it speaking of range look it is Definitely at the bottom of the range Now it does look like we have a trend Line maybe heading to the downside here But I do not hate getting some chain Link at this level I haven't DCA this Week I do usually like more speculative Uh coins you know something not outside Or not in the top 20 but chain link is Just looking maybe too attractive at These levels I might have to uh get some Chain link imagine being able to get That $111 dip right there that would Have been nice uh but that was about it As far as all the strong projects go to The downside we see anything else flare Down down Quant down whiff down Crow Crow is down I'm also kind of interested

In Crow I know Crow has that 5cent Psychological level you can see right There just had that 5cent support now We're at 8 cents getting kind of Dangerous uh look at that three-month Chart what do you guys think about that Three Monon on Crow sh I mean three Monon doesn't look I will say three Monon doesn't look great for most coins Right now it doesn't look great for Bitcoin either so that's true that's True very very fair uh Point why because Of course you know Bitcoin topped out in March and if we look right here this Probably going to be around March 17th March 11th so you know close enough that Was March 28th yeah a lot of coins on The downtrend from March but we said We're going to talk about Jerome pal Let's talk about Jerome pal I did tweet Out his latest tweet if you guys can Help me out here uh the Chang hardfork Is the most significant milestone in the History of cardano you I I couldn't Believe that he said that everybody so If you want to help me out there we're Almost at 500 likes on that one so uh Let's let's push that above 500 but Here's what he seriously said folks he Is speaking Bitcoin reacted and here are The highlights he's speaking to the Senate Banking Committee uh everybody Now he's appeared in front of the Cameras before the CPI and PPI data to

Be announced this week and we're going To of course break that down once we get These numbers now he made some important Statements everybody besides the Chang Hardfork he taking a cautious stance so Far by stating that the more positive Data is needed for interest rate Cuts Saying that more data is needed for the Interest rate Cuts I like how they Repeat that there uh first quarter data Did not support greater confidence in The path of inflation that the FED Needed to cut interest rates it is Inappropriate for the FED to cut rates Until it gains more confidence that Inflation is sustainably moving towards 2% signaling uh TJ you know we're kind Of talking about this we don't have to Wait for 2% to get the cuts you know if We're heading in the right direction That's when we might start seeing some Cuts what what are your thoughts on Cuts In September yay or nay yeah I think They will cut towards the end of this Year September may you know maybe November but I really what's important When you're listening to him talk is Being able to read between the lines He'll say a lot of things he's always Going to say we need more data we're Waiting on this we're watching that and That's obviously that's true he he's the King of saying uh a lot while saying Nothing yes I mean that's kind of his

Job is to come out there and make Statements without you know he knows Everybody hangs on every word that he's Speak so he said this adjective instead Of the other adjective he did last month Oh let me market sell everything right Which is kind of what we're doing too But I like to try to read between the Lines don't take don't take it word for Word with what he said there's a couple Key sentences in there which I don't Know if this article highlights and some Of these are from uh not necessarily From what he's saying right now to Senate but it's what he was saying to Other Central Bankers in a meeting last Night and so when he was meeting with Central Bankers around the world he was Basically indicating you know starting To make the case for rate cuts and Saying you know he thinks the official Target could change from 2% a year from Now meaning they're not always going to Be targeting 2% like if they don't quite Get there they might get to cutting rate Sooner now again he's saying within a Year that could be September that could Be beginning of next year but he also Made another statement cautioning Against being too tight policy-wise for Too long so according to what I'm seeing When I'm reading between the lines They're starting to shift their concern From worrying about inflation to

Worrying about the entire economy Crashing or entire recession in the United States and unemployment going out Of control and if if they've been trying To get inflation under control but if Unemployment gets out of control if the Jobs start trending the jobs reports Start trending the wrong direction That's much much harder for them to get A handle on so they'd rather print and Maybe lose a handle on inflation than Lose a handle on the entire economy yeah Because if they print they can point at Some of the metrics and say hey we're Doing the right thing and you're like Well what about bread prices or gas Prices they're like no no no look over Here oh okay that makes a lot of sense Talk about NCoin I I'll talk about NCoin In a bit off 2020 I see your message There right here's some other things he Was saying High inflation not the only Risk that we face more positive data Will strengthen our confidence in Inflation wow uh really going out on a Limb with that statement there Restrictive policy helps reduce downward Pre uh pressure on inflation incoming Good data will strengthen our confidence In the decline in inflation as a result We made significant progress towards the 2% Target latest indicators show the US Economy continues to grow at a solid Pace we continue to make decisions and

Meetings at the same time in light of The progress made over the past two Years in both reducing inflation and Cooling the labor market High inflation Is not the only risk that we Face Reducing restrictions too late or too Little could weaken economic activity We're determined to return inflation to Our 2% Target and firmly anchor Long-term inflation expectations uh Here's another update some uh responded To some questions the economy has now Reached pre-pandemic level however we Are still trying to create a balance if We cut interest rates quickly the work We have done to reduce inflation may be In vain so this is kind of a key Statement if we cut quickly the work We've done may be in vain this is maybe Signaling uh yeah we are planning on Cutting but maybe not five meetings in a Row five cuts in a row maybe one or two Cuts and then a cool down period you Know maybe monitor the economy that kind Of what you're predicting as well that's What I'm that's what he's starting to Talk about is he's not talking about not Cutting he's talking about when we cut We have to do it right we can't do it Too fast we can't do it too slow we Can't do it too late so I think yeah He's leaning more towards smaller Cuts Earlier maybe giving some more time in Between obviously uh if you were in his

Position you would want to do a little Cut see what you know wait for the Reports to come in see how it affects The data cut a little bit more if you Need to but you don't want to get to a Point where you have to like you said Like what they did the way they Tightened it you know was one of the Fastest tightenings anybody's everever Experienced I mean it went from zero for An absorbingly long time all the way up To where it is now and now they don't Want to go all the way back down to zero So yeah I think being able to do some Small cuts and then let it breathe makes More sense that is a very good point They can't reduce it too quickly because Then maybe they'll say did you raise it Too quickly and then that would admit a Mistake and they can't do that of course Uh we want to go back to the time of low Interest rates although High interest Rates may strain the markets in the Short term this is what's needed in the Long term so long term they do want to Have low interest rates they're going to Work towards that and you know maybe Even if uh they shouldn't they're Probably going to be heading in that Direction now we got some other the Chang hard Fork Bitcoin now we also have Some whales so while all this is Happening while we got Jerome pal Speaking whales have been buying in a

