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I think you think Bitcoin is real right Um my question now is it you know it's Become mainstream to the point of ETFs I Think it's be harder to go higher Quickly now unlike it was supposed to be That everyone can get in now and that All the ETF companies are going to need To buy Bitcoin to put it in the ETFs to Me it's like if you bought it at $800 or $8,000 you were smart you went through a Lot lot of trouble to buy it now Everyone can buy it I think it's going To be here for a while there's not going To be a whole new Financial story Driving it from the from the from the Side of buyers necessarily although There's one type of buyer that could be Very important here AI agents are going To start doing a lot of things in our Economy and for AI agents to coordinate Incentive systems probably going to use Crypto and so if this AI story works out In certain consumer areas especially Token to yeah yeah that is absolutely Massive what they're talking about is The next Revolution Of the crypto markets that was the Co-founder of the technology giant pler Who said that there is one type of Bitcoin buyer that could be very Important AI agents AI will use crypto To coordin it now you guys know that AI In dpin is by far one of if not the

Largest crypto narratives this cycle Because Nvidia has been crushing it After earnings report after earnings Report after earnings report and very Well could potentially reach A5 trillion Market cap this year making it the Largest company in the entire world now Looking at at near render graph bit Sensor injective Theta fetch there is Tons of AI tokens on the market but very Few of them are implementing these AI Agents and is exactly why type AI guys Luckily reached out to us to do an In-depth review on their video and Partner with them to show you guys the Capabilities of what this next step in AI actually looks like now for you guys That don't know what type AI is this is Going to be one of yes the first AI Agent products that exist in the market Current sitting at about A135 and if we head on over to their Website it looks you know it's going to Kind of remind you of certain characters In the industry here uh but it looks Very much just like your personal Personalized AI crypto companion uh this Is going to be essentially like chat GPT But specifically for crypto So reading Contracts if you guys are somebody that You know you're going through all of These AI projects and you guys don't Know if it's you know safe or not you Can actually take the ethereum contract

Or the whatever it's deployed on put it Into your type AI Pro or prompt in the Chat GPT and it'll give you an analysis On that overall contract itself you can Also swap your crypto like if it's Ethereum for BNB Etc uh by simply using A bot for example right here I want to Bridge to e to BU USD you can hit start It takes you to telegram just like this And let me go ahead and scroll this over For you guys so you can see this but it Is very simplistic to use now I was Asking it questions on how do I snipe Project right I want to be that guy That's ahead of the meme coin industry I Want to snipe everything I went ahead And already created my own wallet and Everything uh to be able to do this on Top of salana but you can snipe meme Coins in real time now if you guys Didn't know this Your Meme coins guys You can see that they're always trending On coin market cap there are going to be Bots out there that always beat retail To the market because they're sniping The contracts they set up these Bots and Tools that will grab 17 cents or a Dollar or $3 or $30 depending on the Size of the operation but that's how They beat the game those people are Printing so much money it's ridiculous And they do that because of being able To snipe so having an AI crypto Companion is going to be what allows

Retailers to really scale their trading Game and just their experience at the Overall crypto Market in the future now If you haven't seen this there's a few M Major updates coming out for tape type AI which I'll just talk about in just a Moment but here's a 45 second trailer on The capabilities of this tool itself Check this out [Music] Tired of juggling countless daps for Your blockchain Needs discover type AI your all-in-one blockchain Command Center just type your request swap Bridge snipe or any blockchain function And watch type AI work its Magic step into the future of blockchain With type AI where Simplicity meets Powerful AI Technology type AI your personalized AI Crypto companion that simple guys your Personalized AI crypto companion and These are just becoming more and more Dominant as you can just add them simply To your telegram Etc now they did just Recently partner with proton AI irk as Well so this is exciting news as type Ai And proton have joined a partnership That's going to be allowing more trading Tools and services specializing in paper Trading across various asset classes From cryptocurrencies to stocks and Commodities so you're going to be able

To use their tool on multiple different Industries this collaboration is going To be bringing a lot of eyeballs to this Product now these are brand new I have To say that guys AI crypto companions uh Chat GPT they are all very new to this Industry and seeing these personalized Companions are going to be massive for The people that learn how to use them Early on so what is the potential out of This well right now type AI guys you see It had a massive explosive rally uh all The way up to to the exact peak of guess Where none other than March 17th what Was that date well that was the GTC Summit I called the exact top of the AI Market guys now you could see this thing Ran up massively I we're talking a total Of a wow 6, 63x from its bottom to the Top of that market in that rally and Since then it has now dropped by over 69% in fact it bottomed out down about 78% so so looking at this chart when We're looking at the RSI and the Stochastic the stochastic is starting to Turn over I do believe alt season's Right around the corner and ethereum is About to rep high and I believe the RSI Can break to the upside we are testing Massive support right now at these Levels so this is a product I'm going to Keep my eyes on here with you guys uh Type AI honestly guys AI seriously if You don't have a crypto watch list you

Want to start establishing yourself a Ai And deepin watch list because this is The narrative all you have to do is go AI tap type in categories Ai and big Data Ai and dpin I do believe is going To have another run here and now we're Looking at products render uh down from Its all-time highs they've been Consolidating since March 17th all of These products essentially have had some Big pullbacks fetch Singularity and Ocean are merging together that could be Another major catalist that has a buy The RoR sell the news event I want to Start accumulating these top projects so Type AI being at a much lower market cap Sitting at about 13 million uh really Strong tokenomics 95% of them are Circulating in Supply uh this is going To be on the higher risk scale but these AI agents guys I believe are going to Become more and more dominant now let me Know what you guys think about this in The comments below because of course if You guys want in-depth tutorials on how To use these AI products themselves let Me know of course I don't want to share A lot of my contract screens and Everything uh you guys could have seen In there that was just an example under The uh telegram group guys so if you're Going to use any of these just know uh Yeah these are just for you guys so you Can see right here the the the monics

For you guys uh I'm not using these Wallets for anything it's all pretty Much for uh test tutorials for you guys So definitely check that out uh if you Guys haven't used these agents yet let Me know what your sniping what mem coins You're watching because memecoins guys I Mean just go to coin market cap and look At the meme coin sector I mean it is Dominating crypto by Milestones you have Gme up 86% today Andy up 35% and Brett Up even 13% today meme coins are the Narrative as a royan kitty is coming Back to these markets so you're going to Want to learn how to snipe these Products guys thank you for watching Make sure to like comment and and let me Know down below what AI products you're Watching and what are you most excited For in this upcoming Bull Run

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