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Crypto is plummeting the Bitcoin Bull Run will not survive if this happens That is the title of today's episode Because today we're going to be diving Into none other than the economic Calendar and outlook for this week I'm Talking wholesale inventories I'm Talking Federal Jerome pow's testif Fighing at both the house and the Senate The CPI report what does this all mean For our markets we're going to be Getting expert insight and watching a Few different analysts speak on what Their beliefs are on when the feds Actually going to Pivot is this going to Take place in September is it going to Take place in J July I really doubt it Will happen this month but more Importantly what happens to markets Historically when we do see those feds Initially change those interest rates Today we can see that of course crypto Is pumping just a little bit Bitcoin Down back to about 56,000 maybe $57,000 Right now but we have Tia up 15.4% Bon up 8.1% and markets yes guys They're still struggling we've been Getting a bit of a pullback in this Market condition as the markets Anticipate the CPI report coming out Tomorrow for Jerome pal everything comes Down to the next 24 to 48 hours all eyes Are going to be on the Senate they're Going to be on of course the house

Hearing and they're going to be on the CPI report and cor CPI report that are Releasing all this week guys this Economic calendar is what matters most And if you don't know what's happening In this week's Market you're going to be In for a very bumpy road as I believe This entire week is going to be Incredibly volatile for Bitcoin and Honestly dictate where it is going to be Heading over the next coming months so Let's go ahead and jump into a quick Market update we're looking at Bitcoin Sitting at $ 56,600 ethereum here breaking back above 3,000 at 3,05 bucks BMB 507 salana Almost back up to 140 with xrp trailing Behind it at 43 cents welcome everybody Mark hope you're doing well Alex Sprunger Mark uh got multiple marks in The chat here today Alex green Alexandra Theum Rusty Marvin welcome in of course We got that yummy tummy what's up dude How you doing bro Freedom what's up to You man um and we got Manu and even Teresa coming in with the gifts on Tik Tok guys if you're coming in make sure You smash that like button repost share With a friend uh that needs to see what The economic Outlook is for this week And get some key Insight also at the end Of this I'm going to show you guys a Sneak peek on of course our new fom mode Website what that means for Duke so if

You're a Duke holder we're unlike every Other meme project we have a lot of Utility that are being attached to this Due to uh fomo IO Bots and everything Coming out so if you're excited for that Make sure you guys smash that like Button and then most importantly uh yeah A very very very viral video was dropped By Andrew Tate and thread guy and I'm Going to be showing you guys a very Important clip uh with what could be the Future of meme coins uh that is Discussed in that video so make sure you Guys stick around here but we have ton Coin $712 cardono here not a really lot Of top movers here in the top 10 20 Projects in the last 24 hours however we Do have sele GAA getting a little bit of Life spurred back into it sitting at $6.9 up roughly 16% was s trailing Behind it and ethereum name service Which I'm not necessarily going to be Someone that is huge in ens I never Traded ens uh you know a lot of you in Chat maybe got into this industry it's Kind of like another sector of Tradeables and collectibles uh but of Course you have not coin behind that at 8.1 and then the famous bnk at 8.1% so What is happening in these markets right We have a ton of blood we have Brett Jasm coin dog with hat all just red Across the board I'm talking on the Hourly on the 24-hour on the 7day and

Even the 30-day chat we're looking at Brett down 30% in the last 30 days 34.5% In the last 7 days and 6.4% in the last 24 hours why are meme coins as well as Utility tokens like render look at Render here down 31% ICP down 37% avac Down 21 1% near protocol down 31% flare Down 25% and even Stacks down by over 40% here in the last 30 days is this a Time to buy is this time a time to Dollar cost average or are we going to Zero like chat says guys let me know in The chat I want to get your thoughts as We break through this type one in chat If you believe markets are going to go Lower before higher or type two in chat If you believe markets are just going to Go higher before they go lower one in Chat lower before Higher One in chat Lower before higher or two higher before Lower I'm curious to see where you guys Are at because we're going to be Breaking that down in today's live Stream let me get a Water lots of ones one one ones so lower Lower before higher interesting take Here coming from the chats here no one Said it's going to zero well you know You haven't been on Twitter my guy uh They are acting like it's the end of the World we're going back to 25k we're Going to go back to 43k 32k whatever Random numbers they're arbitrarily Drawing on the lines and their astrology

Boards that is what they're predicting Here but guess what guys before we break Down what I believe we have to see what The experts believe so look at this this Week's major US economic reports and fed Speakers on Monday today we had the Consumer credit report come out at 3 pm. Let me go ahead and refresh this Let me Refresh this the actual was 11.4 billion Wow uh so credit way higher means a lot More credit being taken from our Consumers uh because guess what guys we Have a lot of freaking debt we have a Lot of freaking debt so we're going to Be spending more by using our credit Cards but of course you have the nfib Optimistic optimism index coming out Tomorrow on July 9th with three really Important things happening all tomorrow Morning so make sure you guys subscribe To discover crypto because you do not Want to miss tomorrow's morning stream All right we are going to be seeing fed Vice chair for supervision Michael bar Speak as well as fed chairman Jerome Powell testify to the Senate at 10 a.m. Eastern all tomorrow okay on Wednesday We have wholesale inventories as well as Fed share drone po testimony to the House at 10:00 a.m. and then of course We have Thursday the biggest day of the Week which is going to be of course the CPI report year over-year and of course The core CPI as well as the C Core CPI

Year-over-year so right now we're Looking at a consumer price index of 0.1% that is going to be the median Forecast uh for month over month with 3.1% being over uh the actual ual Year-over-year forecast now previously Was 3.3% we want to see this come in at Either that expected ratio okay you want To see either 3.1% or you want to see that lower than Expected so hopefully a 2.9 or a three That will be incredibly bullish move for These markets so let's go get and get Some expert analysis and just listen to Some insight here this is coming from Katie Stockton fairly strategies on of Course what is happening to bitcoin what Do they expect so I mentioned a little Bit earlier in the Stream $60,000 was very very key support on Bitcoin's price right let's go to the Trading view right here $660,000 is very A very very key level for bitcoin's Price we of course broke through that Now one of the most expected price Levels is going to be about $51,500 that is the next area of support For Bitcoin that has actually a little Bit more uh support than its previous uh Support level that we have broken Through so here's what Katie had to say From of course uh fair lead strategies And if if you guys are on Tik Tok make Sure you come over to YouTube because

You won't be able to hear it if you're On Twitter come over to YouTube because You won't be able to hear it uh you know Smash that like button and Bitcoin the Cryptocurrency fell under 55,000 for the First time since February after Mount Gaw said it began making repayments uh About a decade after it collapsed into Bankruptcy joining us now was Katie Stockton fair lead strategies founder And managing partner also a CNBC and NBC A pro contributor we I don't think we've Ever started uh with Bitcoin when we Have not recently at least but I don't Think it's necessarily starting with the Tail and the dog I I mean there are Times when Bitcoin can can actually be An indicator of of what to expect in the NASDAQ or or just the risk on trade Correlations have been pretty high too Recently with the NASDAQ 100 and Bitcoin And then you start to think about them All as these risk assets right more Broadly but of course the NASDAQ just Keeps going and going and going and Bitcoin has has broken some support so The 60,000 level is what we were Watching and it's a it's not a major Support level but it resolves a trading Range to the downside that suggests that We'll see more corrective price action Next support for Bitcoin is roughly 51,500 so still some downside from here But still within a long-term uptrend

We're big Believers of just having a Small percentage of a portfolio in Bitcoin almost regardless of the price Action we still want the long-term trend On our side side but almost as a call Option to take advantage of the upside Long term you think 50 uh 51 doesn't Hold you think the 40s is I mean well That would suggest there's something Structural sort of a Miss for Bitcoin From a technical perspective it would Jeopardize that long-term uptrend to Some degree uh we would expect that we See oversold conditions return close to That level though well the S&P and the NASDAQ are are so uh Nvidia heavy It's really wild is that not troubling Yet it's still not troubling Nvidia has Consolidated recently And go ahead look at Apple look at meta Look at Tesla last week these are are Short-term breakouts and they've driven A short-term breakout from what we call A flag pattern flag patterns do show Positive short-term momentum the the Hard part is of course it suggests that We're still going to see more of this Narrow leadership it's not especially Narrow breath it's the leadership so You're not getting outperformance Anywhere else outside of these Mega caps Really why why aren't any of these uh Underlying things troubling for the bull

The there you go my mic's unmuted there You go so just so you guys know right so What we're hearing from her is that 60,000 broke institutions are Essentially looking for 51,500 they have Capital aside to be Able to look for call options because I Do believe that at 51 1,000 or so around That zone is going to be incredibly Oversold territory for Bitcoin again This is coming from your your big Players in the markets guys and now he's Asking essentially what does this mean For Bulls so people that are bullish in These markets people that are betting on Higher prices what can you expect in the Near- term for Bitcoin versus the Longterm because of course she did Already come out they're long-term Bullish but what does that mean for the Next month two three months coming up Here in the short term state of the B I've stopped relying on negative diver Merces to get bearish because they do Resolve ultimately and and they would Show maybe a less healthy tape but that Doesn't mean it can't sustain an uptrend Our thought is that for the second half Of this year we'll see more volatility The uptrend will maintain itself but We'll see more corrective phases and Ideally we'll see that breath kick in Some of the cyclical sectors will Finally show some relative performance

Do you factor in money on the sidelines For for your work or just more an doly We we don't measure it ourselves we have Conversations of course with our clients About it we sense that there is still That right so we have people that want To put money to work but the Frustrations are running very very high With the narrow concentrated leadership So people don't know what to do with That I feel like there's a lot of Opportunities out there the overbought Conditions are not that widespread Considering how the major indices look So you can look farther than the large C Technology sector and find some really Interesting technical setups even in now The commodity related stocks which have Had a pretty good phase of Underperformance of late but now with Energy if you look at crude oil it seems Like it's pushing out of a long-term Triangle formation it might be worth Revisiting some of those stocks even Some of the material stocks copper Started to show some signs of downset Exhaustion Too and just the NASDAQ dis blows me do You remember when we built Yes buil buil the new building in in Cliffs SP Mone and it was supposed to be The NASDAQ we called the NASDAQ we Called it the NASDAQ 5000 building Because we were at 3,000 or 2500 on the

