Ethereum ETF Approval Day HUGE Pump! (Solana ETF Next?)

Markets react to the Ethereum ETF Approval.

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Salana ETF a Dogecoin ETF an xrp ETF There's ETFs just being handed out so I Feel like everybody right now the Conversations are sparking guys Everybody is anticipating massive growth In defi but before we jump into that Markets are pulling back right now so Make sure you smash that like button and Get ready for an epic stream today Because we see Bitcoin sitting at $67,000 in 900 bucks right now it's came Down quite a bit last night we told you Guys hey get ready to take profits there Was a lot of bare indicators flashing People were over leverage we were Expecting a bit of a pullback before the Next bounce and tell you what guys at 300 likes today I'm going to give you Guys my price prediction for Bitcoin in Just the next two weeks because there's A major indicator that is flashing that I'm going to show you guys but we have To hit 300 likes Dey how you doing today It feels good to be back in the markets I'm doing a lot better than uh the Bitcoin chart right now I just pulled up The 24-hour cuz you know I know there's A sharp correction look at that Cliff That just fell off right there you a Nice bounce off the 69k psychological Level and then uh you know kind of Flirted with hey we gained 500 bucks Back and then just bled out another 1500 Of a knife bit of a knife right there

Guys I'm very curious let us know in Chat type one in chat if you're Appreciating the live afternoon streams Because that's what's prepared us for Today if you guys are watching that 1:30 With Dy of course at 4:00 with me put Two if you haven't yet and if I see twos In the chat I better see you later today Ethereum now sitting at $3,800 BMB at 593 bucks salana at $171 uh xrp did get relist on coinbase Kind of a breaking news that got Relisted on uh coinbase in New York Jumped a little bit today up about 3% at 53 cents now getting a little bit of Life back into the xrp community Dogecoin down now to 15.9% and of course of course ton coin Ton coin's really just been flat to be Honest and that's because it's probably Been the biggest one of the biggest Movers I have seen here in the last last Few weeks and I will say this about Tcoin tcoin when Bitcoin has a pretty Red day tcoin has a good job of at least Being flat if not being green so it's a Good uh counter move to bitcoin a lot of The time well and it's it's a strong Coin it's a strong Co I mean it's Telegram it's the largest that's like The most degenerate platform in crypto Which was kind of like when you look Back at it it's one of those not buy the Rumor sell news events it's like why

Didn't I buy that news you know it's Like it's I'll tell you why cuz we live In America and outside of America it's One of the most popular social collapse Out inside of America it I don't even Think it's top 20 I I would have to Agree I would have toe geography Situation we are seeing cardono P back Here a little bit so we were doing Ta on This not so long ago when it was at 49 And I did want to give a little bit of a Price prediction here just in the Beginning for you guys we are right now On the last support level for cardono so We might get a flash Wick I don't know If we're actually going to end up Filling there's a massive imbalance on Cardano I don't know why but at 41.8 Cents there is a massive balance but What I want to point out guys there is a Ton of buy orders coming in now so we Might not be seeing that price point at All in the near future but we will get To the charts here in just a moment whoa Hey Mary Herbert uh maybe Frank Herbert's daughter gifted five Memberships we appreciate it and we also Like Dune the novel series Josh should Have a sports quote on yeah I have to do My laundry guys I'm going to be Completely real I got back from Cancun Uh on Monday just looking like a Degenerate you can hear my voice that Shirt is from stolen luggage yeah it's

Actually just I I got it outside it's From stolen luggage I picked up the Wrong one so I'll be looking at Dapper Here tomorrow but first and for Biden Administration official uh yes like I Kind of know what I'm doing you know It's going to look like that kind of Function like every Banker they just Look like they know what they're doing I Just stealing the luggage oh that was Like two years ago that's two years ago I do remember that well hey speaking of Stealing 327 million eth has been sent To crypto exchanges after speculation About a spot ETF now why did I say Speaking of stealing uh because the Banks have been stealing all of this uh Chance from retail they've been saying Hey ethereum Bitcoin bad stay away now We're getting all of this speculation on Of approval and banks are buying it's Kind of ridiculous a series of sudden And positive developments on the spot Ether exchange traded fund sent the Price of ether so as much as 30% over The last two days the second largest D Asset was trading at $3,798 at the time of this writing with A daily trading volume of 33 billion and I'm hitting refresh and E is just Sitting flat right at $3,800 after the little uh little bit of A dip it went down to 38 yeah right There at 38 now climbing uh just

Slightly just climb it did yeah that's a Sharp that right there chat that is what It looks like when retail just just Fomos into over leverage Longs that is Exactly what happened right there the Forgas remained intact on Tuesday after Filings from five of the prospective Spot ether ETF applicant showed they had Amended their 19B forms uh this is going To be vanic Fidelity Invesco Galaxy Arc And of course Franklin Templeton uh Shout out to Franklin Templeton they're Still leading the uh second largest Competitor on your tokenized uh Treasuries right now which we're going To talk about today as well the most Notable change was removal of Provisions For eth staking by Fidelity Franklin Templeton and Arc 21 shares so they've Completely bounce back on the East Staking now East staking I'm actually Getting a lot more into I'm actually Probably this is a big number but uh I Do think I'm going to start messing a Lot more with Lio because the it's kind Of like getting dividends off your eat So I have a lot of ethereum I have a lot Of Bitcoin I'm going to be putting a Decent position of my ethereum into Those staking to start receiving that Extra your liquid staking derivative are You going to then uh go further down the Defi rabbit hole and try to play with That no no reaking to reaking to restake

No just basic staking it's the it's kind Of like it's just the least risky out of All that because you're really just the Only way it falls is if ethereum crashes Yeah I would say Lio is probably the the Least risky if what all right let me ask A question what is more risky is it uh Going you know onto lto going onto their Platform doing it yourself staking you Know you give up custody you get a Liquid derivative or would it just be Stake through Coinbase probably just do coinbase I Mean I think you get the better rewards With Lio you get the better rewards but You probably get the better SEC like I Wouldn't even say you get the better Security it would just be that sense of Coinbase is a publicly traded company Backed by back Rock and there's a lot of There's a lot of Merit to that that You're not going to get with a D5 Platform like Lio right however people In crypto know that Lio the only really Way that starts to collapse would be if Ethereum just went to like $500 which Again or if Lio had an exploit which is Very unlikely there's so much money tied On that system very very unlikely there' Ever be anything like that yeah it's Kind of like I'd compare it to coinbase Getting hacked right uh so yeah we'll Have to see but according to this report From Barons SEC staff toal exchanges

That the regulator is leaning towards Approv these e ethereum ETFs so chat let Me know let's get ones in the chat if You think the ethereum ETF is going to Be approved two if you do not and uh Whoever's you know whoever whoever wins Get invited to our pizza party let's Just do that I guess we're doing a pizza Party got to do a pizza party uh Bumble Oh no bumblebe I see other people Talking about potential ETFs yeah we're Going to talk about you know what is the Next one after ethereum someone throwing Out a polka dot right there uh this one Was the one I was saying tahano got a Question for you don't stake don't stake No do stake no I'm just kidding staking Is really 90% of the audience like a lot Of people are brand new to crypto Staking just a little bit harder to Understand so I don't necessarily make That step but I'll be making tons of Videos on it we'll be talking I'll be Showing you guys how I do it and it's Just going to be a very small position That portfolio all the ones in the chat Got a lot of twos though as well so the Number one question I would imagine People have right now DZ is when is this Going to be approved and on this article It's telling us guys discussions are Underway the S1 approval is expected Within hours Elanor teret revealed that The SEC had started their discussions

