Bitcoin Set To PUMP This Month ($84K Bitcoin)

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July is about to be incredibly bullish For Bitcoin and agreeing with me is Famous macro investor Ral Paul as he's Saying July to September about to be the Start of the Epic months for Bitcoin and Crypto let's hear what he has to say and Crypto tends to be strong into about August September then it goes choppy Because of election because nobody knows Where it's going to go what it's going To mean and then tends to resolve itself After the election with the extended Banana Zone but why is Ral Paul saying We're going to pump in July even as the US government in German government set To sell tens of millions of dollars Worth of bitcoin well I have a price Prediction way to the upside and we're Going to spell out exactly why Bitcoin Is going to pump this month well if we See here you can see we have a lot of Bitcoin about to leave the German Government the German government holds Almost 45,000 Bitcoin totaling $3 Billion and on top of that the US Government has over $10 million that They are moving to an exchange as we Speak so admidst all the selling why are We going to be green in July well Bitcoin has hit historical seasonal Strength as Tor Mitchell Hills reporting Price of Bitcoin historically average a Slump of. 35% in June according to coin Glass they track the monthly returns of

Bitcoin going all the way back to 2013 And this data is showing when there's a Red June when bitcoin's prices down in June we get a roaring July with Bitcoin Averaging a gain of 7.5% and not only That Bitcoin has been green for seven of The last 11 July trading periods and not Only that it has gained 28% in the first Few weeks of every July for the last six Years in a row let's look more closely At this monthly chart and folks what I'm Seeing here is just making me incredibly Bullish cuz six times in a row is it About to be seven as we see here we look Every single red June has led to a green July 20122 when we fell 37% we ended up Gaining half of that in July when we Fell 6% we gained triple that in 2021 And when we fell 3% we gained 8X that With a 24% pump in the year 2020 and you Can see the other two red Junes also led To green jues with a 10% pump and a 21% Pump but the moral of the story here is Six red Junes led to six green July and We just got the seventh red June is the Seventh time going to be the charm here And when you look at the 28% pump for The first few weeks of every single July You can't help but see another bullish Pattern red June green green nice pump Right there another red June another Great pump and just the story is Repeating so six years in a row six red Junes in a row is spelling a very very

Momentous green July for Bitcoin well I Told you I would give you some price Targets so let's dive into the charts Right here this is the parallel trading Channel bitcoin's just been trading in For months at this point all the way Back to the first couple weeks of March And you can see you know as we tested The top we would then come back down and Then we almost broke out of the range When we started turning green in May Flirting with some of these previous All-time Highs but got rejected you can See we bounced along the trend line Bounced along the trend line before we Fell below then started knocking against It on the upside we see a lot of Confluence around this middle Zone the Middle of the trading range you can see The last Wick bounced off it perfectly And I would say this is about as low as I'm expecting Bitcoin to go in the month Of July and so let's stretch the Parallel Channel all the way out to the 31st uh day of July here and I would say Look at that Target that's given us Roughly 54 55,000 Bitcoin to the top side but you Might notice a little line to the upside And you might notice as moonshot X why Is Dey thinking Bitcoin has any chance Of snowflakes chance in hell to go up That high well folks that's not even the Most bullish of targets I can't help but

Notice little bit of of an invalidated Bull flag but I still see a little bit Of a bull flag pin at foreman and I Don't want to go all the way bullish to The the bottom of the range just coming To the first range there and if you run That out to the Top If we were to break Out on the 31st at that that is giving Us a $84,000 Bitcoin to the upside and we are Just track that pump we are looking at a Very very healthy 32% movement to the Upside definitely doable and not quite Moonshot range but is higher than we've Seen in the past July with the red Junes Because we really haven't even gone Higher than 24% all the way back in 2020 So 31% you know definitely within the Realm of possibility that is not the Only reason why I can see Bitcoin Pumping towards the end of July we have Bitcoin Nashville everybody that is Happening July 25th through the 27th Typically it seems like the Bitcoin Conference ends up creating a a price Stump the day of but always seems like a Want a pump leading up to so hey maybe Look for uh some profits if we hit some Close ranges towards the end of the Month but I wouldn't be surprised if Something about the whales they want to Get everyone feeling bullish about Bitcoin heading up to Nashville before We put our cowboy boots on but if you do

Want to ride into the sunset feeling Good I mean if you just look at the Charts here you kind of just look at What history's done in the past with all The green Junes there where Bitcoin has Been bullish every single time we get a Red June and Bitcoin has been bullish The last six first few weeks of every Single July and you listen to Ral Paul The famous macro investor you can't help But feel bullish about Bitcoin and that Is why I'm thinking we could quite Potentially have a $84,000 Bitcoin this Month so buckle up get ready and I'll See you in your Bitcoin bags at the top

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