NASDAQ and and like we built it at the Top and it was the NASDAQ the look at The the NASDAQ is at 18 the nasdaq's at 18,000 isn't that wild yeah yeah it's Really remarkable we can arrive at from These flag patterns pretty impressive Upside targets that all said for the S&P 500 I don't remember the number for the NASDAQ but it's about 57 oh all right there we go so they're They're wrapping it up here but yeah so In summary guys let me know what your Guys' thoughts are on that she said I Think honestly this was one of the best Takes I've seen on CNBC coming here uh Fair lead strategies has been on here a Lot for squat box and of course you want To take a lot of different analyst Perspectives we're going to listen to a Lot today but I have to agree with a lot Of this that's coming into these markets Is one yeah yeah we from a technical Standpoint we did break but a lot of the Fundamentals show that there is still Positive areas of growth and even as she Mentioned with the Divergence is on the Chart right there's a huge Divergence Between the S&P and bitcoin's price Prediction or price right now but Eventually they are going to come back Together now we don't know when when That is or how long that's going to be But you know in their case they're Putting call options and looking to buy

Around $51,500 if we get to those lows So interesting perspective here from Institutions and it looks like it aligns A lot with what you guys were saying in Chat I saw a lot of ones you guys were Expecting more downside I don't know What you guys' price predictions are That could be 45k that could be 36k you Know every technical analyst has a Different line and a different exact Number that they want to try to Perfectly predict but overall that range Seems to see you know seems to be the Same but when you look at liquidations When you look at the further when you Look at when you look far out right There's still a lot of opportunity that Does exist and we could see more upside Action coming from these markets so of Course the S&P 500 hovering near record Highs as Traders await inflation data And earnings live updates uh this is Going to be a look at okay why is it That the S&P 500 is hitting new all-time Highs and Bitcoin is not keeping up if You guys didn't know this historically Bitcoin tends to be highly correlated to The NASDAQ and you know overall stock Market so of course the s&p500 hovered Near a fresh record as Monday as Investors await key inflation data to Provide further clues about whether this Year's Market rally is sustainable right Earnings from some major Financial

Giants and consumer companies are also On the dock the broer market index Inched up .7% slightly below an all-time High set earlier in the day while the NASDAQ Advanced about 2% the June Consumer Price Index which will be Released on Thursday we talked about This earlier already could bolster the Hopes if the headline numbers shows a Slight Improvement producer price index Data will be released Friday and last Week labor data reflected a slightly Cooling jobs Market spurring Expectations of a rate cut so right now Markets let's go over to the charts I Want to show you guys on the charts here When you're looking at the NASDAQ the NASDAQ is finishing higher on the daily Here today let me go to the actual daily Not the 4our chart right we are hitting New all-time highs now when you pull out The compare chart and we compare it to Bitcoin historically okay historically The NASDAQ follows or Bitcoin follows The NASDAQ so let me use this chart Right here for you guys so when we zoom In let's use the weekly weekly is better Just to see on this when you look at the NASDAQ right you're looking at a massive Comparison right now the percentage the The actual comparison is not very very Close whatsoever ever but when you Actually look at that and zoom out You'll notice that the NASDAQ is highly

Correlated so when the NASDAQ let me Pull out the marker I couldn't plot that Marker for some reason when you see the NASDAQ falling in Price Right Bitcoin Tends to fall in price when you see the NASDAQ gaining in price in momentum Bitcoin gains in momentum right this was All the way the case all the way even With the recent dip the recent dip right Here right that that that recent Comparison still in in Tangent Bitcoin And nasx still falling into each other We're now getting a pretty massive Divergence okay that is what we're Watching out on these charts that's what A lot of Traders are expecting to either One come back together or two anticipate For a Fed rate cut which somehow would Be incredibly bullish for crypto that's What some analysts are going to be Arguing so what is the outlook for this Okay are we going to get an actual fed Interest rate cut as markets run up into This inflation report are we going to Get Jerome Powell to come out tomorrow Or this week and announce or maybe at The end of this month at the end of July Are they going to come out at this Month's fomc meeting and say we are Going to cut in September well looking At the previous labor reports okay Previous labor reports weren't sexy they Weren't ugly they weren't comparison to 2007 but they weren't you know beautiful

Saying that we were in a strong economy The overall summary is that there were Bad things in this prev job the previous Job report for example long-term Unemployment rate that has been Increasing pretty sharply in the last Few months overall we can say that it's Relatively soft but a decent report so Again it's not like a crazy strong Report but it's not an incredibly Incredibly weak one something that might Not trigger recession fears but should Definitely increase the confidence for At least two rate cuts by the end of the Year so this is coming from forx live Here another top ta wrote this article Here you can look at it up this is from Uh I don't even know how to pronounce His name but again you guys can go check Out this entire in report it is Fantastic it goes over employment and Unemployment in comparison between 2001 With a do com bubble to 2007 to Comparison to where we're at at today When you pull all these data points in Together in the month of July 95% of the Market 95% of the market does not Believe we are going to see an interest Rate cut this month an interest rate cut This month I don't believe it No One Believes it there's not data to really Show that we're going to see that but However when we zoom out now or not zoom Out when we go to September that

Incredibly changes okay this incredibly Changes so what we're looking at here is We're seeing that now 70 75 % you can See right here 5% for a 50 basis point 70 for a 25 70% of the market is pricing In a 25 basis point rate cut by September that would give us roughly at Least three interest rate Cuts or a drop About by you know three4 of a full basis Point of 100 basis points so that is That could be significant now whether or Not we're actually going to see rate Cuts in September which would be I I Think markets really want to see that I Don't think they're factoring at November cut I tend to believe that We're going to get that cut after Elections but again you know some like To say that this isn't a political Football some like to say that this is a Political football it's hard to really Balance the two in an economy where we Stand but we do know one thing and one Thing only and that's the fact that Jerome Powell has been very strong on The S he wants to pull inflation data Down to 2% okay he wants to pull Inflation back to the 2% goal job market Is still strong enough for me to believe That they could hold off until November However a lot of people like Jeremy Seagull here who's another great Economist great fantastic Economist Here's a three-minute video on what his

Explanation is on what this means is Dron pow going to Pivot should he pivot Uh and what that means for the markets Here you go thank you what is your take After this jobs report reaction to it Yeah you know I think it was a pretty Weak report um uh you know when you look Look at the details I know the headline Number beat the revision was beat the Details were were not good we are in a SL fed at the beginning of year December Said that GDP growth this year was going To exceed 2% well we got first quarter That's under 2% and although we all Enthusiastic thinking oh this quarter it Looked like three then it looked like Two now most of the experts including Atlanta fed and and the other Banks Think it's under two I think it's really Time for fed po chairman pow to really Tee up in the July meeting a cut uh in September um and maybe another one in November um uh I think inflation is Definitely under control and I don't Want to see this slowing economy turn Into something worse oh that's that's The risk right that as you lay it out That the job market half the Mandate Right let's not forget half the Mandate About employment the job market doesn't Get away from the FED just when they Think they've got it right yeah Absolutely you know there's an economist Claudia uh s sahm who many years ago had

Had a rule that she uh investigated that When the uh unemployment rate Rises a Half percentage point and and that was On a 3mon moving average basis the Probability of a recession was well over 90% well guess what uh with today's Report we just moved to 1 half% over the Low that we hit um uh earlier this year So I'm not saying there's a reset and I Don't think it's anywhere near 90% I'm Just saying that the FED has to take Some of these indic ators including the Inverted yield curve into account Including the slow growth of the money Supply which although has stopped Shrinking is not growing fast enough to I think support a strong GDP economy so Although I think stocks are still in an Uptrend and and the grow stocks still Are are certainly walloping the value Stocks I think um I think pal has to Take note I I feel like you're Suggesting that no cut in September Means recession on the table no cut in September means this Market might be in Trouble uh potentially Yes uh and again you know I'm looking at The future listen next next week we get The CPI that's certainly going to be Very important we have jobless claims You know I I I like to see them under 240 theyve has been tickling that 240 Level a break a breakout uh on that why Not be preemptive uh the commodi market

Has is under control all the others are Under control as you know Scott we've Talked so long about the fact if they Use realistic shelter costs in their CPI They would be much lower than what they Have now um I think he can afford to Bring us a more normal Fed funds rate And relationship to those long rates Which do see as we saw today a potential Slowdown tools slow down let me go ahead And mute that for you guys so there you Go there you go right that was another That's a very very strong Economist Coming out and saying they're expecting Federal interest rate cuts to happen in September there is our 70% Target for September that would give us multiple Cuts this year now markets seem to to Highly anticipate that so I would say I'm not going to make any rash decisions On that until the CPI report comes out This week because the one thing we know Is Jerome Powell always comes out and Says that he wants more data right they Don't have enough data they need more Data to show them that the economy is Strong that if they do pivot early it's Not going to cause an a mass amount of Inflation back into the economy right Because they're in between a rock and Hard place they're in between a Recession and infinite money printing Now I always believe the Federal Reserve Is going to do one thing and one thing

Only they're never going to default They're always going to choose the Weaker po or the you know the better Poison so to speak and they're going to Go with money printing but if we do have A positive CPI report okay if we do have A positive CPI report this week we could Get that First Federal interest rate cut As soon as September and markets do Believe that is extremely bullish I'm Going to explain what I'm seeing in the Charts okay I'm going to explain why That might actually concern me and not In the way that you guys might think is Bearish but more so into what I would be Prepared for because I am somebody that Has called literally every single news Event this Market we called the Bitcoin Spot ETF we were like this is BU the Rumor selda news uh now I was wrong About the postponement but we still Right that that caused a massive Cascade In the event I thought it was going to Get approved in March but either way it Was still approved and sold out allowed Us to take a lot of profits then again In March we called the exact top I mean The exact date March 17th was the top of Of course your artificial intelligence And dpin sector we took over $100,000 Live in multiple videos with onchain Evidence showing you guys step by step Us coming out of the market saying hey This was the top of that season now we

