Biggest Con In Presidential HISTORY ($DJT Crypto MOONS)

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Pharma bro is back in the headlines Notorious pharmer bro Martin scr Notorious Pharma bro martinr Pharma bro Martinelly sentenced to seven years for Securities fraud conviction that's right Pharma bro Martin Skelly is back in the News this time with crypto involving a Quote unquote scam meme coin Donald J Trump and baron Trump's son this is a Wild ride of a story here so let's just Get right into it farmer bro claims Baron Trump holds the private keys to Donald J Trump token this is the new Meme coin that just got popularized the Last couple days so the convicted felon Martin scr also known as the Pharma bro Claims that Baron Trump is the true Creator behind the Donald J Trump token Which he says was even approved by the Orange man himself Donald Trump let's go Ahead and look at the tokens price just To see what is doing right now you can See in the past 24 hours it is actually Up 87% so that thing has been moving up This thing has been a quite an emot Roller coaster for the holders Especially so Martin scy also known as The farmer bro now claims Donald Trump's 18-year-old son Baron Trump launched the Trumpcoin djt token with his father's Approval and holds the private keys to Its smart contract address scy who spent More than half a decade behind bars for Securities fraud claims Baron Trump

Approach him to launch the salana base Token in April which is now worth $146 Million if we look right now it's right Around that 153 million bucks Baron Trump and his Representatives have not Issued a public statement on the matter On X bases hosted by Mario scr claimed He only assisted his friend Baron with Advice about the token launch but didn't Have an active hand in deploying the Token himself he actually said Baron Trump was the true creator of djt adding That the crypto influencer anom was also Involved here he said Baron was the one Who pushed the button not me keys are With Trump not me you're not that guy uh He said there was about 10 people Involved in the token launch saying I Did not act alone he also said Trump was In contact with Kraken to uh list you Know djt on that exchange coin Telegraph Hasn't received word back yet he said That Trump was not only aware but had Approved it and he said he has receipts Of Baron saying his dad approved it now There's some key moments from the thread That we're going to kind of cover here So this is uh you know this is the Breakdown this is the the lore Everything you need to know about the Djt token djt Baron's idea was a side Participant launched with Baron Cameron And Bo these are Baron's friends lawyers Limited their involvement Baron forced

Him to launch it concerned of his Brother Donald Trump Jr or the Trump Campaign would make a coin first so you Got Baron trying to front run Don Jr Here uh the DM proof of claims will only Share people involved deny Martin wanted A single digit percentage of the profit If it does well owns no tokens Baron Would get 100% of the the profits nobody Collecting LP fees Trump gave Baron the Okay for the token said it's dumb Because there already was one probably Referring to the Maga meme coin Baron Met with pirate wires prompting the post From Pirate wires Melania his mother was Supposed to confirm it then Baron got Cold feet after gcrs $100 million bet Well on that $100 million bet you know Kind of exploring that GCR classic is The person behind the bet if you don't Know who GCR classic was he's one of the Best traders in crypto he ran up a Billion dooll portfolio on FTX he was The top Trader on FTX there uh here's Martin's tweet I am told GCR classic Won't agree to my terms which are simple I can prove Trump or a trump family Involvement he doesn't like those terms All of a sudden but like them yesterday Especially when he said put up and then I did it's a shame when you put your Neck on the line thinking you could Trust the other side he said make the Bet you coward now this bet was prompted

By the Arkham bounty That Was Then paid Out here and so effet we ball said Arkham they paid out $150,000 to the first person to prove The identity of the creator of the djt Token more on that in a second Cameron And baron were later sorry Martin gave Mario his Instagram password so he can Confirm some of the communications Between Baron and some of these other Entities Mario then did confirm yes These are DMS with Baron uh other people Got involved uh he did meet with the CEO Of Kraken via Zoom to list Donald J Trump token there and then it goes on And on and on but there's some other Crazy details I got to share with you Including what did Trump actually have To say about Martin a few years ago Let's actually listen in to Donald J Trump himself because he has spoken About the pharmer Bro before you're Talking about where this young guy where This young guy raised the price to a Level that's absolutely ridiculous and He looks like a spoiled brat to me you Want to know the truth he looks like a Spoiled brat and he's a hedge fund guy Who as you know the only one that I'm Raising taxes they are going to be Paying up but I thought it was a Disgusting thing what he did I thought It was a disgrace called him a little Brat and said what he did was a disgrace

