DOGE ETF News! (Path to $1)

Markets react to the Ethereum ETF Approval.

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We're live we're live that's what it Says and you know what that's what I'm Choosing to believe so I just I I was Happen to notice hitting refresh I Haven't seen it so we pulled up the Charts right here and we're wondering Why is Doge doing these things now am I Live what is going on Here kind of looking Around make sure that's Gone all right here we go here we go all Right yeah we're live we're live all Right so a little bit of extra delay Again folks trying to get all the Streaming softwares good we're trying to Get all the things good I'm I'm giving It my best but don't worry we're going To talk about Doge we're going to talk About this head and shoulders pattern We're going to talk about ETFs and we're Going to talk about is it possible for Doge to get an ETF is that just fantasy Or is this something that can actually Happen I want to make sure we're muted Over here all right uh so first thing we Want to look at yeah folks this is a Very very bullish chart that we're Looking at right here this is a classic Classic head and pattern uh Head and Shoulders pattern playing out on Doge on The 12h hour and a lot of you folks know If we can go ahead and confirm a break Above the neckline see right here we Have the head we have the shoulder we

Got the other shoulder if we could break Above this then uh you know very very uh Bullish action in The Works maybe even a Dollar what is Doge doing right now doge Is got a little bit of a short-term pump Uh we're up about 7% in the last hour uh But for the 24 hours down 4% so it looks Pretty bearish if you're just looking at The daily but when you just look at the Recent price action doge is looking Pretty good everybody so uh here let me Shrink a little all right Doge 16 cents So now above 15 cents now let's go let's Talk about ETFs everybody uh make sure You go ahead and hit that like button I'm still trying to pull up the chat Real quick just so I could uh make sure I want to read all your comments I'm Going get your uh takes in and we might Even look at some of your meme coins on The charts everybody so I appreciate you You know hanging out all right let me go Ahead and get this shrunk all right First thing ETFs what's everyone talking About Bitcoin ETF of course eth ETF is Going to be the big news we got a stream Coming at 4M where we're going to talk About that but right now we don't know What's going to happen so we're going to Wait to talk about eth until we can see Gary guinsler decision what is the SEC Going to do that is going to determine And Josh is going to be live at 4 uh Mads how are you doing Dan uh eth all

Right so no one's really talking about Doge ETFs the reason I pulled this tweet Up this guy's name is slum Doge Millionaire he has Doge in his name but He still doesn't even have Doge on the ETF salana cardano polygon polka dot Seen a lot more people talk about polka Dot ETFs if one of these were to get a ETF oh man maybe the Japanese Ico screws Them up but I could actually see be Cardano I hadn't voted yet because I Wanted to reveal these results live look How few are actually choosing polygon Here the vast majority coming in uh vast Majority 1.9% the majority is coming in Saying cardano all right so that's the First tweet next we got Mike novag grats Quote from xrp drops Mike novag grats uh If you don't know old old school Bitcoin Whale were the first launch Bitcoin as a Spot ETF the next will be eth which We're expecting a decision at 4M he's Saying third is going to be salana so we Got over here people saying cardano over Here people saying salana you know over Here you know again talking about salana This is uh 54 seconds this is the Problem I'm not even going to play this Because you know what it doesn't matter The point is no one's thinking about a Doge ETF you can see even more stuff Wait a minute what's this article say Will salana or Doge be the next crypto ETF we're going to talk about the

Reasoning for both one Bitcoin has an ETF uh Bitcoin uh then had a fork that Fork was called Litecoin Litecoin then Had a fork a couple Forks but Technically Dogecoin came from Litecoin As well now united we are saying Clickbait type a one in chat if you Think Dogecoin is going to $1 this year Can Doge hit a dollar this year and Folks I got someone talking about an 11x Over a 10x and remember at 16 cents this Guy's talking about like a $170 Doge and So uh hit a one in chat if you think Doge can hit $1 and so here industry Experts uh they got a a cautious Outlook Uh for every ETF Beyond Bitcoin uh Salana you know James cyar saying you Know hey salana is going to have a lot Of hurdles they're not dancing around Salana status like they have uh eth uh Those lawsuits against coin and Kraken Flat out say salana is a security it's Going to make it a very Rocky Road Meaning salana probably not getting an e Or ETF let's talk about the Dogecoin ETF Well Dogecoin you know look salani ETF a Lot of difficulties glimmer of opt uh Optimism for the Dogecoin ETF Andrew Kang saying this new environment could Favor Doge with political pressure for Regulation uh to be on the cftc Doge ETF Is looking brighter than ever now looked At Poly Market 10% chance we get a doge ETF in