Major way and yes we're going to talk About Germany Germany just breached a Major Milestone everybody this is very Very good news for Bitcoin we're going To talk about that in a little bit but I Do want to answer some of your questions Here they tighten faster than whoever Choke oh oh my God I did I literally Have a desk kind of blocking the bottom Of the Oh that one makes my forehead almost Sweat speaking of forehead DJ I know This isn't crypto I ran into my uh Doorway frame very hard last night Around midnight 12:30 wow mess me up uh You ever hit your head so hard a noise Comes out yeah yeah it was that hard so Yeah uh I'm you could maybe see a little Bit of a red mark there but uh mostly my Brow Bon so So if you see any bruises on my face um I'm not abused not abused all right uh Bitcoin rebounds towards 60k TJ's not That mean of a boss y'all uh Bitcoin Rebounding towards 60k but choppiness Likely to persist according to analysts The market for Bitcoin will have to Absorb 4 billion to 7 billion of Bitcoin Selling pressure throughout the middle Of the year which will weigh in on Prices a lot of that is due to Germany Everybody uh here's uh some interesting Leaders for uh the coin Des 20 index up 2.4% ICP cardano getting a little

Bullish there folks uh the grind higher Could last a while while Bitcoin Potentially reach 60k but the rally will Be shortlived the 50 to 55 to 56 range Is forming a base from a technical Analysis perspective however given the Technical damage we anticipate no more Than a short-term tactical bullish Counter Trend rally that's a long Convoluted way of uh saying you know any Dip will just be shortlived everybody Now back to the Germans breaking Breaking German government portfolio now Drops below $1 Billion uh they you know they were in The billions we covered it yesterday They just passed the 50% point now They're uh under a billion TJ what are Your thoughts on the health of the Bitcoin Market absorbing billions of Dollars in a very short amount of time I Was I was surprised Bitcoin only fell That amount yeah I mean it's good to see The stren the buying strength I mean Obviously we've seen uh the ETF inflows Ticking up people buying pretty heavily In that 55 56 range and moving quickly Back up above 58 then they just sell More again it gets pushed back down so I'd say there it's absorbing it pretty Well it would have been great if uh they Didn't obviously dump all this stuff all At one time uh so they they sold maybe The Apex asset the best asset the the

Asset with the fixed Supply that is Deflationary by nature or Disinflationary by Nature they sold Bitcoin the world's best asset for year Which they print at will yeah why does How does that make any sense to you like I've said it before the only way it Makes sense is if they're very Short-term mindset like they need this Money now and they can't wait for the Long term like it it really baffles me That anybody would make this decision But it I think that article did make a Good point that it did push things at Least temporarily out of the technical Structure that it's supposed to be into I know it broke the 200 day moving Average which isn't good I'm not sure Exactly what that number is if if 58 Gets us above it or not you know if we Quick down below it temporarily it's not Too dramatic but the longer we stay at These lower levels the harder it will be To climb back above 60 and back up to All-time highs so I would like to see us At least by the end of this week get Above 58 and even climb back towards 60 It' be making me feel a lot better from The TA perspective even though I'm not Really a big ta person um but overall Macro I mean so many bullish macro Things looking you know between onchain Data hash rate miners capitulating ETF Inflows we got ethereum ETF coming this

Week um you know rate Cuts coming I Still believe this year end of this year September um lot of things looking very Very bullish for September November of This year into q1 and next year which is Right in line with the the timing of the Cycle yeah right Al line in the timing Of the cycle where Bitcoin starting to Look bullish and some of the altcoins Look like they might even outperform Bitcoin and then when you started Thinking well dang what if Bitcoin Doubles over the next 12 months and then This triples quadruples or even Quintuples against Bitcoin you're like Is my altcoin about to do a 10x it is Everybody but only if you hit the like Button all right permanent holders okay So we're talking about you know the German selling well who the hell is Buying it was you no it was permanent Holders mostly custodial wallets with no Outflows what accumulating 85,000 Bitcoin in the last 30 days so the Permanent holders the diamond hands that Don't have outflows have accumulated 85,000 Bitcoin these wallets are neither ETFs exchanges nor miners during the Same period 16,000 Bitcoin flowed out of ETF Holdings while some Panic sell the Other are buying TJ besides Justin's son Who are the others no Suns takes profit Of course uh who are the others I'm Thinking Sovereign Nations no I mean it

Could sure it could be it could be Anybody really I'm thinking like Russian Government it could be a lot of that I Think it's a I think really what it is It's a lot of people that have been Around this space for a long time the Deep deep whales that you don't really Hear about you're not going to see Anything these are people that have Controlled a lot of Bitcoin probably for Quite some time it could be some new Players trying to get a big stack fast You know I could see that but most Likely when they're talking about these Permanent holders these are people that Have held a lot of coins they know when Markets are about to move and they know When it's a really good time to Accumulate and they're probably you know Accumulating themselves so now do you Think there's any uh you know like maybe Some private families some wealthy Families Maybe divesting real estate Gold Etc into just long-term Bitcoin Holdings you know reaching that 5% of a Family's net worth absolutely I mean I Know that's happening we've hear it we Hear people talking about it all the Time and it doesn't have to be public it Doesn't have to be in the news but it's Happening for sure and that private Money uh is where who's accumulating Right now and this is part of why we Know these things are really going to

Blast up going forward because like I Said those wallets don't have outflow so The people that are buying these things Are planning to hold them for quite a Long time yeah I would agree uh you know This is maybe like to the children like Long time this is you know maybe some Forever holds here uh he scratches nose Twice help his on the way all right uh Anyone sees go and buy some NCoin NCoin Is a gaming ton coin narrative play and Probably going to do great I'm just not The best uh person to give any strong Opinions on ton and Tron uh for I just Hate the letters t o and n all right uh Sorry not coin you got to you're going To get thrown under the bus there the Toshi era wallets keep returning from Dorcy and it's highly unusual back to Some of these old money people dormant Address containing 24 Bitcoin has been Activated for the first time in 11 years But it's not so much that just this one Guy like 10 of them all together here is The second just in the last 24 hours we Also had an address containing uh almost $10 million in Bitcoin that was Activated after 10 years of dorcy Similar addresses also woke up on the 8th and the 6th with millions of dollars Of Bitcoin respectively And we've already recorded 10 Reactivated Satoshi era Bitcoin Addresses in July so far only 10 days