Did start dollar cost averaging back in And then we got one thing wrong we got One thing wrong which wasn't necessary That the Bitcoin having wasn't bearish We were going to pull out all of we were Going to pull out 90% of our funds we Were going to pull out literally almost All of our money out of the Bitcoin Market and the crypto Market at the Bitcoin having uh actually the week Prior but a couple weeks before the Bitcoin having we got one thing that no One was going to be able to predict Which of course was the Iran conflict in The Middle East the whole straight of Hormuz with the Battle of supply chain Shocks that were really kind of Devastating our global economy that Pulled back the stock market that pulled Back to NASDAQ that pulled back of Course your crypto and we saw a pullback Way earlier than expected but besides That everything's been essentially on Par so what am I why am I talking about This I believe if we get a positive CPI Report okay and we're still workshopping This because we need the data this week But you guys are watching for my opinion And what I'm really looking for and how I'm preparing myself in my portfolios I Am looking for if the CPI report comes Out better than expected if core pce Comes out better than expected I am Going to anticipate that interest rate

Cut but if we see markets rally okay if We see markets rally because of this Announcement I'm going to expect us to See another bu the rumors selda news Event the day the feds cut those Interest rates we're actually going to See a pullback in those markets in September that means between July and The end of September we're looking at Three months this next quarter or so We'll see pretty positive growth tech Stocks here magnificent s still can inch Higher we might hit new highs you know Bitcoin's Divergent might come back but I'd be very cautious to see what the Markets anticipate into that federal Rate cup because historically guys Historically when you see a federal Interest rate get cut when the feds cut Those interest rates it's because Something in the market breaks they Don't cut interest rates till after Something breaks so either the stock Market either the housing market it is Something in that market it could be the Employment it whatever it is something Breaks that causes the Federal Reserve To cut okay they have never once pulled Off a soft Landing they were wrong about Transitory inflation they were now wrong About a soft Landing so I don't expect This to be nothing short of you know at Least a significant correction I don't Think it's going to be under the Peter

Shift side of things where he's like oh This is n ball e all be all we're going To go to zero you know we're going to Crash markets are going to collapse you Need to get into gold you need to get Into copper I don't think it's wrong That category but the see us run up into That event hit crazy highs and then Start pulling back through the last Quarter of the year until maybe q1 of March 2025 I think that's highly Possible it's actually highly probable So you know that is kind of where my Mindset is right now uh what does that Mean for altcoins well unfortunately Altcoin you're not going to and I've Said this the entire Bull Run I don't Think we're gonna have an ALT season I'm One of the only creators that's even Argued against us that we're going to Have an ALT season that is comparable to Last have I said alt season coming yes But you guys know if you've been Following me I believe the alt season is Much much different I don't think this Cycle we're going to see altcoins Outperform Bitcoin in the same way as we Did in 2021 why we have the Bitcoin spot ETF we have institutional interest in Here and now the is Thousands I mean Tens of thousands of more cryptos that Exist so even though let's say we go to A5 trillion doll market cap there's now Tens of thousands of cryptos fighting

For that trillion dollars versus only You know couple of thousands so it's It's a whole another another ball game That we're in with all these spot ETFs And institutional interest so that is What I'm watching for right now of Course and I got a lot more charts to Pull into this because there's a lot of Bears out there which yeah guys look if You're going to trade go for it we're Not Traders here we're not I'm going to Start day trading again because it's a Fun hobby but really there's not a Single day trader out here on the Internet that I watch I mean crypto Network is probably the best that I've Seen most other day Traders trade on Like high leverage and they're just Gambling uh they're a on [ __ ] faces that Really only sell courses and that's the Only way they actually make money uh Most of them are either spot buying and Holding large positions those are the Successful ones they use very very very Very very low leverage or they Institutions that are doing puts and Call options like we just saw with the Of course uh the the interview earlier Here today on CNBC so when I'm looking At this Outlook I'm thinking from a spot Perspective what am I doing from a spot Perspective 99% of you watching on Tik Tok or YouTube you guys aren't day Traders your moms your dads your your

College students you might have three Jobs maybe you have $40,000 in student Loans you don't have time to stare at Charts seven hours a day and look at all These divergences and all of these Different indicators right you're simply Spot buying and holding so what am I Personally doing for the long-term Perspective that is what we're covering In today's live stream check this out The the government of Germany ger the German government has officially burned Through over half of its original Bitcoin stack so this was one of big Everybody's biggest concerns in this Market was you know that Germany and you Know of course Mount go we're going to Send us to 25k well hey guys news flash uh we're Now halfway through Germany's assets uh That which is you know which means we Only have half to go essentially they Have 23,800 Bitcoin still a ton of Bitcoin and that's the this isn't going To bring pressure on the market but as The crypto Quant the crypto Quant CEO Now look I'm going to be this guy you Can say this guy's stupid okay you can Be that traiter degenerate on here that Doesn't announce his name and he's Anonymous because he's a [ __ ] [ __ ] Okay you can be that guy excuse me That's my one I'm sorry I'm sorry Families out there I love you guys you

Guys can be those type of people that Are too scared to you know put their Name where their mouth is but and you Could you could call the CEO of crypto Quad stupid but he came out and he Talked about how n billion is virtually Nothing in the grand scream of selling Volume when you look it out on a broad Scale we've done over a quarter Trillion a quarter of a trillion dollars In cell volume since 2023 alone so What's n billion right what what $9 Billion doll to me is it's fud it's fear It's uncertainty it's doubt as you guys See the first pullback type one in chat If you've been in multiple bull runs Type two if it's your first time Everybody that's putting one in the chat How many times have we been through 20 30 40 50% dips how many times 20 30 40 50% dips okay mount gaau mount gaau is Nothing new we've been anticipating this For 10 years this happened like 2013 2014 if you want to be mad at anybody be Mad at Jed MB the guy who helped Co-found Mount gaau then went and helped Co-found Ripple and then dump billions Of dollars or hundreds of millions of Dollars in xrp on the xrp community Making them think this was some world Changing ever revolutionary techn yeah That guy that made billions of dollars Off xrp is also the guy that you know Helped start up the largest financial

Fraud in like all of the largest hack in Crypto's history again we're talking Like 800,000 Bitcoin right I see a lot Of ones in chat we've been through so Many 20 30 40 50% dips like we got to Zoom out just zoom out at the chart Right we don't have to argue that big And if you're if you're mad because You're not holding Bitcoin I can't say This enough 50% I go over this all the Time 50 25 VC rule you guys know this Rule 5025 VC rule you can't get mad at The fact that if you guys are Overallocated to a POS I don't know Where you're getting it from but like For memec coins we say this like almost Every stream no more than 3% of your net Worth memec coins are 3 to 5% of the Entire crypto Market why are they over 3 To 5% of your overall crypto portfolio Do the math there think about that right The other 50% blue chips that is Bitcoin That is ethereum maybe you want to add In chain link or something as well into But those are going to be a lot more Volatile then that other 25% is midcaps And also I would really consider Anything under two over 250 really under Three four billion dollar market cap Right in between that category so you Have to diversify these portfolios or Else you guys are going to get wrecked When an a bare Market does come because Guess what guys where when there's a

Bull market there's a bare Market There's going to be a bar Market you Cannot stop a bare Market from coming it Makes it's cyclical that's how an Inflate markets are artificial 1913 a Bunch of white dudes got in the circle And said you know what would be awesome If all of us controlled the entire money Supply of the global economy that is What happened fast forward 60 years well They couldn't they wanted to print more Money but they couldn't because they had To back their assets by gold they had to Back it by hard value right oh well some Genius named Richard Nixon decides to Get the idea to come off the gold Standard which allowed what allowed Unlimited money printing okay it allowed It to continue on so when we're looking At the future of these markets we see Infl inflation is never going to stop They're never going to default on their Debt the US government is always going To kick that can further and further and Further down the road Peter Schiff is The prime example of this Peter Schiff Is the boy who called you know cried Wolf in 2007 he called it right he said That yeah his first book got it on the Dot he's like yeah there's going to be a Crash he should be in you know in hard Assets fast forward 15 years later he's Been calling wolf every single week Because he says that today is the day

The market is we can't have more we got $34 trillion in debt well he said we Couldn't have 10 trillion you know five Years ago he said we couldn't have two Trillion 20 years ago or 15 years ago Can we go to 40 can we go to 50 can we Go to we don't know but what we do know Is the world needs a decentralized Currency the world needs Bitcoin okay so That is fundamentally Bitcoin should be That fundamental part of that portfolio And you should diversify into the Innovative Technologies it could be the Energy sector it could be the gaming Sector it could be the metaverse sector It could be a little bit of meme coins It could be right there is there's money Go get your money I'm not saying don't Go get your money right but you need to Diversify and type W's in the chat if You agree with that type L's if you Don't uh because I want to see the L's Turn into W's this cycle next up we have Of course Tech Dev saying just warming Up for Bitcoin uh this is going to be Looking over at the last 43 weeks in Comparison to of course 2015 and even 2012 I need a SI of Water man I just went on a I went on a Rant fill the money printers retail is What you're waiting on let's see the W's I see W's coming in let's go baby these Traders are smarter now compared to the

Pass you still pushing the Bitcoin Bitcoin 20 ecosystem brc2 no we haven't Been pushing brc2 since runes came out Dude if you're that Guy guys prime example of somebody in Chat how many you know runes is the Future of Bitcoin type 1 type 2 if You've been here since we've been Studying Bitcoin defa guys bit Bitcoin Runes were created in January they're in Their infan and technically they didn't Even come out until the Bitcoin having The Bitcoin having initiated the runes Protocol launched by leonitis who Developed the largest Bitcoin ordinal Essentially ecosystem to exist okay Bitcoin defi is bullish if it wasn't Bullish this guy this guy's in this chat He's like he's like what about bc20 this Is what you call someone that isn't Educated because if you looked at Bitcoin defi Marathon digital backed by Black rock is launching their own Bitcoin layer twos why guys because the Miners that are succeeding in this bull Market aren't the ones that are only Mining Bitcoin they're the ones that are Making money off the mols and Transaction volume occurring on the Bitcoin Network wake up baby wake up it Is going to be a very bullish narrative I'm incredibly excited for things like Or Swap and all the dexes and Defi and Liquidity pools that are building on top