So you can say you know Trump definitely Had a little bit of history and wasn't a Positive history with Martin scr here so Under duress Martin did admit that djt Was his project in a space uh this was a Couple days ago Martin of course was Sentenced to prison under Trump's watch Which makes that relationship a a little Bit thorny there uh you know we just Watched that where he called him a Spoiled brat now Donald Trump does own Trump media their stock ticker is also Djt the coin has the same ticker there Now since the launch of the token the Stock has actually plummeted a little Bit and it's arguable that the project Is directly contributing to the damaging Of the stock there some are saying you Know hey you are actually hurting Donald Trump with your actions and after all That that's when you started seeing some Of the spaces where djt is real and Other tweets coming out this is Bo luden And this is Baron's friend you know he Actually deleted this tweet after Posting this but one person who didn't Delete the Tweet is Ryan celus in the Middle of his Feud with Martin scy I Mean the language is starting to Escalate everybody you know at this Point Martin and his handlers are Realizing I wasn't bluffing and the Walls are closing in it only took an Hour to sink in but it's over Martin

You're in Checkmate unless you literally Un alive me so this thing is escalating Ryan cus if you don't know he's the CEO Of Masari crypto it's a crypto analytics Platform almost like a a mly fool but For crypto but you know a little bit Better there now Mario has sent just Recently you know kind of put out a Recap here on the 7 and 1 half hour Space with Martin scy I listen through All the uh basically the highlights so You don't have to and here's just a Little quick recap now first Martin Claims everything was done on Baron's Computer he literally said on his Computer here we we did this on his Computer he ran the programs like There's just nothing this is just Nonsense that he ran the programs Baron Ran the programs and Martin scarly also Said a big crypto firm video call be we Later learned you know talking to Kraken Martin I have none of the coins uh more On this in a little bit because he was Asked did you ever buy and sell and his Answer is a little interesting Martin I Don't control this I don't have any of The private keys this belongs to Baron Next then we had a former Trump Associate come on they're claiming Trump Definitely would have known about about This Baron he's not a regular adult he Has a secret service with him at all Times for you to meet with him it would

Literally be documented Not only would Donald Trump know Melania Trump would Know and the Secret Service would know If you to have a relationship with him This would all be documented and Martin Scr is saying you know Baron is going to Be the sole recipient of this Baron gets All of this you know uh he gets all of It he's getting all the profit he gets The fees he gets the supplies he gets Everything according to Martin Martin Had a pretty good idea some are saying He wanted to give Donald Trump 7 % of The token we initially thought that Having 70% of the supply in Trump's Hands was going to make sense I'm not Going to get anything because my I'm not Adding value my last name is not Trump Would Donald Trump be a little bit more Approving if he were to get 70% of the Tokens well when you're looking at $150 Million market cap you're talking about 105 million dollar just to do a quick Back of the napkin ma there and Martin Claims Trump was literally aware of the Token and liked DJ tcoin what's Interesting on this is Trump almost Comes off like he knew the feds were Listening but here's where the father's Involvement is a tricky things if things Go left he could easily say I never said That no I don't have involvement I Didn't ask for a contract this isn't my Project told me his dad was in on it and

His dad liked it uh so you know being Careful with his words just in case you Know SEC issues were to arise in the Future and just to conclude where are we At right now well Martin is in a space As we speak uh it's titled the truth is Important You know I was listening earlier I was Flabbergasted because I'm sitting here Talking to Baron I have the screenshots And I'm like uh look man this guy's Calling us out and he's also putting a 100 on wine we could use that 100 I want That 100 you want that you hear right There he's actually talking about the Bet with GCR let's go ahead and leave There and I just want to show this uh Recap now this would be kind of uh Supporting Martin side so Martin scy Onboarded one of the most culturally Important people in the world and one of The most influential persons in politics Talking about Donald Trump introduce Them to binance and Kraken CEO and a Call with Salon co-founder Anatoli got Him on a call with anom and gainy to Which Baron called anom him like trust Me you're him a little meme there had The above confirmed by multiple people All while his father is claiming to be The crypto president you're siding with On the other end of the spectrum with The GCR side of the B that people are Saying this you know has nothing to do

With Trump Trump coin founder number one Who sponsored one Mario spaces Trump Coin founder number two who paid a Stafford to host the space and say Baron Wasn't involved delusional man who Thinks the feds are going to kill him we Referenced him earlier and GCR who Backed out of the bet because he knows He will lose I don't understand well Folks it does seem like Baron Trump did Have a hand in this Martin is coming Forward with the receipts let me know What you think down in the comments Below is Donald Trump The Mastermind Pulling the strings behind this token or Is it Martin scr trying to pay back the Investors who got defrauded all those Years ago I'm Dey for discover crypto We'll see you and your presidential meme Coins at the top

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