Into the month which is an unusually High number because as these wallets you Know they're no longer in the unmoved Category this no one's no coin has moved Since the Toshi's era we're reducing Those numbers of wallets and so seeing This big spike in July you know there's A lot of speculation you know who are These wallets why are they selling or Moving these tokens why are they maybe Taking some profits here uh well the Latest reactivation coincided with Bitcoin reclaiming a $58,000 level in a Hopeful sign for Bulls according to the Head of research at crypto Quant uh the New Bitcoin whales are currently in the Process of realizing losses Market uh Analysts noted that the largest Bitcoin Whales are currently heavy accumulation According to Garner here the current Behavior of major whales resembles the Previous two cycle bottom so you know The whales they're coming in they're Dcang not going to catch the exact Bottom unless they're the E foundation And so you know they might start buying Near the bottom 3 days after they start Buying they could be down $400 million Why they're buying billions of dollars Worth of bitcoin I think long term these Whales are going to be quite happy Typically the whales are making the Smarter moves than the Plankton than the Shrimp than the Guppies everybody uh a

It's a huge deal when you have millions Of profits you got to take some off the Table at some point we all want property And be able to travel comfortably no uh Yeah we're not Immortal being we're not Vampires we can't buy Bitcoin and then Just lay in a coffin for 300 years yeah We got to we got to buy coffee uh you Know gasoline stuff like that uh doesn't Know okay I'm a homeboy uh let's see Melts face you are being marketed to web What are we are we marketing anything You know what I am going to Market Cold Storage everybody yeah you're going to Make me turn into a shield why because I Believe in Cold Storage why we don't Want you folks to get wrecked out there All right uh speaking of wrecked 16 Largest whale in the world there's not Many people that have more Bitcoin than This wallet they bought 50,000 Bitcoin Before the correction they've lost $500 Million TJ do you think this whale cares No that's crazy that's isn't that crazy I honestly think they probably don't Care because they're a long-term Accumulator imagine having so much Conviction in an asset you lose a half a Billion dollars and you're like I'm Buying more tomorrow that's what that's What the mentality that we're talking About with these whales uh the whales Are going to move this and like TJ said I think we're in that time of the market

Where this is going to be the best time To be involved getting into Bitcoin so Folks make sure you have on those Notifications here yeah it it's Fascinating seeing so many like they Said 10 of those Satoshi AA wallets in The last month I mean that is very rare Like you said I mean they these are Wallets that haven't moved in a very Very long time very very old active Wallets these people are you know what's Interesting about this is a lot of People that were early Bitcoin not all Of them but people that were staying Relevant movers and shakers they're now You know movers and shakers on a global Scale I would say if they've been kind Of close to the center of Bitcoin and Then ethereum and then anything else Relevant that has launched in this space Over the last 10 or 12 years uh they've Obviously they've made a not just a Small fortune but a reasonably sized Fortune that is uh comparable to some Nations out there so there are new People with a seat at the table and when You see of these things moving around All at once uh I think somebody said it In the chat like something's happening And things are things are shifting in The global order and the wealth of the World not just from old money to people That have been involved in Bitcoin and Crypto like having a new seat at the

Table like but it really is like Changing for classes you know across the Board so it's pretty wild uh we got a Comment from balls uh AKA weos Bitcoin Is dropping you have no idea what you're Talking about why went to the charts Bitcoin has been dropping for a whopping 10 hours uh yeah so yeah we have been Falling for about 10 hours here since 1:00 a.m. last night it's 11:00 a.m. With the time zone I'm in but then when You go the 7 day TJ I see a pretty good Uh sustained rally I see a higher low we Zoom out I mean I don't know what kind Of time frame you're talking about yeah Bitcoin is going to drop Bitcoin is Going to rise I am a long-term investor Here yeah you're right Bitcoin is Dropping it's the German government Selling it I mean it pumped last night Yeah we had billions hit the market no I Mean it's we pumped all the way up to 59 And change I think last night and then The markets opened up today they sold Another Swatch and now we're back below 58 a little bit which again it's it's Messing with the TA structure a little Bit but re realistically it's showing Some pretty good resilience so I think If we can exhaust the rest of this German selling and stay above 58 and Move back towards 60 it'll be Interesting to see how they handle the Mount gawk stuff but I mean between rate

I think we're going to see rate Cuts in September November we're going to see 16 Billion getting sent back to FTX holders That'll all flow back into the market in September November we're going to have New election around then like there's Going to be so many macro Trends setting Us up for a really bullish Q4 and a Really bullish q1 of next year and now Is the time to be getting yourself Positioned whether you're talking about Bitcoin and ethereum or altcoins I Really think you've got you've had some Time this year to accumulate and it's Always funny price goes up like man you Know I wish I bought at these prices Prices comes down and now we've had a Couple months probably to accumulate Here couple different times we've Wicked Down into these areas and if you're not Accumulating if you're not taking Advantage of this opportunity I think You're really going to regret it your Kids are going to hate you okay well You're going to probably regret it Q4 And q1 because you're like man I had a Time and I got scared and you know that Just don't get scared I think you said It right earlier have conviction in the Assets that you're buying and know what Time frame you're willing to hold them For and don't panic sell and you Grandpa What did you do during the greatest Wealth transfer in Mankind's history uh

I was scared no that is not the answer That is you don't you want to be the Hero of your family Story the hero is Going to huddle everybody uh I want to Read one question here let's just or JT This is Jay-Z's cousin he's Illuminati Adjacent let's keep being patient for a Little bit longer the market is taking German Bitcoin pretty well I would agree With that uh speaking of the market Taking it though this is bull market Draw Downs okay you see we skipped the Bare Market cu the lines would be off The chart no I mean you can't below zero Line but uh so you see draw Downs in the 2017 Bull Run there uh the highest we Reached I'm surprised it was only this Much 32% then the 2020 uh bull market I Mean they actually give us the covid Crash so I mean they're kind of some Might say you could start at Co crash Some would say no you got to start at The bottom there take away the co crash We had the Chinese ban on miners do you Remember that ban the the the summer L You know the the Bitcoin Miami we're Like down 10 15K from where we were a Month before but we're like we're still Bullish right we're still bullish right Then like June and July comes we're just Like you know our ears are ringing that Was a 53% draw down we've only hit uh We're Beyond 23% Josh could you actually See what our current draw down is oh