With ethereum ETF issuers regarding this On May 22 so so I was going to say not To cut you off sorry I got a stream at 1:30 Josh has one at 4: if that Announcement happens we are going to Pivot the stream of course we'll talk About that I think Josh will do the same So we'll see when they announce and We'll we'll cover it later this Afternoon so stick around put on that Notification by the way yeah I I I was Curious is it today is the deadline or Was it tomorrow uh so we have one on the 23rd one on the 24th okay perfect so oh Yeah so it have to be all of them today If not yeah so more than likely it would Be today so hopefully Yeah by end a day Guys we'll know here well here's Breaking news as Gary gendler has made a Statement on ethereum ETFs uh chat Listen closely turn up the audio I Really want to get your guys's thoughts On this let me know what you guys think About Gary gendler in this video here Let me make sure I have the audio know What I'm doing or say okay perfect I Don't know what I'm doing or saying my Wife dressed me this morning and wiped My ass after I took a pooy poo and I'm So disoriented that I might just have to Resort to screaming and yelling to Create the illusion that I comprehend What the heck I'm doing eat [ __ ] Gary You are a loser you always lose and the

American people are tired of it frankly I'm tired of it crypto is getting ready To deploy spot ETFs and you're still sitting there Sucking your thumb wondering if Satoshi Is a mermaid or a tulip so chat is Satoshi a mermaid or a tulip I'm going To have to go with a mermaid cuz that Dude is magical I like how there was two One was clearly fake and then one you're Like that almost could be almost could Almost it almost could be real dude well Hong Kong is seeing record inflows for The first time with their ethereum ETFs Oh shocking etherum ETFs in Hong Kong Hit record inflows yes so Hong Kong and China once again nine steps ahead of the United States I feel like this is just a Trend I don't know like have you seen The the video maybe you can find this Video of the uh F fifth grade the 5-year-olds sorry I think they're 5-year-olds kindergarteners playing Basketball have you seen that clip it is Insane they're like I don't even know You guys have to watch that in just a Second but this week marked a change for Etherum ETFs on Monday none of the three Ethereum ETFs managed by China AMC Harvest Global bosera and hashy capital Saw any inflows meaning no new investor Purchases C here here's the clip of you Know this yeah this is insane so that's How they handled their ETF strategy you

Know we we have a a little bit different Strategy how old what is it kindergarten Yeah kindergarten students do you think Our kindergartens look like this dude it Gets even crazier they start getting Like all if you can skip through it I Think they startop they start oh that's The loop one yeah they start like Dancing and doing like symmetrical like Um like what do you call it when like I Don't even know I'm not a dancer I don't Know it's like yeah choreography they're Like they go at it dude like Synchronized swimming syn exactly it's Synchronized dribbling that's exactly What it is it's pretty impressive just Like Bitcoin ETFs here in Hong Kong guys Performed well on their first day April 30th both Bitcoin ethereum ETFs had over Uh 87.5 million or 11.2 million in USD In trading volume however this is a Modest compared to the 4.6 billion of Course in the United States by do expect That to continue on strong as ether's Bull momentum is strongest ever since May of 2021 right here we are looking at of Course multiple different indicators Flashing that we have major buy signals From 2021 that could say that hey we're Maybe like only halfway into this this Bow run the 14-day RSI lower panel has Crossed above 70 which is also a sign of Strengthening bullish momentum uh the

Indicator oscillates between Z and 100 Readings over 70 indicate a strong Upward momentum not as popular perceived Overbought conditions regarding below 30 Is an acceleration and price selloff so Again we're seeing that rebound here you Could see it very very smly here on that Chat you might have to squint to see it You know I at definitely have to do with My glasses uh but 10day momentum Strongest since 2021 we are again at That point here in this Bor run so Things are starting to heat up where can I download the fear and greed index from And is it Bitcoin or each altcoin thanks So that is going to be fom if you Guys haven't checked it out bom If we could put a link in the chat for Them uh it is 42 different altcoins However not every altcoin has the API Just yet but there is definitely like uh The devs are constantly working on it There's like 20 plus of them that have The 24 hour to the 15 minute and they're All different they're all different apis And pulling a ton of different Information so this is the first fear Inred index tool that I like to say is The real fear ingredient index tool and V2 chat is about to drop so right now We're doing a limited time only 30-day Free trial it's only five bucks a month Anyways afterwards but the next V2 is Going to be insane and that's the right

Spelling right yeah fom mod. oo just Like that for you guys uh so yeah when You're looking at ethereum or Bitcoin Right ethereum is going to be completely Different than Bitcoin on the 24-hour Time scale here you can see ethereum is At a 20 or 76 Greed from the 24-hour Time frame and the reason why I have the 4 hours is cuz the 4 Hour can allow you Guys to really see what's happening more In real time uh on these markets so you Know really really cool product uh for You guys to help kind of navigate the Emotions in the market there lawmakers At the GOP majority whip and Representative Josh fresh off a victory Passing a crypto regulatory framework Bill in the house Wednesday turn their Attention to e spot ETFs today so after The massive legislation that we've been Speaking about over the last week that Has been very bullish on a bipartisan Level uh yeah everybody is now shifting That Focus to the ethereum spot ETF Saying that we do in fact need these I Don't necessarily need to go read Through this if you guys want to read The boring uh legislation through the Etps and everything feel free to do so It's very educational I'll have some Really cool content coming out with Politics here in the future but Dey I Have to ask you there's analysts out There that are saying this ethereum ETF

Could honestly spark a 60% rally Afterwards where are you at with the Ethia this is a completely different Position well there's one hurdle there's One speed bump we have to pass first and That is going to be Congress that is Going to be you know we have Nancy Pelosi kind of switching sides actually Have a live look of Congress debating The crypto situation right now them uh Pretty kind of joking but you know is This the line to inside trade first is That what it is uh yeah this is uh They're uh they're printing out ny's Pelosi's latest stock by and they're all Just trying to copy trade her at the Same time uh I I do think uh it looks Like there is a trend I think it's kind Of what we said yesterday maybe it's a Little too overs simplistic looks like a Biden pivot and it might be that simple Man do you think this will actually help Biden with his campaign though or is Everybody calling the bluff you're not I Think it's uh well you know what I think Maybe on the on the fringes but if you Can eek away you know half of 1% or you Know 3% something like that in these Battleground in the these swing States In these very important counties you Know maybe it can matter if you do 20 Different things the uh the scatter Approach I would have to agree I'd have To agree which is uh you know going to

Lead us to the 60% possible R here but Chad I have to ask you guys what's your Ethereum price prediction give us your Ethereum price prediction for the end of May or actually let's just say this Ethereum price prediction for around two Weeks after the approval of the spot Ethereum ETF if it gets approved what's The price it's going to hit because According to this analyst they believe It could spur a 60% rate In ethereum if with this buying increase And of course if that happens guys Markets are going to go absolutely Insane and there is one thing you have To do with all of your crypto to keep it Safe and secure guys and that is make Sure you guys get that arculus one I Want to see it in the chat On's in the Chat if you have arculus two if you Don't one in chat if you do two if you Don't we want to turn all those twos Into ones this borun guys self- custody Is the most important attribute of all Of crypto if you do not have your crypto On self- custody you do not own your Crypto you're up you're open to tons of Risk make sure you guys go check this Out use code dc10 the link is in the Description below it is by far the Sexiest cold stor uh storage wallet on The market you don't want to hold an Ugly one right that's kind of all right We got some predictions out here 6K 6K

