Chainlink Is Changing The Game In Crypto (Here’s Proof)

What is Chainlink and why is it so revolutionary?

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What is chain link why is chain link one Of the most important projects in all of Crypto and is it too late to buy chain Link given where Bitcoins at this time In the Market this is going to be a breakdown Of a really really good article that uh Just has a top analyst explaining Reasons on why to hold chain link and This is one of the best analysts I've Ever seen in my entire life uh why it's One of the best opportunities in crypto Prominent analyst who goes by dz. eth Made a bullish case for chain link well Wait a minute that is me everybody uh Big shout out to Captain they're a strong player in The real world asset narrative real World assets projected to hit trillions Within this decade and some of the Largest players in the sector are Interested in chain link so if you don't Hold any chain link or you're just a Disillusioned link Marine it is time to Start paying attention all in this video We're we're going to discuss what is Chain link trying to do is the tech dead Can the tech even support what they're Trying to do in the future who are they Working with if anybody what I found is Going to shock you and then last but not Least I'm going to look at chain link on The charts we're going to do a little ta And I got some really really interesting

Projections that I want to share with You guys but first you know let's go Down the thread what is chain link Trying to accomplish well simply put It's an oracle this Oracle is just Trying to connect traditional systems Like chain like Banks to the blockchain And they do this by introducing what we Love about crypto what do we love about Crypto is decentralized it's transparent It's secure and it's efficient it's a Very very bold Vision they're really Trying to change the world and I'm Trying to understate that but what They're doing today is really they're Focusing on real world assets or Tokenized assets this is their head of Comms Chris Barrett he looks pretty Important right well this is what he had To say over the next year I anticipate a Shift towards tokenizing assets through Smart contracts following this period I Expect a swift transition and within the Next five years virtually all value will Adopt this tokenized format now they're Looking to be a number one player in the Space that's projected to hit 10 Trillion by 2030 Chris bear has been Working with chain link since 2017 he's Is basically a century and blockchain Space there so he's been uh ride or die With chaining for a long time he's the Director of communications highlighting The fact hey now they're at 2100 days in

A row with zero downtime now he brought Up tokenization there's a lot lot of Different projections were seeing for Tokenization uh this is uh from a Research and they're saying 3.5 Trillion to 10 trillion will be the Asset class's value by 2030 some people Come even more bullish uh saying 16 Trillion by 2030 chain link is going to Be the number one player in this Tokenization effort now if we keep Scrolling down the thread I had another Question here you know uh yeah sure that All sounds cool they're going to Tokenize the world they're going to Change the world can the tech even back Up what they're trying to do it's a Resounding heck yes it has been crushing The metrics lately staying ahead of all The upgrades now this is uh March's Dev Activity kind of taken from a snapshot In the middle of March so we don't know If they're going to be number one in April but as far as March goes looks Like chain Link's in a really really Good spot they're right before cardono And status and op and op is one of the Most developed uh l2s in all of uh the Ethereum network there so chain link Leading the way if we look closer at the Numbers here you see all top four are Pretty close but chain link coming in Number one 451 uh this just a way they measure

Commits on GitHub this is the Nerds Building upon chain link and they're uh They're building and they're building in A serious way and they're kind of Leading the blockchain space right now And I also asked the question is the Tech dead well are people using it well Here I posted you know went to defi Llama scrolled projects that pay chain Link for the Oracle Services ask Yourself who else has this type of Revenue that's not their only Monetization uh angle though they also Have network node operators they also Have ccip we've done videos on that in The past make sure you check that out Percentage of the link that is staking Comes back to the foundation and also They have Enterprise products I went Straight to defi llama let's actually You know check it out this is uh real Fresh I'm going to go ahead and hit uh The Refresh on this total value locked You can see the last 24 hours green Across the board essentially 7 days it's A little bit more mix and one month you Know things were a little bit more Bullish with the ETFs but total value Locked they are securing billions upon Millions and thousands of hundreds of Thousands of dollars of value here we Just scroll by look look at all this uh Value that they're locking up they're Securing securing all this data and

These folks have to pay in chain link so These are all essentially net buyers of Chain link and uh scrolling and Scrolling and scrolling and you start Going into a smaller total value locked You know maybe speculative coins maybe Dead projects but still the list Continues to grow and then you start Looking at pre uh release products and You know who who who knows how many of These people are still building but the Next question I ask is yeah but who are They working with if anybody and Remember after this we're going to look At some ta well they're working with More people than you would expect here If we uh look at the graphic it's Essentially everybody in crypto it's It's kind of a meme at this point it's Been a meme for since 2020 uh oh they Just secured a big partnership in crypto Oh was it chain link well chain link Works with everybody that's a good thing Chain link does work with everybody you Can see all the type different things They're doing they do uh API proof of Reserves API Market data API I mean even The biggest players like coinbase Offchain computation they're working With ccip uh they're doing all types of Stuff with identity and with really cool Randomness you know with the nft when They mint and they have a random gold Skin you don't know if you're going to