Maybe they short back chat I am back He's back he's back in the saddle again I we'll give you an update in a moment But yes give me one second yeah so with These little draw Downs I don't think Now is the time to turn bearish uh when You look at this chart if you get Bearish now Dro probably going to regret It folks 26% from the pre like the Actual alltime high and then the second Run it's only Been roughly a boom 25 yeah 25.3% F so Calm down zoom out uh you know I do not Think uh you know we could see more Corrections I'm not going to be flipping Bearish here uh folks TJ what do you Think I mean do you I'll say this how About this question 23 25% going to be The the biggest draw down I don't think it will be I think we're Going to have more pain this bull run What do you folks say I mean there's Always a bare market so well no during The bull run during the the I mean Historically get 25 30% but I wouldn't Be surprised if I mean this is the worst I I think there's also a level of okay If we're going to go to like eventually Bitcoin will be at like $4 trillion do5 Trillion do market cap and you're not Going to have 30% dips when we're at Those type of levels they're going to be 15% dips right so there is this like Level of as we grow as a market

Pullbacks will diminish however it Doesn't doesn't mean altcoins aren't Going to get brutally wrecked I do Believe altcoins might see those 50 60 70 80% draw Downs while Bitcoin may Still only see 20% all right uh TJ was 25% the biggest draw down or do you Think we'll exceed it that's a good Question I you know like he's Traditionally in the past I think we Have but I do think uh we're supposed to Be a more mature Market we're supposed To be trending in this dire I 25% to be Honest I think this could be we'll just Have to wait and see I mean it kind of Depends on how high we go on how bullish You are if you think we're going all the Way up to you know over 200 220 things Like that like you're going to need some Crazy volatility and we're just now Starting to experience the volume and Volatility so 25% is it going to be the Small no I'll I'll say no I'll say if we Get 150 we could see a huge draw down From 150 back under 100 or something Like that which would really get people Freaking out um and then maybe go all The way up to 200 I don't know but uh I Mean imagine a run up to 95 and a Pullback down to 70 you know that's Pretty significant right there uh Josh a Lot of speculation on you stepping away I'll just read one that's not too Upsetting here someone toasted Josh's

Wonderbread my stach D yeah that is Upsetting it upset my stomach just Reading that no guys I stepped away Because I have actually breaking news For you all uh unfortunately there is a Time difference here and we did get an Announcement from coin W last night uh While I was sleeping that they decided To list shauki here uh this morning now Unfortunately unfortunately okay this Going be delayed by about 24 hours cuz I Have to be up and actually activate the Market maker account to make this happen So we have two things happening in the Next 24 to 48 hours one we're doing a Massive giveaway doing $10,000 worth of Giveaways that have already financed for The company and for the uh for coin W Here uh if you put $50 with the referral Link from this quote tweet right here or In our telegram you're going to qualify For those giveaways you have to leave The $50 on the exchange you guys are Going to qualify for those giveaways two The original post was to be on July 12th I tried surprising everybody doing in The 10th but logistically it didn't make Sense so this should be up within 24 to 48 hours it's completely on me nothing There is no issues there's no fud There's no nothing like that it was Literally just because of time Difference and unfortunately the Association between those two different

Regions yeah he's going to stay up late Until his eyes are bloodshot red and ra I'm going to be up all night for this But yeah we have Shuki listenting on its First exchange a major exchange coin W It's a beautiful you know it's a tier Two exchange here that I do believe Could be a tier one uh and I'm excited For this I am beon excited also breaking News check this out okay guess out guess What's out today anybody see this today I don't know if they did I can't double Click on this bomo doio uh the new Website there is up oh there so shauk is All over the website as well so we got Some big updates big news and everything Coming out for these over the next uh 24 To 40 hours the tight get excited and uh Yeah I'm I'm really excited for this so I just took an emergency call because I Wanted to get everything settled cool uh Hey I did a a pod with coin exams Yesterday I just want to give them a big Shout out they've done uh did one with T- shroom not that long ago so pretty Cool uh keep an eye out for that I'll Probably post it whenever they they Update that all right now this is pretty Cool I'm going cut the sound I don't Know what they have here ETFs bought 3700 Bitcoin $216 Million worth Yesterday we're not talking about for The week we're not talking about for the Month yesterday 216 million ibit AKA

Black Rock uh what do you know black Rock's winning the race here 2100 Bitcoin so very very strong amount right There probably over 100 million right There so good job Black Rock All Right Richard Tang uh tweeting out here in six Months us listed Bitcoin ETFs brought in Over almost $15 billion do in net Inflows hey takeaway interest in Bitcoin And digital assets remains High token Prices and market caps fluctuate but the Long-term fundamentals of our industry Is strong stay focused keep building This is just a good theme for the show Today now is not the time to get sh Taken out now is not the time to leave The rocket ship everybody you do not Want to be jumping off the rocket ship All right here's a just a great just a Example of DCA being a great strategy if You bought a $100 a month worth of Bitcoin starting exactly five years ago You have spent $6,100 61 months you have Acquired well exactly five years ago it' Be 60 months nice anyways I I digress Here uh you will have 31 Bitcoin worth1 18 $1,000 annual return 24% Total return Of 192% your $6,000 would be worth $188,000 today Bitcoin is a phenomenal Long-term savings tool I would agree With that I would say you know if I was A high school student right now if I was College I'm donating plasma I'm doing

Whatever I'm not putting 20 50 bucks in My savings account I'm not putting it Into Robin Hood I would just DCA Bitcoin I think that would be the best strategy Uh you fast forward it might be buying Your house in your 20s uh wi every else Is going to be renting yeah I mean what They say a lot is you know Bitcoin is Where you want to keep your you don't Want to you want to use businesses or Invest in other things to create wealth And then you want to save and preserve Your wealth in Bitcoin so that's one way To look at it and you can some people Look at altcoins and other things as Like hey I want to make my money in Altcoins and when I take the profits I Take it all back into Bitcoin and I Preserve my wealth in Bitcoin however You want whether it's you run a business Whether you want to speculate on Altcoins you're day trader whatever it Is putting your savings in Bitcoin over Time you know especially over a four Five year plus time period always pays Off so yeah for sure for sure uh well Now we have to say five it used to be Four remember that I mean it could be Four just depends on where you are I Mean right now it only have to be like Two you know so uh well what about when We crash below 20 when we hit 16 I'd Have to look but yeah I know it had Increased in length there was a period