4500 4,200 I do like the 4200 uh 5,000 6,000 oh we got a username $472 3.98 oh we got an inside wow that's that Nancy Nancy Peli is that you is that you Peli for either e Foundation or Justin Sun I'm not sure which though one of one Of the other it's it's one or the other Nobody else uh but yeah from this story Again you got a 60% price prediction Coming out of this what which if you do The math on that what is about 60% from The price point to that you're the math Guy I have to ask you that's $4,200 or $42,000 that's $442,000 60% of 70,000 $442,000 sorry sorry for ethereum oh so 60% price increase from ethereum's price At 60% uh increase from where we at Right now 38 we just say like 3,800 uh That is going to be roughly an Additional 2100 to the 3100 so yeah You're looking at what's that uh 5900 Wow right there right at the $6,000 now I'm off by like 30 bucks or Something someone can maybe oh Dey is Actually well that is bullish and I Would love to see that as ethereum Futures Market sentiment is in a massive Uptrend this uptrend is in the taker Buy Sell ratio indicates a potential shift In market dynamics If the ratio Continues to rise it may signal a Reduction in aggressiveness selling Pressure I mean more buyers and holders

Are going to be holding for the longer Period of time which is exactly why We're going to jump into charts here in Just a second because guys this is being Followed up by not only just an ethereum ETF after Bitcoin there's speculation Around salana getting the next ETF on CNBC in this article you can see they Actually even used my tweet let's get Some uh get some CL let's go we finally Made ited analyst Mom I made it that's What I'm going to say you know renowned Analyst here but CNBC guys this is an Insane video If you guys haven't seen it This was live yesterday uh on this Analyst perspective on which altcoin is Going to get the next e or the next uh Approval of an ETF starting to amend These s1s so I don't know if the Ethereum ETF gets approved today you Know next week or the week after it will Get approved at some point in time but Also the trade now is who's next right Exactly who is next because you and I Was talking about yesterday now it's Almost time for truly my my ETF my Blended ETF of which you know which Crypto asset it is and and so who is Next though I mean I think you've got to Think about salana as probably the next One right I Bitcoin ethereum and salana Are probably the big yeah right what AA honestly it could be Bitcoin cash or Dogecoin dude I knew you going to say

That and It'sin maybe Litecoin actually yeah so Bitcoin cash Litecoin A bundle ETF top 10 Cryptocurrencies H now that is a good Question uh then it's like well why Would you buy that what is the market For that wouldn't they just buy Bitcoin And have like 2% 5% exposure to these Riskier ETFs uh I could I can see it as A potential because they do have it for The future base ETFs there's altcoin Baskets already so yeah it would make Sense for the spot ETFs as well well Here's his reasoning three for this Cycle um but I'll give you even a Stranger or maybe not stranger but maybe Unintuitive way to think about it Robin Hood and coinbase Robin Hood and Coinbase ETFs that that doesn't make sense to me They're already publicly traded yeah I I Don't like that one at all L take L take L take in the chat on that one chat let Us know though what what altcoin would You like to see have an ETF what do you Think deserves an ETF believe it or not I think the third one to get an ETF this Is going to sound crazy should probably Be Dogecoin all right so Dogecoin over Litecoin yeah oh hands down all day D All day all day JT that's a pretty funny Comment thank you all day for you guys Here well on top of this guy Dogecoin

Rising utility FS hope for spot Doge ETF So look at this guys maybe I'm on to Something maybe I am on to something Here but am miss a flurry of speculative Activity in the cryptocurrency market Dogecoin has once again taking the Spotlight surging on Tuesday just over 8% and reigniting discussions about the Potential approval of a Dogecoin Exchange traded fund so Kelly Kellum the Beauty in the basements mamore the Mermaid of crypto so you know let us Know the mer man I apologize sorry for Assuming uh you know what are we seeing These charts right everybody is freaking Out there's an approval coming around What are the resistance levels what are The support levels should I jump in Should I go all in make me make sense of This Market I got the can't hear you Whatsoever one second so just give me Two seconds what I was going to say is You know what there's a lot on the table Right now lot on the table right now and I just want to point back to about a Week and a half ago when everybody was So frustrated on what we could just now Look at as a schedule pullback on the Way to the upside now was there anything That was indicating that a move was Coming and by the way thank you for Having me back I've been traveling it's Good to be back with the family

Everybody that's out there make sure you Hit that like button and uh let's talk About what's going on there are one of The reasons why I love crypto is the Fact that everything's transparent it's On a blockchain everybody can see and on May 20th May 20th this is just before Getting Um on May 20th just before the move Ethereum I actually posted this is Ethereum signaling a move and this was a Post from Ali charts he said ethereum Wales bought over 110,000 ethereum in The past 24 hours this is just literally I posted this in like 20 minutes later Is when the market moved up this is why It's always so good to follow the whales We can also see look at how and this of Course is has to do with the Dynamics of Uh the ethereum blockchain and staking And uh so many other factors but just Look at the balance on Exchange this is Onchain data showing ethereum look at How low this has gone this hadn't been This low since back here in 20 roughly 20 what was that 2015 2016 this is Incredible this is such a good Dynamic For supply and demand and then of course This also tailor into Bitcoin as well But this is from sanate showing that the Basically the amount of um uh Capital That has been put into the stable coin Wallets essentially non-zero balances Meaning people are moving stable coins

And we're seeing a lot of stable coins Being printed this is typically in Preparation for a buy right so this is a Wonderful setup that we have going on But when we're looking at the chart Let's just look at where we came from up Retrace this is a giant bull market There's never been a bare Market when You look at this on the macro it's just Rise retrace continuation retrace Setting up for the continuation and look At where price is being held right now We can tell with the bitlab trading Stack that this is basically testing That order block from the previous uh The previous all-time highs now when we Look at this with very simple lines on The chart I'm just doing a basically Support line from here to here projected Out and we have the support here we have A little bit of support here and then we Get the rejection right here we had a Little deviation above right into this Zone that we have marked out but look at This price action right now I mean I I Could not be more bullish if we do get a Rejection we have to even if let's let's Put it this way whether we get an Approval or a rejection there's a an Opportunity for price to go either Direction we saw with the ETF approval On bitcoin the selloff that uh you know Followed over the next uh couple week or Two now what we see here if we do get a

Drop these are the key levels I'm Watching directly below us let's get Down to the 4 Hour directly below us Right down in this Zone here about $3,200 and then of course to support Down here right at about 3,000 if we Drop below that we'll have to reassess And see what's going on on uh you know Potentially down below 2700 but I'm I'm Ultra bullish right now and I'm going to Show you why when we look at the Bitcoin Charts in a second if we do uh you know Continue pushing to the upside the next Level I'm really watching is directly Above us that $4,000 level but more more Importantly the crosssection of this Diagonal previous res uh support now Flipped to resistance right right in the Middle of this order block area as well As a previous all-time high Zone and That would be up here at this $4,500 Level now if we look at this like a you Know bull flag style type of pattern if We measure this out and move this move This up to this Zone this this sort of Uh gives that that level that DZ was Just talking about that 60% increase Right at $6,000 now what's exciting and I don't Want people just to trade on this but This is why you have long-term Vision on Charts when you look at this on the Macro and see this giant cup and handle Right here the target out of this you

Wouldn't believe it if I told you it's All the way up here at $24,000 now this looks great but the Problem is people see this target I know People see this Target and they don't Understand the price isn't going to go Straight up there the price is going to Do what bull markets do which is Rise Retrace continuation retrace scare the Life out of you and continue up so You're gonna have to realize this is GNA Take some work to get up there but on The macro you know I could see ethereum You know through now through 2025 Getting in that 17 to 25,00 ,000 range Which is absolutely bullish so I'm I'm Very positive on what's going on here But I want to share a couple Bitcoin Charts as well because these are going To work somewhat in tandem of what's Going on before we do that though we Cannot ignore the ethereum to bitcoin Chart now Dey has pointed out over the Last couple months this huge macro trend Line This support line that comes all The way back to December 2016 when we Project this point to this point and Ignore the rest just this point to this Point we can see that this actually did Act as support again here support again Here we have lost this Zone recently Back here basically middle of March bit Of a deviation which scared a lot of People there's a lot of that misinformed

