Bitcoin VS Gold (Why Bitcoin Is BETTER!)

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What would you say to that yeah I was Pretty uh pleasantly surprised by her New bullish prediction that she Mentioned that the Bitcoin invester day Originally Ark invest uh was forecasting About a $1.5 million Bitcoin by 2030 but She said that she upped that prediction Because of all the institutional demand That is coming in especially with these ETF products and a lot of Pension funds Are going to be shifting um some of Their allocations to bitcoin because of The performance it speaks for itself So I mean I don't think it's out of the Question but I tend to have more um Humble expectations I like to temper my Uh my views on bitcoin I mean I do think Eventually it will get to a million a Coin I don't know how long that will Take but that will also mean what is a Million dollars worth right because at The end of the day one of the great Things about Bitcoin is it protects you From the debasement of the currency

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