Where it's like this amount of time You're always in profit and then we dip Below uh 20K uh during that crash and I Think that shrunk it but I I might be Wrong all right US Senate suggests Blockchain to test National Security Application uh we always love seeing This more US Government involvement uh On some level at least US Senate Committee on armed services passes uh Secretary of Defense retired General Lloyd Austin with exploring potential Applications of blockchain technology For enhancing Supply Chain management And other National Security functions Within the dod according to the Committee blockchain technology could Significantly improve the Integrity of Defense Supply chains enhance data Accuracy and mitigate the risk of data Manipulation or corruption by near-peer Competitors this is good but it's also Bad because there's going to be no real Way to make money off of this uh you're Not going to be able to buy some Military logistics coin and then you Know make money off of it because They're not going to these are all going To be private blockchains they're not Going to have you know oh this is how we Transfer ammunition and a foreign agent Can 51% attack the coin so they might Leverage existing blockchain technology But it'll be closed ecosystems you're

Not going to be able to have an opposing Nation just know buy up all their crypto Then you know like wreck their tanks uh That's that's not really a thing that Can happen uh let's talk about the Sab 121 bill just real quickly uh looks like Crypto sector on edge as the house gears Up for a landmark vote on this uh bill The bill is going to require Banks to Hold crypto essentially the proposed Rule would require entities that hold Cryptocurrencies report to the SEC to Include those Holdings on their balance Sheets they don't have to do this with Other assets uh with crypto custodial Firms expected to report customer crypto Holdings as liabilities critics worry That this could deter Banks from Offering crypto services and stifle Innovation uh this is you know BJ loved This uh topic you know just the banks You give them $100 back in the day they Hold your $100 and there's a period Where they have to hold $10 today they Don't have to hold anything but what They're making the rules for Bitcoin you Know I you hold my 100 billion or $100 Worth of bitcoin well if it's cash you Can go invest that you have a incentive To hold my money with Bitcoin you can't Invest my Bitcoin you must just park the Bitcoin and just have it sit in the bank Banks have no interest in that and so It's probably uh you know we don't want

This uh but we do want this vetoed uh Biden you know definitely against the Crypto industry with this uh you know Veto but are the way the bills work it Does pass through the house and in it But then the president vetos it can go Back to the house with the super Majority they can then make it a law all Right City analysts predict 8 weeks of Rate Cuts starting in September pal Seeks evidence there so I don't know if You saw this city prediction I'm a Little bit wary of the city prediction Uh I don't know I don't know we we'll End up seeing I'm I'm thinking I think Kind of what me and TJ were saying I Think he's going to do one or two cuts And then I think they're going to pause For a while uh it is interesting I mean City obviously is a pretty big Bank you Have when they make predictions like That you you at least need to pay Attention to them they made some Predictions last year about the rate Hikes and they weren't uh 100% accurate But they weren't necessarily too far off Either and a lot of times there people Think like a this sounds crazy and it End up playing up a lot closer to City's Predictions than what some of the other Things now Standard Charter another one Comes out sometimes with some crazy Predictions um and a lot of times They're not going to nail it 100% but

You at least want to pay attention to it Because they've got obviously a vested Interest and there's a reason they're Making these predictions and maybe this Is their way of trying to push Drome pal To you know like follow through with What they maybe that's what they want You know they're predicting they're Trying to like uh law of attraction or Whatever just kind of put it out there And hope it happens but you know I Either way any rate Cuts would be good For in my opinion for risk-on assets Whether it's Bitcoin or anything else so If we can get the money printers flowing Uh people will be willing to take more Risks again because they'll be more Upsid so uh drag dub says no one at this Channel believe in the possibility of Bitcoin being rugged by validators of Michael sailor is called micro strategy No no it's uh it's Game Theory I'm I'm Just a strong believer in incentives um Yeah same thing and and if it was going To be somebody it definitely wouldn't be Micro strategy Michael sailor I think You're overestimating that I mean he's Got some influence but not and I mean at This rate he's going to be one of the Richest people in the world it's like After the last out of the last 10 years He's outperformed like almost every Institution that exists so it wouldn't There's it doesn't make sense it's like

Telling that's like saying black Rock's Just going to if anyone do it the US Dollar is slowly repaced if the US Dollar slowly gets replaced by Bitcoin As a reserve currency I can see the US Government fighting Bitcoin in a major Way uh they would actually have some Means to do real harm but uh I I Wouldn't worry about validators I guess You know technically government could Know back door their way in I I just Don't see that happening there folks We're also going to talk about xrp in a Bit I love that point is are you going To talk about that with Gary the lizard Right there no go ahead go ahead is the You know honestly it's hard to pull out 7K or more from a bank at a time I love That because as Germany was selling off All their Bitcoin like there was moments Where they had to like add it to an Exchange and then take it off because There wasn't enough liquidity and I saw Fers on Twitter uh like there's like a Bit finex Twitter they're like ha look At the government you you know it's a Frail Market when they can't sell off That much Bitcoin I'm like yeah go to The bank and try to just pull out even 10 grand let alone billions of dollars Right like we're talking the this is the Most liquid Market that exists 247 365 And yes you have to go TC and there's Other ways that you might need to be

Able to sell that off but you can't do That at a bank you can't just go pull Out this much money from a bank and you Know you know just and just take it out That doesn't exist there's no money at Bank so thought it was a really good Point from Gary the lizard there uh what About Bitcoin being a s up to get us all On a One World Currency there's Arguments that Reserve currencies are The One World Currency over time it used To be Dutch used to be French it used to Be British now it's American so I mean You you can make that argument uh you Know Bitcoin you could apply that to US Dollars that that' be my response there Uh you have to tell them I'm buying a Used car that's also a good one there uh Also livestock you say you got to buy Some horses and Shout out real quick we Got Crimson Caravan in the company says You want to check out what top five Gaming coins are check out and he posted Uh his tweet there uh he does a lot of Our gaming stuff it's on the Discover Crypto Twitter account uh so I'll pin This real quick in case anybody wants it Uh but yeah he does he does a lot of the Stuff on the twitch channel so if you're Interested in web 3 games uh Crimson Caravan company or CCC as they call them Here sometimes we'll know a lot about That all right CMG he's going to the Place where they get like free stakes

