Celestia PUMPING!! Everything You Need To Know

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All right we are live thank you for Joining everybody today we're talking About Tia we're going to be talking About everything that is important about Tia and I mean when I say everything Folks we are going to cover everything About Celestia and why this might be a Very good opportunity for you to get in On this altcoin because there's a Confluence of events that is making Tia Looking very very attractive now I'm Going to cover this secret reason this Secret reason why Tia is going to pump Within the next month and a half Everybody also we're going to talk about What the heck is a modular blockchain is That something I should care about we're Going to talk about the price action we Got a couple articles we need to look at Uh conf confirming you know are we Bullish are we bearish and of course We're going to look at the charts uh Folks what I found see this little Circle right here I have a secret that I Must tell you something very important About that Circle right there and then Not uh not last but least we are in a Trade and we're profitable right now I'm Looking where are we at on that we're About 69 I tried to time it for you Folks $69 in profit uh looks like we're Maybe bleeding out a little bit of the Gains there now I will want to uh Guarantee we have a trade that is in

Profit and at least you know what uh Don't want to uh don't want to lose Funds that's for sure this isn't any Kind of long-term trade and I'll tell You why this isn't a long-term trade now Someone's asking uh did someone order a Yapp paccino well folks you know what Let's all take a little si do you have Your coffee with you right now uh I like Hot be Bean Juice plain some people like To put a little cream a little sugar Some people like Starbucks some people Like to crack a bruski uh let's go ah And take a little sip for Celestia Here taste like profits everybody taste Like profits I I do want to give a big Shout out to blof fin we're gonna have a Link down below if you want to get in on These trads everybody and big shout out To arculus our title sponsor here all Right now first I want to talk about why Is Tia going to have a big pump what is The secret that Dey is alluding to that Nobody else is talking about that is Right nobody is talking about the Celestia secret except for Dey go ahead And smash that like everybody I know you Like the alpha now I'm expecting a big Wave of Tia schillers on the timeline This is from zomer Oracle about 36,000 Followers here why is there going to be A pump on Tia and I said a month and a Half well this is a modular Summit in July now this a modular Summit let's

Just get the exact date here I want to Make sure uh we're not speaking out of Turn it could be a modular Summit Uh the 11th through the 13th of July so We're literally right at a month and a Half away so modular Summit who's going To be speaking there none other than Vitalic vitalic of course the founder of Ethereum when he says something a lot of People listen he can create a narrative Pump everybody uh Hey Mana walk's got The Tia bags going uh ready is's in here All right so Celestia it's one here's Why this is getting really bullish it's One of the most bought assets OTC Alongside some VC Insider tokens now These VC Insider tokens they're buying At OTC because here's here's how I look At it this is one billionaire telling His billionaire friends hey this is Something you need to be very bullish on I'm looking at it and they say oh where You know I can't mark it by oh don't Worry I got a buddy he'll do a OTC deal So big money very interested in Tia here Uh now we do have a uh is that a super Chat I can't read It all right uh dejen Alpha and their uh Viewers just joined hey appreciate it Taco there all right now that's a that Was in a weird white background with White font and I had to actually Highlight it to see that uh here I Actually want to it's gone now all right

So Tia insiders buying it modular will Revive again why is modular going to Revive modular Tia is a modular Blockchain and the modular Summit I'm predicting and so is Zumer Oracle that this modular Summit is going To create a mini narrative uh modular Bull run here and so the chart we're Seeing a lot of similarities on the l1s And 22 big pump which led to a selloff Which then led to a parabola when I Think of Tia uh you know when we're Talking about this type of token a big L1 that had a pump selloff and now maybe Get into Parabola well maybe not the Parabola just yet but Tia is reminding Me of near protocol near protocol VC Insider right now they're kind of Pivoting to AI which is a smart play in My book uh you know very very good runup VC pumping VC's dumping and now we're Getting very very bullish action we go To the uh onee chart yeah not that long Ago you could get it right there for a Dollar uh it's looking at $7 right now This almost looks like salana right this Is a kind of salana Vibes like kind of Pumping from 10 bucks uh well salono Went from 10 bucks to 100 bucks kind of Out of nowhere this is going from one Buck to close to 10 bucks uh pretty much Out of nowhere got up pretty close to $9 There so near it be the similarity here Sentiment sentiment Tia modular alltime