2024 two days ago they put a eth ETF at 10% uh for uh this uh this upcoming Thing and now look what 10 % it's now Like 75% so all it takes is one article One tweet one Elon Musk fart a wet fart From Elon Musk can make this 10% jump up To 50% 75% and then everybody's going to Say h I thought there was going to be a Dogecoin ETF the whole time no you Didn't nine out of 10 people think it is Not happening uh sebz be real Doge ETF Is impossible uh looking at the ones and Twos slightly more ones than twos so it Looks like a lot of people thinking Doge Can go to a dollar uh we'll see salana After fire dancer it's going to be a Salana upgrade uh if you're wondering Folks no T ETS for a while only coins That had previous Futures are going Through uh one for now all right let's Keep talking about Doge here uh Doge ETF Has been raised again move to the four Can it prove this can the sentiment move It to 35 cents o all right so uh partly Around spot ETFs of course we're all Talking about Doge ETFs because the Ethereum ETFs uh here they're talking About the Andre Kang uh same uh Quote from earlier Doge ETF is looking Brighter than ever and so he was saying All right here's what I was looking for 30% chance an investment fund connected To uh you know ETF a Dogecoin ETF is Going to be approved so we got some over

Here poly Market 10% we got Kang coming In with 30% type in the chat what you Think me I'm leaning a little bit closer Towards 30 versus 10 but I'm not quite At the point of 50% now he's saying Donald Trump winning uh would be very Very bullish for a do gtf why because We're going to get someone in besides Gary guinsler uh and he's saying it's Possible the EF not an isolated event Could be the first of a complete U-turn In the government's anti-crypto stance I I think a U-turn a Biden pivot as I've Been calling it I think a Biden pivot Pretty high odds that they're one Starting to be friendly towards crypto And then that is creating an environment For a Dogecoin ETF to be approved all Right let's keep uh here we actually Have the Tweet uh so he's putting the Odds at 30% talks about the the Trump Bringing in kicking out guinsler Bringing in someone different here uh Now it seems like what is next valkyri Co-founder told me he thinks uh xrp Could be the next ETF I didn't mention Xrp chat do you think xrp could be an ETF but me that one seems very very Unlikely biggest market cap coin says Andrew Kang that never had a private Sale and no team that is the important Part as well so well I mean Bitcoin he's Kind of forgetting about Bitcoin oh well Private sale I mean would you say

Satoshi being the only one to know how To mine the first blocks I mean is that Technically a private sale I I wouldn't Go that far everybody but uh I mean Doge Outside of Bitcoin largest market cap With no insiders so there's no insiders Here folks so that's an important note Salana uh when it was launched roughly 50% of the coins went to the Insiders Cardano roughly 14 15 20% went to the Insiders and so the SEC is going to look At oh all these insiders got front ran Uh with the cheap tokens and so yeah They're probably not going To reading some of your comments you Guys are hilarious uh I going to be on Fire someone's talking about TDS as well All right now here comes the exciting Things oh that that kind of coincided With that oh I did it again all right uh Here now we got our first bullish Doge To a dollar charts now we're going to Start charting Doge's path to a dollar Can this happen I think it can folks all Right so Doge uh these are onewe charts I want you to look at a gap between uh The peak to Peak down here you can see 146 weekly charts 1,022 days so he's Going uh kind of a little bit of a Dubious you know he's you could say the The peak started right there or you Could say you know a candle before two Candles after I mean that's that's 14 Days days it really starts to add up uh

Here we have another just suspicious Start like why wouldn't you just start That one candle over I I don't know but The next little Gap that we had here Right around a th days well I don't Really like how he's charting these gaps So we're going to chart it together We're going to look at some of these Things all right first thing we're Looking at yeah that is the head and Shoulders we're looking at now let's go To the weekly chart here and we're on a Log chart so you can see on the right uh This is a logarithmic chart moves slowly Then it moves suddenly uh easiest way to Chart Bitcoin is with uh this all right So let's start measuring these uh let's Go ahead and Shrink this y AIS now You're starting to see the Peaks here so Here's the January 2018 Peak Bitcoin top December 2017 e cardono xrp you name it Doge you name it they peaked uh the Following month in January the next year Here we have the next Gap but Doge had An original runup everybody uh I don't Know if you could how well you could see It there but this is uh the original run Up to a fifth of a penny woo imagine That that's the blowoff top a fifth of a Penny is the blowoff top so we went to a Fifth of a penny and then whoa look at That one penny that's right it went up To one penny even Wicked up a little bit All right so let's measure the first one