Of Bitcoin all right here we go looking At 43- we ranges here uh 2014 top to of Course looking at 2017 this is a chart That shows both the euphoric belief Optimism and hope stages of these Cycles Now I've been seeing this one circulate A lot more I love Tech Dev uh you know Definitely respect him a lot he's had a Lot of great analysis over the years and I've honestly think I've been following Him since 2020 at this point time goes By so freaking quick but when we're Looking at this you can see that in 2015 You have that hope stage right hope Stage this is a 43 week window before You break out of previous all-time highs And approach new all-time highs again Previous all-time highs break all-time Highs again we're looking at 43 weeks Here so what are we looking at well this Is in comparison to the 2014 Rally or The the bare Market between 2014 and the Peak of the Bull Run of 2018 whenever You're in this hope stage okay that Tends to be around the bottom of the Market when you move into optimism on This chart again according to this Natural it's nupl with a heat map that Is what this is and I think he just Wrote in the Euphoria the belief Optimism Etc and I'm going to show you Cbbi too it's another great website Where you can get these indicators but Of course when you see that optimism

That is when you get that first initial Breakout for us that would have been When we broke out of 20K we went back up To 30,000 and again I know a lot of you In chat are probably remembering when We're at 25 to 30k you remember all the Bears saying no no no no no no no we're Going to go back to 19k we have to go to 19k right we have to go back to 19k we Have to go back to 15K we have to go to 22 what happened we went to 72 ,000 Those Bears disappeared off the face of The planet you didn't see any bears make Content because they had to disappear Because it was so embarrassing that they Kept shorting this market and telling Their Traders no don't dollar cost Average you should use high leverage you Should use 80 90 100x leverage at $25,000 Bitcoin in short yeah they had To run away why because when you move to The belief stage all right we move to That belief stage at that again this is 43 weeks we're at 43 weeks right now we Moved to that belief stage that Consolidated around previous all-time Highs and the same thing happened again You got a massive Spike to that euphoric Rally which is where you really need to Be considered you know be fearful that Is where you need to be fearful now I Don't personally believe we got that Euphoric stage yet I could be wrong Maybe we did have that euphoric stage

But it just it wasn't like 2021 and what I mean by that even technically I really Going to compare 2018 it was too small Of a market 2021 was like dude you're You'd be in McDonald's and like some Dude at the register would start talking About safe mve right you'd be in an Uber And you'd be getting preached to about Some altcoin right I haven't gotten any Of that experience this cycle yet in Fact I've gotten still quite a lot of People are disgusted with crypto still So that's where I'm like okay 75 maybe 80k that's where that euphoric stage Comes into this Market but again could Be wrong could be wrong maybe it already Came maybe it already came but according To this chart and according to nupl with The heat map we haven't gotten to that Euphoric stage yet we haven't even Gotten actually close to it we haven't Even gotten halfway through the belief Rally so another interesting chart here That's bullish longterm not short-term This is a long-term chart Josh don't Need to sometimes you just got to Yell sometimes you just got to sometimes You gotta sometimes you got to have that Passion you know it it is what it is my Mouth is as big as my eyebrows and it it Pisses people off well you know maybe Maybe just I don't know I don't know I Don't know I'm G to speak the way I Speak here breaking breaking 5 F sorry

$558 million worth of usdc just got Transferred to coinbase institutional Bulls are buying so this was breaking News as a 53 minutes ago half a billion Dollars worth of stable coins were just Sent to coinbase when you see Stables Get sent to this platform you generally See that get transitioned over into Bitcoin or some fir of cryptocurrency so Bulls are buying the dip here's of Course fa mode guys and we did hit those Likes guys so double tap that screen if You're on Tik Tok if you're on you know YouTube make sure you smash that like Button but some people are here like oh What's happening with Duke look okay Well one we got a lot of buy orders Coming in shout out to Duke holders out There but I got a big update for you Guys okay because Le let's let's talk About this real quick and I'm I got a Bunch more charts got a lot more we got To talk about all coins and everything As well but we already hit the likes and We're coming up to fa mode but I have to Make a huge announcement for over the next few it could be I Want to say hopefully by the next 24 Hours but I can't promise anything you Guys know how devs are devs sometimes Will tell you it's going to happen in 5 Hours and all of a sudden it's five Weeks later and you're like what the the Heck happened right this is already out

The website's done I got to do one more Thing give them the hosting advice Whatever it is and we'll we'll switch Over all the apis and everything fom is being replaced okay I want I Want to see them in chat I want to see Firey emojis in the chat okay fire Emojis in the chat and I'm going to show You the new website because it's going To make you guys go crazy I need to see Fire emojis the new website is so Freaking clean and the difference Between Duke guys and every other meme Coin out there is it's one holding Influencers accountable I don't have 95% Of the supply Okay I don't you guys can go look at all The onchain metrics we have a 5% Community wallet with about another 4% Divi up between other giveaway wallets That's it the other we' burnt we've Burnt the rest and the others is going To be burnt we're using it for marketing Employees and everything with burning Events and all all the liquid is there Right I've invested a ton of money into These market and we're building a the First in my opinion Fair valued Community-driven mem coin that actually Exists on the market why because we're Incorporating the mascot into these Platforms check this out okay the fire Emojis are coming in the fire emojis are Coming in got to see it I want to see

More hype I need to see fire guys we've Been working about we've been working so Hard on this okay I'm talking between Figmas and designs and development it is Taking weeks for this so get excited There's the fire I wanted to see this I Wanted to see YouTube break real quick So here's the old fear and greed index Okay this is the old fear and greed Index let me flip it around for uh Tik Tok here this is the old fear and greed Index you guys remember the good old ape If you clicked on bullish or bearish This is the first retail tool that gives You a retail score of what the market is Telling us so anybody on this platform We have over almost 10,000 monthly users I think this month we hit 5,000 but we Haven't promoted it the last two weeks Because we've been switching the website Uh this will give you the first ever Real retail score it gives you a 4H Hour 1 hour and 15 minute for 42 separate Altcoins on the market 42 separate Altcoins on the market all with Different data volume volatility Etc This is the best fear in greed indexing Tool tool that exists okay hands down This is now going to turn into again fo It's still fom mode but much cleaner This is where Duke is integrated so we Now have animations the fear and greed Index tools the sexiest fear and greed Tool Fe in greenex to you'll ever see on

The market of course when you hit Bearish or bullish it will give you a Vote for the day um but this website is Coming soon it shouldn't work just yet Because of course it's not updated I'm On a special site uh that isn't released Just yet but when you click on this Every single time guys Duke will be Integrated and be able to be shared to Twitter or anything that you guys desire It is a beautiful beautiful tool that is Going to help everybody uh you know Definitely eliminate their emotional State in these markets so that is one of The first of many tools that's being Released but it is absolutely beautiful And I am so excited for the future of This guys we have tons and tons of tools That will be coming to this that are Going to be making Traders and everyday People I'm talking about the moms the Dads the the the college students the People out there that you're watching You have two three jobs you don't have Time to look at all these markets the Fear and green index tool technical Analyst guys are going to tell you it is Not a good tool they are fundamentally Broken they're altered to tell you no Join my Discord you need to trade on 90x Leverage no they're [ __ ] idiots okay It is keep it simple stupid if you guys Pull up any old fear and greed index Tool right let's go to fear and greed

Check this out I'm going to show you Guys this this is amazing it's really Amazing how this works okay if you pull Up the old school ones and you just go Over to the fear and greed index over Time check this out anytime anytime this Thing was above 80 if you sold sold you Would have made a ton of money if you Bought while it was under 20 right if You sold whenever Bitcoin was under 20 And you sold above 80 which this happens Every single cycle you would have made Money you would have made a ton of ton Of money in the what have you call the Exact bottom and top no but nobody can Do that what are we trying no one's a Perfect Trader that doesn't exist or Everybody would be rich okay that Doesn't exist pull that pull that [ __ ] out of your ass okay man I love 4M streams it's just me being way more Real I got I gotta Chill on the cuss Words but it is what it is it is what it Is guys that is the truth there that is The data and that is the truth and we Haven't even hit it guys we we hit 20 a Few time we hit 18 and 19 when FTX Collapsed the time before that was lunaa And now guys you're telling me the fear And greed index look at this fear and Greed is at the same levels of FTX fear And greed fear and greed are approaching The same exact levels as FTX buy when There's blood in the streets be fearful

When others are greedy and be greedy When others are fearful guys I can't Wait for this to come out it will be out Very very soon make sure you guys join Our telegram our free telegram okay go Join the complete free telegram to Qualify for $110,000 with the giveaways Um of course the links in the bio and More importantly uh get excited because I'll be dropping all of the first user Access in that telegram for you guys I Can't wait for that it's also free for 30 days it's insane it's insane Telegram's completely free forever but That tool will be I think it's like four Bucks out after 30 days anyways let's Move on here okay let's move on here Liquidations liquidations are bullish You guys know this if you guys were Paying attention this morning Liquidations are incredibly incredibly Bullish here uh we're looking at of Course $8 billion potentially up to $63,000 at $70,000 we're looking up to Over 134 billion do in short Liquidations everybody's going Josh When's this short squeeze going to Happen guys short squeezes aren't just Like bam right technically a short Squeeze happened over the weekend we Went from 53,000 to 58,000 that's a Pretty significant squeeze went like That that's that's what happened there But on the longer time frame shorts are