Speculation positive or negative around The ethereum ETF uh and now we look at Look at where this is at it's crazy how This downtrend resistance uh that comes Back here since August 2022 to where We're at right now the price this Movement just took us right up into this Cross-section so even if we get a ShakeOut from here remember things are Bullish looking into the future if we Get a shake out from here to me that is A buying opportunity I think eth will Make up a lot of these losses against uh Bitcoin here in the near future and this Is an important area look at these Double order blocks right in this Zone And the cross-section of these two trend Lines right here now when we're talking About what's going on with Bitcoin let's Remember what's going on on the macro we Are in the exact same position we've Been in the last three Cycles Challenging the price having some wash Out shakeouts right at the previous All-time high same thing right here Right at the previous alltime High same Thing right here but more importantly Let's not get lost on price action look To the data stochastic RSI is fully Reset same thing that we saw right here Before that that bullish uh the the Shift from bearishness to bullishness Right here where the the rsis came down And reset and started pushing up even

Before the price action moved here so We're getting that same signal now and What makes that happen Global liquidity We can see global liquidity when this Loads there we go has bottomed out and Is starting to push up this is going to Be fuel for the fire that we want to Burn baby in addition to that we can Actually see the capital flow what is The capital flow doing it is come down And reset and starting to move back up Just like we saw back here large pump Come back reset and then you get the Major move remember what I just said at The end of that and then you get the Major move that's what's next and we can See it in the capital flow on bitcoin Everybody thinks it's ETFs see this Bright green area this is this is ETFs This is the other Capital that's coming Into the market and this both of these Are starting to tick up strongly this is Looking good so let's skip the other Charts I want to get right into the TA Looking at where we're at right now I Want to point out the last three weeks You're gonna see a lot of lines when I Zoom out here but the last three weeks I've been I had this blue line on my Chart talking about around May 22nd May 23rd I was expect expecting to see some Upside price action and you know what Bitcoin got a little too excited it Front ran it great having a little bit

Of a pullback I talked about this Yesterday on the bit lab stream right to This descending trend line This semi- Midterm trend line that's been the Downtrend since we hit all-time highs And so what we're seeing right now Nobody should be scared about anytime You see price action break a trend line You want to see it come back flip that Previous resistance to support and then Make that move to the upside that's the Healthy move what we're seeing right now Is overwhelmingly healthy so in terms of The levels I'm watching right now I Think that uh with the ethereum ETF That's going to cause volatility either Direction if we do drop down from here I Expect a bounce somewhere above 65,000 uh if we do lose this level if we Start pushing up I'm watching Essentially this whole area 69 to 71,000 If we're able to clear 71,000 I don't Think that this previous alltime high is Going to be any any of a chore I'm super Bullish on this uh you know the market Right now is is doing the things that it Needs to do uh and zoom out if you're Frustrated look at where the markets Come from you'll end have a better Clear Vision about where it's going and if you Want to know more head over to bitlab Academy stream after this hey we still Have that huge uh having special going On right now as well too I'll just shout

That out really quick head over to lab. Bitlab Kelly and you can sign up uh You can throw that link in in the live Chat lab. bitlab Kelly it's Half off for basically you get half half A month free and then huge deal for the Life of your account come be in we'll be And we'll be actually having a member Stream tomorrow in there as well with You Kelly always a pleasure having you On Brother appreciate it all right and uh You know when he was looking at the Charts I just couldn't help but I Noticed a little bit of a trend line Forming on the one hour chart here with Bitcoin you can see that we lost that Support here when I went to my uh 11 Minute chart because sometimes I'm a Dean I couldn't help but notice look at The volume Spike the set I say the Candle the candle where we lost support Here so this is that you know this is That support going back days and days And days we fell below it and then look At these giant red volume candles after We lost that as support a lot of people Just fled the sink and ship that is Called Bitcoin today this is all very Recent this is all uh selling one two Three about last 88 minutes here yeah uh And we do have some breaking news here So you know shout out to everybody in

Chat let's get some W's in chat wake Everybody up let's go baby let's get Excited uh Bitcoin exchange liquidation Map on The Daily here run run run run uh This is insane so we do see the Bulls Now taking control so you guys know I Love liquidation charts it's how we Called the bottom at $56,700 it's why we Bought $50,000 worth of eth it's why you Saw Dey longing like every single Project on the market making steak Dinners almost day in and day out for The last like two months here iau I got Some knives this morning Costco is Actually out of stakes because Dey made So many it is insane he is just lathered In Stakes right now but the bigcoin Exchange liquidation map guys for the First time we are seeing it turn over in Favor of the Bears we're seeing some Support around these ranges which is why If you follow me on Twitter or we're Here last night and shout out to all the New people in here also shout out to all The old people from you know of course The previous channels the zters you guys Are beautiful I'm happy for you guys Being here to guys make sure you smash That like button look I'm new it is what It is I love you guys we're going to Absolutely crush it here together this One day chart here shows us that Bitcoin Is more inclined now to start pushing Back up it's starting to create that

Support at these ranges if we go to this 7-Day chart here you're going to also See Bulls again have officially taken a Favor on the weekly now you want to see This tend to see a pretty massive um a Teeter totter that'd be the best way to Put it's a teeter totter and the markets Constantly go like this it's a battle Between bulls and bears you have buyers You have sellers I like the the tug of- War metaphor that you're were saying you Know the tug of war going to pull them Into the mud exactly and so that's a Good point I was like trying to forget I Was like what was the analogy I made but So right now you want to see the the Tuggle war from the Bears you want to See them pull overextended because what Happens when they get all the way to the Other side of the mud market makers the Cheaters the black rocks the banks they Come in and they go to the other side And they help pull it the other way and Then it just they get they're at the end Of the rope and like you're pulling you Know you got the big Banks behind you Like yeah we're all short in the market And then you turn around like black Rock's not behind you anymore and you're Like what you see them across the way You're like no you're against me now They changed teams the mid yeah it was Like uh when you play FIFA with your Like friends back in like 2014 and like

You just switch teams like immediately Mid game never played FIFA I know it was Suppos to be fun never played it loved FIFA well I'm supposed to Like what that's I'm I'm almost ashamed I was I a huge FIFA fan but so on the One day and 7 Day Bulls are starting to Win what you'll see on the thir day guys Is the Bears still have a little bit More steam that needs to be wiped out And that's why we're looking for that $ 66,329 The most money is think of it like a Moth heading towards the light it Typically is going to go to the Brightest light but what happens when The moth gets to the light uh gets burnt Exactly the market makers and then you Just you just die it is a mo and then You fall yeah and then it falls just Down to the floor so that is what we're Watching right now Bitcoin tried to get To that light and then it got rejected Now it's falling back towards the ground Here which is going to be at $64,500 there's actually more uh Liquidity building up down there but I Want to look at what's happening on the 12-hour time frame here we are seeing More liquidations again above us at $70,400 so I'm expecting in real time Looking at these liquidation Maps guys And then looking at the Delta spread Here bitcoin's now in the negative you

