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Trying it so we're going to type in Discover crypto probably nothing Live what do we Know Usually hey everybody how are you doing Today this is a test we're trying some New formatting and this is Dez's first Afternoon live ever you were here for History make sure you go ahead and hit That like button cuz I'm about to bring You the alpha on 10 alt coins that need To be on your radar I want to give a big Shout out to miles deutcher for putting Together this list just minutes ago and Then again you know we'll be checking The chat I'mma pull that up to the side Make sure I have that I'm going answer Some questions later on again you know This is all first time uh you know we're Moving fast and we're breaking some Things folks so just to let you know and Make sure I have that muted so I can see Your guys' chats all right we got Aunt B Kia in there wants me to look got some Alt coins oh the Deens are in the chat And it did not take long folks all right I appreciate you guys all right make Sure I have that muted all right well First thing we're going to Do I have background Music all right we're good to go now all Right everybody just wanted to uh make Sure I have this muted yeah we are good To go make sure we did not show the

Stream key cuz that would have been bad But the video we're making today is from Miles deutser and this is his 10 highest Conviction alt coins for 2024 very hard for him to condense this He made a video the video is almost an Hour long folks we're not going to do That to you you can see it right here About 45 minutes long I'm just going to Break down this top 10 get into why I'm Bullish or bearish and then also have a Little bit of a spreadsheet that we're Going to go over at the same time now I Was supposed to go ahead and make all The text white so you can go ahead and Front run it front run the info right There boom and now you can no longer see It that's right so we're going to look At the token we're going to look at Reasons why miles likes Percentage to all-time high do I agree With him and then you could already see Why not I did not make those white so Boom spoiler alert I disagree with two Of his coins you have to stick around to See why I disagree and if am I still Bullish though all right so we're going To be looking at coin gecko we're going To look at all the coins so first coin That Miles talked about in this 45 Minute long video his first altcoin is Ethereum everybody that's right he wants To look at ethereum here uh let me make Sure uh why not boom let's change the

Text here to Black boom ethereum number One his reasons ETFs you can see the ETFs you know we're seeing a a little Maybe a delay in the short term but Probably going to be approved in the Long term his second reason why he likes Ethereum is Bitcoin profits I think this Is almost a prophetic uh profit here Prophecy I do think uh Bitcoin is going To be at this high value a lot of people Are going to be looking at you know Trading view Bitcoin dominance and They're going to see some pretty Interesting things you just type in dominance right here this is Market cap dominance and if you look Historically we at a very very low Point Uh for altcoins and a very high point For Bitcoin so a lot of the trading Pairs look like you know we are due for A correction so eth looks undervalued to Bitcoin and I he he brings up the point People are going to look at Bitcoin and Say what is the next Bitcoin this is Bitcoin's dominance you can see this Trend line goes all the way back to 2017 Very very strong trend line James I like This too hit that like button Arrow Robert from we are bullish on Arrow all Right so that is Miles first coin now Let's look at coin number two coin Number two everybody and that is going To be salana salana was his second Choice oh uh real quick let me read this

Eth tweet inflow slowdown induces Midterm swing to traders to reposition At historically attractive levels this Is kind of what he was talking about we Historically attractive levels for eth To bitcoin Doge to bitcoin salana to Bitcoin a lot of really strong cardono To bitcoin chain link Bitcoin you name It there's a lot of things that look Really attractive coin number two is Salana you can see the the price right Now 134 not that long ago folks we were at 200 in fact I can hit the one month Chart and see we're above 100 uh just uh What we 29 days ago so why is he bullish On Salana Well Network networ effect is Reason number one so he talks about the Network effect in his video looks at a Couple things mind share is something That he mentions you can see this is Salana interest on Google look at it Spiking it looks like maybe going to Catch a local bottom and then bounce Again so long term though you're seeing A good good trend line for salana next Would be uh Network effects you know as More people talk about salana well then You're going to have more people using Salana more people use salana the more People are building on salana which has More people talking about salana it just Creates a positive feedback

Number two is my reason right here and That is the the revenue is uh just Blasting off you can see salana Revenue Let me go ahead and roll that up so you Can see it above my stinking mug and Yeah look at the revenue on the upside Now I'm about to make you super bullish This little Spike right here doesn't Look like this Spike or this Spike this Little Spike that we're looking at right There looks like this Spike to me and Then you end up seeing you know we went From 2 billion to 12 billion so it did a 6X I think we can 3x for this local high So I I wouldn't be surprised to see uh Uh let's just see if this is around 8 Billion around $25 billion locked up so That's why I'm am bullish on that and The network effects uh you know as Salon Gets more popular the network gets Stronger as the network gets stronger It's harder to topple uh Network affects When the value of a product increases as More people use it uh telephone is Useless if there's no one to call but as More people get telephones the better it Is salana is useless unless people start Building on it people start trading on It all right so what is Miles next coin Coin number three of 10 everybody we are Looking at get your drum rolls going ton Coin and Dey disagrees I am disagreeing With miles on this one chat what do you Think do you agree with him do you like