Low it's not looking good funding is Looking great unlock still months away So you got time to get in and get out of This uh modular uh chain here all right You drive uh bring all right you got it All right uh nice beats reference that's Right Doug uh who is your favorite Rugrat everybody and if you don't say Chucky you're wrong all right uh so what The heck is a modular blockchain now now We're going to say all right so modular Summit modular summited July why should I should I care about Modular kind of okay and so modular Blockchain it's a type of blockchain Architect uh architecture that separates The tasks into different chains so a Blockchain has to do a bunch of Different tasks uh here here I have an Example of the Tas consensus are we all On the same page transaction execution All right let's go ahead and close that Smart contract Loop let's go ahead and Execute the code uh data availability to A separate chain data availability going To be you know like what is needed as Far as apis oracles and such and so Modular is breaking this down so it's Like imagine a uh a monolithic Blockchain is everything else cardano I Think is trying to get out of salana Monolithic blockchain ethereum uh you Know without the l2s monolithic Blockchain you know if you're just doing

Something on ethereum you're not leaving For an L2 or L3 just sticking on Ethereum you could say that is Monolithic architecture monolithic means You're doing everything on that chain so Most Salana data usage I should say is Actually consensus and so if they took And so when salano has having all these Issues I can't you know sell this meme Coin you know everyone's trading salano I'm getting 70% failed transactions if They just took consensus put it off onto Say a salana L2 got your consensus and Then did like a thousand transactions Worth of consensus in one transaction Then you wouldn't have all these issues So modular block chains are going to Break these things down now I looked Into what are other different modular Blockchains actually I was surprised to See a lot of people are saying things Were modular then I didn't really see Any kind of follow through uh Mina Protocol was thrown out there dag uh was Thrown out there a couple other ones Were thrown out there if you go to coin Market cap they have l2s that like just Whisper modular I think arbitrum is on There you know uh polygon is on there Like we'll do modular one day like y Throw it on the modular list but Tia you Can see the front runner has the network Effect when it comes to modular

Blockchains uh now as far as Mina Because we have talked about it Mina is Integrating modular data availability Layers so when you See this uh coin is using op's Optimism's development stack you're You're basically taking the good parts Of op putting on your blockchain Mina is Taking the good parts of Celestia Putting it on their blockchain so Tia is Almost uh kind of reading like a Optimism like it's a it's a software Just Treasure Trove and these other Blockchains are going to say man we Don't have one we don't have enough Nerds we don't have enough patients we Are not going to be able to get any kind Of modular breakdown on this blockchain Let's just integrate someone else's work And then these people are going to Integrate Tia's work Celestia's work and Then this is all going to be bullish for Tia and so I would say don't you tell me To stay connected don't you ever tell me To I will never you know what I am out Of there I'm out of there I'm running I'm leaving woo look at that all right Our trade our trade's doing good on TIA Um even if you jumped in right when we Went live you're still up right now so If anyone's copy trading me we're doing Pretty good don't worry we're going to Do TA in a second ta Until uh kind of want to move oh this is

The one minute uh uh Dey trades off the Five off the one minute confirmed um I Might go ahead and move this below this Wick let's go ahead and split the Difference Uh So oh God it's it's too hard to move There it goes I had to stretch that y- AIS to be able to see it all right we Want to make sure we go and close this That would probably at least be 45 50 Bucks there all right uh next up all Right so there's the modular blockchains You see market cap for Tia is two Billion to me Tia this is just the the Broad assessment suspiciously round Number a lot of market caps are going to End up around 20 billion don't ask me Why just markets like to dump around 20 Billion uh when you look at alltime Highs a lot of previous projects touched 20 within one or two billion and then Ended up plummeting I'm just going to go To a random coin folks I I have not Planned this uh the graph did the graph Do it did the graph go to 20 Billion graph only went to six so I Think graph will do a 3X as far as Market cap there uh just kind of looking At some other ones here uh what do we Got as far as stronger projects quote Unquote stronger maybe it was strong in The past maybe not strong so much today I went to 12 but I I do think Tia is