Want to buy in the red sell in the green When you're at the top of these green Peaks that's when you want to take Profits when you're in the red that's When you want to start dollar cost Averaging right we are now seeing that Delta spread completely wiped out which Tells me one thing and one thing only That we're looking to find support it Could continue lower it might very well Continue a little bit lower but does Look like a good chance to start dollar Cost averag in could you go back to that Previous screen in a bullish environment The green will go higher than the red Will go lower bearish environment it Will be opposite and let me put out the Pin here I was like Jos I have a Question yeah what if you're someone Who's kind of new and you bought in the Green expecting it to go higher what do You do now uh so if you bought in the Green you fom moded and uh unfortunately That usually happens is when you buy and Everything like right you didn't buy at 56k you didn't buy at 63k you didn't buy At 68k and it went to $72,000 you're Like oh I'm buying I'm buying I'm back In it's going to go to alltime highs This just tends to happen it's Completely normal guys so what you're Looking at here it's very simple okay This black line is your windshield wiper On the top of the market here you have

Your Bears okay these are people Shorting the market and on the bottom of It you have your bulls and this Windshield wiper right here these are The cheaters these are your market Makers market makers mm this is your Winter mutes this is binance these are The big players in the industry and when Too many bear come out of hibernation The Bulls will wipe out the Bears and When too many Bulls come out you know Start start charging there's no bears on The market the Bears will start wiping Out the Bulls and it goes back and forth Like a windshield so in real time when You have a massive Green Mountain right Here it means there's way too many bulls And more than likely if you fomed in Right you bought at 70k well that was When it was at the maximum of bulls they Were all over leverage check out ethum I'll show you eum's chart right here e Eum you could see still massively Overleveraged right this is why I think Ethereum needs a pretty strong pullback Right now to about $3600 ethereum still needs those Bulls There's way look how many bulls there Are right these need to get wiped out Before we can move higher you like to See it neutralize what neutral looks Like is the zone at the bottom left when You get down to that zone that's Traditionally where you're finding

Pretty significant support level or You're looking to break through that Support and then do the opposite like if You see this instead of it being green It's red That means you're you know you're you're Dropping through the floor right now That means you're starting to pull back Sack nasty sell at a loss it's what we All do learn the hard way noobs throw Character sack nasty wants you to step In the the [ __ ] or the bear trap um But you know what it does happen to all Of us it is one of the best ways to Learn I always say the best lessons Leave bruises yeah buy high sell low That's what my abusive stepfather would Say at least well if you can pull up Dogecoin chart on your show guys that's That's that's it there for you guys if You can pull Dogecoin chart I'm very Curious to see where it's at right now Because Dogecoin is consolidating at the Neckline of the inverse Head and Shoulders the expectation of this Breakout in the next 24 to 40 hours with A price target of 22 cents what's it Looking like uh it's I just have it on The 11 minute chart still and I just saw A sea of red so this is uh what I first Saw right I went to BTC what's the oh wow they both look Just terrible here uh yeah so Doge uh Falling cascading just heading down

Further and further where it Wicks it Will stick so it might try to go down to 156 again uh but if if we go to the 1 Hour uh you know I'm starting to see Well maybe a nice little horizontal Level of support let's go to the 4 Hour Here yeah okay horizontal level of Support with that scam Wick to the Downside so could potentially be a Bounce also at a pretty important Horizontal level right here these blue Lines don't worry about the blue lines Uh somewhat maybe can still play out Though uh they're actually not terrible Looking so chat's asking where U you can Find those shards those be pretty good Hey what I'm going to keep this on here Uh I I drew this out with the Doge Stream at like 1:30 p.m. uh then you Know this is I guess you know several Days ago or whatever and I was like yeah It's going to do something like this Kind kind of fall I mean I was a little As per usual Dey was a little too Bullish D is that what you're saying You're Plan D on the charts I am Elon Musk that's your stock to flow Well Chad Is asking where you can find those Charts guys that's called the high block Capital you can find it in the Description below if you can put it in Chat right there just High block h y b l C k um and you know it is a Little bit pricey up there but if you

Guys want to look at these I'm always Constantly posting them in the telegram Always constantly posting them on Twitter and we cover these every single Day live for you guys both in the Morning and Monday through Thursday at 400 pm. when I go live with you guys and Dy also covers more at 1 pm Eastern so Make sure you guys subscribe hit that Like button and stick around uh but I Could tell chat isn't it it's like I Like colors some people like ta we're Just back and forth on a little bit of Both uh someone asked about Bon I know Bon was uh pushing close to oh my God I Pulled up Bonk on coin gecko look at I Guess there's someone on base that one Is up 60% today I'm not saying go buy it But you know this is pretty interesting We go to Bong we go to Max hit here uh Really really close y'all really really Close so we're getting pretty close After we pass that price Discovery Zone Yeah and we should have a referral link For high block soon I need to ask Tim Where that is at too because we're going To be getting you guys discounts on that Too but Justin Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF Officially overtakes grayscale for the Most assets under management absolutely Bullish complet makes sense it was only Going to happen at one point or another Us Bitcoin ETFs amassed 2212 Bitcoin in In a day led by black Rock's ibit

Infidelity fbt and you know how many are Printed or created each day right uh 200 450 that was close yeah we just got drop Down from 900 a day now only 450 Bitcoin Are mined daily so you're saying only 450 so that means it's like a 5x or There's four times the amount of Bitcoin Being sold almost five times the amount Of Bitcoin being sold than are being Printed each and every single day and That's why we saw that Kelly's figure Where it has Bitcoin on exchanges it's Heading in one direction for the last Few years here less and less Bitcoin Becoming available and here's net Inflows from Eric balchunas on Twitter Saying to the Bitcoin ETFs X sorry you Can see that the third wind forming Again the ability to Rally back after Hangovers from highs is rare for a new In volatile category now eight straight Days of inflows about $ 1.7 billion a May totaling a net year-to date of$ 13.5 Billion uh Eric balunis is bullish here We're looking at Bitcoin is still quiet And still trending in my view we're Quite far from the Euphoria phase of This bull run you could argue on the Boundary between enthusiasm and Excitement so this is a really cool Chart here uh this kind of goes with the Market psychology right I don't believe We've seen Euphoria yet when you see Euphoria that's when your friends

Families Uber drivers and people that Have nothing and never have seen crypto In their life are putting their life Savings into it that's when you have to Get out when the Uber driver uh has Charts up on his phone that's that's When you know I like this person's name Is Checkmate I don't know if you saw uh What is his name uh what's what's the Famous chess player that's ranked number One in the world uh magn Magnuson Magnus Carlson mag Magnus Carlson thank you uh Yeah I don't know he's in the news right Now he's dunking on the reporters who Are misquoting him over the what what do They call that uh dildo gate I'm not Trying to be funny here with the whole Thing of the remember the guy was Cheating at chess and they're saying Maybe something vibrating in a certain Area yep yeah yeah so he's uh he's been Attacking reporters lately gosh Is that Real is that a thing yeah yeah they're They're trying to misquote him and Saying he's a like o it's just a fun Story the whole Chess World Is Still A Flutter about it that's quite insane uh If you ask me but when we're looking at This chart we're not looking at anything Shoved up in places they shouldn't be Where the sun don't shine we're looking At escape velocity so we have chop Consolidation quiet and cop chop Solidation here uh when you're looking

At this bottom metric he is saying that We're still in the orange category here And haven't even hit excitement and fact We're about to break into excitement now For me I would I honestly would have to Agree I think we I think we're already In the excitement stage I think it's Fair to say that you know breaking that Alltime high when you're on cmbc seeing People talk about like salana ETFs You're in the excitement category There's a lot of people very excited to Be in crypto right now there's a lot of People still very disappointed though And what that is called is disbelief Disbelief is when people go now it's Going to crash and then at 30k they Short Bitcoin like G then at 40K they Short Bitcoin and at 50 they short Bitcoin that's 60k they short and they Just never believe we're in a bull run We got a lot of Uber drivers trading I Love it hang I have a question you're Talking about disbelief what about that Belief D belief it's a dad joke sorry oh This D I missed it I missed it well guys Nothing against Uber drivers I by the Way by the way I I used to do Uber all Day long it's a great side hustle too if You're just looking to like save out for Vacation or pay for whatever you'd like To do it's a great great gig what I'm Saying though is in 2021 my Uber driver Told me about none other than safe moons