Out favoring the Longs by far by far and That's the 7day go to the 30-day look at The 30-day again it's just like shorts Are irrelevant at this point so if you Guys are asking me Josh what's your Short-term time frame maybe we go to 515 At 515 I would be very very cautious to Like at all enter shorts I'm like look This is dollar cost average rate this is Dollar cost average Heaven you want to DCA and go heavy in these times right These are usually the times that are Most beneficial 58,000 looking at the Liquidation heat map 24hour above us Even if we go to 12 hour is there any Below us yet nope all above us at 58,000 Let's go to the monthly uh nope all Above us question mark oh my gosh 65,000 67,000 71,000 all of the liquidity is Above us at these points okay all of the Liquidity is above us at these points ah Josh it's been 24 hours since guys we're Looking at a monthly range this means in The next 30 days the next 30 days okay If you're high leverage trading right Now and you need you need quick cast 15 15 seconds like this you're addicted You're gambling okay that's that's an Addiction we're talking spot purchases We're looking over a longer period of Time that is what we're looking at when We look at these charts for you guys um Moving on here we have of course every Single time this is another great chart

That goes with of course VC uh for real Here on Twitter uh showing that NL um Again this is going to be uh in Comparison to the uh the market Psychology chart that we use a lot of The time this is going to have your First sentiment your momentum building Your fear and capitulation all of that When you overlay it it's actually pretty Identical and I'm going to give you guys A little cheat website right here if you Guys have never used this this is called Cbbi um I really recommend everybody use This this is coin talks crypto okay I'm Going to put it in the YouTube chat coin Talks crypto cbbi okay CBB Beautiful chart right now it's giving us A confidence peak of 64 it's another Kind of fear and greed index tool but Using a lot of different information to Give a different approach and analytical Perspective on the market again kind of Works the same when you're near zero you Want to buy when you're near your 100 You want to sell um now this one I Haven't looked at historically too often I usually use the fear and greed but you Can look at the cbbi when it's at its 90s like when it's above 70 it's over Like it's in the '90s for a good minute That is like you need to get out of the Market okay over 90 is get out of the Market that is you're in euphoric stage You need to piece out Girl Scout that is

What that is okay when you're below 10 See how it's a little bit different than Like fear and greed's more 80 20 this is 9010 9010 okay this is uh you know a lot Different when you bought under 10 that Would have been near the bottom of the Markets right what this pulls up is nine Different tools it's going to include Let me zoom out of this for you guys try They change the website a little bit but Yeah it has the nupl right which we're Talking about on the other chart it has The rottle ratio the P multiple to your Moving average Bitcoin trollolol trend Line which I actually don't even know What that is market value against Realized value which is another huge one That a lot of analysts use uh and then Reserve risk and P Cycle top a lot of The main indicators that you guys watch Every onchain analytical expert use on Twitter those are all kind of connected And you can even unclick them to try to Figure out you know how does it actually Affect the overall Market in the Confidence pink interesting tool there For you guys Justin hash deex here joins To uh joint files joint spot Bitcoin in Ethereum ETF with SEC Bloomberg ETF Analyst reports uh I don't know if the Dollar signs LOL that's a pretty bullish Announcement there though crypto leaning Towards Commodities in setad of Securities US court rules to obscure

Altcoins are Commodities uh the ruling Is significant let me get one more sip Of Water with the US court determining that Oh interesting and CA qualify is Comm Interesting yeah so I mean guys our Courts are every single day approaching More towards clear regulation they're Also pushing I mean more towards Commodities or digital Commodities than They are securities for a lot of these Projects I'd have to go I want to go Actually read this though I want to go See exactly what they're saying on oh Because that's an interesting I want to See that actual Court ruling uh vanic Updated its S1 files for ethereum spot ETF and you have just an ethereum ETF Investors expect to pour $500 million Into the fund in the first week which is Incredible bullish incredibly incredibly Bullish So bro doesn't stop to drink water I'm Out of water now I'm out of water chat I'm out of water going to need another Water ethereum looks way oversold now This is coming from Ted pillows on Twitter it has retraced all of the ETF Approval gains the ETF spot ETF uh will Start trading before July 15th and it Seems the market is underestimating it In my opinion ethereum ETF trading could Be a game changer 2800 looks like the Bottom for ethereum but be ready for

Some Wicks below to liquidate the Longs Uh issuing a bull flag here this is a Technical analyst's perspective uh Looking on again what's going to happen From the outcome of the ethereum ETF I'm Actually on this boat I don't know if It's going to be the same as the Bitcoin Spot ETF because we've had so much fud Everybody's been fud fud fud fud fud They're like oh we're gonna go to zero And all the Bears are like fud fud fud Fud fud and why why do bears do that They do it the same reason why Bulls Dude bull bull go up up up up up when You get a massive pullback bears look Smart guys they get to pull up their Little their little bow ties you know They get to come out of their mom's Their mom's little you know third Bedroom they get to sit on their live Stream they get to they get to look at Their chat and they get to be say I told You guys I told you you should follow me And unfollow everybody same thing for The bulls the bulls when we're at top of The market it's like 75k they're like I Told you guys I told you guys you should Unfollow every single Bears we all do it It's engagement farming that's what Influencing is guys I'm sorry welcome to The world of middle school that is the Adult life you know every kid wants to Be an adult being an adult is just Understanding that everybody is just

Grown children that is that is what this Is okay except we have to pay bills That's really the only difference that Is how these markets work so etherium ETF is it going to be bullish or bearish In this case I think as we've had so Much fud in in May May was a very fud Month everybody fear like full of fear Uncertainty and doubt in May in fact Most your influencers sold in the Beginning of May they're like I'm Walking away I'm selling a May and Walking away guess what they did guys They sold I anybody like it's so annoyed They're tweet guess selling a man walked Away is like a it's a good tweet like What are you talking about look at this Look at this like am I looking at a Different chart or like what are what Are their superstitions because if you Sold in May okay you would have sold Right here let's go to let's go to the Daily so you can see the exact dates for You guys if you sold in May here you go This is May 1 if you sold in May there you go boom You sold a may you sold a may you sold a Okay well now we're halfway through May We're halfway through May oh markets Have pumped Wait what hold up that that can't be Right Market's pump 15% okay well let me Let me sell May 15th let me sell May 15th let me sell let me let me get

Halfway into the May okay I sold halfway Through May did I make money did I make Money uh let's go to May 30th June 6 Here's main 30th even main 30th oh wait I was up 7% what how could this be how could this Sell in May and walk away well okay Great if you sold by June 7th If you sold by June 7th you would have Made money so there was no selling way Walk away what what like what are you Smoking what cracker are you smoking at This point okay now if you said sell on June 6th and you know don't regret I Don't know what rhymes with that you Would have been correct but since June 6 Now okay since June 6 we've had a 20 we Had a 25% pullback okay 25% pullback Again since May let's let's talk about How many days this has been we're Looking at now 68 days of fud because we Had fud all the way through May and we Had fud and even technically the end of April like I was starting to FUD the Markets CU I was like guys after the Bitcoin having this ain't looking good Then we had the whole Iran issue we Ended up holding it allowed us to make Actually more money into may we took Profits on Ando Ando went to a150 we Went and bought a Tesla you guys you Guys followed the whole game right we Made a lot of money we made a lot of Money in May however June has been

Detrimental so we've had all this fud Now everybody's fighting Mount gaau They're futing of course the the selloff From Germany and they're fing the ETF so I would not be surprised if the market Does the opposite of retail this time And we actually see a positive price Action due to the ETF inflows coming out Of the markets I want to be surprised it May not happen I'm just saying that Probability would definitely be against The retail odds right now on these Markets so next up let's go ahead and Hit up a few more things here for you Guys today we have in my opinion Ethereum ETF this is what we just read Of course first order eth let's go if You plan to invest you need to be Thinking the third order first order What everyone knows now second order the Flow on what is this One I don't I don't even know why I Pulled that up I don't even know why I Pulled that up that was just up there That was just up there for you guys to Look at so I have one more clip for you Guys here I have one more clip for you Guys here which is really really Important I'm going to show you guys in The chat here Tik Tok we got a lot of Angry Tik tokers guys look at look at The chat they're all so angry don't buy What these guys well I mean Ando uh Really everything we've talked about a

Lot of the things we've talked about Have done absolutely outrageous so again It's coming with a bare Market activity You got bare Market Blues you're someone That came in you bought in March you Bought at the top great pack your bags That was your college tuition now you Know how these markets work when Everybody was telling you that render Was going to $50 and I was telling you You're an idiot and that you need to Sell and you need to get out AI guess What we got hate right you get hate Generally the most when you're right That is just how it works in these Cycles and it's the complete opposite of These markets so I'm going to give you Guys a clip here this is from the uh of Course thread guy and Andrew Tate uh Video that was released now I watched The majority of this but I I want to Show you guys this clip specifically I Watched the whole thing but I want I Want to watch or give you guys I skipped Through some of it though some of was Just lame uh the three hour and two Minute Mark here three three hour and Two minutes and it's the Andrew Tate on Meme coins and the commitment to meme Coins because he's launching his own Token he says some things that are very Very valuable here that I hope you guys Take away from this um BEC and I'm gonna I'm G to switch it around for Tik Tok so

You guys can see too don't worry make Sure you guys smash that like button if You're still in here keep double tapping That screen we're at 20,000 likes on Tik Tok we're already at probably a good few Hundred on on YouTube guys appreciate You guys all the love and the support Uh this is where I believe the future of Meme coins have heading and I've been Telling you guys this is where I believe The future of meme coins need to head It's why we launched Duke 100% Fair Launch 100% fairly distributed it was Slow growth people are like oh why Didn't the chart go to the Moon right at The beginning guys I didn't hire a Market maker I didn't hire exchanges it Was straight deck to telegram to like And honestly I think I wish I would have Just aird dropped it to the entire Telegram but like I'm learning as we go But now it's 100% distributed and 100% Community Driven I don't have 95% of Spot I don't even have 10% of the supply I have like again I got to look at these It's like 8.84% or whatever it is and All of that is in community wallets that We're doing giveaways and dri air drops Etc too right check out this clip it's Very very important if you guys are Somebody that is like apes [ __ ] into Uh you know all of these meme coins and Just being complete degenerates let me Fill that up for you guys right here