Going to go to 20 that'd be a 10x from Here uh take out any kind of token Delution there uh Mina got a bag of that Somewhere yeah swapped it Larsen while Back uh Reptar repar was the best Character on Rugrats you get it pass you get it pass All right uh Tia price jumps 20% this Week but we must reclaim this number for Bullish confirmation after this we're Going into the charts okay we want to See what they're talking about first 100 And say descending resistance line uh we Were looking at that that's the Resistance line in fact I found a little Parallel Channel as well all right so We're going to look at the resistance Line was one of the best performers in November 23 did a 10x 900% is a 10x and Reached a new all-time high in February 24 but then after that just started Dumping started crapping the bed started Spraying diarrhea started just finding a New bottom the daily time frame shown a Descent uh since the all-time high of $21 we're only around seven bucks right Now that's a 3X uh then we ended up with A low of 728 lowest price in1 135 days Well we just broke out of the Resistance broke out of the Star Wars Resistance here broke out of the trend Line which uh you know is ex existed for Over three months there coinciding with Some bullish readings and some

Indicators here you can see we had a Five-wave uh play out there you know Ended up turning bullish and if all These things work out with the RSI the Macd divergences it looks like we have a New upward Trend and uh now we started a New five wve upward Trend I've seen a Lot of people talk about the five wve Upward Trend uh I think we'll maybe look At one of those uh shortly here now this Is the 100 plus day breakout that we're Going to be looking at here so let's go Ahead and get into the charts and then Uh we'll see we'll look at this article Talking about some uh previous actions Now in the beginning Rocko's Modern Life R st be way better I'll agree I'll agree Can we get some volume please Jay Shelton I can move it up a little bit For you there but uh there we go that Should uh wait that's the wrong one That's the wrong one there we go there We go I I just turned up a microphone on Audio playing off the PC there that sh Up a little bit there hopefully I'm not Screaming in your ear all right now this Circle I highlighted in the beginning of The stream I said this is a very Important Wick there's a saying in Crypto where it Wicks it will stick let Me say that again where it Wicks it will Stick so sometimes it takes a while well Where it Wicked it did actually kind of Use that as support you can see it kind

Of you know right there at that range This was support pretty close to support Acted as resistance and now I'm Predicting it's going to act as support Yet again now this trend line here this Parallel Channel this goes back to Ways this Goes 130 days now you can say it maybe Didn't technically start there cuz we You can see we Wick below so you can say Maybe it started there so I I'll give Them you know just a hair above 100 if We typically what you see with these uh This is a bullish pattern this is a uh Descending uh parallel Channel typically Is going to break to the upside a little Bit of a a bull flag pin it here Depending on how long this side is Typically what happens folks and chat You probably already know what I'm going To say typically it tests the bottom Before it goes up well what do you know If you look to the left that's almost Exactly coincide depending on when could Exactly coincide with this Wick right Here so if you're in a long-term trade With high leverage I would Rec I do it every time I do it every Time I do it every time I know you guys Probably just laugh at me at this point All right uh typically you're going to Come down and test this range so if You're going to have like the the bet The farm on it long I would definitely

Wait until this range now we did get in This trade all right I'm feeling a Little bit good it's about $100 into Profit I feel a little bit how far are We away on this uh five minute candle de He's trading off five minute candles uh We'll wait and then uh then I'll move it Below right below this wig then I'll go Right below this Wick and we'll just uh Ladder this more and more into profit But we already have a guaranteed Profitable trade all right so I'm seeing That so this is the Zone in which I Would want to uh you know really really Open up uh open up the war chest and you Know get a decent trade in now you don't Want to have high leverage I could Easily see some scam Wicks you see some Scam wicks right here you can see some Scam Wicks there uh look at all those Scam Wicks look at that scam Wick you Don't want to get caught there now I now A lot of you who have been watching we Actually got the trade in on one of These scam Wicks but we ended up closing It as you can see we almost uh fell at a Break even on the trade I think uh as This descending that's when I finally Closed closed a lot here closed a lot There um man I wish I was still in that Tia trade cuz I can't remember we got in At like seven something there but uh Yeah that would be a good trade if You're still in it this to me is reading

About a $950 $9.50 here maybe $10 is strong Support maybe it only Wicks a few cents Below 10 um but if you're going low low Leverage I like getting a trade in right Around $10 if you're going slightly Higher leverage I would uh maybe wait Till we uh retest or if you're really Going de in put some uh limit orders for Some scam Wicks below this uh trending Line here all right uh reading some of You chats lat this year Tia unlocking 152 million yeah so we just talked about That 4 months away and so this modular Summit is only 45 days away so we got a Month and a half away and so there is Time to make your exit uh unlock four Months away but yeah there is a big big Unlock let's go ahead and go to token Unlocks Here token Unlocks oh my God I zoomed in on the Google thing earlier so you guys can see I know I have Boomer eyes but they're Not that bad shut up don't show this Again don't you ever show this again all Right we're going to go to Tia and we Can see uh there it goes come on work With me work with me not against me here Everyone's looking at Unlocks here's the Tia token unlock 153 Days uh so 152 million so Mana walk Walter here we go we just go straight to The source here 58 million tokens uh