So you know that was a clear sign uh it Was in Miami actually he probably Watched a little bar stole president Probably told me that you know it's Gonna be the next greatest thing and uh Choose Rich Nick was on a pizza review Yesterday yeah I gotta go watch that now He didn't go in character and then Dave Porto was really upset at him not being In character if you remember the choose Rich guy he's the guy looks a little bit Like Milhouse and he's like choose rich And he's like in his helicopter nous dud He's like pouring p pelino in his toilet To flush his toilet or whatever uh yeah Uh Presidente comes out and he's like When did you turn into Gandhi all of a Sudden cuz he wasn't in character he's Like what what are you being all nice For he's like yeah I don't want to give This pizza a bad score he's like what Are you talking about you're like you're Were the [ __ ] of the Walk five minutes Ago and now you're being all nice when The cameras are on so don't watch it Expecting him to be in character that's Lame dude yeah guys that joke went right Over my uh thick unibrow here Bitcoin Market cap nears 10% of gold as Institutional interest SES incrementum Report a report compiled by wealth maner Agement verm incrementum shared by tur Mister a researcher at adamant research Sheds lights on the growing

Institutional interest in Bitcoin so This is pretty cool uh here's some Charts us dealt debt since 2015 uh That Central banks around the world have been Decreasing their exposure to the US Dollar they've been buying more and more Gold and getting rid of more and more Dollars US debt held by Foreign central Banks this is China this is Japan this Is Germany a lot of countries losing a Little bit of that dollar and buying More and more mean was evil dictator or Even a benevolent dictator I know what I Would buy if I have a choice you know we Had a little Surplus hey you could buy Gold or us junk bonds I know what I Would choose I it's quite clearly gold Right you know it's according to the Report bitcoin's market capitalization Get this is approaching 10% of gold Currently 88.4% and Bitcoin is currently valued at 1.4 trillion compared to Gold $16 Trillion I do believe we will hit a Price point of like $650 something odd, Uh not an exact r round number but the Marginal cost of production for Bitcoin I do believe will coincide with the Marginal cost of production of gold in The future and that's that value that Store value that that account is going To be valued at above $10 trillion it Could be by 2030 it might be 2036 but The projections are obvious that Bitcoin

Is being adopted on a parabolic route It's it's just going up and up and up Like the internet did so that's kind Bcoin losing $3,000 definitely hurt its Percentages here you can see gold right Now 15.7 trillion so that means uh Bitcoin would need to be 1.5 trillion or 1.6 if you want on to round up for only 1.3 at the moment so uh yeah not quite 10% and this is a really cool chart that Shows a key distinction between gold and Bitcoin with is that Bitcoin Supply is Fixed with 94% of its total 21 million Coins already minted translating to a Circulating supply of 19.7 million in Contrast gold Supply continues to grow Steadily and is projected to reach 250,000 tons by 2030 so gold just going To be continuously inflationary there's A lot of gold out there in the world They continue to find more and more you Know what don't get me started on the Meteors oh yeah we're gonna start Sending uh Elon mus is going to be Attaching himself to meteors well I I Will say this Terrence Howard he said he Could turn lead into gold so now we got To watch out for these people too you Know yeah the man um uh terryology right Terryology the man uh the man with all The the answers he he figured out how Planets are created if I if I'm not Mistaken periodic table hey I will say This no one knows why Gra

Works so doesn't Terry man you know what you're that's it An old Bitcoin wallet from 2010 guys Imagine what would you do if you were This person this guy bought $140 Million Worth of bitcoin at 10 cents ENT that Sorry opposite way around uh he just Opened up his wallet he bought how many 2,000 Bitcoin at 10 cents 10 cents what Is that is that $20 no that's not $20 That's $200 at 10 cents yeah that's Crazy guys 140 Mill he just woke up to $140 million $200 to $140 million now That you have to know this guy had more Than one wallet there's no way he only Held that I'm sure he had other wallets He was selling on the way up folks uh It's actually T Howard also believes 1 Time 1 equals 2 is what it is right I Believe that is the not one plus one It's two it's I mean it's just math guys It's just math yeah it's just math yeah It's facts facts here every 96 person if You guys thought you were late to the Crypto Market well only one every 96 one Out of 96 people so every 96 that's Wrong every 96 person on the planet Currently owns at least $1 in Bitcoin Shout out to those people veteran Analysis shares what to expect next to Bitcoin price here according to the Analyst the key Supply zones for bitcoin Price are between 7,180 and 70,600 we've Done a lot of ta But ultimately what

This guy believes is that we're going to Drop down to $65,500 I'm looking at the 66500 to 6 7,350 level between that range we might Get that that Wick down before guys we Hit 300 likes so guys give yourselves a Round of applause shout out to you guys Guys make sure you smash that like Button if you're enjoying this content It helps us out shows us the support we Love all of you you guys are an amazing Community uh I do believe we are going To bounce back up not towards 77,500 perod between $74,000 and $78,000 So I would be about more in the middle Here around $ 76,2 I do believe that next leg up is Going to break that that previous Alltime high before we get another Correction what's that next correction It might be from 76 or $777,000 Bitcoin Back down to 71k right that is where You're looking to make those trades and We're going to be watching the Liquidations all in or every step of the Way with you guys on this channel uh Seth Shepard only one out of 96 people Own Bitcoin that's actually not even That accurate it's uh there's one wallet For every 96 people a lot of people have More than one wallet and chemistry bro Has actually what Matt uh or I'm sorry What Terren said 1 Time 1 equals two 1 Time Zero well equals one that makes

Sense yeah because when I think of one Group of zero it equals one yeah it's One one group Of math is broken well what else is Broken uh the house well breaking us House passes historical fit 21 crypto Bill this was incredibly bullish for of Course our politicians here and here's Us Congressman talking a little about What this digital age requires guys We're moving into not we're not in the Industrial revolution anymore guys we're In the digitalization revolution and Here we go we're going to listen on This I think we should have audio for Digital assets cryptocurrency and Innovation Tom Emmer the gentleman is recognized thank You Mr Speaker today we have an Opportunity to determine whether the Next iteration of the internet will be Designed by Americans or if it will Instead reflect the values of some other Nation the fit21 ACT gives us that Opportunity and unlocks a larger Conversation Beyond Innovation this bill Is about National Security it's about Consumer protection it's about global Competitiveness it's about shaping what The future Global digital economy looks Like and how it functions currently all Online transactions are intermediated But as we move deeper into into the Digital age digital assets are key to

Decentralizing the Internet so Americans Can transact directly with each other Now no inter intermediary needed without Crypto we don't have this ability and I Think giving Americans the choice to do Business through an intermediary or Directly with each other is important Having that choice will fundamentally Alter the digital economy unlocking new Opportunities for Americans and Individuals across the world let me Pause right there this is what makes me So bullish on ethereum it's going to Unlock a new opportunity for our Digitalized economy it is tokenization Of our money markets guys it's Tokenization of our treasuries it's Tokenization of our traditional banking System 365 24/7 you're going to have Access to liquidity and that means Institutions are going to have access to Liquidity us treasuries guys are jumping Every single day by tens of millions of Dollars and when the ethereum ETF gets Approved this is what all of these Tokenized services are built on top of And I believe it is the threshold that Is holding institutions from foming from Jumping into the next step of what these Markets can provide which is the Tokenization of our treasuries right now And you're seeing that with the recent News with the ETF announcement the hype Up here you are getting an uptick over