Uh ton coin a whole ton or do you not Even like it worth a ant fart uh Ricky Wants to look at Crow a lot of Arrow fud I agree with that all right let me Explain why I don't like ton coin one It's got a couple things here look at uh You know market cap it is all-time high Blasting off I have a thesis coins like Rejecting at 20 billion I don't know why There's just a lot of coins that their Valuation kind of tops out at 20 and Then it rejects you you'll probably hear Me talk about it more in the future but It did the 20 billion rejection which a Lot of coins do the main reason I uh you Know this is why you could be bullish Network all right speaking of network Effects with Dey what about ton coin's Network effect you just said Network Effect was good why are you lying to me I am not lying to you I'm telling you Network effect is bull crap uh hold on Let me uh make sure we got the right all Right so Network affect 800 million People sure pretty good looks great 100 800 million whole lot of people here's Why it doesn't matter tokenomics is About the worst in crypto this is the Worst out of all top 15 coins here not a Lot of people are going to tell you About this why because they're holding Ton and they don't want to spread the Truth AKA fud well I'm here to spread The truth look at ton coin's top 100

Olders right now 93% of all ton coin is held by 100 Wallets how does that make you feel does That make you feel like you want to hold On this coin for a long time well let's Just break it down top 10 Co holders the Top 10 wallets have 60% and so when I Look at ton coin and I'm trying to buy At this elevated price you know what I Feel like I feel like I'm Canon fod for Some VC I'm Canon fodder for those 10 Wallets for the 100 wallets do not be Canon fodder okay de is trying to lead You to the promised land and so we can All ride to Balla so this is one coin I Just have to disagree with h not as Strong you know I do think the network Effect of the 800 million users hey man That's great 800 million it's probably Going to turn into a whole lot and the VCS sometimes VCS can pump the hell out Of a token then let it jump another 50% Before they start dumping but I do think It's going to start dumping all right A Lot of people love uh some Arrow there Man all right so we I'll look at Arrow At the end of the video uh get your alt Coins in and I I'll tell you do I like It or do I not like it all right next Coin we are looking at that was number Three coin number four is drum roll Chain link and you know Dey loves chain Link everybody I'm not going to say Anything bad about chain link why does

He like chain link well use case and Community do not fade the link Marines They'll come after you a lot of the link Marines are talking about truf true Flation and so that is a uh altcoin that I'm going to share share with you you Know the people skimming by they're not Going to see it so I'm telling you Directly I appreciate you watching live So check out true flation that would be One I'm looking at uh but the reason uh He's so bullish is the real world assets When it comes to use case you got black Rock you got real world asset got Trillions of dollars that's about to be You know locked up on chain or at least Uh have equivalents on chain and then Chain link is just going to benefit off That greatly oracles are going to be Needed and so more and more people are Going to be using oracles again if You're just now joining we are breaking Down miles top 10 altcoin convictions For 2024 uh we're just doing it a little Bit more of a streamline time if you Don't have all the time to watch them All right next coin we are looking at Coin number five is Ando who in the chat likes Ando because Ando is pretty high it's pretty close to Its all-time high you look at some of These coins chain link 74% to go to its All-time high uh ethereum 35% salana fif 40 8% yeah that thing is dumped uh ton

Coin 31% so 28% not as high but why do I still like Ando well Ando you know if we look here Hasn't been out that long it's a newer Participant came out in January uh you Know slowly you know Rising so it isn't Got some crazy THX it's got about a a 4X From its lows about a 3X here and if we Go to the Max and we click on market cap Obviously it's too fresh to have any Kind of big upswings but the market cap Cap is 1 billion I think this can hit 10 Or 20 so I I I am pretty bullish on Ando uh here's just a good thread or a Good tweet from not telling 2,000 Followers I follow this guy you know Worth checking out if you like Ando Always tweeting about Ando so let's do The Ando bull case real quick CEO Black Rock tokenization so all right we're Leaning into real world assets compliant That is very bullish so we got a Compliant chain here 187 million in tvl But only a $300 million market cap so That ratio is looking great so we got a Great ratio for tvl to what the coins Worth uh big narrative is going to be Rwa for 2024 perfect uh backed by Traditional fiance and Giants such as Peter teal if you don't know who him he Says you're living under a rock I would Just say you're maybe not a super into Tech Founders Peter teal maybe heard of A little company called PayPal maybe