That is looking like it is onethird of The circulating Supply right below 31% 50 Mill million tokens uh where are we At on right that is a half a billion Dollars at the valuation of today so Right now we're right around a $10 bill Uh and so when you see 50 million yeah You're looking at $500 million worth uh Technically closer to about 595 million Bucks and so yeah that is a massive Massive amount now with unlocks Typically you can get out about a month Or two ahead of time and so that would Really be that would mean that this Summit is Tech like just your textbook Example of a buy the rumor sell the news Uh this is going to be like a sell into The pump if you guys recall Josh sold a Lot of his AI tokens at that AI Summit Some of the tokens it was the exact top Some not some not at all um but some it Was it was definitely the top there's Not too many modular tokens so this Isn't like AI where you know hit the Like button if you're guilty of this all Right all right I got 20 AI tokens You're like oh yeah that's that's Doesn't sound great modular there's Really not that many games uh not that Many names in the game here uh we'll Just go back to uh the the modular list Here the next one you got dym market cap Half a billy you got quarter billion and Then you got a couple more above a 100

Million and then you're essentially Going to micro caps honestly if I was to Pick on One it sounds stupid Um oh man I'm I'm not saying go do this Folks I am not saying go do this I see $12 million market cap here $12 million Market cap here this one has $80,000 in Volume this one has almost $300,000 in Volume maybe kind of look at this over You know just check its volume make sure This isn't just you know some sort of Scam um key red Network you know I think You'd be fine putting a small small 0.1% Of your portfolio in some of these small Cap coins probably going to do pretty Well sell into that summit though sell Into the summit uh so when it pump sell Before they unlock r Large unlock almost move the price not At all yeah ARB this is what I've said over and over VC's love ARB developers love op uh the Op stack optimism and so VC's are the Smartest money so VCS are smart enough To not just dump the price they're Dumping months ahead of time imagine not Knowing uh Casper all right uh chat do You own any Tia all right let's uh keep Looking at a couple things here big Sentiment flip uh looks like uh we went From where's my airdrops to the future Is mod in less than 10 days to repeat Myself things can move fast so this is a

Sentiment analysis uh using sentiment Analytics they they look at analytics They look at like tweets and stuff like That I'm not sure the exact uh algo that They use here but yeah you can see here Flipping Bullish again conspiracy time let me put On my tenf foil hat a lot of market Makers hire people to do like positive Articles positive tweets and typically When a VC a big Market Market maker big Billionaire they say let's go ahead and Pump coin x uh coin X you know when they Hit the button you know this is the big VC it's like deploy deploy the the the Good articles you know when they do that Price doesn't Spike that day you see the Price spiking over the next couple Months and then you go ahead and look at Those VC wallets and you're like hey That whole time you're saying it was Good you were dumping um and so you know Maybe that's kind of what I feel is Happening right here all right so let's Go ahead and do the downside I I found a Bearish article I wanted to uh share This is saying how even a 20% rise will Keep it under 12 bucks well no longer Cuz now above $10 uh yeah that's that's Math guys if it's $9.99 it rises 20% Yeah you're still under 12 what a weird Thing to say it's like yeah this $100 Token after its 20% pump is still going To be below

$120 Like yeah is that a bad thing I don't Know um so yeah this to me is uh pretty Suspicious here but uh they've been Focused on accumulation oh here's where Here's where it gets a little bullish Though the investors are feeling Optimistic they've been accumulating the Past two weeks uh here's a uh the chiken Oscillator oscillator measures the Momentum of uh accumulation and Distribution line over specific period Again I'm not sure the exact algo here Helps identify buying selling pressure It looks like investors are getting Bullish again on this token not only That open interest monthly High $126 Million so the big money is betting on t Going up over the next uh little bit Next few weeks maybe only leading up Until the modular Summit in July and we Looked at the date July 11th through the July 13th and so folks we're talking About the first half of July we're Basically two days away from June and so Folks very very little time uh left for This here so you know you might want to Go ahead and start loading up on those Tia bags now do I think we get a little Bit of a pullback sure but at the end of The day how upset are you going to be if Ah 12% it's not terrible if you want to Wait I'm not going to hate if you want To wait um but I would employ a DCA