And wings on Friday at lunch there all Right but speaking of banks we got some Pretty major news with the world's most Populated country talking about China oh I'm sorry India but uh no China uh Xing Bank of China went bankrupt yesterday Folks the event is beginning China's Banking sector is facing a full-scale Crisis in one week 40 banks have Disappeared absorbed into larger Institutions uh this is is a live not Live this is a look of the line outside The bank right now a lot of people Trying to get in and trying to get their Funds there uh we go to the next uh post Here Chinese State Banks face new pay Limits amid corruption investigations Affecting executive pay and talent Retention the country's economic Slowdown and skewed wealth distribution Are key issues China's Rising Coast Guard tensions with so uh China cracks Down on Bankers salaries we'll say this China doesn't incentivized High Performing Executives uh just kind of Looking at Jack ma kind of looking at What's going on here and we we'll see How this plays out it is a great Populace uh moment though to like just Go after Rich Bankers so that's going to Be easy win for the populace see with The long-term ramifications are uh let's Talk about Black Rock bidd Biddle has Surpassed $500 million in market value

Making it the highest valued tokenized Treasury Fund in the world uh here They're discussing why I was so Successful if you want check this out We're going to listen to about 30 Seconds hold on one second you got To AUD all right go Ahead you got your audio on I'm Not looks like Tulsi Gabed yeah I don't have your Audio okay okay but uh basically uh you Know just the bidle fun Josh has been on That from day one so I just want to give Josh a pretty good shout out on calling That one oh imagine that uh following Black Rock's wallet would be a good Strategy who would have thought that Sounds crazy to me who would have Thought following the the the you know Biggest institution there's only two Things better than that number one Nancy Pelosi stock tracker you got to follow That number two discover crypto Everybody if you're not subscribed we Are the hardest working channel in all Of crypto we're the James Brown of Crypto so folks make sure you subscribe Make sure you have notifications on uh Goldman Sachs to launch three Tokenization projects are you paying Attention mention yet uh so big news Yeah the big Banks government there's a Lot of big players in the background

Making moves right now do not get shaken Out top rwa projects by fully diluted Valuation number one Ando Finance Josh That mean some of these other ones have Maybe better days ahead of them like a Goldfinch you know I know our chat is Very bullish on GFI uh a lot of people Like Mantra fully deluded they're just a Fraction of Ono so you still say you Like Ando more than say a GFI I would Have to say yes but like look this is Where you diversify like I'm not going To say don't diversify into a lot of These other ecosystems out there but Ando is clearly the dominant player here I mean it's it's as big as secur dies And bid's fund they have $500 million in It and black rock has huge ties to it so Can Goldfinch can you know uh there's Like swarm markets there's Maple there's A lot of other ones that are Listed it's cheap as well it's cheap as Well so this is where you know again I'm Allocating that that portfolio Ando is My heavy hitter in that position but I'm Also Diversified into you know true Flation there's try there's a lot of Other tokenized plays out there I want To be to exposed to are they going to be As performative I can't tell you in the Future but I do believe and know that There's one fact in this market right Now that is tokenized treasuries are Ramping up so tokenization is that

Narrative it's not a narrative it is the Narrative and I want to be exposed to That market uh Janeiro yeah we're not Like James Brown in all aspects that's a Terrible example I guess uh who else Works hard I don't know easy beats me Behind the scenes oh no no uh the bruise Was from Josh he was defending himself All right uh I looked up Maple there's Only one thing I don't like about Maple I do like uh the market cap the market Cap 90 million and almost fully I mean It's I want to say almost fully diluted Here I believe it's backed by coinbase Too if I'm not mistaken almost 80% of The tokens are out if there's anything That would make me hesitant it's an Older project so you know Canon old Project from you know four years ago Over four years years ago oh sorry three Years ago you know old projects have all The tech uh the op stacks and you know R You know it's able to work all the EVMS And do all these things if it was made Three years ago versus something you Know maybe being built in the last 12 Months and if you click market cap it's Like only 2x from it's alltime high oh Really yeah so it's like our 3x or so so You know there's been some tight ution To it but again this is where people Need to realize this altcoin season Isn't going to be like 2021 don't expect Your 50 and 100 X's there's a lot more

Competitors in a lot bigger sector and So you know a 2 to 3x you're crushing it In these markets and so can this do that Only a 90 million Market Gap that's not Something I see being too complicated or Complex uh and they got a clean website I am pretty sure I got to go dive into This one again uh but I I'll find their Their Partners here in just a second but They did just pop up on rwa XYZ so I've Been using you know we've been using the Site since the beginning it was like Actually launched and I've seen every Single one of these tokens added Maybe Right now number eight out of the top 10 Tokenized plays and you have to realize Franklin Templeton I don't necessarily Count secuti these are institutions the Only cryptos in the top 10 are Ando trui And maple so that is something to take Note there you know if that makes you Bullish great um I do like to see this Though uh Maple's actually up 20% in Terms of market cap for the tokenized Treasuries in the last 30 days okay that Is bullish that is bullish I might have To start looking at some maple maybe Maple's the DCA not chain link I would Say these are my top two contenders Right now as we speak uh smash the like For the Taylor Swift of crypto uh which One's the Taylor Swift is that Josh or Is the Dey I don't know no I'm uh I'm The football playing uh fiance I don't

Even know his name That's how little I Know about my fiance loves Taylor Swift Listen so wait you're Travis Kelce he's Taylor Swift is that's actually I'm Travis Kel's hard partying brother I got The same Body just kidding shout out to cmg's 510 Discover crypto is my favorite go-to for Crypto related news love the show I Watch it every day you guys are amazing So shout out to you we appreciate you Wouldn't be without you guys speaking of News we got the funnest stories right Now some are one's scary uh let's talk About Brussels everybody uh shock ECC Robberies Rock crypto enthusiasts and Brussels ECC hit by violent robes as Brussels Gathering exposes crypto Conferences security risks uh TJ have You been following any of this on yeah I Saw I saw some of it I think I mean I'll Be I think it's a little overblown uh I Mean obviously it's some couple people Has happened uh Kelly actually Kellum From bit lab Academy over there right Now having a great time doing a lot of Uh well Kelly's like in the red light District he looks like a drunk local at This point so like no they're like They're not robbing him they think he's In the gang already what's the red light District uh that's uh it's the traffic Is really bad and you're just never Catching the green or even the yellow