I'm going go ahead and put it on this Candle top not the one after it and We're going to just go to where it Started to break out so 1,134 days if you flip that number Upside down you get 4311 spells out hell On an analog clock so this bare Market Was hell for people that bought the top So let's just go to say 1100 days all Right well let's run this out again run It back turbo 1100 days let's go ahead And catch that Wick right there and then Boom where does it first start to break Out 1,071 days so a month shy of 1100 days So pretty pretty close to 1100 days all Right well I'm seeing a pattern form Dy Similar to the male pattern baldness on The top of your head well what's the Next thing going to say here all right Now we got the peak let's run it out 1070 trying to pull it to the 1070 look That is that moment right there and then This 1134 could be just a mere couple weeks Away folks uh 34 11:34 yeah so a couple Weeks three weeks away and not only that We're starting to see a little bit of a Reversal so I'm really really like the Odds of Doge bouncing from these levels Will it look like this hell no let's Just kind of measure these out these are Log charts so was going to shock You I didn't know I I had measure these

Ahead of the stream that's a 20x that is A 20x in 3 months literally 98 days so I Mean a little bit more 20x in 30 uh I'm Sorry in three months very very uh nice Nice pump there I'm interested what is This other mini pump It's better it's actually better that's The beauty of a log chart 30X so you Could have got a 20x got your profit Locked in bought the bottom and then Pulled a 35x and so yeah the the gains Were just phenomenal what about this Rally are we going to get a 20x a 30X Well what was This we're going the opposite direction Folks so we're not going to shrink our Gains we're going to have a uh a I guess a 300,000 per uh gain no we're not going To have that that we're not going to get A 3000x this was a 300X we pretty close to It at least um but if you just kind of See the pattern that is forming Doge Likes to run up it's Doge why is Doge G To outperform let me not say outperform Why is Doge going to take the attention Chair that a lot of people are going to Say hey man that should go to whiff uh That should go to uh Bonk that should go To dog that should go to all these other Meme coins they are wrong let me tell You why they're going to be Wrong the the random coworker that has

Never bought crypto in the Life in their Life the first thing that they do is not Going to be download a telegram Bonk bot And buy you know the hot coin that's Rising on Dex screener it is not going To be that it's going to be they're Going to download coinbase maybe Kraken But probably Robin Hood they're probably Going to download Robin Hood they're Going to see the price of Bitcoin They're going to see the price of Ethereum and then they're going to look And they're going to say hey should I Buy Bitcoin cash or eth classic and You're going to strangle them you're Going to say no do not buy eth classic Then the next question they're going to Ask you well what about this dogcoin It's under a dollar it used to be 69 Cents you know should I buy this thing I Don't know used to be a penny the answer Is going to be yes they do they are Going to be buying Doge they're going to Be buying Doge in a very very serious Way uh utility realm it is the most Popular Tom RoR 100x is a given is what They're saying here uh trumpcoin ETF I Don't know about that one Dey if uh I'm Guessing you're assuming Doge here if or Maybe you mean eth feden uh if you want To let me know if you mean eth or Doge If they do get labeled a security what Would really happen they F uh file pay a Fee then good luck getting their tokens

Back from most peeps that's not a Certified investor I guess you're Talking about eth there if it is labeled A Security uh coinbase will spend enough Money to make it where Americans can Still buy it that that'll be my uh take Right there what time should we see the Eth approval team rh10 glad you asked That question we are going live at 4: Traditionally uh they announced this Around 4 pm um you know Gary guinsler They might try to front run a rumor you Know if someone like tweets out oh I saw What they're going to say you know they Might open their press conference sooner But Josh is going to cover the eth ETF Later uh people who barely know crypto Have Doge I was at EDC I saw a flag that Said Doge in Dogecoin we trust okay That's pretty cool normies got burned on Doge last cycle pep is this Cycle's Doge Now Kyle I will agree when it comes to Percentage gains multiples yeah I think The real Alpha is going to be buying Meme coins two through 10 uh and then When you go to meme coins 11 through 100 that's when you're going to have a Very low success rate uh I feel two Through 10 you'll have a higher success Rate but I think doge is almost a Guaranteed success but it just won't be As much so you can either speculate and Try to you know get that Moon shot 10x