Here we go you're kind of different You've been here for a long time you Have different intentions they're more Pure um but one of the concerns of Celebrities entering the space is they Have all the stuff going on they have Like concerts and celebrity stuff and They're busy and to be successful in Crypto it takes a lot of dedication a Lot of time a lot of hard work like what Is a what is a day in the life of Andrew Tate now that you're becoming a crypto Founder um like how is it is it crypto In the morning is it is it like you know That's a good question in the afternoon That's a good question but to answer it I'll say that I'm not an influencer with A business I'm a businessman with Influence oh so I have always been Working 12-hour days I see before crypto I was working 12 hour days running the Largest online educational platform on The planet and before that I was doing Something else so I've always been Working I do 12-h hour work dayss I'm I'm not an artist do sings I'm not an Influencer who does stupid streams I do Emergency meetings which are educational Yeah I produce videos which are Educational and I work and anybody who Knows me who's been around me will say All he does his work so I've already Been working now I'm just going to work On this I've always been a worker and

Then you can also tie back into people Who have influence and people who have Attention and then you can also go into The third point which I believe is Darwini there's a degree of Darwin What's the word for Darwinism Darwinism Darwinism there's a degree of Darwinism With these things if you're going to Believe a Rapper gives a [ __ ] about you or crypto Or their project you deserve to lose Your money I mean if you're going to sit There and go this rapper who can't String a sentence together gives a [ __ ] About crypto and me and wants to make me Well then you come on you'll be Naturally selected yeah you could be Naturally selected to lose your money But I don't think people believe that People believe others will believe that So I can get in and out before the Others realize and I can scam the other People so they deserve again to lose Because they're trying to scam other People so it's all just a mess I think Anyone with a brain can sit there and Think well if this famous person Launches a coin do they really give a [ __ ] about me or crypto then you have to Sit there and analyze it yourself There's Darwinism involved in it and I Don't feel sorry for any of these people But yeah there's there's in fact one of The guys I'm working with on Daddy coin

Because daddy is not my coin I just Jumped on it he even said that he goes I've never seen I never imagined Andrew Tate to be online 19 hours a day if I Message you you're awake so yeah I sleep Three hours you respond fast I bar my DMs he guys I know a lot of people are Mixed feelings on Andrew Tate but I'm Just saying listen to the mem coin Message not what he says he uses words That are bleeped out that I'm not going To repeat um and you know whether the Work ethic or anything just listen about The meme coins because what he's saying About the meme coins is 100% true it's 100% I barely sleep because I can't so it's Easy for me but you're born for crypto No I'm born for work I'm bored for I'm Either training or working that's all I Want to do I don't want to do anything Else I don't want to relax I don't want To sit on a beach all that [ __ ] is Boring I want to conquer Vienna see like I don't agree with that like a lot of People don't agree with that like some Of us want a my tai on a beach and just To stare at the water like it's it's a Beautiful it's beautiful thing I to set It on fire it's mine I'm taking it Different even he was impressed he's Like I've never seen anybody work like You let alone someone as famous as you Work most people just want to do a tweet

And they're like I'm done now that's not Who I am as a person so for me it's it's Not an issue all here's the last last Thing I want to ask you and we can wrap Is um we've talked about all the Negative characteristics within like the Average crypto Community person right Like sorry I was at the wrong spot this Is the question right here the ver and The scum they make money fast they don't Have any values they don't have any Skills but one is sort of the reality is That that's the scene that's the Demographic and two you you even said it Yourself that you don't blame a lot of These people for believing there's no Other way but to hyper gamble hyper Trade our way out of it so my question To you final rap question is like what Is your advice to these people listening That are in this sort of rat race Forever cycle well I would like for There to be a culture shift and Irregardless of whether I instigate the Culture shift with my coin or not let's Imagine my project wasn't coming I still Think there should be a culture shift I Believe that crypto will be a better Place if there's genuine accountability Involved If someone rug pulls or scams or Recommends a scam or supports a Celebrity who is scamming you ever once Everybody should tell that person to get

[ __ ] and instead of trying to rob each Other which I said they're all trying to Do on these scams instead of just trying To self- profit and be a selfish little [ __ ] if everybody held people to Accountabil if everybody held people Accountable it would fix the entire Space we said earlier today about Politicians the reason they get away With what they get away with is because They're no longer accountable to their Constituents that's the problem you have In the entire crypto space all of your Influencers aren't accountable because They keep getting away with scamming you All the people with influence just scam Rug pull support scams say bad trades And everyone just continues to follow Them and believe in them that's human Nature right if I allow you to come and Rob my store and do nothing about it You're going to continue to rob my store That's Norm if I if I leave my door open And allow you to rob my house and I Don't do anything about it you're going To rob my house the problem with the Crypto space is no one's holding Anything accountable because everyone's So selfish everyone's so self absorb They're thinking well I know this person Is a scammer I know this is a scam but I Can get in and out and make money and Then everyone else will just lose which Is very shortsighted and the karmic

Retribution of that is that you're now Living inside of an industry and have an Entire space built by and run by [ __ ] when I did my crypto thing a Month ago I was sent a list of the Crypto influencers and I spent perhaps Three seconds was that on the list no I Spent perhaps three seconds on each One's account and I just knew they were All just [ __ ] this is loser loser You chose to do thread guys podcast Loser Because you identified some something Good in him well I don't even completely Understand my own motivations remember If you analyze the magic it's lost so I Mean I'm pretty sure he just goes on to Continue to ramble here live visibility Restricted my gosh guys I flipped it Around for like 10 seconds on Tik Tok And it just sees Andrew Tate and Immediately Flags the it immediately it Immediately flagged it immediately look I get it I get it there's there's things That you guys may not like about tape But the real is is he's 100% correct in Everything he just said right there in Probably 99% of your crypto creators out There won't even want to repost or share This clip because they know it's them They like they're like this is what I'm Talking about guys which is why we Helped co-found omnis swap it's why I Built like launch Duke fairly I didn't

Take up and absorb 95% of the supply it What it's literally for the community as We develop my own tools and I put Profits and we build Bots at burn Transactions and grab stuff and add Utility to this thing we're doing it Differently right we need this cultural Shift we have to stop allowing some Chick with a big butt to tweet about her Token and pumping it to the moon there's No utility right I yes there is a value To that Meme sector but the overall Actual culture behind it is not strong And it is not sustainable and it's going To do what they always do which is Pretty much go to zero so I 100% agree You need to hold accountability to the Creators out there like this is It's Hard to do especially in a sector that's So quick and so evolving I mean type one In chat like how many of you guys forget You guys you guys will see a Creator do Something four months ago and you'll Forget about it like look at Logan Paul Logan Paul's done some of the most Outlandish things in the world but two Two weeks later is somehow interviewing Donald Trump and then everybody forgets About the past right it's cycle washes And there's nobody's fault at this other Than ourselves like we have to make sure That when you guys see these things Taking place and people are promoting Rug poool after rug pole like look

There's one thing if creators make Mistakes in the past let them learn from It hold them accountable so they do Learn from that and so that way they do Better don't just keep falling to the Same issue where it's just rug pull After rug pull after rug pull after rug Pull after rug pull after rug pull after Rug pull and they're all and all at the End of the day they're just profiting Off of you like we have to Pivot that we Have to change that that is why you need To do Fair launches it's why these Creators shouldn't have 95 why do they Have 95% why do they need 95% of the Supply my job isn't to buy and pump up And Market manipulate a token myob like Look the mecoin is 100% Fair out there It's for the community right so my goal Is to build and develop and nurture a Community that is growing so that way That Community builds and nurtures and Develops and grows a larger Community It's not about just me me me me me me me Me me selfishness selfish sish selfish That's why 99% of the meme coins Launching guys are launched by washed up Celebrities most of them are indebted Two3 million and their their agents are Tell them hey if you tweet a few times For this we'll give you $400,000 and They're just like okay I'll sign where Do I sign how many times can I do this $400,000 can I do it 20 times they're

Like sure so Hill's like yeah sure sure Sure you know they keep signing and Signing and signing so you know I really Very much like whether or not you agree With this token or not look I'm not Someone that signed up in his university I'm not someone that's a hustler or Anything like that that's a part of that Category of Team reality is though that Aird drop's going to print money for Those people in that Discord but two Just goes to show that there is a Narrative shift and it's very Interesting to see that it actually took You know freaking to do it so whether You like them or not I do think that's a Future of meme coins it's something that Does need to happen but again I'm going To go back to my first disclaimer that I Set at the beginning of this episode Which is remember the overall Market Difference right so if you're somebody That's overallocated like I'm building Something beautiful our community is Amazing with shauki it's amazing right You guys are in there every single day You guys are all talking you guys have Friend groups I'm being added the chats With like 40 people in it that are just People talking that met on the Internet It's freaking awesome but my point is Like at the end of the day Meme coins are a subcategory of a sub Niche of a sub industry that is sub it

Is it is very immature bigcoin every We're three what 2.5 I can actually pull Up the exact market cap right now we're At a 2 point A2 trillion dollar market Cap the entire Market is $2 trillion and Mem coins are roughly 3% of that maybe 4% of that depending on the day Sometimes 5% depending on the the the Point of the Bull Run we in so mean coin Should never be more than three to 5% of Your overall portfolio have that Perspective have that risk management Have that understanding and that Strategy and know there's a lot of Gambling that goes into that there's a Lot of speculation right and I'm not Talking about just specifically my Projects my Pro even though we're adding Utility the 99.9999999% of projects out there They're just complete anons that control 95% of the supply and our Market Manipulating through the backbend with Market makers the price is up to a Certain price level that is how these Works there's a lot of cold darkness That goes on this in this in this Industry and like he said there's no Accountability so I wanted to end with That I thought it was beautiful I think We'll take Q&A here I don't have too Much more in terms of charts I think we Covered a lot for you guys um if you Guys have questions of course here's one

Of my platforms I co- found this is Omnis swap you can launch and deploy Fair value tokens guys 100% Fair launch Tokens within 30 seconds 100% the tokens Go straight to the decks it eliminates The sniping essentially where if it gets Sniped we can track it so it holds these Creators it holds these projects Accountable so that way you don't go Snipe 95% of that right it's about Organic growth it's about building and Attributing to something that's bigger Than yourself so we've built this out You of course have omn fund if you guys Can't uh afford to launch your own token Add your own liquidity there Omni pump Omni pump is a platform that essentially Crowdfunds and also helps it go straight To exchange after it meets its bonding Curves uh and then on top of that we Have fom which of course is Transforming here to of course integrate Duke here brother lend me the green Screen I got you bro Duke current market Cap price prediction for Duke I don't have a price prediction but I like to say simply is like if Pepe can Do it why can't why can't Duke why if if Bon could do it or if if if uh Brett can Do it or pony can do it why can't Duke Right we're going to be we're going to Be building and building and building The community is going get bigger and Bigger and bigger and it's up to