Heard of a guy named Elon Musk Peter Teal fired Elon Now Elon was trying to do a lot of Different things they kind of went in Different directions they went with the Name PayPal over X early days of Internet so I mean it was a young Elon Probably end up being the right call for All parties involved but yeah Peter teal OG and the space tiger Global legendary Finance hedge fund here uh coinbase Ventures panta coin fund digital Currency group so the players of all the Players Londo and it still has a pretty Low market cap no VC unlocks till January 2025 can't dump on retail very New uh lcx Skyrocket day after uh day Because they're tokenizing Bond ETFs and Your uh Ando doing the same thing in the US us is going to be a lot larger market Cap so that is Ando bull case I think You should be pretty bullish on Ando After that one all right next coin we're Looking at coin number six I believe Here we're going to go ahead and uh Paint this black we got R go ahead and hit that like button for Rune we got some people uh in Rune uh Zabor Hey man this is a new thing and uh That's new channel but zabor I Appreciate you here you're here you're You know your eyeballs and so that Counts but we're going to keep it Positive keep talking about some coins

Here he's bullish on Rune because when It's battle tested we got a older coin It's been around for a while so you know That's that's pretty good right there Thor chain is the coin we're talking About here we look at market cap you Know not a giant disparity little bit of Disparities so you know the price goes From 20 bucks to five bucks Forex well Your Forex shrinks a little bit it goes From about a 5 billion market cap to a 1.6 so 4X becomes about a 3X give or Take so not quite a big disparity right There but a little bit of one but why am I bullish on thorchain it's the same Reason LP Arbitrage and so this is the New way to do uh a mixing of your crypto Uh tornado cash some people like to Offis skate SL hiide where their crypto Moves how it moves and so what people Might do is you know they go to tornado Cash in the back in the day can't do That anymore can't use these illegal Mixers illegal by the Department of Justice what we can do is use Rune and So you trade your Bitcoin for Rune and Then you trade your rune for ethereum And it's all happening on different Blockchains so it's just a lot harder to Track there well as ethereum and Bitcoin Is skyrocketing a price we're seeing a Little liquidity pull Arbitrage and so You these liquidity pools you know you Got a $100 worth of Bitcoin $10000 worth

Of Rune and then Bitcoin triples in Price well now you got $300 worth of Bitcoin and $100 worth of Rune and it's Going to equalize so because of these Disparities the lp the liquidity pole Arbitrage it looks like Rune could be Gaining some value only 76% away so Pretty bullish on Rune uh you know seems To make a lot of sense if you kind of Break it down that way all right now Let's look at coin number seven Everybody what do we have IMX and he Likes it because it's a leader in gaming Again if you're just now joining this is Miles video we're just breaking down all 10 coins and our new format which is Going to be afternoon lives we're going To be bringing you more of these so go Ahead and hit that like button all right Let's go ahead and look at uh are you Ready to uh not be happy what looks what Happens when I hit the market cap here So right now oh my God it's $2 let me go Ahead and scroll up for you $2 $2 oh wow It used to be $8 oh my God I see a forx A forx is coming a forx but then you hit The market cap and oh what you know it's Actually down and way there's new tokens Out and it's only worth three billion Actually used to be worth 5 billion We're actually down 40% that's not what I was wanting to see but why is he Bullish because it's a leader in gaming I've been bullish on IMX but I have a

Hard time pricing it fairly the reason I Have a hard time pricing it fairly is I Was making videos on how to earn this Airdrop in 2020 yeah some of you may Remember me from back then but yeah so I I did a I got all my IM for free I sold Half of it for ethereum and I haven't Touched the other half since and so the The main use case for IMX if you're Wondering is gasless transactions and You're going to need that if you're Going to have gaming and uh activities On the blockchain you can't win a Fortnite clone and then all of a sudden Uh hey you won some v-bucks and then it Says you win Victory Royale right I'm I'm playing fortnite I'm in fortnite Okay I'm playing for some crypto I just Won oh my God I just won oh I get uh 8 V-bucks you know then I hit a and then It says a freaking metamask pops up and It says $426 in a gas fee or $40 in a gas fee Even if it's 4 cents people aren't going To want to click that gas fee and so if You're going to have rewards in a video Game and you want it to be successful You're just going to need to have it Happen all on the back end I don't need To uh pay 4 cents a fourth of a cent 40s $40 anywhere in between it's going to be Friction and IMX has gasless transaction Actions and so I think eventually you Know that is going to be the way so