5x 100x uh you can go really D in and Try to get that 100x 2,000x but then Most of your arrows are going to come up Blank you know you're mostly not going To hit your targets or you just go for Doge you know you're going to hit it you Might not hit the bullseye but you're Going to hit one of the Rings and you're Going to get a 5x with Doge so I think Uh I think a lot of people are going to See Doge was 70 cents and they're going To not care if they buy it at 30 cents 40 cents 50 cents cuz they think it's Going to go to a dollar uh 46 let's go Ahead and get these likes up to at least Maybe we hit 420 everybody all right so Uh first thing we're looking at the gaps The gaps are playing out like it looks Like you know right now we're getting Really close to that accumulation Zone Next chart I wanted to show you here oh We're going to take a side turn talking About the founder uh in a second uh that That is a very interesting story second Chart I want to play out here though was Going to be the head and shoulders uh You can see let's just say this is a What they call a inverted Head and Shoulders this is a very bullish pattern And it marks a reversal and what you do Is you draw the neckline which is this This is a shoulder this is the head and This is the shoulder typically it's Going to go to where the other fingers

Were here's the fingers here's where We're gonna here's where doge is going To finger uh it's going to finger itself Up to 23 cents is what they're saying Here folks and I still have the 11x Chart that we're going to look at There's so out there saying doge is a 10x and we got our uh deep cut tweet That we're going to be looking at so but Let's look at the head and shoulders and Then we'll look at the 10x all right so God on the weekly it just you can't Barely see it all right uh that was on a 12h hour chart so I'll go ahead and I I'll pull up the the 12h hour as well Yeah so uh very very nice uh here's Here's the rest of the hand there let's Just go ahead and run that up now you See it's at a slight angle so I mean we Should technically go a little above it Traditionally speaking by ta Um but right here from this level oh Crap let me go ahe and hit the Ruler if it doesn't go higher you're Still looking at a 40% pump if we can Just get like a l squeeze a little bit Above it uh let's just see here let's Run that like that all right now let's Uh see what this gain Is yeah see yeah abouto if it happens Like insanely fast in the 50s but if This plays out over a longer period like Over the next month well then you're Looking at a close to a 60% gain and you

Say dey there's no way it can do that in A month uh this is how far it fell this Is that's 30 days right there so yeah This thing can move a lot in 30 days so Yeah that's uh that's less of a move From here to there this is more of a Move so yeah that's very very very Possible we uh pump up to around a Quarter uh yeah that is right there at That psychological level two of 25 cents I see the uh the What do we have we have our arculus logo Trying to cover it a little bit but Bullish all right now let's do the 11x What the hell is this guy talking about 11x uh this is the deep cut hit that Like button if you still like me Scouring X scouring trying to find these These traders that are really really Good everybody can look at the tweets From the guy with 600,000 followers it's The guy that has a thousand to one a Th000 followers or less that's where you Get the trading Alpha This guy has 100 followers 100 you know What I'm going to make it 101 uh his Name is uh crypto trading school I was Going to say South Carolina all right uh You know what I am going to say is W's Crypto trading School of South Carolina Uh and here is his tweet that's only I Was the third like this no one else is Talking about this tweet no one else has Uh seen this guy's chart so we're going

To break it down here all right asking If it's going to crash I say look at the Chart if he asked me a thousand days ago I had AG yeah yeah that's exactly that's the Beginning of the Thousand day uh bleed With a little bit of a reversal but now Uh when we back in the accumulation Zone After having an exiting consolidation Don't forget I love his thesis here Don't forget top 10 Crypto um I just double check nine all Right coming in number nine yeah all Right so we got a top 10 crypto uh one Of the largest meme coin communities Also true endorsed by the rich man in The world his favorite altcoin Elon Musk Dre can be used to buy a Tesla and then This is the part I love potential Payment Integrations on the on the Website that we're looking at right here Um cross chain bottom up toky oh yeah uh Can be used all right so at the peak e All right here's the breakdown I I let Me know what you think about this I Think this is not actually that far out Of the real of possibility here eth Peaked $570 billion we just want to double Check here we go ahead and hit Max we go Ahead and hit market cap and you can see Yeah a hair under 600 billion so we hit 57 billion market cap at the time Doge Market cap $88 billion now I'm wondering