Strategy Chad I'm I'm talking about it So much here I almost want to just mark It by 10 10 tokens uh but I'm staking it I I self custody I use the compass Wallet I think I can't remember there's Too many wallets too many coins too many Chains uh I understand now uh Celestia All right so that's the uh the open Interest here all right so can it hit $18 so now we got another upside Target Here so let's go ahead and uh where is 18 and what do we see at 18 18 I really Really like here let me go ahead and Grab a horizontal line Here horizontal line we draw this out Right at 18 and chat look at that right There so you just get a really really Nice uh uh resistance here not so much For support technically looks like it's A little bit stronger at $18.38 um so yeah loves rejecting off This 18 and that might just be $18 to The penny this Wick right here let's go Ahead and see 1828 so a hair above 18 And then that's basically fooling you Into it's going to go to $20 and then it Ends up uh just kind of rejecting around That $18 range and so that is the upside But what kind of pump are we looking at For that well you know we be talking About you know 60% 70% we are talking About 69 %c so that's a nice little 69% Pump there uh I don't make the rules I Don't do the math charts are doing it

For me here folks all right so 18 is the First range to the upside now uh this is Uh saying it's overperforming the Broader Market looks like we get a Little bit of a this is a swee price Trajectory here has been sideways uh Looks like we have a symmetrical Triangle pattern here and if you look at Symmetrical triangle patterns uh it's Basically saying we you don't know the Longer This more stretched out you have this uh A symmetrical triangle uh that's when You're going to have a stronger move to The upside or to the downside here uh And so he just getting closer and closer To consolidation just getting tight and Tight and tight and it's pushing a Spring it's pushing that spring and it's Like you know that pneumatic press is Starting to vibrate and you don't know What it's going to do and is it going to Go up is it going to go down and then it Does just a giant move uh to either side Now me I'm eternally bullish folks so I'm always just going to stay bullish uh Will it stay all right we already looked At that one here now I found a couple More tweets here Tia analysis by pigeon Trades folks I do this every single Stream I try to highlight a small just Crypto person on X and then I usually Give them a little follow here so this Is Pigeon uh no one's looking at this

Less than a thousand people even hit it On their timeline one bookmark 10 likes There which is nothing that's probably Seven Bots uh Tia analysis uh pain might Find be over for the tea holders as we Are now seeing signs of a bottom I'm not Talking about Iggy and the mother token No we're talking about signs of a bottom On this token here finding itself Holding nicely at pres uh previous Consolidation candle at the high end of The golden pocket um this is yeah I Think they're actually talking about This right here yeah hey I didn't damn It I circled that and I thought I was Smart I thought I was the only one who Saw that but I guess uh pigeon saw it as Well pair this with the grind down that It's been experiencing I would say it's Time to start looking for a reversal to Come in on Celestia for those who like Being aggressive uh with stops on close Below $760 I'd be looking for a local higher High from here and try to get an entry On the pullback per the chart this is The pullback that I was kind of Highlighting right here I do think You're going to have a uh a good Opportunity uh and that's why I have This just as a scalp Long wow oh wow did the market makers Try to get us out of this trade but Right now we already got 130 bucks uh in

Profit let's go ahead and maybe get this Below the candle bodies here we're going To go ahead and Close uh 25 bucks is that enough I don't Know all right I I'll do I'll do about 30% we're going to do about 20% and then Another 8% here um let me hit refresh Here get this 10% to Close all right we're going to go and Lock in some profit I mean we don't want To just you know walk away with nothing Uh so yeah all right we closed a little Bit of that trade you see hey the price Starting to head down so oh no no no no All right well uh the 10% is still just Sitting there so hopefully uh that'll go Ahead and close in the short term there All right so yeah we're we're in the Tia Trade I mean if if you guys did jump in With me um take some profit folks take Some profits you don't want to just be Stuck on the sidelines all right so uh Yeah I would largely concur with this oh Yeah so he's saying let me say this also First profit Zone $11 87 I wanted to show that as well let's Go ahead and stretch this I'll be God Dang now he tweeted This looks like it played out perfectly Tweeted this WOW three days ago at 11 A.m. let me just find it to the penny he Said $11.85 $11.85 it's