Man it's like LA traffic you're Basically guarantee the red light there All right uh well crypto conference Lifeblood yeah this is kicking off it Just kicked off yesterday in Brussels Belgium promise attendees four intense Days of conferences networks and Learning and it looks like he's getting Hit by violence I just got robbed about An hour ago my knee is badly injured but I'm thankful that I'm fine otherwise It's my first time in Brussels and Europe for this eth conference is not a Good representation of the whole country I'm sharing this story to let everyone Know that uh where you are it's Important to stay safe be safe guys I Saw a lot of comments people um Europe Should pass some regulations to prevent Theft that's kind of funny a lot of People are like yeah uh everyone who Lives in Belgium avoids Brussels like The plague you know that is not the Place you want to be at other people Sharing Maps heat maps of Crime yeah I've also seen heat maps of Like the actual neighborhood people just Like circling areas like yeah stay away From there and then the conference is Like a block away well and it is like The it's like the financial capital of The world too so I'm not not too Surprised that people kind of pick that Stuff off but I will say that he's

Saying he's having a great time at the Conference met a lot of really good People lot of obviously big uh people Like saw Joseph Luben speak a lot of People heavily involved in the ethereum Ecosystem nearer ecosystem so a lot of Really positive things coming out of it I did I think the the best comment I saw About this there was also like a huge uh Not quite a flood but basically like an Insane hurricane type rain that came in And flooded out some of the conference I Know Josh you went through thatai in uh Dubai so somebody was like man if you're A faith person and you see all these uh Delou type Reigns coming in anytime they Do a crypto conference you'd think it's Like some kind of sign from God or Something but uh it was like yeah I I Actually almost wanted to look up a Belgium's cloud seeding program yeah It's actually the government cloud Seating and they're trying to force the Blockchain out they're like stop stop Stop they're trying to rain on the They're literally raining on the parade Yeah I I would say it's a grain of sand On whether or not you want to go to the Next conference like man you know like Three times in a row just didn't have a Good time and you know subconsciously You know you're just like I know I Didn't have a good time maybe it's Because of the weather I don't know

That'd be interesting Theory right there That' be very convoluted we do know it's Not going to be uh flooding in Nashville Here later this month so uh come hang Out with us if you're going to be at Bitcoin conference let us know actually Let us know in the chat if you're going To be out at the Bitcoin conference in Nashville we're going to have uh a whole Lot going on out there doing tons of Content so it should be a good time yeah We'll be actually walking around live Streaming which is going to be crazy so Yeah we're going to be walking around Like vitalic was walking around this is Vitalic this is just like a such a Sycophantic post when vitalic make I Think it's sarcastic when vitalic makes An entry like this to a web 3 event in Stormy Brussels reain you know there's No stopping ethereum what a Man here's here's the the basan of Masculinity vitalic is scary skinny yes Scary skin like that is anorexia I I Find it interesting uh very little Security for someone who's like the head Of a billion dollar asset because he Doesn't he just doesn't care just Doesn't care like and also like I think He's he has the luxury of like crypto Loves him so like who's gonna you know Nobody outside of crypto knows him but Everybody in crypto loves him so like What are and he's got a really big

Weapon in his pants and so people are Very scared of this pck you got to know He's going to have his Security on point So like what what would somebody do if They were you're talking about like Kidnapping him and trying to get crypto Or something like that I mean I'll say This you see billionaires with the same Type they all look like they have sealed Team Six around them and it's not the Giant 6'8 linebacker it's the guy that Look like Special Forces uh AKA Charles Hoskinson has like two of these people Following them all at all times it looks Like Tom Clancy with John krinski AKA Jim from the office it's like they look Like Jim from the off like new gy not Old gy new gy go back to that clip again Though is that the same clip uh this That was the other one right here that's The it's the guy holding the umbrella I Mean if that's his security I mean I Feel like Charles hoskinson security Team uh would squash him like a bug yeah Like a bug everybody uh Johnny said this Video is pretty interesting it's like Just a little highlight reel of Brussels Uh maybe we'll see Kelly keep an eye out For Kelly uh let's but we need the NTI For Kelly though all Right I'm for the rain okay giant chess Nerds where's Ben Cowen uh all right I Mean it does honestly doesn't even look That exciting if I'm G be honest all

Right there looks amazing that looks Like a time of my life it does but Speaking of time there there's some Other uh all right let's briefly I I do Want to look at the eth whale stuff After brief distribution period eth Whales back to accumulating eth we Covered the Bitcoin whales at the top of The show Bitcoin whales are gobbling it Up the old wallets the big whales uh the People that lose $500 million and don't Care they're buying Bitcoin so the same Thing is happening with ethereum folks So just be careful especially with these Metrics 40% is locked up we got 28% Stake 12% smart contracts and bridges Eth ETF flows are going to rapidly move This market we've talked about this in The past Bitcoin has selling pressure From the miners basically every 10 Minutes let's just say every day there's Massive amounts of Bitcoin hitting the Market due to the minor uh eth doesn't Really have uh the same situation there They do have the eth validators Receiving eth but eth at periods is Deflationary versus bitcoin's Disinflationary uh polygon some Positives some negatives MX path to in Q3 uh just kind of looking at the tvl Tvl has declined over the past few Months following a peak in February and Then where it Rose to above a billion And now there's been a noticeable

Downward Trend and it is remaining Bearish that's the time when you got to Start getting bullish on stuff though I Will say that uh this is a insane Story The craziest story we almost shouldn't Even mention it folks that's how crazy The story is and it's why is xrp price Up today no I'm joking that's after this Women allegedly offered Bitcoin and sex For murder this is a nuts man this it Reads like it's 2014 a New York former Spa worker just picture that in your Mind a spa worker from New York that's It's it's a type right uh they've been Charged she has been charged over her Involvement in alleged Bitcoin for Murder scheme that saw her threatened to Chop one intended victim into a 100 Pieces and offer a neighbor sex if they Throw her body into a lake uh in a Letter of report for pre-child detention AKA do not let her out on bail the Prosecution details in 2019 Uh u z Allegedly sought to hire a professional Killer to murder her Lover's spouse it Is claimed she paid 5K in Bitcoin in 2019 can you just pull up Bitcoin in 2019 just like roughly what we're Looking at here she paid 5K in Bitcoin To arrange the murder through a dark Website so she used like a dark web Bitcoin forum to hire a hitman well During the planning phase she reportedly Uh shared details about the schedule