Is that going to be the November Peak or Was that uh you know what its peak was Or is that what it was in November when Eth peaked or is this its alltime peak So we go here we click market Cap no okay so that say Peak from Elon Musk hosting SNL and so this isn't even Saying you know when eth hit its alltime High Doge was 88 but secretly it hit 15 No this is Doge's all-time high market Cap this is the Wednesday or Thursday Before Saturday Night Live uh we called That top perfectly by the way I told you Guys quote unquote smart people think They're going to like sell uh 4 hours Before Saturday night Lives episode like Oh I'm going to sell Saturday at 700 P.m. cuz it's going to Peak at midnight Smarter money got out at Friday the Smartest money got out like Wednesday And Thursday all right so uh 570 billion 88 billion so Doge was 17th or roughly 15% of the market cap of eth and now Maybe this is a little bit High maybe we Can do some uh you know we could redo The moon math but he is expecting eth to Hit $155,000 I I think that's doable it's a Little bit above my target I do think It's doable I'm not like saying less Than a 2% % chance it hits that I think That's double digits p uh probability I Wouldn't say 99% but I would say higher Than a 10% chance so eth hitting 15K I

Think most of us agree it's within the Realm of possibility I'm not saying Guaranteed it's within the realm of Possibility and so 15K would give it a $ 1.8 trillion market cap it's impossible For us to know exactly the market cap Because are we going to have a a Deflationary environment leading up to The top or is it going to be an Inflationary environment so we don't Know how much ether is going to be Floating around rough estimate though $1.8 billion and so if we can retain the 15% of the close to 2 trillion well now You got a $266 Billion market cap folks again all of This is starting to sound pretty pretty Plausible uh shout out uhhuh oh with the Laser eyes love it now Doge market cap Right now $23 billion so only 23 billion We go to a fully diluted 23 billion we Love it look at that $23 billion is the Market cap and so that would give us 11.6 so we're actually technically Closer to a 12x uh to hit this now uh Plan ahead see the movie all right so I Bought Doge in 2020 in this orange circle this almost Seem like demand Zone I he's just like Putting circles on the chart here uh but Now you can see another orange circle Followed by I think he called this the Accumulation Zone correct

And sold the red arrow so uh bought Orange circle sold red arrow okay and Plan to uh take profit as closest to the Red arrow so uh we're just going to call That the accumulation Zone maybe plan Ahead see the moves before they happen Know when to take profit so he is saying We're going to get an 11x based off Ethereum's market cap chat is that too Bullish I'm not even sure here uh I Think it is a little too bullish I think It's a little too bullish a150 Doge I Expect very very very strong selling Pressure as we approach a dollar I'll Double down on the very strong selling Pressure if we go to uh back to the Weekly I mean look the fact that it just Kind of rejects off these psychological Levels um where we at this one right Here yeah that rejected off two pennies Almost exactly look at that 199 so Rejected off that uh rejected off a Fifth of a penny almost exactly and then Uh we actually hit a penny uh Right there okay oh yeah that was a Little scam Wicks scam Wick ahead uh and Then we rejected off pretty close to 69 Cents and so uh yeah I mean Doge likes His psychological levels there's going To be a lot of sell pressure around 69 Cents there's going to be a lot of sell Pressure around a dollar now all right So that's the chart Stuff guys 11x I mean I don't know what

You think uh money uh will go to other Memes Ethan Smith with a pretty good Take I I could see that 2021 it's April You're you're at the office everyone's Talking about buying these meme coins You're like all right you know what what Else are you gonna buy you know maybe Sheep was out by that point um but yeah You're going to buy that now there's a Lot of meme coins fighting for attention So back in the day back in my day Doge Would get a giant portion of that pizza Pie there's dollars and it looks like a Pizza dollars going into meme coins Doge Would get basically the whole pizza now They're not getting now they're lucky For like a couple large slices so yeah I I I do like that but I do think more Money will flow into it uh possibility Of SEC being hacked and releasing iffy Information Matt that is a very good Point guys be careful tweeting uh be Careful trading off a tweet uh you know Maybe wait for a little confirmation Doge got an ecosystem now with doal good Point too uh I don't know doal is not Going to affect the the person in the Office the person in the office that Just downloaded Robin Hood two minutes Ago they don't care about Doge all right Now speaking of the original Doge let's Talk about the founder uh the founder Breaking his silence on the Dogecoin ETF Uh there are two Founders is Billy