Pretty bullish on this uh coin right Here all right let's look at the next One here uh D don't worry we're going to Look at Arrow I can maybe uh pull up Some Deen as well all right let's look At coin number one two 3 four 5 67 Number eight we're almost at the end Folks we're almost at the end oh yeah so I I I disagree and I agree you see yes And no on IMX I think it's just a little Diluted and so I think a lot of people Are going to be getting wrecked trying To find that $8 it I think it get a lot Of uh rejection around $5 420 as well Because crypto is full of deons all Right now we got beam he is bullish on Beam we got 42% to the upside if we were To reclaim alltime high and I come in With a yes I am bullish on this one as Well uh you know we are down a little Bit from the high it's a newer coin so I Mean it could easily go back to 4 cents I think it's going to go to 10 cents I Think this is actually going to be one Of the2 billion rejections so now we got A pretty good upside what are we looking At about a seven it's about a eight a Seven or 8X uh 1.25 would be 8X 1.4 4ish Three would be a 7x so we're got about a 7.5x uh if we were to hit a 20 billion Market cap I'd have to look at the uh The tokenomics you know what though we Can do that live so we're going to look At token unlocks live uh that's the the

Beauty of a live stream here did you Mean did you mean all right so we need To look up uh we're going to go ahead And pull up uh oh no oh no uh beam here Merit Dow is the treasury here and what Do we have what do we have for Unlocks 78% uh unlocked okay 22% locked and it Looks like in 180 days oh okay so we Have a a we have a a drip for our next 180 days so next event 234 days all Right so a little bit of a drip less Than a million dollars not a whole l lot We're we're not uh freaking out we're Not we're not shaking yet all right but Why else am I bullish on it well this is A dow play a treasury play a VC play Merit Dow or I'm sorry this is the uh This is a treasury Merit Circle used to Be Merit Dow Merit Circle has migrated To beam token they've kind of changed The name here but this is uh this is the Beam treasury quote unquote $200 million Well it's one thing to have what does That mean just a bunch of beam they got Some beam in there uh gy beam in a Bas In a in a in a casket no no this is a Treasury allocation breakdown here and Look at their Venture Investments more Than half is in VC Investments and these Investments if you do another breakdown Look at this this is in gaming this is And other things and basically these are Token pre-sales and so they got in on

The ground floor to the tune of over a Hundred million so they got over a Hundred million deployed in various Gaming projects that are going to come To fruition and so do you think this Treasury is only going to be 116 million At the top of gaming Bull Run I don't Know if that's 2025 I don't know if That's 6 months from now I don't know if It's two months from now but I do think Gaming is going to have a huge explosion Just like it did in late 2023 and so do You really think this is only going to Be 116 million or do you think this Thing is probably going to pass a Billion 500 million and so the the the Numbers are going to have to catch up With beam so for their treasury I am Very very bullish all right now let's Look at number nine here number Nine number nine is our weave and he is Bullish because establish dpen and also Good tokenomics so what what is he Talking about the tokenomics well the Tokenomics is the breakdown right here Look at the total Supply 65.5 million Look at the max Supply 66 million look At circulating Supply so basically we Got all the tokens out you not got to Worry about any Shenanigans with the Team team's going to dump on you you Know shenanigans while you're eating at Flanigans and you know you're you're Wearing your cigan Hanigan I don't know

Anyways but yeah we're we're seeing uh You know all the tokens are out $2.2 Billion it's a little bit of a high Valuation there uh but establish dpen And so that's where uh you know it gets Pretty interesting there because it's Established a black rock uh is going to Be more likely to put some funds with This coin versus the one that is two Months old you got something that is uh Launched in October 2019 relative to something that was Launched in October 2023 well if you're Stodgy old businessman in Wall Street And you're trying to write a $50 million Check you know you might might be Hesitate with the young guy there all Right now let's look at the last token Is that all we got yeah I think that's Uh yeah we got one more a IO Z and so That is the last token we're looking at Here uh Aid pin and they're shipping Product that is why he is bullish Here only thing I don't like about this Coin is how hard it dropped and how long It was flat it's like what the hell were You doing around this period um but you Know so when that AI pop happened uh you Know all of 2023 it didn't really do a Whole lot there um but apparently it has Been shipping product as of late so a Lot of uh coins pop there and just kind Of riding sideways this kind of was flat And then just started delivering uh just

