🚨Ethereum is looking more BULLISH than ever!🚨 #crypto #cryptocurrency #digitalcurrency

It is just bullish all across the boards I would really hate to be a bear right Now that's I think 10K is like that Massive psychological number I'm I'm not Going to say this year I think this bull Run would be a different question if That completely leads us in this next Rally but honestly now we're seeing Donald Trump come out chat we're going To talk about this today but Donald Trump coming out now campaigning for Crypto in Bitcoin taking donations and Really creating this crypto Army so Anything's possible to honestly this Born we don't know what the Top's going To be what I do know is the adoption That's being built on top of ethereum by These institutions and all of the Filings are coming in I mean the bullish Articles we about to go through DZ I Think if you want to start with one or Two of these at least before we get into The coin market cap

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