Marcus and uh he's like the dev and then There's a Palmer I forget I always want To call him Palmer lucky but it's not Palmer lucky it's a different Palmer Carson Palmer no that's a football Player there's the Palmer guy uh and He's he was kind of like the quote Unquote face of it or whatever all right So Billy Marcus one of the creators has Given his opinion on the Dogecoin ETF uh Since you know we're close to an Ethereum ETF approval or denial all Right we keep scrolling Here Dogecoin ETF would be amusing so oh Wow uh real hot take there uh I Hest I Didn't even know what the the Tweet was All right so yeah not much but what is This dude's history this guy sold all His coins that is right Billy Marcus Said on Reddit he sold all his coins in 2015 cuz he had bills to pay after he Got laid Off chat he bought a used Honda Civic Now if he bought used Honda Civic in 2015 what year Civic do you think it was Let's just say 2012 I don't know uh 2012 Uh Honda Civic this is what he bought y'all this Is he sold hundreds of millions of Dollars today uh worth of crypto and he Bought this he bought this this is this Is what his money bottom and so this is What $500 million uh can buy you uh this Is the just a cautionary tail to maybe

Not sell your crypto too early folks uh The current frenzy is a mystery to him He he doesn't even get why people like This I found this older article yeah This is from 2021 as it started to run Up past the penny he said he's no longer Part of the project he doesn't own any Of it folks so he got shaken out uh to Buy a car I feel like I'd be riding that Bicycle man I've been been pushing that Bicycle yeah he sold them all six years Ago after getting laid off no longer Part of the project are left as they Started to strongly shift from one that I was comfortable with I don't currently Own any Dogecoin except what's been Tipped to me recently I gave away or Sold all the crypto I had back in 2015 After being scared about my savings Dwindling at the time for about enough In total to buy a used Honda Civic uh Billionaire Elon Musk has endorsed it You know a couple other things there so The 38-year-old founder he's now just Doing software for a education firm in San Francisco uh given that him Jackson Palmer what did I I thought I said Jackson Palmer no I said Carson Palmer Ah that's the football player uh Palmer Lucky yeah Jackson Palmer is the other Guy here fear can also lead to zero as Well yeah when the coin goes to zero is The smartest move in the world you know

Selling all Your xrp six years ago I mean if you Caught that January 2018 pump you're Very very smart uh the first car I had Yeah chat what is your first car I'll Type in the chat you know what I I I'll Just goad and say it 1984 Buick Regal I Had the second worst car in my entire High school and I was friends with the Guy who had the worst car he had a 78 Corolla wagon that was dookie Brown uh My my car had like all types of issues Made this crazy loud like crank it was Just it was second worst school in the Or second worst C in school anyways uh Back to this guy so he's uh working in Software he's working in San Francisco So he's currently like stepping over Feces on the side walk he could have uh You know probably billion dollars worth Let's just say he could have probably Kept 10% I'm just throwing out a number $2.3 billion let's just say that was Greedy guys he only would have kept 1% Just a cool $230 million that's what he Ended up walking away with 94 S10 Integra LS nice you didn't have the LSR Uh 88 Accord all right Geo Prism all Right 91 93 F-150 nice nice 86 F-150 woo Someone had the 79 Z28 ah the mitubishi Gant did you have a comically oversized Wing in the back if you didn't have a Comically oversized Wing did you even Own early 2000's mitubishi uh we had a

Chevel station wagon guys all right Uhhuh saying no ETF guys sorry we'll Come back at 4 pm we're going to talk About that we're going to be looking at All the things here folks uh we're going To be looking at Gary gendler we're Going to be watching his words we're Going to be reading between the lines And we will be watching that live so Come back come join I forgot to tweet so Please hit that like button and help me Pump this out to the masses because hey Every time you like the button I heard Doge goes up a penny

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