Kind of do a quick dive into their uh Twitter here uh yeah they got um things That they're building here with Infrastructure it is a infrastructure Play and so that is going to be good and It looks like they have pretty pretty Serious mature comms it's not a it's not Ran by the intern is probably going to Be a good thing here and so they already Have 100K nodes they're doing threads They're trying to get people bullish uh This is not a lot of numbers though 3.7 So the if the community starts jumping On on this especially as the ASI token AG U you know they got the ASI token Kind of taking all the news right now uh And so people might just get a little Bit burnt from the AI token merger and Say all right well I was involved in These three coins and I need to find the Next ones which was Fetch agx and ocean And so you know I I I do think it's Going to do quite quite well off of that Now I said I'd look at Arrow let's go Ahead and look at Arrow it's too new uh For any kind of real ta there but we can Go ahead and pull up AER Drome W I see Why you guys wanted me to bring this up This thing is down 16% you know what I Guess it is worth a little bit of a Short-term uh ta here aerody Drome on I'm on the three-day chart what is he Doing there all right 4 Hour well folks You know uh we start drawing some trend

Lines it doesn't look good you know we Oh wow look at that it actually tried to Act as support then fell through that if I were to uh say where is the next level Of support I think we kind of want to Use this little local area right there Uh let's go ahead and delete this so Yeah I could see I can see this 87 cents Honestly a dollar a dollar psychological Level is going to do quite well and so Is this where this bounced off of a Dollar Six a dollar I would I would look at a Dollar I mean honestly I don't hate Buying this coin at this point I I do Think this could match a Unis Swap this Is the decks of Base I think uh Bas is Going going to be pretty big so this is The Unis swap of base if that's how you Want to look at it and if you look at The market cap of uni was around 20 hey What what did I say 20 billion rejection Zone and so yeah it hit that 20 billion I don't know if it can hit 20 I Definitely think it can hit 10 uh if we Look at arrows market cap it was 1.6 now it's even low wow look at that Folks yeah it was above $2 maybe it was Maybe it was like 1 point something uh Yeah now less than half a billy there so Uh good to go folks all right well folks Yeah I think billion I think 10 billion All right well I wanted to keep this Tight I appreciate I didn't warn you

Guys I forgot to tweet this uh you know I appreciate the hundreds of folks that Did jump in here uh you know we're Having a good time beam is great because Has a pool to keep the price from Dropping too far yeah beam mayid DA has There like a bunch of fiscal you know Responsibly you know uh Tau Traders or It is no Alama it is it's not deons in The basement it's like smart business People and I expect that 100 million to Do quite well djin and he I mean is that Even a real coin I mean do we even have It on coin gecko yet it is it's down 11% It's a cat oh it's a cat I'm scared to Click on their Twitter $16 million all Right well you know I wish you good luck With that one um wow wow that thing was Much much higher well it hit 30 million It could probably hit 30 million again Uh what was the other one we were going To look at H bar okay we could look at H Bar The Barbarians this one needs a Little ta so The Barbarians you know They uh They got Deflated not habber not habber habar all Right I like using the same ones and I Like using tether us on binance here all Right so wow look at that jump up that's What people want to see they want to see That again is it going to happen again It certainly can um yeah 110 that's only A double oh because I'm looking at the

Seven minute CH all right here we Go yeah that that was a very bullish Period we need to get back to that area There's that seven- minute chart pump That you saw that's the Black Rock pump And we go to the top of that pump there And look at that it actually perfectly Acted as support so it went right up to That point of support so I think it's Going to be a while till we can uh knock On that door again I do think we'll Knock on that door again and then if we Knock on that door again I do think we Get a nice little pump if we look at That that was a 3.4x so you know maybe a little bit of a Diminished return to about a a 2.8 I I Would say that's about fair and if a Three 3.5 to 2.8 to 2.1 then we got Divisible by seven so yeah I I like uh I Like the bounce off 10 cents I don't Know how much lower we can go because You know I don't know if you're going to Get your nickel again um we actually dip Pretty low all the way down to about Four cents right there nickel if we look There is a nickel right here that is the Nickel support Zone I don't know if We'll get a nickel I see how far this Wick down down there I like a little bit Of a trend line here Foran uh you know if it if it hits this Trend line I'm pretty much a heavy buyer There but folks that's all we got I

Thank you for joining I thank you for uh You know popping in for this live stream I'm going to try to figure out how to End this thing I'm sure I can and that's All I got Dey out we'll see you with Your bags at the top hit that

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