The last three days we are getting a Massive uptick in both projects like Ethereum Stellar is actually the second Largest one uh in terms of projects that Are built on or tokenized products are Building on top of Stellar but that's Going to be Franklin Templeton bidd on Top of ethereum and Ando is the only way You can get exposure as a retailer I Have to I I sh Ono a lot but it's just Bullsh it had a 10% pump today I'll go Ahead and pull it up right now it was n It was 9 point something when I looked Earlier and now it looks like it Probably hit that 24-hour period where It's maybe it's probably coming back Down to with the rest of the market when It was like around 24 hours from this Dip it was a very very good pump now It's uh cooled down a little bit but hey Still up 3.3 % I would yeah it's oh yeah It's at 96 cents let's W in the chat if You hold who holds on to one in the chat If you hold on to that's [ __ ] awesome Bought in the 80s 80ish you did buy yeah Yeah I bought on stream I I think that's Honestly one be one of the like best Blue Chip projects of this Market but Either way it's the underlying concept Of the approval of the ETF I think it's Going to give that regulatory like Certainty that institutions go all right We can utilize this product tokenization Is becoming more prominent you see chain

Link they're at at the Forefront of this As well with ccip chain link I'm Incredibly bullish on as well they are Working with now a massive asset Management firm with over $100 million In assets under management For Real Estate in Hong Kong it is bullish chat It is extremely extremely bullish so Just in Congressman Brad Sherman uh Cobra coin is coming out and he's he's Mad he's like ah I don't like this Crypto Bill here's what he had to say For like 20 seconds say cobra coin yeah Cobra coin remember he said that Cobra Kai oh remember right like what is it Cobra coin uh chat we're going to have 30 seconds whoever has I want to see the Best roast in the chat okay best roast In chat how do we get someone's like how Do I do a giveaway where we can just Like grab somebody is Nick in here I'm Here yeah okay can we just like Highlight that guy and like or girl or That whoever it is how do we do a Giveaway in chat without getting them Lost in the Sauce um yeah you'll just have to call Out their name and then they'll have to DM us on DM us on Twitter on Twitter Yeah okay this what we're going to do Guys we're going to play 30 Seconds of This clip the best roast of Brad Sherman Wins Last week we had Police Week $25 by the

Way this week the Republicans DCT show Us that they support crime in the Suits the effect of this bill shortterm Will be to disempower the most effective Investor protection crime uh uh Investigation organization in the world The SEC but the long-term objective of the Crypt billionaire Bros is to create a New currency And they've named it well cryptocurrency Literally means hidden money and if it Ever becomes a currency it means that we Will not be able to enforce our tax laws Except on wage earners and we will not Be able to enforce our laws against uh Child uh and uh traffickers drug dealers And those who violate our sanctions Interesting interesting uh Brad is the Trump coin is a trumpcoin maxi Sherman Is a dinosaur politician that's a good One der's Sherman's a dinosaur Politician uh he's he's his points are Zero this guy is Mr Smithers father that One's a good one uh Dude Looks Like The Like a broken condom that one good looks Like a washed up science teacher the Speech could be in the all right we got To choose one I like I like the broken One they're still coming in their own Still coming give okay we'll give it Like 20 seconds for those to roll in cuz I know you guys are typing squibber but Is as dumb as Patrick there that is a

Good one that is a good one okay Danny I See you coming in here uh JT dey's Dad h That was good that was good dey's Dad ha a good hair joke that is mean Dude the hex of the Senate he's the hex Of the Senate okay okay I have to Squidward trying to control Mr crab Apple that one's good Mr Burns doesn't Like it ah the Hipster money Sherman is Old as the tank that's the Panama Canal On the top of His whoa yo that's a pretty good One yo dude that's hard Sherman is mad Because he could buy the dip Brad's Fiat Sherman needs a Shermans needs to N I think uh as far as piy joke old as The tank that that's my old as the tank I have to say Panama canalise we got to Take a poll all right take a poll SpongeBob we got to take a can you so Put uh Squidward Panama Canal or uh what Was yours uh what was it the py one uh Sherman tank or Sherman Tank okay And all right there we go we'll take the Vote on it we'll see where it goes ugly Mr Potato Head if he could talk also Good that was also good that was also Good Squidward Panama Canal or Sherman Tank it's one of the it's one of those Three I I I personally like the Panama Canal but we'll see which one takes the Lead you guys are going to win $25 make Sure whoever wins that uh goes ahead and

DMS us on the Discover crypto Twitter All right discover crypto Twitter make Sure you choose one go ahead and vote For yours uh because you're on the St I Can hit close and it doesn't close the Poll just Clos it on her screen I won't Affect the vote okay okay okay White House opposes fit21 but says it's eager To work with Congress so this is this Big news you have Maxine Waters who's The corrupted like lady right here she Received all this dark money from FTX uh Read the Tweet below then we'll look Back at the picture here yeah so this Lady let me let me make sure I Circle Her okay and I got to got to blur out Her eyes like that cuz she's just like Evil uh she said Maxine W or Maxim just Referred to the fit 21 as an extreme Maga libertarian approach to regulation Doesn't sound like a CA change in the Democrat approach to crypto to me the Most harmful proposal I've seen in a Very long time she says most and it's so Funny she's saying that because he's Talking about Brad Sherman's talking About criminals money laundering all This stuff she's re she received most of Her campaign ations came from SPF right Here little curly fry hair guys this guy Right here this guy right here with the The gross you know the big stomach you Know I don't know what I'm drying out Here I should be careful uh Maxine

Waters received a lot of her campaign Donations from this dark money and this Massively corrupted individual so uh L Maxine Waters let's see a bunch of L Maxine L Maxine L Maxine because she Deserves all the L's in the world Nancy Pelosi votes for landmark crypto Bill And this is why you should not bet Against uh you know the bullish in Congress right now Nancy Pelosi is in Favor of the crypto bill so that only Tells me one thing and one thing only She is the best Trader that exists in America one of the top five at least uh She probably has some long positions Yeah she probably has some long Positions uh you know Maxine's water Position on SPF blow him kisses I'm Actually not joking I pulled up the GIF Here uh she literally was blowing him Kisses that's her right here byebye That's Sam bankman freed you could Notice his fro and he loves her sugar Days love you I love you uh I'll visit You I'll see you in prison I'll visit You in prison wait for me uh the biggest Scammer bigger than birdie made off you Know by dollars biggest gamer in the World ever you know or it's up there uh I'm sorry that's our government grip but You know one of the biggest private Sector grifters in Mankind's History this is what she does yeah she's Like

She's oh my God she's got like a tattoo Have you seen any video of SBF where You're like yeah this guy comes off as a Credible actor or is he like fidgeting And looks like he's on me he's like Tweaking on meth and he's playing like At this key twe like it's the 36 Berlin Olympics oh yeah they're secret lovers That might be why him and his girlfriend Did break up maybe they were the star Lover how much money would you uh have To be paid to watch that in completion I Don't that's let's not take that let's Not pull that one I mean I'm going we're Going full-blown eyelids peeled open I Don't even think I would take the $140 Million Bitcoin dude I'd watch for one Bit for one Bitcoin hell of a you can't forget that That's the amount of You're not joining unless you want look It's the moving on to speaking of Joining the Democrats voted yay on this Bill guys uh there was a lot of yays on This bill a lot more surprising that Came out if you guys want to see that Dan sper put it out here on Twitter just In the the SEC is facing probes over Promethium plan to cust the eth that is Incredibly bullish the corrupted Gary Guzzler is getting probed over Promethium their poster Childs BS of Announcing that ethereum is a security And just kind of doing all this random