Get the gold skin one out of 100 people Get a gold skin well they have to use Chain link to introduce a Randomness Equation into that mint so it's used for All types of things from nft to defi to Identity to just uh large Enterprise Corporations who just need to know what The price of Bitcoin is at any given Time but they also work with people Outside of crypto I mean you can see Here literally everyone inside but Outside I mean Tech Amazon Google Azor Vodaphone Finance Swift Black Rock World's largest asset manager Swift is The largest banking Communication System Visa the world's largest credit card Provider JP Morgan which is the world's Largest bank and then you got to ask Yourself do you think the train is Leaving the station but it's not just Who they're working with it's who Working for them as well link toad just Tweeted this out it's kind of a 6mon or N9 month old uh but Shan Kenny uh you Know is kind of getting a lot more of Attention to what he's been building Lately he was uh responsible for Black Rock Aladdin institutional portfolio We're going to talk about that in a Second but before that he was a VP at Black Rock so we literally have former Vice president of Black Rock working for Chain link uh that doesn't just stop at Black Rock they're working with people

From City uh B and melon you know a lot Of large players end up working for Chain link and then ask yourself you Know is chain link making all the right Connections from the outside perspective It certainly looks like they are but What the heck is Aladdin and then we're Going to look at some ta well Aladdin is The electronic system built by Black Rock which is the world's largest Investment uh Corporation here what I Found pretty interesting there's a lot Of mysteries around aad and when you Look at the data you can't even get good Data when you try to find out you know How much assets is it handling you get Data from 2013 it's 2024 this is ancient News and in 2013 it was 11 trillion Dollar including black Rock's four Trillion Black Rock now has more than 10 Trillion so it would kind of make sense To uh say this is probably at least Doubled or tripled which was 7% of the World's Financial assets think of every $1 out of 10 Black Rock probably has Their hand in it with this Aladdin Software and chain link might have their Hand in it with uh their Aladdin Software via the chain link Black Rock Connection here but like I said there's A lot of mystery surrounding this thing Uh looks like you know they're they're Using AI to help trading here and it's Just uh you can't really find any

Accurate data from 2020 this number has Grown it looks like it's uh managing 21 Trillion dollars and assets but it's Hard to find what's what because the Specific details of the integration of AI and the specific numbers are hard to Come by if you visit the official page You hit a dead end this isn't because of A lack of funds this is is a lack of Information they want to give you but We're finding it here and if you hit That like button if you like me doing These deep Dives trying to expose Black Rock you know how what the moves that They're making in the background but I Say we're going to do a little ta this Is really going to get you excited if we Look at the max you see chain link had a Really really good run uh in the first Half of 2021 hit over $50 currently Trading around $17 now I've pulled up The chain link Bitcoin trading pair and I couldn't help but notice some very Strong support I'm going to go ahead and Stretch this out so we can kind of Measure a move to the downside you see It acted pretty strong as support right There a little bit of resistance uh we Dipped a little bit below we dipped you Know a decent amount below right there But it's a little bit of a make and Break moment if we end up falling this Much okay you are looking at you know Nice 15% dump so we could fall an extra

10 20% not too worried about falling an Extra 10 20% when I look at the upside In Bitcoin there might be gained here Now again this is priced in Bitcoin not Priced in Fiat so this was when chain Link was near $50 and so yeah maybe we Lose another 10 20% against Bitcoin it Could bounce today no one really knows But if you look at the upside you could 6X the amount of Bitcoin if you're Trying to trade in and out of Bitcoin And chain link here so I see tremendous Upside with not a whole lot of movement To the downside you see a little bit of A vertical line there some of you ta Rats you already know what I'm about to Do we're about to draw a head and Shoulders uh chart right here so here You got the first shoulder and you got a Little bit slightly uh larger head and Then you got another uh shoulder Starting to form and if we can get some Strong support here end up forming a Head and shoulders this is a uh a Typical breakout you see with head and Shoulders you're going to essentially Rise from the shoulder all the way the Length of the head here so if we were to Run that out let's just say you know we Kind of hit this uh horizontal support Range we see really really good upside From this current level you're looking At a nice gain of around a uh a 3X for Your Bitcoin so if you got 0.1 Bitcoin

You put it into some chain link if we do End up hitting this target you're going To have three Bitcoin at the end of the Day if you trade out so I see some just Uh really really good upside in the Charts I see what they're building I see Who they're hiring I see who they're Working with I see black rock is bullish And I can't help but feel that chain Link is one of the best performers for The next year or two I think people are Sleeping on what chain Link's going to Be doing I'm Dey let me know how much Chain link do you hold do you have more Than my 2.7 that's all I got for today Dy out

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