Community to find that value um but of Course we're just doing way more and That's what we're going to continue to Do are you talking about mother when you Say big butt maybe maybe not maybe maybe Not um D tier celebs ouch ouch ouch Different animal in the space yeah at Least they're not like nfts though I Mean at Le i' I'd say I'd say meme coins Are 400 times better than nfts nfts are Just dude they're like all zero like Nfts are just Gross I saw this before I think memes Will evolve into more entertainment Content in this space yeah I think You'll see them like I like I don't see Why for example sports betting platforms They don't make the mascots of every Single baseball team a mcoin you know But again 100% for a launch I'm talking Like to the attendees they get token air Drops and then those like or however They want to do it there's Fair there's Ways you can launch tokens fairly guys There's there's 100% Fair ways um it's Almost impossible like it like really 99% of the the the problem is that the Initial creators and the devs behind it Are greedy and they want to snipe up a Fat position of the Supply it's much easier to markets Armies and build much easier than crypto Game yeah exactly exactly so like Example you're inred index tool right

This when we have Duke every everybody Be able to share to Twitter every single Time you share the fear and greed index Which is the best fear and greed index On the market so it just makes sense That people are going to want to use it Uh you're going to see Duke's icon right You're it every single time it's about It's about mind share it's about it's About taking over and organically a part Being being you know becoming a part of Something bigger um not forcefully That's really all it is what is the Current market cap of Duke right now I Think it's like three mil uh ain't it on A classic sites uh like gecko it's on Coin gecko it's on a coin market cap Coin market cap wanted to charges like $10,000 and I said no um so we we're Doing it the we have to do it the old School we have to apply they give you 14 Business days and they respond uh but we Should be list on coin W here in less Than four days um and that should be our First uh exchange listing we're in talks With other exchange Partners that's all Coming out of my own pocket though just For the Community um where to buy it's do do Guys it's on base again guys though it's A meme coin so please take all the risks I just told you guys like all of the Risks um but yeah everything's being Built and pushed out everything's being

Built and pushed out do you think there Will be a lot of grayscale dumping uh we Also have like $10,000 in giveaways we Do in Twitter spaces with coin W and we Got a lot of stuff lined up as well for Marketing but yeah we don't have any Kol's there's no influencers the only One that's helping me on it that's been Nice is Tai Krypto um because he's like Like I gave him 0.1% uh which is like I Think eight grand to help for like the Next he's going to be getting a little Bit more over the next six months but He's helping it in a great way um and He's he just he's been solid about every Other influencer wants like dude they Want like influencers are crazy guys They'll be like I want 50 Grand give me 50 Grand I'm like what the [ __ ] just to Talk like no like this is a community Project I don't have they want like a Massive percentage of the supply you Just got to be careful out there guys You got to be careful um and then then Those same influencers they tell me well You can't say that live because it's Going to make no influencer want to work With you it's like you know but like I'm Not going to sit here and just be like Okay well I'll be your little like no [ __ ] that we don't we don't need them We don't need them if that's the Case he'll say anything he's still a Nice guy he's still a nice guy I mean at

Least he's doing it in a nice way not Like he didn't he was very reasonable You know what I mean like that's that's All guys this is how I work in life this Is how I think everybody should work in Life be fair just be fair right um yeah It's it's it's out it's outlandish the Uh the rates most people want I'm like What theck and it's like these are People I've sold for people I've worked For people have I'm like and I get it I Get like I'm not it's both ends right They they don't want to launch like I Get it I 100% get it but like you know I'm not going to sit here and uh act Like they didn't say yes for a certain Price that was just Unreasonable um let's see I'mma make a Pocket change as you told sex listing Yes yes like take kick the roost cup for Six figures contract addes for Duke yeah I'll put in chat for You it's on base it's on base guys guys We're not on salana we're not on salana We're not on trash Salana well I appreciate that guys I Appreciate That I appreciate that it's not hard at All water pump 5x today is water a token There's no Way oh that's Stupid $65 Million what are you talking about Dude that is

Stupid that is Lame trade water that is Lame at least you sound genuine I mean Guys it's it proofs in the pudding it's Like you know that's I can't believe I Sounded like I'm 50 years old right There but you know it's just I'm G to Outwork anybody in this industry or Sector um you're going to see me you Know traveling the world speaking on Stages running company like I'm CEO Discover crypto I'm helping found and And everything I in like guys most of The money I make I go right back into Investing and that's both an Infrastructure plays um I'm doing a lot More than most people in the sector and So like I want to be business first Influencers sector where most Influencers want to be influencer first No business and they just want to shill They just want to make their profits and Run away you know um I really want to Build amazing things and it's starting With the tools uh but come with with That comes tons of learning experiences I'm not going to say there's not going To be bumps in the road I'm 26 years old You should expect me to fail like that's You know like that is that's part of Growth it what like how many of you have Kids in the chat type one in chat if you Have kids like part of and I don't have Kids I just know this and see this is

Like part of having kids is like Teaching those babies literally every Step of life you have to let them fail So they understand they have to maybe Get near a hot stove I'm not saying you Let them Touch One on purpose but Sometimes it takes them like for me I Have literally a scar here it's from uh From playing on a tree I fell off a tree And split open in my hand when I was Like 6 years old you know it's like you Have to you learn from these pains you Learned from failures it's you know Thomas Ed or uh you know am I Edison's Light bul right like fail a thousand Times before success it comes with those Failures that teaches you how to succeed And that's where I've been able to get To the point I am today it's how I'm Able to run and be like okay this is how We're going to do 10 million views in a Month because I used to make only 5 thou You know 5,000 views a month I used to Only do 50,000 views a month then I then I learned how to do a million views in a Month then I learned how to do five Million views in a month right same Thing that's media side then same thing From corporations I knew if I invested In these type of developers that I had This amount of time this amount of Return it's you know you gotta you got To take a chance in life and you got to Try you got to fail to succeed and

That's you know I don't look at any Failure as a regret I look at it all as As a learning lesson that's my College you are all about utility coins That are Tanking uh dude it's just normal crypto Welcome to the crypto Market man what's Tanking uh Ando is a beautiful utility Token it ran from 70 cents to $140 um I mean really on most projects We talked about the cycle I've Absolutely ripped uh ax a lot of your Dite tokens did 50 60 100 X's uh ax did A 300X for us um your AI projects we Bought into we sold at the top we saw Four three four x's on those sold those At the exact top so which ones are you Specifically talking about already swap Did a 4ex it's now down yes below our The initial purchase but still did a 4X Um you know that's look again I can't I Can't hold your hand and make you hit That cell that's your risk management I'm sure you don't climb very many trees Anymore no I still I'm I still like Adrenaline you just you just learn work In Andre T hours no well I mean who Doesn't though like a parent Works 14 Hour 16 parents work 16 hours a day you Work eight hours if not more for Overtime and then you go home and you Have to be a father or a mother uh call Students working 12 hours a day you guys Are working eight hours a day and then

You go home and do school um you know For me it's I I have the luxury of you Know helping run businesses and you know Doing what I love and I stream you know Four hours a day five hours a day I'm Researching and doing content guys I'm Not a paid actor I love that comment are You a paid actor I I run my own company Um I have a business partner now I'm Partnering and working with discover Crypto here TJ is an amazing business Partner we're doing a lot of beautiful Things together and I am really excited For the future of this company um you Know I pay myself because I make really Good you know we do really really well Um you know that comes with time that Comes with development that comes with You know it comes with years and years And years and years of years of work Ethic uh but I do all my own research I Have now I want to build a media company Though so some of it will be scripted I'll be like hey I'm talking about this Today can we get this written up in this Way um you know that's how you build a Media production company and that's just You know that's something I really want To be a part of one day I I would love To get the Mr Beast style but do Mr Beast Mr Beast is the goat dude he's Tom Brady bro I don't know if I want to be At that level he's SI what is it uh 300 Years of like we're talking petabytes of

Data UH 60 time full-time editors on one Video like I can't get to that range but I love production I love media I love Film and I I think there's a lot of There's a lot of subcat we don't have to Be you know the very very very best to You know still be completely you know Insanely successful in the industry Um glad you're not a paid actor like Terence Howard oh my God Terrence Howard Dude I think he actually believes Himself thoughts on L wolf and Spike Um the boys club look I think it's gonna Be around it's the same like I'm not Going to FUD it I think Brett's bullish I think Pepe's bullish I think it's fine To be you know allocated to those Positions but at the end of the day your Reliance on a very Cal calized group of Individuals to not you know sell off a Mad supply of those tokens they're also Very low liquidity no liquidity locked On most of them um I would like to build The next Boys Club I think that's Something that is obtain obtainable in The future I would love for example guys Like if Duke ever got to 300400 Million right like a lot of these meme Coins do um you know right now we're Only three million we're small but even At like even if it got to 100 Mil 200 Mil 300 mil we could do community funded Projects where I allocates uh you know

Our bot allocates that is doing 500 you Know 5% of transaction is going back to Buying Duke we can make things go into Like a like a community wallet that like Hires out I think it' be so cool but I I've I've now looked up the cost it's Incredibly costly but why not do your Own boys club right so we have the IP Rights the Duke and whatever launches we Get like Adult Swim designers we launch Like Twitter xtv shows you know that are Like 10 minute long short film just Completely Adult Swim crazy uh you know The next Boys Club so to speak meme Coins that are all tradeable and every Character that comes out can be tra Tradable and we do like maybe like uh Every Duke holder like it's evenly so Whenever a new token drops with a new Character in those episodes uh like it Gets air drop to all the holders so it's Just completely Fair launch and fair Trade and it creates this organism and It's like if people want to bet on that They can right um there's like so many Cool things you can do that nobody's Doing because one it takes too much work Two they don't know how to do it and Three it just you know again I would say A lot of these projects aren't Community Driven they're they're primarily you Know centralized driven which is like by By very very few individuals so I don't Know I'm just spitballing there I'm just