Trying to ensure that it occurred at a Convenient time paid to have her Lover's Daughter killed so uh whoa that's nuts Warning I will cut you up so she paid 5K In Bitcoin to a broker right this Hitman On this dark website she gave him 5K in Bitcoin well at some point she began to Suspect the website was illegitimate and Then she's like hey man uh I gave you All this Bitcoin you haven't been Doing the k word yet what's going on Here she sent several disturbing threats To the website administrator threatening Physical and sexual violence against him And his family like hey uh yeah I'm Using your website to hire this Hitman And he stole my Bitcoin what what gives I'm coming after you now what is this Lady thinking man uh 2019 what were we Looking at she sounds uh she sounds a Little broken but you know between the Prices of actually even down to yeah $3,000 and $9,000 Bitcoin That were you looking at so a Bitcoin Yeah yeah more than a Bitcoin it was a Bitcoin it was a Bitcoin it could have Been two Bitcoin almost at one point a Bitcoin and a half yeah all right so Yeah uh try to do a Bitcoin and a half Well the defendant texted a neighbor of The daughters offered then she escalated She went up to 10K and sexual favors in Exchange for killing her she what's that Look like uh how many favors is that

What type of favorite is that a Haka is That a I I don't even like talking about That because it makes me feel like I'm In the movie IDOC I'm uncomfortable I'm No no we're we're in the movie ID have You seen that that's on Netflix right Now it's I'm pretty sure it's called Hitman or the Hitman or something that Was a great movie and it's about a guy Who basically does this he work he's a Police officer and you know you Basically post these listings you get People to say it and then you just Arrest them for it um yeah it's pretty It's pretty funny movie but uh yeah 5K She broke uh person becomes a murderer Yeah uh I can save Her CA uh ahead and share her Deets to You and uh you know when she gets out on Bail uh just be careful you know um Treat her nicely that's what that's my Recommendation treat her very nicely uh Nice guys finish last all right uh Speaking of nice guys finishing last Let's talk about xrp o xrp why the hell Is this thing up today institutional Inflows are the primary reason it's Driving along exite alongside the rest Of the crypto Market while increasing The whale Holdings furthering the Bullish Outlook what is it where is this Story coming from uh so this might have Been from 12 hours back down the 43 Cents wow that didn't last long uh xrp

Prices it was at one point up three and A half% uh the funds were witnessing Inflows during the price crash a Whopping 400k that was Jake Claver Talking one person into it and he's just Like God I hope Jake didn't lead me off The cliff here uh since the report is Publication on July 8th xrpusd pair has Risen nearly 10% uh in that period there Uh in flows uh coincide with increasing Wall Street bets on a rate cut prompted By weaker than expected jobs data Released earlier in the week noticeably Or notably in the last 24 hours xrp Supply held by the whales people with The 100 million to a billion tokens God Dang they accompanied a drop in Supply Held by the 10 to 100 million cohort so The super whales increase the 100 Million to the 1 billion the mini whales The the killer whales they decrease in The 10 million to 100 million stack There uh meanwhile the supply held by The address is over a billion good Lord What these are the leviathans it's flat All right uh from a technical standpoint The gains Today part of an oversold Bounce so a little little red meat there For the xrp holders out there you might Get a little bit of a bounce I do say Know here's my xrp strategy Josh I don't Know what you think about this TJ I Think xrp is gonna get some good news I Think they're going to probably do

Pretty well in their SRC SEC case right Now they're fighting over the fine Markets hate uncertainty going to be Like massive amounts of billions going To be 200 million if it goes to the low Side xrp is going to get a great pump Last time xrp got great news it doubled Overnight 43 cents 86 cents next time it Has a giga pump get out run jump leave Uh exit put it into a faster horse That's my strategy would you say that's Solid or you just getting out now I just Don't care about it anymore like like at This point what's the news event Actually going to do to the price is it Going to give it a 100% pump is it going To be like 20 are you going to go back To 60 cents like you know that's amazing But like and I'm not trying to be like You know just just fud xrp in this case It just they won the lawsuit got Declared not a security only based off Institutional contracts for Institutional sales that was a huge Victory so is is is fighting over a a Billion dollar fine that's probably Going to end up being 100 or 200 million Going to change the world I don't know All I know is that they are selling off Pretty much more xrp than the German Government is selling Bitcoin monthly And they've been doing that for like Four years so pick your poison um hey That escro wallet has to run out

Eventually I'm in tokenization that's Where I'm at that's all right well That's where we're at and folks hit that Like button on the way out we appreciate It Josh got a fastic for we got TJ party We had a question uh from George Martinez asking what we thought about Seamless protocol I really didn't know Anything about seamless protocol I just Looked it up I mean it's ranked pretty It's ranked uh I think 3,000 something On pretty new Mark yeah it's pretty new It's through January but when I looked At it it is actually pretty interesting I mean there's a little bit of a selloff Based you know from when it launched Which is pretty standard but not as Dramatic as others when you look at the Chart I know it's a little high float But nothing crazy if you're uh I mean The concept is basically it's def on Based it's lending borrowing and stuff Through you know across base across Other different chains I like the Concept the niche uh the backers and you Know it has people from a and different Uh yeah I would say their main Competitor isn't going to be a another Base ecosystem play it's going to be a Play that does the same thing for all EVMS and yeah we're seeing that a lot We're seeing a lot of defi based you Know automated defi contributors or lens Lending based protocols across different

Ecosystems I think some will will pan Out so this is one like I said very Little research done I'm not saying this Is an amazing thing but I'm kind of Intrigued and in the 10 minutes that I Looked at it made me want to look at it A little bit more so I don't I don't Hate it it's pretty low low market cap Play fully diluted market cap of 250 Million uh brand new project um yeah not Not a bad idea for whoever was asking About it you're you're probably heading In the right direction I do want to say Just quick reminder guys we are doing The $100 cash giveaway it will be chosen On X here right after this show so make Sure you guys go check that out I'll Even put the link in the chat for you Guys and then if you haven't already Guys again we're doing another $10,000 With Raffles giveaways and live streams And stuff like that with coin W so make Sure you guys check out the Duke listing That is coming out but let me go ahead And throw this in the comment and of Course guys go qualify for that 100 Bucks and follow discover crypto on Twitter guys we'll be doing these Giveaways a ton for you guys just for The support and engagement coming from You all much love hit that like on your Way out on that and will see you in the Future 4 p.m.

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