$11.95 this guy is a genius now I I felt Like we were just a little bit oversold On that 4-Hour candle if you catch the Top of that Wick to this right here in a 8 Hour span yeah we fell a little too Hard this is actually only two hours Into this 4H hour candle so that's Actually a 6h hour span I don't know What point of that 4H hour candle it hit So this is a scalp scalp long this isn't The the hold forever long I do think we Might test the bottom of that range um All right we did close that 10% we're Still got 100 bucks in profit here so Yeah we're doing good on the Tia trade Um we're just going to keep riding that All right so that's the first tweet this Guy is on point yeah everybody go follow This pigeon trads dude followed by Crumbs I don't even know who the hell That is uh Soul Matia for harar I think Harar will have a pump and it's not Because of the coin is so good and the Tech um har bar Community The Barbarians Do not sleep on them so The Barbarians Will pump that uh why because there's Going to be a high percentage of them Just won't sell when they should uh Because they like the token so much Kepler wallet manok you are right it was The Kepler all right so yeah uh pigeon Dude let me just go ahead and say Great uh great prediction there yeah you Did great dude you did great really good

Job all right next uh tweet we got here This is kind of looking at a uh that That same Little Triangle there this is That uh just sideways uh symmetrical Triangle you see that we broke out of it And then here you have have the next Part of the wave saying the exact same Thing that I was saying we're going to Go ahead and retest the bottom of this Range now his range looks a little bit Different than mine he has his wicking Above and mine is more oh crap mine does Too God dang it I guess uh I guess you Know as ta astrologers are all kind of Looking at the same stuff and then kind Of coming to the same conclusions so we Broke the downward price uh price trend What do you prefer $13 to 11 or $17 or We go to the downside uh so it's like 13 Back down to 11 back up to 17 or to go 11 down to 880 and then back up to 17 so Either way he's still coming in just Landing at a $17 Tia and that's going to Be uh you know basically front running This little horizontal line right here Now one thing I haven't noticed anybody Else talking about is this horizontal Line I don't know you know uh this one To me seems like a logical stopping Point before we go to 18 so I don't Think it's uh blast off to 18 I know Everyone wants to be kind of bullish Here but you can see this is definitely Uh an area to pay attention to you see

Let's just go ahead and uh just draw Some of these out I mean boom boom boom Boom I mean boom boom yeah this is this Is a pretty logical stopping point uh do We ever in an uptrend not kind of pull Back off of It n i mean this this is a this is a an Important Zone I would I would pay Attention even on the downside knocking On the door knocking on the door hey We're through the door ha lying uh Knocking on the door Uh uh the knocking on the door knocking On the door again so yeah uh first range I would be looking at that uh first Profit area I mean I'm thinking we you Know we're going to chop sideways after We test this $11.70 range and so let me go ahead and Uh I want I do want to put in a take Profit here uh so this is going to be a Takeprofit stop loss do I want to do All yeah maybe all right so uh what was I saying $11 we just say $169 and then we got to Front run that by like a couple pennies So 1167 that'll be a $600 trade if this Ends up playing out um well not bad Since I closed 30% of it so yeah we We'll take that now I don't know if it's I highly doubt we can get that high Without uh closing me out um I would Have to take it off the stop loss and I'm just not into that risk profile when

We look at this 4 Hour I just really Feel like we're going to uh go below $10 So $10.80 you know looks good now but Might not look good in the future so uh Catch you all guys later uh hey hang out In the basement I want to see you guys There realistic prediction for Tia I Mean I I think that was my realistic Prediction I think you know first first Zone we're going to stop at is going to Be this $15 range so I think you know Sorry let me go ah and say this first Zone is going to be you know the Previous all-time high previous uh Short-term High here here you can see It's pretty pretty important Zone I me You just see you know kind of uh being Pretty important right there being Important right there and so yeah I I Think we will double test this and so First range pretty close to 12 bucks I'm Coming in a little bit lower like 1168 I'm not trying to you know get that last Leave the last 10% for the next guy That's what they always say and then the Next range is going to be this $15 range You can see how important that is and Then after that if we can go ahead and Break through there then we're looking At a $18 Tia and then after that I don't Think we're going to have a stronger Rejection around $21 I think the Momentum at that point will be so Bullish probably kind of blast through

It there's going to be so many people Setting shorts at the all-time high I Feel like those short sellers got to get Wrecked and so that's going to be my Analysis for Tia so folks that's all I Got for you guys I appreciate you Hanging out uh you know Tia if you're a TIA holder let's go ahead and share this Video let's get the Tia love if you got In on that trade go ahead and hit that Like button we're all uh you know Feeling pretty good we're taking in some Profit now I'm going go ahead and wrap It up here I'll see you

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