Spitballing there but like why not I'd Be Sick Josh question is the Duke likeness Still free to use the community since he Is the face of f out wait is Duke Likeness still for for the Community is Duke likeness is the Duke Like What do you mean Gary oh yeah no no no no no anybody can Use I will if anybody wants to put Duke On their brand I will let them full like I have IP but like just just message me Just message me we'll do a little we'll Do a little partnership d i do I do not Care you can sell artwork you do Whatever you want you can do whatever You want you can put on water bottles You can do anything you want man um That's the other thing like they don't Own the IP rights I think the boys club So like there's just a lot of risk You're doing that that legally but again Most There's so much gray area to crypto they Don't you know people are just is what It is I'm very curious how you started All this did you have a crappy job to Motivate you to start learning crypto Skills um that's a good question guys I'm G remind everybody double tap the Screen like the video guys double tap if You're on Tik Tok let's fill up these Like meters pushes up there we got

Restricted for talking about Tate is What it is um for me it was just kind of Like life took me here um and I I just I Like I tried College twice the first Time I flunked out was doing insulation I did construction when I was 19 you Know working disgusting overtime hours Flipping 90 lb bundles or 45b bundles of Uh there I probably say probably Anywhere from 60 to 90 sometimes Depending on the actual insulation but I Did insulation for a year um absolutely Hated that like I just dreaded it I was Going to college doing insulation it was Making me flunk out I was you know Staying up 24 hours doing like I Straight up did at all a few times I'm Not afraid to admit that just because Like I I had I had to get through today And I was failing College ended up just Was like you know I can't do this I Can't sustain this and I was just doing I took every interview and believe it or Not I fell for one of the door-to-door Schemes so I remember interviewing for AT&T I thought it was in in the house Job right I was like oh I'm going to do Customer sales Etc ended up being door Too now at first I thought I was going To hate it but being in that team and Environment is what like motiv it made Me break out of whatever shell I was in Life I mean there's something about Going to a 100 Doors a day understanding

That you're going to get told no 99 Times you're going to get spat on you're Going to get punched you're going to Have dogs bite you you're going to get The cops called on you you're gonna be C You're be told that you're a failure That you're a piece of [ __ ] like the C Anything you could think of happens at The doors especially when you're in like Like you know lowincome areas right low Credit scores don't more than likely Pass credit and you're trying to sling Them cable and get their social security Like I'm just random white kid going Through like Chula Vista uh you know Santi like the like if you guys are from San Diego or SoCal you know what I'm Talking about and so you know doing that For a year like got me to learn my sales Skills I started doing really well in Sales I became like a leader I started Running a team I started running Interviews I was flying I went to Dallas Uh and I just I learned a lot about Sales there but of course like anybody In doorto door it's it doesn't last you You can't Summer's great Summer's Amazing however once you get to Winter And you're time frame goes from it gets Dark at 8: to now it gets dark at 400 P.m. and you don't get out there until 2: you're you're really messing with Like it it's brutal winner is the most Brutal time for door to- door people and

If you guys see people going door to Door in Winter Please hand them a Gatorade bottle most of these people are Like just trying to survive like like Just be polite be like look I'm not Going to buy anything I just even li to Them be like I did door to door for a While I just wanted to give you food I Don't need anything I appreciate you um You know like just be nice that is all They need to keep them motivated to go You know sell something get something on Their table later that night that is all They're there doing so from there um I Actually this is what happened this is The truth I started skipping I would Make a sale like and then I would go Home I would make a sale and then at Uber home instead of working the rest of The less of six hours I started Streaming on Twitch and I fell in love With streaming on Twitch I started like Playing fortnite started playing like uh Call of duy uh split gate and a few Other things started joining like little Semi- prod you know professional teams And then from there I just I just kept Scaling I just I kept I was like I love Video editing I started video editing Posting on Tik Tok posting on YouTube And that got to a point where it's like I want to go back to school so I Actually covid-19 hits uh I I ended up Leaving that job for uh I went and

Started working at hotels while I was Trying to live stream gaming I got Sniped from the hotel to go work at time Shares by one of my good friends who Shout out to him that guy like honestly Helped change my life too time shares Were a lot better than door but still a Very very hard sector you just realize That you're selling the people that Majority of the time can't afford a time Share and it just you realize that after A year into it you're like wow I'm Actually I probably shouldn't sell these Right so from there I ended up quitting And then just uh not quitting well I did Quit then what happened Co happened I Got a job at a gym was still trying to Do twitch still trying to do this stuff And at that time I started my own Companies I was trying to do uh I Started power washing I started Drone Footage um and I started I got a couple Gigs I started getting gigs I was flying My drone on the coast of uh CU I was Trying to do vlogs and stuff at the time Found out that as I was going to school Doing uh you know Community College and Going back for like just Film Production Uh that you can make a lot of money off Doing that through the side so I started Doing it for like constructions did a Few real estate gigs got one for uh uh Car washing just a bunch of different Stuff and from that I just ended up

Falling into the crypto I just literally Fell into it I remember streaming on Twitch I had bought Dogecoin uh and Pulled up my Dogecoin chat on Twitch and Watched it 5x in like a day I'm talking We were at like a 0.002 cents it was below a quarter of a Quarter of a penny and we just started Watching it pump or whatever and uh that Day that stream I went from like 30 live Viewers to 500 and turned off everything That's my history guys literally I never I never looked back I haven't picked up A video game since I I like that stream I was like Wow there is something here I Need to study this and then from that Day forward my first like 100 live Streams were me like live streaming to Like 20 30 people reading white papers And I just I just selftaught like 2019 2020 and then I just I went full into it I just went full into It I already and by the way I had like Known about crypto but I hadn't been Full-time into it like I had known like I was in xrp I was in Doge I was in Bitcoin but that was the moment I was Like I had known a little bit enough About it where I was like okay I'm going To stream and talk about it a little bit And that was like that was really just That was it that was I was like from That day forward it was 12 14 hours a Day into it and then I just went

Fulltime my son is a film major at BK College he's editing too that's Beautiful I think editing is one of like The best things to have uh just make Sure he gets on with a lot of the the Animations and the uh the artificial Intelligence it's going to help his Editing skills Skyrocket but I I Absolutely love it first sale a day is a Seat keeper then you're on your own time Yeah it's so true Nate a lot of people In chat are like I I relate man I relate Yeah Um let's see this see great question Gary yes Josh my issue with boys clubs Is that it's someone else's IP at the End of the day 100% which is why like Yeah you're 100% right dude you're Literally living on it how much money Did you start with in crypto literally a Few hundred bucks and then I started Like my gigs I would put like an extra Hundred bucks into um at the time I had A few thousand dollars saved up and put Into cryptos between xrp Bitcoin I Didn't actually ever hold Bitcoin it was Ethereum xrp Crow V chain uh Doge and Then ended up being like har bar and Madic but uh I would take whatever money I got so 2020 is actually what really Kickstarted my crypto Investments Because I took all of my government Checks and I put them in the crypto um May or may not have I can't confirm that

And maybe I did in Minecraft I don't Remember don't tell them um but yeah That kind of really helped spark it and Get me out of the the rud I was in the Whole job landscape is changing it's Good for younger people to learn as many Skills as possible 100% AG great wait Josh crypto gaming is going to be huge Please play again IMX gaming is going to Be dope I think I think web3 gaming will Be huge I just I haven't found a game That's addictive enough like I want A like MMO RPG integrated with like N I Think it should just be nfts it Shouldn't be crypto nfts and like to Make nfts great again I think we need to Go to web 3 gaming like I'm I'm saying It there I'm saying it there um but guys I've been going on for way too long I Got another I got another interview here At 6:00 I got to hop into and prep for So I appreciate you guys for being here Guys make sure you hit that like button On the way out it was awesome just to Get to know you guys you guys got to Know me a little bit more today wasn't Necessarily expecting that um but yeah I Hope you guys appreciated this again we Have tomorrow and Thursday are going to Be the biggest days of the week so just Be prepared make sure you subscribe tune In to tomorrow's Morning Show and if you Haven't already go join the telegram Guys the Link's in the description below

I'm going to share it with you guys on YouTube right now um but of course you Guys want to make sure you guys sign up For this and into it's a completely free Telegram it's going to be where I'm Putting all my calls we are partnered With coin W now uh and they have their Top ta traders in there so if you're Somebody that wants to uh if you're Somebody that wants to learn how to Trade this is the place to do it we have The best traders in there now just so You know there's 700 members in here but You guys got to remember when you guys Go fill out the form okay when you fill Out the form let me show you guys this I'm going to show you this step by step We're g to go here uh that's my journal Here you go you guys need to make sure When you guys are in here you guys are Actually going to this right here Clicking on the register so when you Join the group you're going to see Everybody join the group you need to Register for both click on the affiliate Link sign up if you deposit 50 bucks You're going to qualify for up to like $110,000 in giveaways or something like That and then the second thing you need To do is fill out the Google sheet so Verify right here okay so just click It's all Steps step one step two step Three very easy to do make sure you do All three steps because guys this keeps

All Bots out of the Trading Group it Keeps all Bots out there's no bots in Here it's beautiful it's clean there's Nobody scamming it's beautiful so if you Do all three of those steps you will Join that links for you guys to go check Out and you guys will get all the Insights and just so you know guys again You're going to see my updates I got Some exclusive content in here put out a Thread for you guys yesterday on what to Expect this week you of course got all Your signal trades all your daily trades Um and then we'll be doing classrooms Live in here as well for you guys so Make sure you check that out it's Completely free uh as long as you join Up through that coin W link for you guys Link is in the description in the below And of course on uh Tik Tok or Twitter If you guys can't find it just click on Link. me on Twitter and then just go to My telegram post right there guys thank You for watching we'll see you guys Tomorrow peace out yeah that's what I Got

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