Regulation they think that they get the Control minimizing crypto taxes I'm Curious to know here guys the countries With the best crypto uh digital asset Taxes according to this article is Germany which I think is BS then Portugal Singapore those make sense Malta's also good Switzerland's pretty Decent uh Germany's interesting because I'm pretty sure you get taxed 44% or 45% After the first year so you literally Are like risking okay cool yeah 0% uh After a year but if you're in a forun You're going to be buying and selling And trading all of the time right yeah Yeah for sure I was trying to find a Clip of her raging I haven't found it Yet but I I might be able to find it Still might be raging uh speaking of Raging the US national debt is Raging Harder than ever taking that Viagra JP Morgan with $582 billion yes with a B Added to the US national debt here uh Most recently our debt they are just Turning on these money printers Brad Sherman the people that want to protect The US currency because it's not Corrupted yeah they're just money Printing left and right uh making tons And tons of money off it fed pivot could Release $6 trillion in the crypto this Is an interesting conversation analysts Are between uh is the Fed pivot going to Be bearish for stocks and crypto or

Maybe just stocks and it's a very Interesting concept to talk about that This pivot could mean retail investors If they see a lot of this you know easy Borrowing cost maybe it's going to mean That they are you know as it stands Right now I think every American feels The heat they feel the burn they know That holding US dollars really means Nothing at this point so are they going To start moving their assets into Tokenization issues are they going to be Focusing on things like ibit will ibit Trade as a commodity or is it going to Remain a risk-on asset I believe that They're going to want 247 trading and so To me that increases the odds we are Going to have more of these assets on Chain and this is coming from Tom Lee Who is from fun Strat and he's been Actually really on point with a lot of His analysis over the years I've been Watching Tom you everybody would know What Tom is who Tom is if you saw a Picture of him but he's been on CNBC and Talking about this for like multiple Cycles at this point so I'd have to say I wouldn't bet against them necessarily And I do agree that there's a lot of Valid points to that perspective Goldman Sachs says they don't even expect an Interest rate cut in 2024 I'm on this Side because I don't think Biden wants To see those interest rates Cuts it'd be

Bad politically because traditionally When you see interest rate Cuts guys you Get a downside in your stock markets and Tech stocks so nobody wants to see that During a presidential election Especially if the White House is already The Democrats are already struggling to Maintain the white house uh Nvidia blew Up last night hitting $1,000 after hours This was incredibly bullish uh you know If you guys just honestly keep betting Against Nvidia there's a guy on Twitter Uh that I try to what's his name what's His name what's his name I I could Probably go to Joshua Jake okay you Liking it yeah in your likes it's in my Likes it's in my no it's in my while He's looking up I do have Nvidia share Price history if we want to play this is Uh pretty yeah look at that thing looks Like the Bitcoin Chart here it Is wait a minute wait a minute we only Got only got like eight more Years watch This so there's a guy on Twitter that's Been uh shorting this the entire way so As you watch that chart he's been every Single time there's an earnings report He shorted it like I think last quarter The quarter before uh he's been like I've been trading for five years now I've never seen a bubble this big and He's been shorting Nvidia the entire

Time and he's been making the biggest L's possible and so he's like I opened The massive short right he opened a Massive short you know what this I've Never seen a bubble this big it reminds Me of like when we transition from Horses into vehicles and like model T's And then like a second and a third and a Fourth car company start damler Chrysler Cadillac Ford uh Chevy and he's like Clearly a bubble clearly a bubble this Isn't life-altering technology that's Going to change mankind forever it's a Bubble that's how you sound bub I agree And it's so funny dud cuz look at his Twitter look at the this is his pin Tweet I bought my dream car at 17 thanks To the stock market I'm going to Guarantee you ch right now he rented That he's probably in Dubai or he rented It that's how most these people do they Rented their cars I want to see the Proof show me the you know the pink slip I don't know or whatever it is you Probably are in a sitting in a rental Car and he's got maybe $2,000 spread on On his jeans it's not even that much Money can't even tell if that watch is Real or not that's like a t-u Bitcoin Watch and he goes I'm making $1 million Today with Nvidia puts last time I made $100,000 with Nvidia I assim saw the Pattern right now uh he's been getting Wrecked non-stop he says he's wait send

A zero did he update it is NVIDIA Dropping finally for him cuz if you Scroll down on his page guys did he Delete them no he did not delete them Wow yeah he deleted they're all red wow This man this man there he was like dude It was down 50,000 it was down 40,000 um Very funny things watching him play out Right here and he's been becoming a m on Twitter but now he's climbing back we Don't seeit did he delete and we haven't Seen his deposits because dude he was Getting blasted he was getting blasted So we'll see if that continues on Speaking of getting blasted I do want to Make sure we had a salana meme coin Dev Who burnt himself just trying to pump up The coin it was called uh was it dare Literally called dare like Truth or Dare Or Dare or something like that and uh he We have a little bit of a clip it Doesn't really show anything to gu Literally grifting set himself on fire And his coin is only 160k market cap He's in the hospital realest on the Blockchain uh don't worry you can't Really see anything but you can see some Flames engulfing uh so yeah that guy is Really really trying to pump is coin I Checked this morning it was like 800k so You know the pump is gone probably Danny Bird and Nova what's Nova sorry those Are do do we in the poll now Squidward One we're way over time Squidward okay

Looks like Squidward one uh so Squidward Takes a lead at 44% um which is hey shout out to who was That was that Danny Bird Danny Bird won Danny Bird wins make sure you DM us on Twitter you just won $25 but yeah that Guy is's 100% grifting dude because I Was watching his page and he was Shorting shorting shorting shorting Shorting and then like now all the he's Just putting it the other way I wonder If he just has opens on both ways and Then he just deletes the ones that wrong They'll schlong the market because yeah Invid is up 10% today which is just that Is insane to think about uh past that Guys you have a little bit from the Altcoin corner here of course you saw The guy light himself on fire which is Just absolutely insane nfts are coming Back to life just a little bit as isuki Is trending seeing multiple sales for Over $117,000 you also had one isuki Bought for $273,000 an ultra rare version wild to See and metam mask is moving to bitcoin Which means Bitcoin defi is looking more Prominent runes are popping off I do Expect it to be huge moment in this Cycle uh give me your guys' favorite Altcoins in chat I want to know what Your guys what is going to be the Biggest mover of this cycle I'm going to Say from a blue chip perspective my

Pick's Ando Dez what's your pick uh big Move of this cycle I like Ando uh I do Think chain link is gonna have a time to Shine you know I'm not I don't want to Give anything super risky outside the Top 50 but uh outside of top 50 close at Least render could still have some Serious move to the upside as well okay Render I like it Chad I want to see what You guys believe Nick what about you Behind the Stich yeah I'm thinking Something like stay or or Injective injective I like that I do Like that someone goes xrp in chat that Is a good one uh dog here though is up 144% so shout out to anybody that Listened to the ruins guys we were Talking about getting dog months ago at This point with the air drops through Leonitis with the uh uh runestones guys They were a 100% Fair launch 100% aird Dropped uh meme coin they are now worth Like $500 million so shout out to Literally anybody that got into dog I've Seen a lot of people actually in chat on Twitter switch their things to like dog Expert or whatever it is uh so I've seen A lot of you guys get into those runes It's still going to Trend uh you know You got to just kind of like I think It's going to come more so over this Summer but if looking for the ticker it Is uh Dwayne Chapman I pulled it up Right here this is uh the ticker oh wow

I don't think that's the right one it's Not folks I'm J might be might be guys Smash that like button on the way out We'll see you at 1:30 on DZ Show run From the bounty hunt

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